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15 Revealing Signs A Cancer Man Likes You (Even If He Hides It)

15 Revealing Signs A Cancer Man Likes You (Even If He Hides It)

The signs a Cancer man likes you are not easy to spot – no matter what anyone might tell you. Yes, he is one of the most emotional Sun signs out of the entire zodiac, but it seems that many forget we’re talking about an introvert who rarely reveals too much of himself

Contrary to popular belief, this is a man who doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve – at least, not in front of anyone.

But how can you figure out the signs a Cancer man likes you if he is so prone to keeping secrets about his inner emotions? Well, if you want to get to the bottom of this man, buckle up because here is a detailed description of how he acts when he is into someone.

Sure Signs That A Cancer Man Likes You

No amount of time spent with you is ever enough

This is a man whose attention you’ll never have to beg for. The moment his feelings for you begin to grow, you become the only thing on his mind, and he feels the need to spend every second of his free time next to you.

In fact, this starts to happen even before a Cancer becomes aware that he is falling in love with you. He does it completely subconsciously: he catches himself asking you to hang out, sending you text messages, and calling you on the phone.

You can be together 24/7, and even then, he’ll start to miss you the second you’re no longer around. No amount of time spent with you is ever enough for this man.

And you know what the best part is? He’ll never stand you up for anyone else.

It doesn’t matter if you two have just started officially dating or if you’re just getting to know each other – he will gladly cancel whatever he has scheduled with his friends or other people in his life just to see you.

This man always has room for you in his life. I don’t care how busy he is or how tight his schedule gets – he craves your presence, and he will make it happen!

At first, this will flatter you. But let’s be honest – after some time, you might need some space for yourself.

Maybe you’ll get tired of him constantly being around you. I get you – this is a completely natural reaction.

Nevertheless, I will ask one thing of you. If this happens, just remember all of your previous relationships. Remember all those guys you had to chase and beg to find time for you.

In comparison to them, a Cancer man is quite refreshing, isn’t he? It shows that he’s serious about you. Instead of taking his devotion for granted, I advise you to consider yourself lucky for finally finding a guy like him.

He opens up his heart and gives it to you

When you first meet a Cancer, you’ll probably think of him as a shy guy who has trouble speaking his mind and gets nervous around people. Well, let me tell you one thing: this is nothing but a facade.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not claiming that he is pretending to be someone he’s not. It’s not like this man is acting like this innocent, cute introvert, just to deceive you.

Instead, I’m trying to say that this is just the first layer of his personality. And there is much more to be discovered along the way if you bother to dig a little deeper.

The point is that this is a man who has trouble opening up. You’ll see for yourself later on that he is quite sensitive and, at times, insecure about himself.

Therefore, he often goes through life scared that someone might use his weaknesses against him. As a water sign, he is considered one of the most emotionally intelligent signs of the entire zodiac, so he has a way of reading people.

As soon as he sees that someone can be potentially hazardous to him in a way that they will break his heart or hurt him, he puts up his walls. He goes back into his shell and remains there until the danger goes away.

Basically, he prefers staying off the radar to not allow toxic people to do him harm.

Well, all of that changes the moment he meets a girl he considers to be worthy of getting to know his true self. And in this case, that lucky girl is you.

In fact, this can be seen as one of the telltale signs a Cancer man likes you: the fact that he allows you to tear down his walls. To be precise, you won’t even have to move a finger to do it.

Instead, he does all the work for you. Suddenly, this man starts opening up to you and stops being so emotionally unavailable.

He exposes his vulnerable side, and he spiritually undresses in front of you. Keep in mind that this is huge for all Cancer women and men, so it must mean you’re pretty darn special to this guy.

He puts the ammo in your hands and trusts you enough to know that you won’t shoot him.

Your happiness is his number one priority

How can you tell if a Cancer man likes you? Well, does he do everything in his power to make you happy?

If the answer to the second question is “yes,” then it’s also the same for the first question.

Whatever the nature of your relationship currently is – when this man is in love with you, he can’t possibly picture himself enjoying life if you don’t feel the same way.

A Cancerian man will go the extra mile to put a smile on your face. Whenever you’re down or experiencing mood swings, he is right there to lift you up.

