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Scorpio Games 101: How To Pass His Soulmate Tests

Scorpio Games 101: How To Pass His Soulmate Tests

People like to badmouth Scorpios. Along with Gemini and Capricorns, they’re often considered among the worst sun signs of the zodiac. Those who don’t like them have probably run into one or more bad examples of these signs because the fact is that there are no good or bad signs.

Often, Scorpio’s reputation claims that they like to play mind games, and guess what? They do.

However, like everything else when it comes to Scorpios, the truth isn’t that simple. They play games, but it’s not just for the sake of the chase or because they enjoy them. Scorpio plays games to test you, push you, and determine whether you’re the one for him.

When you’re already in a relationship with a Scorpio, he plays games to test your loyalty. It can drive you crazy, but the deep emotional and sexual connection you can nurture with a Scorpio might be worth it.

Recognizing Scorpio’s games isn’t hard when you know what this sign is all about. Let’s look deep into Scorpio’s mind to see what he wants from you.

Scorpio Games He Plays To Test You

If this is your first time dealing with a Scorpio, you might understandably feel overwhelmed. Even someone who has experience with Scorpio men’s mind games can find them challenging because if there’s one thing to be said without a doubt about Scorpios, it’s that they’re intense.

When a Scorpio man plays games, it’s to test you. He wants to see what kind of reaction you have to certain things and what that says about you. In the early stages of dating, Scorpio games are all about weeding out potential partners he can’t be serious about.

He’s never looking for a fling but a soulmate, so he’s trying to find out if you could be that person. Scorpio women are the same way.

Betraying his trust is what hurts a Scorpio the most. He wants complete honesty and the deepest intimacy, so he needs to know that you can give it to him. Before he commits, he wants to make sure that he can expect you to be loyal and that he can trust you.

TEST 1. The game of honesty.

Honesty is extremely important to a Scorpio. He wants to know everything: what you think, where you go, who you’re with, but most importantly, he wants you to tell him all those things and be truthful.

A Scorpio man despises lying in any form – lies of omission, white lies, secrets. To him, all of them are lies. He will use any means necessary to discover the truth, especially if he feels like you’ve been dishonest.

When he gets suspicious, there are no depths an insecure Scorpio won’t stoop to to get to the bottom of things. He might do things like spy on your social media, look at your phone, snoop around your apartment, or even follow you.

A more confident Scorpio would probably start by asking you directly. If he isn’t convinced, you might see in action why a Scorpio is considered a master manipulator.

He’ll use what he already knows to try to get the truth out of you. He’ll bring something up that you said a while ago to see if your story still matches, and he’ll push the envelope with his questions and get you in a position where you can really either be honest or admit to every lie you’ve ever told anyone in your life.

TEST 2. The game of loyalty.

After you enter into a relationship with him, a Scorpio tests your loyalty until he’s convinced that you’re the real deal. He’ll make you the center of his world, and he wants to be everything to you. He’s extremely loving, attentive, and completely devoted to his partner and expects the same in return.

When a Scorpio man loves, as long as his partner loves him back and shows it, he’s supportive, faithful, and caring. If he’s testing your loyalty, it means that his feelings for you have grown and that he wants to make sure that you won’t hurt him.

Loyalty doesn’t only mean that you won’t cheat on him. He wants to know that you’ll stand by him and that he’ll be able to rely on you.

Some ways he might test it are by telling you a secret and expecting you to keep it. He might play hot and cold to see how you deal with it. He might lie and tell you that he’s done something terrible to see how you react. He might tell you he took his ex back. In extreme cases, he might send a friend to flirt with you to see what you do.

He’s doing all this because he needs to make sure that you’re the person he can give all of his love to and expect to get love back.

TEST 3. The game of control.

Think twice before deciding to pursue a romance with a Scorpio – one of his most important traits is that he does nothing halfway, and he can be a bit too much for people who don’t like that amount of intensity.

A Scorpio’s compatibility is high with Pisces, Virgo, Taurus, and Aries, which shows you that Scorpio’s intense way of loving isn’t for everyone, and only the very grounded or very emotional signs are usually attracted to Scorpios.

