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Early Stages Of Dating A Cancer Man: 11 Things To Expect

Early Stages Of Dating A Cancer Man: 11 Things To Expect

You fell hard for a Cancer guy and he finally admitted that he likes you back and invited you out. Now, before you start preparing for your first date, here is everything there is to know about the early stages of dating a Cancer man.

I’m going to tell you what you can expect from your dear Cancerian man. And that will help you decide whether you should engage in a relationship with him or not.

However, if you notice some things you don’t like, consider them only as a few bumps in the road. Don’t let those things stop you from giving your Cancer man, the man you like so much, a chance.

11 Things To Expect In The Early Stages Of Dating A Cancer Man

The beginning… Most of us don’t particularly like them and it’s only because most beginnings are difficult.

We’ll see whether it’s the case when it comes to the early stages of dating a Cancer man. Is that beginning difficult or, on the contrary, is there some kind of magic in it?

1. He’ll be more than a true gentleman

I’m sure you’ll fall for him at the bare beginning of your relationship. You simply won’t have a choice once you see how caring, kind, romantic and affectionate he is.

A Cancer man is always a gentleman but the way he behaves towards his partner once they indulge in a romantic relationship is simply unbelievable. Those gestures towards his better half would leave every woman speechless.

2. He’ll pay attention even to the little things

He’ll notice everything about you. He’ll pay attention to even the smallest details and that will show you how seriously your Cancer man likes you.

He’ll try to remember your likes and dislikes, and those things will simply amaze you. You’ll know that he’s 100% present and focused on you and your relationship.

A Cancer man knows that those little things matter to a woman the most. And to prove his feelings to her, he’ll never take those things for granted.

3. He’s an introvert so you probably won’t go out very often

Unlike Aquarius, Aries and Sagittarius men, Capricorn, Cancer and Scorpio men are introverts who don’t like going out and being around too many people. They have a few close friends and co-workers they like spending time with and that’s it.

If you enjoy parties and going out every weekend, a man born under this water sign is probably not the right man for you.

From time to time and once he gets feelings for you, he might step out of his comfort zone and agree to go out with you and your friends. However, you shouldn’t get your hopes up that it’ll happen more often because it most definitely won’t.

4. However, he’ll like spending time with you

Even though a Cancer man doesn’t like to go out very much, he likes to hang out with his loved ones. And once he falls in love with a woman, spending time with her will become his priority.

He’ll want to know what your hobbies are and what you like to do in your free time and he’ll want to do those things with you. He’ll also plan fun dates where you’ll be able to bond on a deeper level through some interesting activities.

He will spend time with you but that doesn’t mean he’ll start smothering you. His personal space is important to him and he’ll also have respect for your personal space and needs to be alone.

5. You’ll be cuddling a lot

Taurus, Cancer and Leo men definitely love to cuddle more than any other man. For them, physical touch is one of the strongest proofs of love and strong romantic feelings.

Cancer men are all about holding hands, PDAing, hugging and cuddling. They love indoor dates where they’re able to create a romantic, intimate atmosphere and work on bonding with their partner.

6. He’ll be a bit clingy and jealous

Along with Libra and Taurus men, Cancer men belong to the group of the most clingy and possessive males of the horoscope. It’s simply a part of their nature and you need to accept your Cancer man with both those good and bad parts of his personality.

It’s not like he won’t allow you to go anywhere without him or that he’ll check up on every step you make, but he’ll definitely show signs of jealousy whenever another man approaches you.

You may even consider it sweet because that’s how you’ll know for sure that he honestly cares about you.

Of course, once you build trust and he gets to know you better, he’ll understand that he has no reason to be jealous. He’ll also be aware of the danger it may bring to your relationship and he’ll learn to control his jealousy.

7. You’ll need time to get him to open up to you

Maybe you’re one of those people who can open up to others easily and it may be difficult for you to understand your Cancer partner. However, you should keep in mind that we are all different human beings and that we simply don’t function in the same way.

Even though he is emotional, he isn’t emotionally available to everyone and that might be a bit difficult to cope with at the beginning.

However, once you get his trust, he’ll open up to you about his life and his emotional state. That is a sign that he trusts you and that he’s finally ready to take your relationship to the next, more serious level.

8. You’ll need to work on building healthy communication

When you meet him, you’ll notice that he doesn’t like to share things about himself. His private life will be off-limits and no matter how much you try, you won’t be able to break through those barriers.