He will spoil you and meet all of your needs – including the silliest ones. Of course, he wants to see you happy, but the bottom line is that your happiness becomes his joy, as well.

If necessary, he will make a clown out of himself, despite his introverted nature, just to make you laugh and to wipe your tears away.

And you know what the best part is? You’ll never have to ask anything of him.

When this man is concerned, there won’t be much explanation needed. There won’t be any of those long talks where you explain to him how to make you happy and what to do to please you.

This guy will know everything by himself – without you having to utter a single word. Why? Because he pays attention – it’s as simple as that.

He is the type of man who will know exactly what to get you for your birthday, and it will be what you’ve always wanted, even though you might have never mentioned it to him.

He will know exactly what to say to cheer you up when you’re feeling miserable. He will know what jokes you find funny and where you want to go on your first date.

Don’t worry: he’s not stalking you. He is just observant of details, and he uses this in his favor to win you over.

He doesn’t think twice before introducing you to his friends and family

Haven’t you had enough of all those guys from your past who found it so hard to give you a label? Come to think of it, most of them were hiding you from the world as if they were ashamed of you.

Of course, the truth is that they were just players who wanted to have their cake and eat it, too, and being seen in public with you would probably mess up with their other affairs.

Nevertheless, they’re not relevant now. On the other hand, what is important to keep in mind is that they’re all a part of the past.

You’ve finally got a guy who doesn’t think twice about introducing you to his best friends and family members. In fact, this might happen even before you make things official – he just wants you to be a part of his life, regardless of your role in it. After all, you’re already a part of his heart.

Cancer is a family man – don’t ever forget that. This Sun sign is ruled by the Moon, which stands for parental energies and comfort. 

He is extremely devoted to his loved ones, and family connections mean the world to him. According to the astrologer Anna Kovach, he has a special bond with his mother.

This doesn’t mean that he is looking for his family’s approval and emotional support to be with you. It’s quite simple: he loves them deeply, and he cares for you very much.

Isn’t it natural that he would like for all the important people in his life to get along in the best way possible? The same goes for his friends.

Of course, he won’t force you into loving the people he loves, but that would make him extremely happy. Nevertheless, he will expect you to respect them, no matter what.

Keep in mind that he is overly protective of the people he loves and would hate it if he had to choose sides.

Don’t worry – despite being a family-oriented guy, he’s not a mama’s boy. This guy will never make your relationship suffer for his family relations, nor will he turn his back on you even if those closest to him disapprove of your relationship.

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Other girls are out of the competition

Here is another thing that differentiates this exceptional guy from all other men in the world. When a Cancer man’s feelings for you begin to grow, that’s the moment all other girls on the planet cease to exist for him.

You two don’t even have to be dating, let alone be in a serious, long-term relationship – he will be committed to his true feelings for you from the very first day. In fact, this might happen before he declares his love or before you even realize that he is hitting on you.

If you two are friends, coworkers, or he is looking at you from a safe distance – you’re the only girl this man has eyes for. All of his exes become a part of the past, and he sees no future without you.

In fact, this man would rather be alone than spend a minute next to a girl he has no true feelings for. You see, the point is that he doesn’t do anything halfway.

For him, it’s always all or nothing. Therefore, if he loves you, his love is true, deep, and unconditional.

There are no calculations, no sleeping with other girls because he can’t have you or dating other women until things between you two become serious.

You have to understand that a label means nothing to this man. This doesn’t mean that he’ll hesitate to label your relationship.

On the contrary, I’m telling you this to make you understand one thing: when his heart is devoted to you, he is a committed man. The moment his heart is taken, he is a taken man, as well.

The point is that if he loves you, he is a loyal man, no matter what is actually going on between you two. No, it’s not a fairytale – guys like him really do still exist.

When he gets jealous, it’s a guaranteed sign he is in love

Enough with praising Cancer men. Yes, they’re lovely, but there are some negative sides when a Cancer man likes you as well.

The biggest of them all is, without a doubt, this man’s jealousy. In fact, he is one of the most jealous horoscope signs in the entire zodiac.

You hate that, I know. It’s one thing if you’re dealing with a guy who is scared to lose you in a cute way. But being with an overly jealous man is anything but flattering – in fact, it becomes exhausting after a while.

