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What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear: 15 Lines To Make Him Fall For You

What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear: 15 Lines To Make Him Fall For You

Actions speak louder than words – I won’t argue against that. Nevertheless, communication is crucial for a healthy relationship too.

We all want compliments and words of encouragement from our romantic partners. But not everyone is moved by the same rhetoric.

If your partner is a Scorpio man, finding the right words can be especially tricky, keeping in mind how smart and perceptive he is.

So, what is it a Scorpio man wants to hear? What are some lines that will melt his heart?

If you read on, you’ll find out that and much more, including ways to win him over, conversational topics that impress him, a quick tutorial on how to make him feel loved, and of course, all the sneaky ways to turn him on!

How do I win the heart of a Scorpio man?

The best way to truly win over this man’s heart is not to force him into anything. Show him that you’re there for him, right from the beginning of your relationship. Let him know that he can trust you and that you love him but let him do things at his own pace.

The worst thing you can do is betray him. The moment he starts doubting your loyalty, he’ll never look at you the same.

That’s why you have to keep on reminding him how much you care for him. And the following lines will help you do exactly that.

What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear

If your love interest is a Scorpio, here are some things he’s dying to hear from you:

1. “You’re not like other men.”

a smiling loving couple sitting on the floor drinking coffee and talking

Sounds corny and cliché, I know. But that’s exactly what your Scorpio guy wants you to tell him.

Keep in mind that this water sign has a very strange ego. On the one hand, he has high self-esteem, and sometimes, it seems like nobody can make him question his self-worth.

You even get the impression that he’s cocky and full of himself. But at the same time, every Scorpio guy likes to know that he’s special. That’s how he gets his much-needed validation.

That’s what moves this man – the realization that he’s unique. You can tell him that he’s knocked you off your feet like no other guy, that he’s the smartest man in the world, or just that his pick-up lines are better than everyone else’s.

The mere thought of him being average kills his mood. He can’t stand being part of the crowd – he has to stand out; he’ll just never admit it.

2. “You can trust me.”

The Scorpio man loves loyal women. Loyalty is his number one priority, and there is nothing more important than that.

He could love you to the moon and back, but if he can’t trust you, you’re out. Both Scorpio women and men doubt everyone in their surroundings.

Their biggest fear is being betrayed. And that’s something he would never forgive you for.

That’s exactly why you must make sure your Scorpio partner knows he can trust you, no matter what. Let him know you have his back and that you’re not going anywhere, even if times get tough.

Of course, it’s always important to show your unconditional loyalty. Nevertheless, these words will sound like magic to him.

3. “You’re so good-looking.”

What a Scorpio man wants to hear are compliments. Yes, those compliments include praising his looks too.

If you want to make this guy chase you, you need to tell him how good-looking he is from time to time.

As a woman, I know that you’re probably used to getting this type of compliment from your boyfriend without saying it back. Well, brace yourself because everything is different with a Scorpio male.

This guy is self-conscious about his appearance. He tries very hard to look his best at all times. It’s your job to let him know you notice his efforts.

Besides, we all want to be attractive to our partners. He’s no exception!

4. “Your sense of humor knocks me off my feet.”

a smiling loving couple sitting outdoors holding hands and talking

But you know what’s even more important for this fixed sign? That’s right. His intelligence is his most important personality trait.

Scorpios fall in love with intelligence, and they want other people, especially their loved ones, to think of them as smart.

What’s the most important part of the Scorpio male‘s intelligence? His sense of humor. And that’s exactly what a Scorpio man wants to hear – that he makes you laugh.

Of course, he’ll see it himself every time he tells you a joke. But it’s important you tell him his sense of humor knocks you off your feet.

Say something like, “My stomach hurts from all the laughing. Isn’t that an obvious sign of how much I like you?”

But hey, don’t try undermining his intelligence by laughing just to boost his ego. I know this works like a charm with many men, but if he notices that you’re pretending to like his sense of humor, it will be a major turn-off for him.

5. “I believe in you.”

Even though they hate to admit it, Scorpio men also have insecurities, like any other human being in the world. After all, they’re flesh and blood as well – they just don’t want the rest of us to know it.

You might assume that this guy always knows what he’s doing. He’s got all the strings in his hands, and he’s always confident about his abilities.

Well, the truth is that he could use a few words of encouragement just like the rest of us. If you want to make a Scorpio fall in love with you, just give him endless support.

Text a Scorpio man something like “You’ve got this,” “You can do it,” or just simply “I believe in you.”

Don’t fool yourself by assuming that these words aren’t a big deal. Trust me – they mean the world to him.

