If you are dating a Leo man, there are some things you need to know about his personality and character in order to bring your love life to perfection. I’m bringing you a full guide on how to please a Leo man in bed and take your relationship to a whole new level. 

First of all, you need to know that Leo is someone who wants to be noticed wherever he goes.

He is passionate and charismatic, and those personality traits always get him a lot of women. Your Leo guy is a born leader and he is always in the center of attention in any circle of people he finds himself in. 

He likes to see a beautiful woman more than anything and that is his biggest vice. However, a Leo man will eventually find a special woman with whom he will want to make love with and that woman has to know some things that will turn him on.

She will have to learn all those things a Leo man likes in bed and if she wants to leave a mark on his life, she will have to learn some naughty things in bed.

Learn his Language of Desire and impress him the way no other girl did (this way you get to keep him forever).

10 Hot Ways To Please A Leo Man In Bed

If you found yourself in these words, keep reading because we are bringing you some fantastic tips on how to make all of his sexual fantasies come true and to satisfy your Leo man in bed altogether.

Dedicate some time to his back

If you want your Leo man to feel good in his skin during sex, you should experiment with his back.

You can give him a relaxing, sensual massage and it can be excellent foreplay. Also, you can touch him gently all over his spine, which will give him chills for sure. 

The catch is that Leos are sensitive in that area—it can be one of their erogenous zones.

The famous relationship astrologer, Anna Kovach, explained it nicely; “This man is all about his back and spine area. It’s odd I know but trust me when I tell you that he absolutely loves massages, scratching, biting, and soft kissing. If you do any or all of these on his back, he’ll be done for.” 

You can also use some scented oil to make the pleasure more intense, so when he falls asleep after some hot action under the sheets, he will still feel that perfume on his body.

If you continue doing this throughout the whole process, he will be so turned on and what is most important is that he will be delighted.

Let him feel your desire

If you want to satisfy your Leo man in bed totally, you need to show him that you want him badly.

When he sees that you want him and that you are crazy about him, it will turn him on so much.

He will lose his mind for you and the games under the sheets will last a long time into the night.

The thing is that Leos have bigger egos than the rest of the zodiac signs, so they need to feel that their partner feels an incredible desire to have them.

That’s why it is essential to show him that you want him badly and that you would do anything to make him yours forever.

He wants to be given the royal treatment

woman hands on male backJust like the real king of the jungle, Leo man wants to have full royal treatment. 

That means that you will have to go the extra mile to satisfy him in bed. He won’t be pleased with just two standard positions but he will want more from you.

He will want you to do things that you have never done before and to feel good about doing them because of him.

So be ready for many experiments, body liquids, and, most importantly, a lot of orgasms. In the end, you are dealing with the most passionate zodiac sign of all. 

Biting is a ‘must-do’

Leo man in bed is very passionate and he wants to have a partner like that, so, the wilder the better.

He wants you to bite him in-between kisses and scratch him on his back following a dirty game and a lot of dirty talks.

He wants a lot of action and to be completely pleased. Your wishes won’t be as important to him because of his big ego but he will try to satisfy you.

Even if it is crucial to satisfy your man in bed, don’t forget to think about yourself and your needs. Still, you’re dealing with a true gentleman here, so I’m pretty sure he’ll know how to take care of your needs very well. 

Outdoor sex is essential

A Leo is someone who keeps seeking action and can’t be in one place for more than a minute. His restless spirit doesn’t let him do so—that’s just the way he is.

A Leo man likes to experiment a lot with positions, but he also likes to not just stick to the bedroom, which is why he will enjoy sex in public.

I am not saying that he will have sex on a beach full of people, but he will find some hidden place where people won’t see you.

In that way, both of you will be pleased about trying something new, thus you will be spicing things up to bring your relationship to a whole new level.

Provide him with an erotic massage

Remember that a Leo man likes to be touched on his back? What is better than a massage to completely satisfy him? He is extremely sensitive on his shoulders and the upper part of his body, so you can start touching him there.

Touch him gently, just as he likes, and dedicate some time to his head as well. 