Nevertheless, before you give up on this remarkable man just because of this one trait and before you judge him for his behavior, let’s get to the bottom of his actions.

Why is a Cancer man jealous?

A Cancer man is not jealous because he doesn’t trust you. Instead, he’s jealous because he doesn’t believe that he is good enough.

What lies at the bottom of this man’s personality traits is his deeply rooted insecurities. Remember that shy introvert from the beginning of the story?

Well, even though he’s opened up to you – a part of him is still that man. The truth is that most Cancerians think that they’re not good enough.

Basically, this man lives in constant fear that you’ll meet someone better. It doesn’t matter how much love and attention he keeps on giving you – he always assumes that you’ll meet a more charming, more handsome guy who will tell you better jokes and will make your heart skip a beat.

So instead of healing his issues, he projects them onto the object of his affection – you. He becomes extra possessive, all in the attempt to keep you by his side. 

On some level, this man is convinced that he can stop you from leaving him if he notices the not-so- obvious signs of your alleged infidelity in time.

So, if you’re already in a relationship with a Cancer man, he may end up checking your social media activity, glancing at your phone, and looking for signs of your infidelity elsewhere.

He starts asking you questions, demanding you tell him all about your whereabouts in detail. He starts showing signs of distrust which, of course, annoys you.

If this issue is not dealt with at the beginning of your relationship, it will become the one thing that can end up destroying your union. In fact, it’s probably this man’s only toxic trait you should be extra careful about.

He prefers revealing his feelings over feeling regret

Finally, a Cancer has no trouble coming clean about his emotions. Yes, he will first try to send you hints that he likes you, but if that doesn’t work out the way he expects, he won’t waste much more of his time.

Instead, this man will tell you outright how he feels.

A hopeless romantic

Let’s not forget that this man is a hopeless romantic. Therefore, you can expect a grand declaration of love from him.

He might write you a poem, take you out to a candlelit dinner, or throw you a huge surprise to tell you how much he loves you. Either way, I assure you one thing: you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale.

But how does Cancer’s shy personality go hand in hand with his courage to express his feelings? Well, it’s pretty logical.

Let’s not forget that we’re talking about a man whose emotional intelligence is always at its peak. Knowing that, it won’t come as a surprise that he is in tune with his feelings.

First and foremost, he has no trouble admitting them to himself. If he is crazy about you, he’ll be aware of it quite soon.

Also, if he decides to come clean about the love he feels for you, it probably means that he’s already gotten some positive feedback from you – even if you’re not fully aware of giving it to him. Let’s not forget that he reads people really well.

Finally, the thing this man despises most is regret. He goes all in for one simple reason: he prefers to make a fool out of himself over being sorry that he hadn’t done anything.

This way, even if he fails and you turn him down, he’ll always know he tried his best. He gave it a shot, and it didn’t work out.

Yes, it will break his heart, but it will also free him. As long as he anticipates that you could get together, he can’t allow himself to look at another woman, let alone make a move on her.

This way, even if he loses, at least, he’ll know where he stands. He’ll allow himself to start healing, knowing that he strived for the moon and attempted getting over the fence.

Additional Signs A Cancer Man Likes You More Than A Friend

The way into a woman’s heart is through her stomach

A Cancer male enjoys cooking for the woman he loves. At first, this might seem like the most irrelevant thing ever, but if you pay close attention, you’ll see that this is one of his ways of making you happy.

Little boys play around while Cancer men settle down

You always know where you stand with this guy. There are no games, no mixed signals, and no playing around. The moment a Cancerian figures out who he wants, he immediately settles with the woman he loves.

There is nothing hotter than a man who is in love with his woman and wants the entire world to know

I have to warn you: every Cancer is a huge fan of public displays of affection. Is there anything cuter than a man who can’t get enough of you?

Let’s not forget that he is polite, no matter what, so he won’t exaggerate, nor will he make you feel embarrassed. Nevertheless, he’ll use every chance he gets to kiss you, hug you, or just hold your hand.

He knows your name, and he wants to find out your story as well

This guy isn’t interested in superficial things about you. Instead, he wants to get to know you on a deeper level. He wants to dig deep into your soul, and he won’t give up until he meets the real you.