6. “I wouldn’t change a thing about you.”

What a Scorpio man wants to hear is that he’s good enough, just the way he is. Make sure he knows you accept all of his personality traits and that you love the person he truly is.

Yes, that includes his flaws as well. Once again, don’t try to undermine his intelligence.

Telling him he’s flawless would be a lie. And he’s well aware of that.

But telling him you love every part of him, including his imperfections, will melt his heart. To be exact, you don’t love him despite his flaws – you love him because of them.

Show him that you’re not like other women. You don’t plan on changing him and turning him into a man he’s not.

You know who you fell in love with and don’t plan on upcycling him.

Of course, you’ll be there to support him if he decides to change certain things about himself. But you’ll never give him ultimatums or manipulate him into becoming someone else.

7. “None of my exes could compare to you.”

Let’s face it – this is a line every single guy in the world wants to hear. But the Scorpio male wants to hear it more than the rest of the world.

Once again, we come to the Scorpio’s need to be special. But this time, it’s combined with jealousy.

You can be the most faithful woman in the world. Even then, your Scorpio partner will be jealous of your previous love relationships.

If he loves you, he’ll be haunted by the idea that you loved someone before him. That’s exactly why he must know none of your exes could compare to him.

He’s more handsome, more intelligent, more successful, has a better sense of humor, and pleases you more in the bedroom. Most importantly – you love him in a way you never loved any other guy in your life.

Trust me – making him believe this is one of the key things for a happy and healthy relationship with this horoscope sign.

8. “Have a great time.”

a smiling woman talking to a man

Telling your boyfriend to have a great time without you isn’t easy for any woman. But it’s what a Scorpio man wants to hear.

He puts a lot of effort into your relationship. He loves you like no other, but sometimes, he needs to spend time with his friends and family as well.

Instead of nagging him about it, just wish him a good time. This will show him that you trust him and that possessiveness is a major turn-off. Just like that, he might learn a thing or two about love.

Use this time without him wisely. Don’t call him all the time, and don’t obsessively check his social media.

Instead, spoil yourself for an evening. Or go out with your girlfriends – the choice is yours!

Will he stay faithful?

Keep in mind that a Scorpio man in love will never be unfaithful. I won’t lie to you: there might be some light flirtation with other women when you’re not around. But if he’s happy with your love relationship, he won’t cross the line.

Besides, you know what the upside is: he’s not a Gemini man or an Aquarius man, so he definitely won’t be going out as often as they would. This guy prefers a quiet evening with his love interest over a noisy club.

9. “I’m yours, no matter what.”

This man has to be 100% sure that you’re not going anywhere. He needs to know that you’re here to stay, no matter what happens.

The last thing he wants is a girl who’ll back out at the first sign of trouble. If he notices that you’re not his “ride or die,” he’ll walk away from you in the blink of an eye.

Well, to prevent that from happening, make sure he knows you’re his partner in crime. Tell him that you’re his, no matter what.

You’ve got his back, and you’ll always stand by his side, through thick and thin. You’re not just his girlfriend – you’re also his best friend.

And you know what’s even more important to him? To know that no other guy could take you away from him.

10. “I’ll never forget you.”

Let’s be real: nobody knows what the future holds. Even though you’ve promised you’ll be his forever, there is always a possibility of you and your Scorpio partner parting ways.

As much as this hurts, he’ll survive. But you know what he couldn’t survive? The mere thought of you forgetting about him.

Every Scorpio man likes knowing he’s left an unerasable trace on your life. He must know that he left an imprint on your heart and body. Even if you two break up, you’ll always cherish his memory.

So, you must tell him this straightforwardly. Tell him that you’ll never forget him, even if life takes you in different directions- this will make him miss you.

He won’t get lost in your memory together with all of your other exes. He won’t be just one of the guys you used to date. He’ll forever remain THE ex.

Why? Well, isn’t it obvious? Because he’s so damn special!

11. “I want you in my future.”

Scorpios are one of the biggest commitment-phobes in the entire horoscope. But ironically, what a Scorpio man wants to hear is that you’re planning a future with him.

Why does this sound like a trap? Well, because it is.

On the one hand, this guy is terrified of commitment. He avoids it at all costs and tries his best not to get tied down.

So if you push him too hard into giving your relationship a title or into making long-term promises, you’ll probably scare and chase him away.

At the same time, if you play by his rules and don’t mention what tomorrow may bring, he’ll assume you don’t care about him at all.

Therefore, you have to find the perfect balance. Just make it clear that you want him to be a part of your future and let him grasp that idea.

