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8 Most Common Narcissist Lies That Make You Stay

8 Most Common Narcissist Lies That Make You Stay

When you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you are not quite aware that he is one. You just think that your partner is behaving like that because of the crises that every couple has.

You think that his lies, cowardly actions, fraud and gaslighting will eventually stop.

The catch is that you are in love with a man like that, no matter how toxic he is because he is the only love you have.

You don’t want to stop believing that he will change and that the two of you will have a wonderful life together.

But darling, unfortunately, that is not going to happen. You see, all those narcissists are like that for a reason.

They went through some kind of a trauma in their life and behaving like that is their defense mechanism.

Acting like a jerk is what they do best and they believe that if they continue doing that, then others will cherish and respect them, especially their love partner.

That’s why they use narcissistic abuse tactics such as lies, fraud, manipulation, gaslighting, and belittling and they put down their partner.

They are so in love with the fictional character of themself, pretending that they are way better than they really are.

They are such a good actor that they believe in their own lies. They think that others are not half as good as they are and that because of that fact they should respect them and let them teach them things.

That can make a love relationship very stressed because a narcissist will never accept his partner as she is but he will always want to change her.

The bad thing is that every narcissist is such a good liar, with amazing speaking skills that can make any woman believe in anything he says.

A man like that constantly wears a mask and he never reveals his real face. He knows that if he shows even the slightest emotions, people will hurt him and he can’t take being hurt anymore.

That’s why he uses his pain in the wrong way, hurting other people. The thing a narcissist likes the most is his lies.

In this article, I want to make a list of the most common narcissist lies that make any woman stick around.

You should know that all these lies are calculated and prepared for any kind of reaction.

People who do this want to make sure that in the end, they will persuade their victim to do whatever they want and that they will reign supreme as always.

I am the best! (Ask me anything)

This is one of the most common lies every narcissist uses quite often. They want to tell others that they are the smartest and that you should ask them how something is done.

They don’t want to admit that there are people around them who are cleverer than them.

That is especially highlighted in love relationships, where they make their partner think that they would be lost without them and that they should obey every single rule they make.

In this way, they can easily control everyone and catch them in their net of lies. And once you get into the claws of a narcissist it is not so easy to escape.

You are nothing without me! (You should stay close)

This is something a narcissist uses to keep his victim close. He uses all kinds of lies to manipulate, gaslight, belittle and make his victim doubt herself in order to stay close to him.

Once she decides to do that, he will have full control over her, not letting her think with her own head or make any decisions.

He will make her think that he knows best and that she shouldn’t trust her gut but only trust him.

You might be wondering why women accept this kind of treatment but you need to understand that it is not easy to say something different from what a narcissist thinks because he will already have brainwashed her.

By doing this, he acts like a puppet master, controlling every move and every thought of his victim.

In case a woman tries to escape this kind of relationship, it will take her a lot of time to get back her self-esteem and to realize that she is worthy no matter how he said that she was not.

It wasn’t my fault (It was yours)

Shifting responsibility is something narcissists enjoy the most. In case something goes wrong in a relationship, they won’t admit that it was their fault but they will say that it was all your fault.

Even if it hurts you, they will say that you made them do that.

They will convince you that you are guilty of every problem in your relationship because you are not capable of doing things right.

That will make you wonder if you are losing your sanity and why you can’t make any important decisions either.

You will catch yourself thinking about past events and making sure that you reacted in a good way.

The most important thing to do when something like this happens is not to give up on yourself and to fight for yourself. If you give up, a narcissist will see that and he will exploit you even more.

I will always love you (Nobody will love you like me)

This lie is something that narcissists use in a love relationship to make their victims stick around.

By doing this, they are telling them that they are not good enough for others and that there is no man who could love them more than him.

They want to convince their partner that they are not good enough or worthy enough and that nobody finds them attractive.

In that way, victims stay with them, thinking that they don’t deserve better and they live with the pain every day.

There are times when they doubt that story about being an unlovable one but in the end, with just the few right words from a narcissist, they lose every hope for a better life and they give up.

They actually let another person run their life while they just watch, not being able to change anything.

This is definitely something that can leave deep scars on a person, so any woman who sees something like this in her partner should think about leaving him.

I am sorry if I hurt you (I will change)

Oh, this is a good one; a narcissist says one of his biggest lies—that he will change and that he is sorry.

You see, people like that never feel sorry, they never feel any remorse for the bad things they did, so don’t expect that a man who has hurt you before will change.

This is only one more narcissist lie to make you stick around. By doing this, he is just buying some time to convince you that he is the best choice for you.

He wants you to think that you don’t deserve a better man and that he will be there for you.

He may even cry and say that he is sorry just to make you believe him.

But as soon as you forgive him, he will continue abusing you and he won’t even feel bad about it. In the end, it is the only lifestyle he knows and he is not willing to give it up.

I didn’t cheat on you (She doesn’t mean anything to me)

Narcissists are known to change their sex partner quite often. So no matter whether they are in a serious relationship or not, they will always have a couple of girls that they see from time to time.

Most of those relationships are based only on sex and they don’t have any deeper feelings for those women.

So, to trust a narcissist who says that he didn’t cheat on you is something that you should think twice about.

Don’t let him tell you a story with a good alibi and convince you that he is faithful to you.

He just needs to be with a lot of women so all of them tell him that he is amazing in bed and that they haven’t had a better lover.

That can boost his ego even more and make him feel more supreme. Cheating is in their DNA and they don’t even try to change it.

They will always continue doing things that make them happy, no matter how much those things can hurt the people around them.

You betrayed me (You are never there for me)

By saying this, they want to play the victim and make their partner feel bad about something. In most cases, what they say isn’t true but they have their own story imagined in their head and they stick to it.

They don’t even think that saying something like that will hurt another person and that they will feel bad about it.

This is just one more of many narcissistic lies and you definitely shouldn’t trust him when he says something like this.

You should bear in mind that they do that just to control and manipulate their victims and to make them stick around.

Some of them are pretty good at their act, so they can keep their victims under their control for quite a long time.

I didn’t say that (You didn’t hear me well enough)

When something doesn’t go in their favor, they will convince the other side that they didn’t say that, even if a lot of people actually heard them saying it.

That is their way to brainwash and gaslight their victims. When a narcissist says something like this, he tries to make his victim think that she is crazy and that she can’t think straight.

If this behavior continues for a long time, it can lead to severe depression and not being able to function normally.

Women who experienced a narcissistic relationship know that it was damn hard for them to go through all that and that they were fighting for their life when nobody was there to support them.

Every single girl who has lost herself to a narcissistic man is a warrior and someone who survived a true agony in her life.

A woman like that was beaten to emotional death, gaslighted, belittled, manipulated and lied to.

But in the end, every one of them managed to escape a relationship like that, hoping that there was a better life in front of her.

A woman like that went through hell and back and she really knows what it feels like to fight for her life.

She knows that it takes a real man to date a woman like her but after all the shit she has been through, she still has faith in love.