If he hasn’t spent time working on himself and dealing with his own issues, being in a relationship with him can be suffocating because of his all-or-nothing attitude and possessiveness.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a Scorpio who has a lot of work to do on himself or a Scorpio who’s a realized person; he’ll push to see how far he can go and whether or not you can handle him.

He’ll try to stretch your boundaries and control you. He’ll play with your feelings. He’ll use silence, nagging, complaining, and anything else that might push your buttons to see how far he can go. If you react emotionally, he’ll accuse you of being too sensitive.

Sometimes he won’t do anything obvious. He’s intelligent and intuitive, so he’ll read you and be able to learn how you tick without ever showing you that he’s paying attention. He’ll read your body language, figure out the things you don’t say, and try to control the relationship.

TEST 4. The game of trust.

When you think about Scorpios, your first thought probably isn’t that they’re sensitive, but that’s exactly what they are. They might present a cool exterior, but they’re incredibly emotional and feel very deeply.

He wants someone who has a genuine interest in him and wants to get to know him. He wants to be able to open up and share the passion and love he has. He wants someone he can trust and who trusts him. If he finds that in you, a Scorpio will chase you until you’re committed to each other.

Unfortunately, the way a Scorpio chooses to look for this is by testing you in increasingly annoying ways. He’ll do things that make you prove to him whether or not he can rely on you not to hurt him, and it will often involve dealing with his jealousy.

Talking about getting serious when you’ve just met, telling you his secrets unprovoked, asking you about other men in your life, bringing up other women, ignoring you all of a sudden, canceling plans – these can all be signs that he’s testing you.

TEST 5. The game of vulnerability.

Scorpio doesn’t care for superficial people, conversations, or relationships. He wants a raw, open, and real connection, and he’ll test you to find out whether you can give it to him.

When a Scorpio man likes you, he wants to know you as you really are. He wants to know your secrets, the ones you never told anyone. He wants to love the parts of you you’re ashamed of. This is a man who insists on eye contact during sex and forces you to throw away your inhibitions.

While this sounds romantic and sexy in theory, not everyone is cut from the same cloth as a Scorpio. Some people would rather have a soft and pleasant relationship with a loved one instead of Scorpio’s hardcore intensity and unbridled passion.

A Scorpio man wants a true emotional bond. For all their reputation as the most sensual sign, to him, physical intimacy comes second to emotional intimacy. Sex with a Scorpio is not only powerful and exciting but always emotional.

He gets attached quickly because he knows how to distinguish the substance of the person he’s interested in, but he doesn’t let you in easily. A Scorpio man will test your willingness to open up and lay yourself bare, let him love you, and be the person he can turn to in return.

How To Play A Scorpio Man At His Own Game

Understand that most Scorpios play games to protect themselves. A Scorpio gives his whole self to a relationship and loves deeply and desperately. He’s terrified of becoming open and vulnerable just to end up getting hurt.

A Scorpio who has worked on himself and learned how to deal with his insecurities won’t play games at all, or he’ll only play them if you give him a reason to doubt you.

The obvious signs a Scorpio man is playing you say that he’s still a work in progress. As you get to know your Scorpio guy, you’ll be able to tell where he is in his own development, depending on how much he plays Scorpio games.

The best way to deal with a Scorpio is to not play his games back but hold your own.

1. Tell the truth.

The best way to handle a Scorpio who doubts your honesty is to actually tell the truth at all times. Tell the truth even if you think that he might not like it. Don’t omit anything you think he wants to know. Show him you have nothing to hide.

This doesn’t mean that he’s entitled to know everything about you. Make it clear to him that some things are private and off-limits, at least for now. No one understands better how important privacy is than a Scorpio. He should know that some information has to be earned.

If he becomes suspicious for no reason, don’t try to justify yourself. Don’t make up excuses and struggle with explanations.

For example, if you’ve told him that you won’t be able to meet him next weekend because you’re hanging out with a friend, it’s not your problem if he’s jealous and suspicious or thinks you’re with another man.

He might try to come up with something that would expose you, such as showing up unannounced or checking up on you, but don’t tolerate that kind of behavior. Tell him that he needs to respect your word and not make demands.

Unless you actually give him a real reason to mistrust you, in time, he’ll realize that you’re being truthful and he’s being unreasonable.

