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Lost Feelings: 14 Signs You Don’t Love Him And What To Do About It

Lost Feelings: 14 Signs You Don’t Love Him And What To Do About It

When you are in love, you don’t think about a break up at all.

You believe that your fairy tale will last forever and that things between the two of you will always be flawless.

But in some cases that is not true. There are situations in which one of the partners loses their feelings for the other.

In some cases, it happens because it was a long-distance relationship that couldn’t work out.

In other cases, the couple forgot to say, “I love you,” in the relationship, taking their partner for granted.

Also, this happens when not putting your loved one in first place and always finding excuses to be with someone else.

The issue is that some of these long-term relationships deserve a second chance, while others don’t.

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If you are in a situation like this and you simply feel that you have lost feelings for your partner, that you don’t love him anymore, but want to make things right, here is a list of things for you.

You don’t see them as partners but as best friends

man and woman talking near green fence beside house

If you don’t have those butterflies in your stomach like you used to have before, it is a sad sign that you are losing feelings for your partner.

That could happen for a different number of reasons and one of them is a lack of communication.

If you don’t have open and sincere communication with your man, chances are that things won’t be as awesome as you thought.

But if you want your relationship to work and if you think things can be saved, you can ask a psychotherapist who can help you.

If you think that you can save your relationship and that things can be as good as they were before, give it a try.

You have nothing to lose.

You started feeling indifference when with them

close up photo of blonde worried woman at home

Maybe one of the worst things that can happen in a relationship is not a lack of love; it is indifference.

It means that the person who meant the world to you before is someone you can live without now.

You don’t put them in first place anymore.You don’t talk to them. You spend more time on social media sites that talking to them.

And it is not because you have nothing to talk about. It is because you no longer give a damn.

If you really feel this way and you know there is no way back, it is better to let them go.

Staying with them would mean holding on to something that is not real anymore.

But if there is just a sliver of hope that you two could be like you used to be, give it a shot.

A romantic story that was once alive can come to life again if you really want it to.

You don’t want to make an effort for them anymore

man yawning while looking at laptop beside woman at home

To be honest, you don’t know when was the last time you made an effort for your partner.

You feel like everything you two had is lost and that you will never be crazily in love like you used to be.

You feel your relationship works just because you are keeping it alive.

Wherever you look, there are so many red flags that you should let go of everything.

But something inside you doesn’t let you start a new relationship. Despite the fact that you lost interest in your partner, you simply can’t move on.

But be happy about it because it is a proven sign that you still have something to fight for.

And the next thing you have to do is talk to your partner and decide where you are heading together.

Trust me, something like this will pay off because you can be head over heels in love with him again.

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You are not jealous anymore

smiling woman looking at couple not jealous

Every single girl has been in the situation of being jealous in a relationship.

And to some extent, it can be healthy. But if you cross the line, not only will you destroy your relationship but you will destroy your life as well.

But if you suddenly stop being jealous and you are okay if other women spend time with your partner, then it is a red flag.

If you don’t want to break up but you are not okay with staying with him either, the best thing would be to take a long period of time to think.

In that way, you will be able to decide what to do next and how to get back on track again.

Just know that the process of getting your ex back is hard but one worth trying.

You are not attracted to them anymore

smiling blonde woman hugging man

It is no wonder that you stop being attracted to your partner after some time.

In some long-term relationships, partners start losing interest in each other and there is none of that crazy chemistry that was present at the beginning of the relationship.

There are no good feelings anymore and you feel like you would have more fun with some of your friends than with your partner.

You feel you are not head over heels in love with your partner anymore but you are struggling to let them go.

You feel that no matter what you do, things will never be the same. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

All relationships go through this kind of phase and if you work hard, you can make things work.

You don’t like to be in their company

man with headset listening to music while woman leaning on headset

When you catch yourself running away from the person you once loved crazily, you start thinking if a break up is a good choice.

You don’t know when was the last time you two were intimate and you don’t share your secrets with them anymore.

In fact, so many things have changed and you are not even aware of how or why that happened.

You feel that there are no good feelings between the two of you anymore and that after a period of time, you will be just an ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend.

But what you don’t know is that it takes so much more than just saying sweet words to make a relationship work.

If you really want something to last, you will have to show actions and not just rely on words.

It is always better to save something if it can be saved but if you don’t see you two together in the next few years, it is better to burn your bridges.

In that way, you will prevent yourself from hurting and spending sleepless nights.

You decided to let them go

man leaving crying woman outside

The worst question someone can ask you is if everything is okay between the two of you.

In those moments, you don’t know where you two stand and all you can say is: “idk”.

That is pretty sad, especially if you once had a beautiful love story.

That’s why you should make some extra effort if you still believe you can save what you have.

If there is any chance that you can save your relationship and if the other side is willing to make some effort, please work on it.

