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22 Sure Signs A Cancer Man Is Serious About You

22 Sure Signs A Cancer Man Is Serious About You

When you’ve been dating a man for a while, all you want to know is whether he really loves you or if he’s only playing you. Well, if your man is by any chance born under the Cancer zodiac sign , you’ve come to the right place.

After a bit of research, I’ve managed to figure out some clear signs a Cancer man is serious about you. So, if your man manifests most of these signs, you have nothing to worry about because an engagement ring is about to fly onto your finger.

Right now, all you need to know is that you should never compare guys. Some of them need more time to decide whether they want to settle down or not.

The truth is, sooner or later, your Cancer guy will show you through his actions. Just pay close attention and keep observing his behavior.

22 Clear Signs A Cancer Man Is Serious About You

If you’re dating a Cancer guy who does most of these things, be sure he’s about to pop the big question .

1. He considers you his best friend

If your Cancer guy considers you his greatest confidant and likes to spend time with you more than anyone else, it’s a clear sign you’re his best friend . And he’ll give you that honor only once he makes sure you’re the right woman for him.

2. You feel like you have a telepathic connection

You don’t always need to speak with words because you sometimes feel like he can read your mind. He always knows what you want and vice versa.

That telepathic connection is what makes your relationship so strong and special.

3. He’s genuinely interested in your well-being

He always asks if you are okay and if anything’s wrong. If he notices you’re a bit down, he tries to find out what is going on and does everything he can to make you feel better.

4. Spending time with you is always his priority

If you’re a Pisces or Scorpio woman , you’ll appreciate this the most. Actually, this will be your greatest sign that your Cancer man sincerely loves you .

And yes, I agree with you. If he tries to spend every moment of his free time with you and if he always finds time for you when you need him, it’s clear that you’re his priority in life.

5. He’s never given you a reason to doubt his loyalty

Has your Cancer man never done anything that could make you doubt his fidelity? Then, do you really need a bigger sign that he’s serious about you? No? I think so too.

6. He always communicates with you in a healthy way

Admit it, were you the reason for most of your fights? Because if your Cancer man loves you, he’ll always try to solve issues between you nicely and peacefully.

To him, healthy communication between partners is of huge importance, and that’s why he’ll focus on it so much. And that’s probably why your relationship is so strong and healthy.

7. He never goes to bed mad at you

In the beginning, you just didn’t pay attention to it – you didn’t notice it. But now you do, and you’re so thankful for having such a kind man in your life.

And I hope I don’t even need to tell you that it’s just more proof of his love for you. He can’t go to bed if you two are mad at each other because he knows he wouldn’t sleep at all – he would be thinking about you all night long.

8. You’ve met his loved ones and vice versa

A Cancer man will never introduce his partner to his loved one if he isn’t completely sure they want them in their life forever. So, if you’ve met his family and vice versa, it’s more than a clear sign he’s serious about you.

9. His close friends approve of your relationship

Both Cancer women and Cancer men don’t have too many close friends . Their circle of friends is small, but they trust those people in their lives and appreciate them more than anything.

Meaning, it’s important for them to know if their friends support their relationship completely. If their friends have doubts about you, your Cancerian man /woman will have them too.

10. He has opened up to you about his previous relationships

One thing you really need to understand about Cancer men is that they don’t open up to another person easily. Only after they catch feelings for a woman will they start putting their walls down and learn to share things with their partner.

So, if your Cancer guy’s walls are still up, it’s a red flag that he either doesn’t love you or that he still doesn’t trust you. And it’s definitely a good sign he doesn’t take your relationship seriously.

11. He still manages to surprise you with a nice romantic gesture

Even after years of dating, your Cancer man can still surprise you with a small act of affection? It’s a great sign he’s serious about you because it clearly shows that he wants to keep you by his side forever.

12. He makes you feel like a true queen

When a Cancer man falls in love, he’ll treat his partner like royalty. He’s a true gentleman , and the woman who wins his heart will particularly like this personality trait .

It’s also one of the ways he’ll try to prove the love he feels for you. And remember, the better he treats you, the more in love he is with you.

13. He appreciates everything you do for him

Unlike Taurus or Scorpio men , a Cancer man likes romance. They enjoy the attention, and that’s the only thing they demand from their partner.

If he has shown you that he appreciates all the little things you do for him daily, it’s a good sign he is serious about you.

14. Your Cancer man wants to be included in your life 100%

Just because he wants to be part of your life and wants to be included in it completely, don’t think of him as a clingy guy . He does it because he loves you and wants to be there for you whenever you need him.

15. You’re already part of his future plans

Did he mention you when speaking about his plans for the future? If he did, it’s a more than clear sign your Cancer man is serious about you.