A man born under the Cancer sun sign is also one of those men who don’t like to engage in disagreements and fights with other people. So, he’ll avoid it even if you have a good reason to discuss or fight about.

He’s afraid that it may harm your relationship and you need to let him know how wrong he is indeed. You can’t keep sweeping your issues under the carpet because that’s not how you’ll maintain your relationship.

You need to learn to communicate in a direct and healthy way. It’s okay if you don’t agree about everything but you need to find a way to compromise on those things or discuss them in a healthy and peaceful way.

9. Which will make it harder for you to create an emotional connection

Of course, if you can’t get through to someone, if you can’t get them to open up to you, it will be hard for you to make a stable emotional connection with that person.

Unfortunately, without an emotional connection, there is no healthy relationship.

However, it won’t stay like that forever. Your Cancer man only wants you to prove that you’re trustworthy, and then he’ll open up to you.

For him, building trust is a priority. Actually, it should be a priority for all couples. And for now, you should focus on that and give time to everything else.

10. His mood swings may affect your relationship

His zodiac sign is Cancer and it actually justifies his crabby nature. He gets moody easily and sometimes he really behaves like a woman with PMS.

However, if you show understanding and patience with his mood swings, he’ll reward you by trying to control those things for the sake of your relationship.

Besides Cancer guys, Gemini, Libra and Aries men are also known for their frequent mood swings. However, the difference between them and a Cancer man is that they aren’t aware of it and therefore, they don’t even try to change or control it.

11. Don’t be surprised if he takes you out to a psychic reading

Cancerians belong to the group of zodiac signs who have a strong love for astrology. Whenever they need some kind of guidance or some issues or doubts in life, they seek the advice of astrologers, tarot, or psychic readers.

He’ll probably want to know more about your compatibility and he’ll be interested in whether you’re a good match indeed, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he takes you out to tarot or psychic reading.

Whether you believe in it or not, you should give it a try. One thing is for sure though, you’ll have fun and it’ll be an unforgettable date.

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How Long Does It Take A Cancer Man To Fall In Love?

For such a sweet, sensitive, and emotional man, it really doesn’t take too long to fall in love with someone. A Cancer man strives for true love and once he meets someone he considers to be the right woman for him, he falls head over heels for her.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a good personality trait for a Cancer man because that’s the reason they get hurt so often. They develop strong feelings for a woman who doesn’t take them seriously and they only get their heart broken in the end.

Men born under this star sign should really learn to take baby steps once they engage in a relationship with someone. If it’s their soulmate indeed, they don’t have to hurry anywhere because they have eternity to spend together.

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How Do You Know If A Cancer Man Is Into You?

If a Cancer man likes you, it’ll be almost impossible not to notice it. When these men born under the Cancer sun sign fall in love, their body language around that person and the way they treat her say it all.

First of all, he starts showering her with affection, wanting to make her feel so special, like she’s the most loved woman on earth. Then, he starts a mission called ‘getting to know his potential partner better’.

He asks her personal questions and really listens to her. It’s because he tries to remember every single detail about her and her life. He starts showing interest in her interests because he knows that can help him spend more time with her.

He’ll also try so hard to leave a good impression on her loved ones once he gets to meet them. All of these are the most obvious signs that a Cancer guy is head over heels into a woman.

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What Is A Cancer Male Attracted To?

One of the most eminent personality traits of a Cancer man are being emotional, gentle, nurturing and kind. So, a woman with true feminine traits will attract him every time.

He’ll always fall for an empathetic woman, the one who also has a kind and gentle soul. Because of his sensitive nature, he needs a woman who’ll be able to listen to him and make him open up to her.

He’s attracted to women who have respect and understanding for other people’s emotions.

Being selfish and emotionally detached are the qualities a Cancer man dislikes the most in a woman, so if you have these, it’ll be difficult for you to attract this kind of man.

Cancer man’s love compatibility explains it all. The reliable Taurus woman, the loyal and trustworthy Virgo woman, and the gentle and empathetic Pisces woman have the best chances to win over a Cancer guy’s heart.

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Final Words

I hope you get the picture of the early stages of dating a Cancer man. No one said it’s going to be easy, however, you have to admit that all beginnings are difficult.

Don’t let a few obstacles make you give up on your Cancer guy because that would probably be a mistake of your life.

He is boyfriend material indeed and he’ll treat you the way you deserve.

At least, give him a chance. Don’t break up with him right after the first date. You’ll get to know the real him only once you get him to trust you and for that, you need time. But I promise you, once you get to meet the real him, you’ll thank me for not letting him go before.