One day, you’ll thank me for telling you this. All the big loves didn’t survive just like that.

Someone fought hard to keep them alive and that is exactly what you need to do if you want a happy love relationship.

Everything about them annoys you

depressed woman puts hands on her face about to cry

You feel that everything they say annoys you and that you would like to break up with them ASAP.

You see no exit out of that situation and you just want to run away from everything.

I know it hurts.

I know you are confused.

But before you do anything—breathe.

Just stop for a second and breathe.

You will feel that you are still here, that you are alive and that things are not as bad as you thought they were.

Maybe last week you two didn’t have good communication.

Maybe it will last for a month or two.

But that doesn’t mean that you have lost feelings for them.

It just means that you are stuck in a routine and that you both need some time to recover. If things don’t work out in that case, you are allowed to leave.

Because to be honest, after some time and organizing your thoughts, you end up thinking you are not happy there, just leave.

You don’t have plans with them

side view of woman sitting beside water

You are scrolling social media sites and there are plenty of events near you.

On your best days, the first person you would call would be your partner but now you don’t want to invite him.

You don’t like spending time with him but you are still in a relationship.

You are struggling every day and you have a hard time letting him go.

On the other hand, he does nothing to improve things and you are again on your own.

Listen, I won’t tell you to fight for someone who doesn’t want to be with you.

But if you feel he just needs a little push, help him.

You have nothing to lose, right?

At least you will know that you were the one who was trying all the time, while he gave up on you sooner than you thought he would.

You wonder how it would feel to be single again

shallow focus of beautiful woman wearing blue jacket

If you have caught yourself thinking about being single again, it is a huge red flag that you are not happy in the relationship. So, why do you choose to live like that?

Why do you suffer if you don’t have to? If you are already thinking about a breakup, then just do it.

Time will tell whether that was a good call or not. If it wasn’t, you two will again be together after some period of time.

If it wasn’t destined for the two of you, your paths will go in different directions. I just want to let you know that it is all on you.

It is your life, your call and your feelings. You don’t have to explain it to anyone. The sooner you realize it, the calmer you will be.

You can imagine yourself with someone else

smiling woman taking selfie while ridding with her man

If you are thinking about another person all the time, then you should know that only a breakup is the logical solution here.

You can’t normally function with someone if you are constantly thinking about another person.

If you are not putting your partner in first place, then there is no point being with them.

I am not saying it is your fault to have to make a decision like that.

Maybe your partner did some ugly things to you and now you feel this way.

If that is the case, you need to find the help of a psychiatrist to help you overcome that trauma and then later, you can think of the two of you.

You first need to fix yourself so you can fix your relationship. If you really want to save it, nothing will stop you from making your dreams come true.

But if you decide that you can no longer live with that man and that memories are constantly haunting you, it is better to move on.

You fight all the time

man arguing with crying woman

Fights are a normal part of every relationship but in some cases, they can turn into some serious shit.

If you fight more than you talk normally, then things are crystal clear.

You should have nothing to do with him because you would never be happy with a man like that.

It is always better to have good closure than to stay in an emotionless relationship.

If you want to be calm and to know that you gave your best, ask him why he is making a scene.

Why is he doing that to you? What awful thing did you do to him for him to act like that?

If he refuses to talk, just know that the fact you lost feelings for him is more than normal because of the way he treats you.

In this way, you can move on without any remorse, knowing that things would never work out between the two of you.

You don’t call them like before

sad woman lying and using her phone

When you just started your relationship, you couldn’t imagine a day without calling your loved one.

But somehow, all that changed over time. Now, you don’t call him as often as before.

In fact, when you see his call, you won’t answer immediately if you have some other things to do.

You will let him wait because he is not a high priority for you. To you, he doesn’t deserve to be in first place.

And if that feeling just continues in the future, trust me, you should have nothing to do with him.

It is better to quit that kind of relationship because it obviously hurts more than it brings you pleasure.

And whatever you do, please bear in mind that if it is destined to be, you two will be together.

So, there is nothing to worry about.

You don’t like their jokes anymore

serious woman wearing white shirt and talking on her phone outside

Do you remember that time when you were laughing so hard that your stomach would hurt?

But now, after some time, his jokes are not as interesting as they were before.

In fact, you don’t laugh, no matter what he says anymore because everything about him annoys you.

You sometimes feel that there is no way someone will laugh at his jokes because they are stupid but people who like him do like them, it’s you who doesn’t.

If you are annoyed at everything about him, you need to ask yourself why that is happening.

You need to find the reason why you stopped loving him and work on that.

But if he hurt you and you already know the reason for your sorrow, then you are allowed to leave anytime you want.

Relationships like that never work and it is better if you cut him out of your life ASAP.

Lost Feelings: 14 Signs You Don't Love Him And What To Do About It