Not only does he see you in his future, but he sincerely wants you there.

16. He tries to restrain his clingy and jealous nature for the sake of your relationship

Cancerian men are a bit jealous, possessive, and clingy by nature. That’s probably the reason Aquarius and Libra women (the least jealous females of the horoscope ) have such a low compatibility score with Cancer men .

However, the good thing is that Cancer guys are aware of it, and they consider it one of their bad personality traits . They do their best to control it once they fall in love with a woman because they don’t want to allow it to endanger their relationship.

17. He’s protective

Okay, we all know that Leo, Libra , Leo, and Taurus men are the most protective males of the horoscope . However, the gentle Pisces and Cancer men turn into fierce protective guys when they fall in love with a woman.

The Cancer man doesn’t allow anyone to hurt the people he loves. He feels their pain as his own, and that’s why he becomes so overprotective if he senses they’re in danger.

18. He’s emotional and isn’t afraid to show it

Anna Kovach, the famous relationship astrologer, says, “When trust is built, and he’s able to let loose, this means he’s falling in love with you and is happy to open up to you.” And honestly, I couldn’t agree more with her.

When a Cancer man isn’t afraid or shy to show you his emotional and vulnerable side, it’s a good sign he’s serious about you. He’s sure about your feelings and knows they won’t change if he shows you some of his vulnerabilities.

And being too emotional and sensitive are by far one of his least favorite personality traits because he thinks of them as his greatest vulnerabilities.

19. He never stops making you laugh

No matter whether you’re a Virgo , Gemini, or Taurus woman , he’ll discover what your sense of humor is, and all he’ll do is try to make you laugh.

Your gentle Cancer man has probably fallen for your smile, and that’s why he wants to see it more often on your face. When you sincerely love someone, making them smile is what makes you happy the most.

20. He empowers and motivates you to achieve your dreams

If your Cancer guy empowers you to fight your insecurities and motivates you to go after your dreams, it’s a good sign he’s serious about you.

He just wants you to be happy and knows it would make you happy. On the other hand, if he’s holding you back from achieving your goals, it’s one of the signs a Cancer man is playing you or that he doesn’t honestly love you.

21. You’re familiar with each other’s finances

A couple most usually merges their finances once they get engaged or take a serious step in their relationship. You wouldn’t share your finances with someone you’ve just started dating, right?

Well, Cancer males definitely won’t. However, once they start considering their relationship seriously, they’ll share that information with their partner. They think it’s just another way of letting their SO know they trust them completely.

22. He’s labeled it a serious relationship loud and clear

You need to understand that you’re dealing with a family-oriented guy, a true homebody.

Cancer males strive for serious relationships , and once they convince themselves they’re with the right lady, it’s easy for them to commit and make their relationship serious.

If he has already told you that your relationship is serious and if he’s talking about marriage and having kids or, at least, moving in together, you should believe him. He doesn’t lie about that sort of thing, and very soon, he’ll prove through his actions that he’s telling the truth.

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How Do Cancers Act When They Are In Love?

It’s actually pretty easy to recognize a Cancer man in love . When a guy born under this water sign falls in love, it can simply be seen in his smiling face. He goes out of his way to make the woman he loves happy, and she immediately becomes the center of his world.

He showers her with attention and affection and does everything he can to make her believe that she is loved unconditionally. These guys aren’t afraid of commitment, so every time they fall for a girl, they commit to her and stay loyal to her no matter what.

The love language of Cancer males is physical touch , and that’s another way you can figure out whether he’s in love with you. If he does, he’ll want to cuddle, hug, and physically express his love for you 24/7.

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How Do You Know If A Cancer Man Is Testing You?

If you want to find out whether your Cancer guy really loves you or if he’s just testing you, you should observe his behavior and the things he asks you about.

If a Cancer man is testing you, he won’t try to get to know you better because he’ll find out things about you from your friends and people around you.

He’ll behave mysteriously sometimes just to see what your reaction will be . He might even ignore your texts sometimes just to see whether it’ll drive you crazy or you’ll show patience.

He’ll also try to test you with his phone by leaving it unlocked around you. And be careful – you know nobody likes overly curious and untrusting girls.

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In The End

I hope you’ve recognized each and every one of these signs a Cancer man is serious about you with your Cancerian guy. And don’t worry, if you didn’t recognize some, it doesn’t mean he isn’t crazy about you.

The Cancer man is not like the Sagittarius , Capricorn, or Aries man . In fact, he’s unlike any other man, and that is his greatest quality. That’s what makes him so special.

You’ve got yourself husband material there, so you should consider yourself lucky. If he’s really your soulmate , all I have to say is… You lucky gal, you’ll most definitely be the luckiest woman alive.