2. Stand by him.

A Scorpio man is trying to discover what it would take for you to betray him, and betrayal is his greatest fear. He doesn’t want a hookup – he wants the love of his life, so he’s very careful in deciding whether to let you in.

Just because he does stupid things because he wants to be sure that he can count on you not to hurt him doesn’t mean that they’re always acceptable. Don’t be afraid to let him know when he crosses the line.

How do you pass this test? Because there are so many ways he might test your loyalty, the only way to pass it is to really feel it. It depends on your own level of commitment and love for your Scorpio guy. Examine your feelings for him and answer truthfully how important he is to you.

Do you see yourself being with him and giving him 100% of yourself?

If you can’t, you’ll likely break up sooner than expected because when a Scorpio realizes that you’re not as prepared to commit as he is, he’ll move on before he gets hurt.

If you’re ready to give this relationship your all and be his best friend, partner, and soulmate, then passing this test will come naturally to you. Nothing he throws at you will make you doubt your feelings.

3. Hold your own.

The way to handle a Scorpio who’s trying to see what you’ll let him get away with is to give as good as you get.

When he tries to push your boundaries, firmly reclaim them. If he tries to provoke you with emotional manipulation, keep your head cool. When he says something meant to make you react with anger, give him a witty response.

Whatever you do, give him what he really wants and not what he seems to want. On the surface, it might seem like he’s trying to take control of the relationship. In reality, he’s not looking to be in charge – he’s looking for an equal and a partner.

Don’t submit to what he wants just because he says so: ask for what you want, and speak up when you don’t want something.

He wants to see that you can take anything he can dish out and throw it right back. A Scorpio isn’t interested in shallow relationships, and  Scorpio games have a purpose: to see whether he’s met his match.

In the end, it all comes down to what you want from him and your relationship with him.

4. Set boundaries.

It might take a Scorpio a while to let his walls down and allow you to see the fire within. Until you earn his trust, he’ll only give you a glimpse into who he is. He doesn’t let people in easily, but when he decides that you’re worth it, you’ll experience the strength of his passion.

Until then, he might drive you crazy with his games trying to make sure that he can trust you. If you’re still into him after he pulls all these stunts, you probably like him enough to jump through his hoops. Among the many examples of Scorpio mind games, those that make you doubt yourself are the worst.

The way to play him at this game is to stand your ground and be authentic. Show him you care and want to nurture your relationship but that you also won’t forget yourself to be with him. For all his intense energy, a Scorpio respects boundaries when they’re clearly set (unless he’s also testing you in that way.)

You’ll pass all his tests if you have genuine feelings for him and the self-esteem needed to stand your ground. Make sure you don’t let him make things one-sided: if he wants to be able to trust you, he needs to prove you can trust him too.

5. Open your heart.

If you want to connect with your Scorpio guy, you have to be genuine. He can easily figure out when you’re faking or telling him what he wants to hear. Show him who you really are because he’s eager to know.

He’ll prod, poke, and delve until he discovers your innermost fears and desires. He’ll show you his dark side – his possessiveness, obsession, and depth. Whether or not you can deal with this will help you decide if a relationship with a Scorpio is for you.

He doesn’t want a relationship in which either of you chooses to hide. Emotional vulnerability is terrifying because you’re putting your heart into another person’s hands. If you choose to do it, it won’t be easy, but he’ll meet you halfway and show you that you can do it.

He wants your relationship to become a part of you both, to take roots and give you strength. Frankly, a romantic relationship with a Scorpio can be full of emotional drama, but when both of you are willing to go into it fully, it can develop into a true partnership.

If you want a connection so deep that it’s almost spiritual, where the both of you give each other the whole of yourselves, you can have one with a Scorpio.

Is Your Scorpio Worth It?

It can be a challenge to handle Scorpio games. He pushes your boundaries and wants you to earn his trust and get to know you on a level so deep that you might not know yourself.

This doesn’t apply to everyone, and not every Scorpio is the same, of course – your relationship depends on the rest of your horoscopes. Still, a man with a Scorpio sun always has a passionate nature that demands complete dedication and powerful emotions.

Everything involving a relationship with a Scorpio is intensified, and so are the ways he pushes you to test you. It’s up to you to decide whether the payoff is worth it.