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Never Settle For Less Than This From Your Forever Person

Never Settle For Less Than This From Your Forever Person

The journey to finding a man who deserves to hold your heart for the rest of your life is certainly not an easy one. But the thought of spending the rest of your forever with this amazing person is the most magical thing ever. It is something that is worth the wait, as it will keep adding to your life for as long you live and it will be the thing that holds you together when you want to give up.

This person doesn’t have to be the most handsome guy on the planet. He doesn’t have to be loaded nor does he have to be the smartest person you’ve ever met. No. This person will be kind to you. He will be compassionate. He will treat you exactly like you deserve and he will never make you doubt his intentions.

His heart will be pure and his intentions will be clean. And you will be able to sense this when you meet him. There won’t be anything about him that is fake. He will not try to pretend to be someone else in order to woo you. He will be himself and he will hope that you can see that there is so much more to him than his exterior can show.

He will never stop encouraging you to grow in every aspect of your life. He will always see the potential in you and he will never let you doubt yourself. He will respect the woman you are and he will never try to change who you are. He will motivate you to go beyond your wildest dreams and aspire to achieve every little thing that is on your agenda.

With him, you will feel like an inseparable part of his life! He will make sure of it. He will make you feel included in his life. You will be introduced to his family and friends and he will be so happy that his girl and his family are getting along so well.

He will invite you to weddings, birthdays and all family gatherings because he is very serious in his intentions with you. He will talk about your future and he won’t be scared of making long-term plans with you, because he knows you are the only one he sees himself with. There is nobody else.

He is always going to pay attention to your feelings. He will never make you feel neglected or unheard. Your opinions will mater. Your feelings will matter. You will be his priority and he will never do anything to jeopardize that. You are equals and he will treat you as such.

He will change how you see yourself in the most positive way. If you are insecure about anything, he will make you see your importance. If you don’t like the way you look, he will make you feel like the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. And if you are feeling down, he will show you that you have so much to be happy about. He will be your strength and your power. But he will know that you are amazing on your own. He will just be there when you need to be shown that.

With your forever person, you will feel safe. His arms will be your most secure sanctuary and being with him will be comforting for your soul. He will protect you from any harm and there is nowhere you’ll feel safer than with him.

When tough times arrive, and they will, he will be there. He won’t run away like a coward, nor will he let you fend for yourself. He will be right by your side through every storm and every obstacle. He will fight for you and give you strength to keep going.

Days will get busy, life will get hard, bad things will happen, but he will always be there. Through thick and thin. And that is what distinguishes him from all those other boys. He will never leave you when you need him the most. He won’t be afraid to commit and stay true to his word. This man will value you too much.

And you will just know. When you meet this guy, you will have found your missing puzzle piece.