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What Body Type Does A Cancer Man Like? The Answer Is Simple!

What Body Type Does A Cancer Man Like? The Answer Is Simple!

Figuring a Cancer man out is not easy. He might like you but proceed to hide it due to his shyness.

He is one of the most emotional Sun signs out there. He might wear his heart on his sleeve but not in front of everyone. He is a very private person who enjoys only quality company.

Unlike Scorpio or Capricorn, this zodiac sign is entirely private and introverted. So how do we answer the question, “What body type does a Cancer man like?”

It’s easy! Find out in this article, where we’ll answer this question while busting some myths about this zodiac sign and give you tips on how to attract him.

Get your compatibility birth charts ready, and read through our Cancer man cheat sheet.

What Body Type Does A Cancer Man Like? + 6 Reasons Why

Next up are some of the most important answers to your question, “What body type does a Cancer man like?”

1. Lovers of health

man looking at woman on treadmill

Cancer men believe that healthy bodies radiate healthy energy. They feel drawn to this healthy energy and want to engage with it.

Cancerians enjoy intimacy with their partner more than any other sign. It is a way of bonding for them, and if you have a healthy aura around you, you are sure to win their hearts.

This is why Cancer men believe in staying healthy and exercising as a way of keeping their partners interested. In fact, this might be the only reason for them to exercise in some cases.

Therefore, they might expect the same from you. Another reason they love health is that staying healthy means a longer life. Through exercise, the Moonchildren believe that they will get to spend more time with you.

In any case, if you are healthy, not too skinny and not overweight, and radiate a healthy aura, your Cancer male is sure to notice you and be attracted to you.

2. Ruled by the moon

attractive couple on romantic dinner date

As said above, Cancerians are ruled by the moon. In the zodiac, the moon symbolizes the hidden. When projected onto people or Moonchildren, it means that their emotions rule them.

Being born under the moon also means being fond of intimacy. For Cancer men, intimacy is how they fall in love, so their partner needs to be caring and intimate with them as much as possible.

This intimacy is best exercised physically, but of course, their partner needs to be in shape and attractive to them.

This is another reason why Cancer men like bodies that are in shape and healthy. They believe that they can fully reach the highest levels of intimacy with their lovers if they are in shape.

3. Romancing

couple walking on street and holding hands

Oh, Romance… Believe me when I say, Cancer men just ooze romance. Some of us might enjoy it, while others might find it a little too sticky.

The Cancer zodiac sign is often drawn to a partner who can provide emotional security and stability. Cancer is a water sign, and they don’t always take the initiative to pursue romantic relationships.

This makes them prone to being taken advantage of in relationships. They need partners who understand their need for security and constant reassurance. In other words, they need a partner who they can romanticize.

This partner, if talking about a female, is extremely feminine. She has just enough of everything, not too much and not too little. Of course, femininity isn’t just about your curves – it’s knowing how to present it.

So, if you truly are a feminine girl who enjoys sticking to the traditional ways of not only styling your hair and dressing but also talking and acting, you are sure to win your Cancer man’s heart.

Also know that your body shape doesn’t have anything to do with your femininity, but most Cancer males believe that feminine energy comes from an average-sized female body.

4. Intimacy is key

couple riding bikes in park

Does being in shape really mean more romantic moments for you and your Cancer man? Not all of us would agree, but Cancer males believe that being in shape also means being able to experience more things.

In any case, when looking for a partner, Cancer men will look for a future wife. They are not really there for a fling. That’s why they will look for someone who is athletically built or average-sized because they believe this represents health.

If you look and feel healthy, a Cancer man will notice that and come running. This way, they believe they will assure themselves a healthy lifestyle as well.

Cancer men expect you to be ready for a long sunset walk on the beach, an outdoor adventure like hiking or cycling, and of course, an occasional afternoon picnic in the park. Of course, all of this is done under candlelight and only with him.

This Cancer guy is romantic and in shape, and he expects his partner to be the same. There you have it, another reason Cancer men like healthy, average-sized women.

5. Keeping it alive

couple having a bath together

Being able to undress your partner sensually and enjoying a bath together is what Cancer men dream about. Of course, this means that it’s all the better if they feel a magical attraction towards your body.

The first part of the relationship might be extra-fun, but Cancer men believe in longer-lasting and even life-long relationships and romances.

This is why they also believe that keeping the attraction alive in a relationship is key. Of course, this is why body types matter to them and why you are asking yourself: What body type does a Cancer man like?

According to Cancerians, you will need a healthy body to be able to exercise and keep them interested for your whole life. Of course, they will provide the same for you.

6. Active lifestyle

couple rock climbing

Don’t expect to be a couch potato if you’re with a Cancerian man! He will also have some outdoorsy ideas in his pursuit to awe you with his romantic gestures.

Now, it’s not always a walk in the park. He will most probably take you hiking, bird watching, and even rock climbing.

On all of these pursuits, you are sure to need a bit of stamina, so your Cancer man likes to think that his perfect partner is athletic but not too athletic.

In other words, a Cancer male likes to lead an active lifestyle and exercise when he believes it is needed. He, of course, expects the same from you.

In any case, he is sure to be attracted to you at first glance if you fit his standards. He likes to call that love at first sight. I call it noticing someone because they are attractive to you. Call it what you want.

So what does a Cancer man like?

After reading through the reasons behind their preferences, you still don’t have an answer to your question: what body type does a Cancer man like?