This man’s actions match his words

Most importantly: this man will never sweet talk you into getting under your skin. He won’t tell you things he doesn’t mean just to deceive you.

Instead, his actions always match his words. Even if he doesn’t tell you how he feels, he’ll make sure you feel loved and wanted at all times.

Physical Signs A Cancer Man Likes You

Even though a man belonging to this zodiac sign will eventually verbalize his emotions, sometimes actions speak louder than words. Before telling you anything directly, a Cancer guy will first show you a few physical signs that he’s into you. Here are the most common ones:

His energy introduces him even before he speaks

When a Cancer man loves you, he does so with all of his being. Truth be told, he couldn’t hide his feelings even if he tried. It’s like his entire body and soul radiate the emotions he feels for you.

So, the first thing you’ll sense is certainly his vibe. This is quite difficult to explain, but it’s like this guy sends you telepathic signals of his love. 

You feel this connection with him, and you simply know that you’re not imagining things. Even if he is shy and doesn’t talk to anyone, somehow you’ll sense that he’s paying special attention to you, especially compared to other girls.

It can start with little things. For example, he’ll appear uninterested in whatever other people are talking about. He won’t engage in any conversations, and you’ll get the impression that he’s stuck in a world of his own.

Nevertheless, all of this suddenly changes the moment you speak. Out of the blue, he becomes attentive.

You see that he’s listening to you and that he is highly interested in what you have to say. Not only that, he even takes part in the conversation, no matter the topic.

He could seem uninterested all night without saying a word, but the moment he hears your voice, it’s like he awakes from the dead. He only laughs at your jokes while showing that he’s not amused by someone else’s.

Listen to him when he looks at you – not just when he talks to you

The next is his looks: another one of the signs a Cancer man likes you. This guy will literally stare at you to the point where you’ll start feeling uncomfortable.

But the funny thing is that, as long as he looks at you, he has a blissful facial expression. It’s pretty clear a Cancerian man likes what he sees.

This is a man who can’t take his eyes off you. He doesn’t only look at your body or face – it’s like he’s looking right into your soul.

The truth is that, while observing you, this man is getting to know you. Don’t worry – he’s not some kind of a maniac – he just wants to learn more about you.

Let’s not forget that his flirty behavior is a part of Cancerians nature. But instead of making the first move with some tacky pick-up line, this man prefers flirting with the help of his eyes.

Whenever you look back at him, he finds out something more about you. He analyzes your behavior and does his best to study your personality.

And he is pretty good at it. In fact, it’s easy for a Cancer male to know the bottom of your soul without ever actually exchanging a word with you – that’s how high his emotional intelligence is.

His touch will tell you everything you need to know

Finally, physical contact – the ultimate body language sign that someone is into you. Well, you’ve already figured out that a Cancerian is not remotely like all the other men you’ve had the chance to meet.

Therefore, if you expect him to “accidentally” touch you just because he likes you – think again. Yes, the truth is that this man is quite sensual, which also makes him a great lover but let’s not forget that he is exceptionally traditional.

This means that he will probably wait to initiate physical contact at first. Don’t worry – he’s attracted to you – he just respects you enough not to cross the line too soon.

There will definitely be some occasional touches between you two. Most of the time, he won’t even be aware of being so close to you.

Nevertheless, he can’t help it. When a Cancer man falls in love, he must, at least, cuddle you and feel your skin on his.

But whatever he does, a Cancerian man will sit or stand next to you in a way that he can protect you if needed. It’s the little things you should pay attention to that will tell you a lot.

For example, if you two are going through a crowded place, he’ll always move through the crowd first. Whatever you are doing, this man is always on the lookout and always prepared to protect you.

Finally, let’s not forget his possessive nature. The moment he sees another guy as a threat is the moment he’ll forget about his shyness and most of his insecurities.

Just like that, he won’t mind putting his arm around your shoulder or grabbing your hand. Isn’t it clear what he’s doing? He is marking his territory and showing the competition that you’re his and that it’s time to back off.

Cancer Man Compatibility:

Compatible with: Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn,

Not compatible with: Libra, Gemini, Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo

To Wrap Up:

If the guy you’re interested in displays one or more of these signs, there is no doubt about it: he is crazy about you.

And if he hasn’t done anything about it just yet – why don’t you make the first move and save you both the trouble?