12. “Here’s my darkest secret.”

a smiling loving couple sitting in a cafe and talking

AScorpio man wants to hear your deepest, darkest secrets and wildest dreams. If he likes you, he wants to get to know the real you, especially the part of you you’re hiding from the rest of the world.

He doesn’t want a perfect doll next to him. Instead, he prefers a real woman made out of flesh and blood.

He’s very well aware of his own imperfections, and if you share your dark side with him, he’ll follow your lead. He’ll feel more comfortable around you, and he’ll let you in all the way.

Besides, hearing your secrets will show him that you trust him. Voila, that’s the first step towards earning his trust.

After that, it’s safe to ask him some deep questions as well. He’ll be dying to open up to you.

Show him your vulnerable side and be brave enough to scratch the surface with him as well.

13. “You rocked my world last night.”

Scorpio men are incredibly passionate. Physical intimacy is super important to them. But sleeping with their loved one isn’t only physical for them.

Talking about it is a major turn-on as well. In fact, a Scorpio thinks of sexting and dirty talk as a form of foreplay.

Basically, if you want a happy love life with a Scorpio, you have to become an expert in sexual innuendos.

For starters, it’s enough to text a Scorpio man (if you’re too shy to talk about this in person) that he rocked your world last night. Tell him that he’s the best lover you’ve ever had and that you are dying to do it all over again.

You’ll brighten his day!

14. “You intimidate me… but in a good way.”

Scorpio guys are mysterious and dark. Deep down, they enjoy it when people are scared of them.

Of course, I’m not talking about real fear here. Your man is not an abuser, and I’m sure you have no reason to fear him.

But tell him that he intimidates you from time to time. You can say it in a flirty way and make it sound like a sexual innuendo.

Or just say it as a joke. Tell him something like “I wouldn’t mess with you.” or “God, save me from this man’s revenge.”

He’ll know that you’re kidding, but at the same time, he’ll be happy that you take him seriously.

15. “I feel your pain.”

Most people don’t know this, but Scorpios are actually great empaths. They’re emotionally intelligent as well. But the thing is, they refuse to show this side of themselves to insensitive people.

What a Scorpio man wants to hear is that you’re compassionate. When he’s in trouble or going through a hard time, tell him you understand him.

Make sure he knows you can’t be happy if he’s miserable. If he’s in any type of physical or emotional pain, you feel it too.

Trust me – he’ll appreciate it more than anything.

What does a Scorpio man like to talk about?

a beautiful woman with a hat on her head stands in front of a man and they talk

The best way of getting his undivided attention is tackling serious topics. Forget about small talk, the weather, or celebrity gossip.

Instead, dig a bit deeper. When you see he’s ready to open up, ask him a few deep questions.

Talk to him about the universe, philosophy, psychology, and even politics. Talk about your deepest secrets, childhood memories, wildest dreams, and ambitions.

The goal is to show him that you’re not shallow. Trust me – if he falls for your brains, you have him hooked.

Don’t worry: things won’t always be this serious. He has a great sense of humor, and you two will crack a few silly jokes. But you have to show him you have more than that to offer.

Also, don’t nod your head at everything he says. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing about certain topics, as long as you’re civil about it.

How do you make a Scorpio man feel loved?

Emotional intimacy is the key if you want to make this man feel loved. You have to work on your spiritual bond and make him realize you’re connected on a higher level.

Of course, don’t forget to show him how loyal you are. The moment this man sees that you’re standing by his side, with no intention of leaving, no matter what happens, he’ll realize how much you love him.

Show him that the two of you are partners. You’re not just his girlfriend but his best friend as well.

What do you say to a Scorpio man to turn him on?

Besides the usual dirty talk, Scorpio men are aroused by intellectually challenging conversations. Even your flirting or sexting can never be shallow or vulgar.

Make him think before he answers you. Play with words, use sexual innuendos, and don’t forget to add a tiny touch of humor to it.

Scorpio Man Compatibility:

Compatible with: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces

Not compatible with: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

To Wrap Up:

Now that you’ve learned what a Scorpio man wants to hear, it’s time to go into action. Tell him each one of these things, but make sure to get the timing right.

If you send him a text with “I’ll be yours forever” or “I’ll never forget you” out of the blue, he’ll think something’s wrong. Remember that this is a sharp-minded man who doesn’t want you saying things you don’t actually feel.

Most importantly, make sure to back these words with action. If he catches you making false promises, you’re out of his life for good.

Not only that: he’ll lose trust in you too. And there is no coming back from that!

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