We can conclude that the Cancer man likes a woman who is in shape. This does not mean she is too athletic or, on the other hand, overweight.

Cancer men, just like any Sagittarius or Taurus man, have their own preferences according to their sign: feminine and healthy bodies.

A cancer man likes a woman whose body shape is just in between, not too skinny and not overweight. Cancerian men prefer feminine women, and a woman’s best assets are shown when she is healthy.

Of course, the Cancerian man doesn’t care if her assets are small or big, as long as he enjoys what he sees. So, he can find himself attracted to almost any body shape: diamond, hourglass, athletic, round, rectangle, or triangle.

What a Cancerian man sees as healthy and feminine is up to them. Generally, they prefer average but vibrant body shapes.

The body type he would like the most would be an athletic build, rectangular, or hourglass. These are the body types that appear the healthiest and sportiest. Of course, this does not always have to be the case.

In conclusion, we can say that a Cancer man likes an average body type. Since they enjoy femininity in its many forms, Cancer men are sure to love almost any healthy body.

In the end, it’s never about the body, but mostly who you are as a person. If a Cancerian likes you as a person and feels free to share their feelings with you, they are sure to feel physically attracted to you.

Who Are Male Cancers Attracted To?

man looking at girl in cafe

Male Cancers are attracted to feminine women. They often have to fit their standard of beauty and feel motherly.

This also means a traditional and homebody way of looking at femininity, including skirts, long hair, and motherhood. They literally look for partners that just scream: Feminine!

On the other hand, the answer to this question is not as simple as one might think. There are a number of factors that can determine who Cancel males are attracted to.

For example, there is a difference between every person of this zodiac sign. If your Cancer man’s moon sign is Scorpio, they might be into mysterious feminine women. In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Figuring out a Cancer man is hard because they want to stay mysterious. That’s why we often see so many questions like, “What body type does a Cancer man like?”

The best answer to this question is to find out for yourself. You can ask the Cancer man yourself or do some research.

If you’re looking for additional tips, you could slip on a simple dress you look flirty and sensual in. Of course, don’t overdo it, or they might feel threatened and shy away. Most importantly, don’t try to be butch or act masculine.

Your Cancer male will become even more interested once he sees how untouchable and classy you are. He might even think you’re the perfect match for him.

Who Is Cancer’s Soulmate?

happy couple standing in kitchen

By understanding and wanting to help Cancer in their never-ending loop of mood swings and emotions, Virgo is Cancer’s soulmate.

Of course, Pisces could be considered one of Cancer’s soulmates, too, as they are mirror images of each other. Pisces is ready to help Cancer out with their problems.

Someone’s horoscope can tell us a lot about them. That’s why many people look at someone’s horoscope and zodiac sign when looking to find out more about a love interest.

To help you out, I’ve prepared a cheat sheet for Cancer compatibility. The zodiac signs are stacked from most to least compatible:






• Cancer







We can agree that a Cancer man loves feminine water signs and dislikes fire signs like Sagittarius. In fact, these two are considered one of the worst matches in the zodiac.

Where Do Male Cancers Like To Be Touched?

woman touching man's chest

Male and female Cancerians are all about the upper chest area, neck, and shoulders. So, if you want to attract and seduce a Cancer guy, touch them in this area.

Cancer men are often reserved and reluctant to be touched because of their shyness. They may not want to be touched in public or in front of other people because it can make them feel embarrassed or ashamed.

The most common place Cancer men like being touched is the chest area. Cancer men also like being touched on their shoulders and upper back, which can help them feel more comfortable with physical contact.

Take note, when seducing a Cancer man, your touch needs to be hot and heavy but still emotional. For best results, touch them in the neck and shoulder areas. While seducing them, look, feel, and act as feminine as possible.

Don’t forget: you should only do this in private, and never in front of other people, or they might shy away from you.

What Are Cancer’s Weaknesses?

thoughtful man looking through the window

Cancer’s weaknesses come from their emotions. They are sentimental, possessive, and secretive.

A Cancer woman and man are considered the most emotionally sensitive sign of all the zodiac signs. People with a Cancer sun sign are emotional, and their turn ons or real feelings are often hidden under their thick skin.

Cancers are very family-oriented, meaning they will do anything for their loved ones. What a Cancer man wants in a partner and his weaknesses mostly depend on him.

Still, based on his sun sign, it’s not hard to figure out what his greatest weakness could possibly be. These could include him being:

• Sentimental

• Emotional

Mood swings

• Unpredictable

• Complicated

• Secretive


A Cancerian man dislikes clingy behavior and unfeminine personality traits. Mood swings are his signature move, so prepare to be liked one day and forgotten the next.

Still, his mood swings and all the other weaknesses he shows are signs a Cancer man has a thing for you. This is how he lets you in.

Final Thoughts

man sitting on bed looking at woman in his shirt

Remember, no body type is better or worse than another. If your body type isn’t on this list, it isn’t the end of the world.

Don’t feel discouraged if you’re in love with a Cancer man. There are always exceptions to every rule, which means that there is still a chance that you might end up with your Cancer love interest.

Body types and weaknesses are all personal preferences, and if one Cancer man likes something, it doesn’t have to mean that another Cancer man will too.

So don’t feel discouraged and pursue that love interest! We hope our article has helped you in answering the question, “What body type does a Cancer man like?”