A guy once told me: There are two types of kisses: the ones you mean and the ones you don’t mean. I replied: There are two types of kisses: the ones you steal and the ones you desire to steal.

It would be great if things were that simple. The truth is, there are more than 30 types of kisses, and each of them carries a different meaning.

Still, one thing remains the same: If you don’t kiss like you mean it, you will never really feel it.

If you don’t kiss like you mean it, you will never experience the joy of connecting with another human being on the most intimate level where your soul intertwines with theirs.

If you don’t kiss like you mean it, you will never know the real meaning of kissing.

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” – Ingrid Bergman

man and woman kissing while standing outdoor

Do you know that feeling when you have so much to say to a person, but you can’t find the right words?

When your body is filled with warmth and excitement for feeling lucky to have that special person in your life, but you don’t know how to show them that?

That’s where kissing comes into the story. When words fail to express our thoughts and feelings, we rely on our bodies. Indeed, our bodies can tell us more than words will ever be able to.

You can write the most romantic poem in the world, but if you don’t know how to express those feelings with your body and soul, then you don’t really mean them.

Anyone can tell you that you’re beautiful, but few of them can make you feel that way.

Sometimes, words are superfluous and not because our dictionaries are not large enough, but because some feelings cannot be expressed with words.

Kissing helps us connect and cultivate intimacy.

man kissing woman on cheek while standing outdoor

When we’re talking about intimacy in relationships, we often refer only to the physical aspects of it like holding hands, hugging, making love, kissing – yes, kissing.

But did you know that kissing is also a part of emotional intimacy in every relationship?

Emotional intimacy means connecting more deeply with another human being where you express your vulnerabilities, feelings, etc.

Yes, by kissing, you can also express your feelings, fears, and other emotions that are hard (if not impossible) to express with words.

Kissing helps us connect on both physical and spiritual levels, but only if you kiss like you really mean it.

By kissing someone, you can learn how much they care about you without them uttering a single word. By kissing someone, you can exchange so much information within a second.

It’s like painting a picture that is invisible to others, and only the two of you know its real meaning.

By kissing someone, we are telling them that they matter, they are special to us, and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else at the moment.

There are different types of kisses, and each of them carries a hidden, special meaning. For example, a kiss on the cheek can be seen as both a friendly and romantic kiss.

It can be a form of support or a sign of adoration.

Different types of kisses may convey different meanings, but every single one of them matters equally.

man kissing woman on forehead while standing near tree

Sometimes, a kiss on the cheek from our lover can be more powerful than a French kiss. It all depends on their vibes and the amount of effort they put into it.

So, never underestimate a kiss, be it a neck kiss or a kiss on the cheek.

There are so many popular types of kisses that make kissing a true art in itself. We have the Eskimo kiss, forehead kiss, butterfly kiss, kiss on the hand, and even Spider-Man kiss.

Believe it or not, we also have a kiss that’s called an earlobe kiss. It’s fascinating how kissing encompasses every single part of both your body and soul.

Even though every single one of them is special, I’d like to bring attention to the one that is my personal favorite.

It is a forehead kiss. I never really understood the power of a forehead kiss until someone kissed me there for the first time.

I’ve always seen this type of kiss as something that is not worthy of anyone’s attention, but now I can tell you for sure that this type of kiss is one of the most romantic and powerful ones. Why?

Because it’s somewhere in between; a forehead kiss is neither a romantic kiss nor a friendly one, but it’s so much more than that.

It is a kiss that says: I value you. I respect you. You are protected. I will always be there for you no matter what.

It is a sign of pure love and trust. Usually, men are the ones who give forehead kisses to their women, but this shouldn’t be restricted just to men. You can also give your man a forehead kiss if you desire to.

When it comes to kissing, there is no place for gender-stereotyping.

Men shouldn’t always be the first ones initiating a kiss (especially on a first date). A woman can also kiss her man first whenever she wants to and feels like it.

Just like singing, kissing is a universal language that every one of us understands, and it is available to all of us for free.

Anyone can kiss someone, but not everyone can do it like they really mean it.

man and woman kissing while sitting on rooftop

Don’t be anyone. Be one of the few who kiss with all of their body and soul. When you kiss someone, kiss them with every atom of your being.

Imagine a kiss is like a beautiful melody that you’re creating with your special someone.

Don’t let every kiss be the same because it shouldn’t be the same. Every kiss should be different because true love is not stagnant.

True love evolves. It dances, creates, and helps us become the best version of ourselves.

Different types of kisses convey different meanings, but they all give us hope and make us feel special.

No matter where we are kissed, every kiss tells us that we’re not alone in this world. It tells us that we are cared for and loved.

When a baby comes into the world, the first thing her parents introduce her to is love in the form of hugs and kisses.

The only way for a baby to feel safe and protected in this unknown new world is by knowing that she’s loved.

As we grow, our need for love expands. Kisses become more meaningful, versatile, and special. Every time someone kisses us, we become in touch with a new part of ourselves we didn’t know even existed.

The beauty of each kiss lies in its intention.

man kissing woman's forehead while laying on bed

Not every kiss is the same, and it’s not supposed to be. Some kisses impress us, confuse us, or surprise us. Some kisses are unwanted, and others are unrequited.

The beauty of each kiss lies in its everlasting surprise. You never know how it will make you feel until you get one.

Good night kisses help us fall asleep faster. Good morning kisses brighten our day. Goodbye kisses remind us that nothing lasts forever and tomorrow is not promised.

Different types of kisses may convey different meanings, but they are all equally powerful, and they all make our lives meaningful.