You should also try grazing your nails down his back. But, of course, be gentle, especially if you have longer nails. It’ll give him chills but those will be the chills of pure excitement and desire. 

It is a pure pleasure trigger that will stimulate and release oxytocin, the famous love hormone, and excite your Leo man more than you think.

I am sure that in just a minute, he will roll over and let you straddle him. And that’s when the real party begins!

Talk dirty

woman going on man while he is lying on bedWhat is a better turn-on than talking dirty? Nothing! So, when you feel that the situation is calm, you can start talking dirty to spice it up a little bit.

I am sure it will turn on your Leo man instantly and that he will come in a second.

He just enjoys when women tell him what they will do to him and explain in detail how they are going to do that.

By just fantasizing about all the things that they will do to him, he will explode! And that is what you wanted from the start, right?

Oh, also, don’t forget to include some compliments in your dirty talk. Tell him how great a kisser he is or how great he is in bed. It’ll boost his ego and that is, after all, the biggest turn-on for a Leo man

Flatter him

It is already known that Leo men (along with Gemini and Aries men) like to be in the spotlight but another important thing is that they want to feel special. 

So, you will have to flatter him inside and outside of the bedroom if you want to build a healthy relationship with him.

He is so turned on by your words and he doesn’t need anything else except you, telling him how perfect he is.

Words are something that can get him going and if you are intelligent enough, you will know what to say at the right moment to make him feel like a king.

While you are having sex, you can tell him that his size suits you and that he is bigger than average.

It will turn your Leo man on immediately and he will do anything to make you scream and beg for more.

Make love, A LOT

Along with men born under the Aries (also a fire sign), Leo men are known for their high sexual drive. Their endurance is remarkable and they truly have quite a strong appetite for sex. 

That means that he will want to have sex with you multiple times a day. But the catch is that he doesn’t want you to feel like not doing it.

He wants to see the desire in your eyes, he wants you to scream uncontrollably and he wants to feel like he is your almighty master.

Only then will he be 100% satisfied. I know he is challenging to handle but trust me, he is worth it!

Leo man wants to try out different sex positions and incorporate some novelties in the bedroom every time. 

So, if you want to drive your Leo partner completely wild in bed, you’ll need to be a bit dirty and very creative. Sex toys, exciting role plays, dirty talk and sensual massages need to become a part of your foreplay

Also, I want to add a small caveat here. Leo men are okay with almost all types of sex, except oral sex. Well, truth to be told, they like it but only when it’s being performed on them, the other way around is not a huge turn-on for them. 

Be ready to play the submissive role

Along with Scorpio and Virgo men, Leo males make the most dominant partners of the horoscope. You’ll just have to accept that with a guy like this, there is no way that you can be the dominant one. 

He wants to know that he owns you and that he can do whatever he wants with you at that moment.

If you want to please him in bed, act like the submissive one and do the things that he wants you to do. Tell him that you like to be that way and that you want him to show his dominant side to you.

However, if you aren’t okay with that sexual submission, you shouldn’t put up with it no matter how much you love your Leo man. When something doesn’t feel good to you in bed or in your relationship, you shouldn’t tolerate it no matter what. 

Be honest with your man and tell him that dominant-submissive relationships aren’t actually your deal. If your Leo man wants to be with you and if he truly loves you, he’ll be ready to compromise on that issue with you. 

If he doesn’t… Well, then, it only means that he isn’t the one and that you should let him go. 

Leo Man In Relationship 

woman biting man on neckFirst of all, I want to congratulate you because you got yourself a real catch. Leo man is a true man in every sense of that word. 

He’s generous, romantic, warm-hearted, protective, loyal and very devoted. And, of course, let’s not forget that Leo men are the most passionate lovers in the entire zodiac. To be honest, he’s pretty much every woman’s dream. 

It’s so nice when your bf notices that you have changed something about yourself, right? Well, one of the personality traits of Leo men is that they’re detail-oriented and not the slightest change you make will go unnoticed by your Leo guy

When he starts dating a woman and falls honestly in love with her, he’ll do his best to make all of her dreams and wishes come true. 

It’s like men born under this zodiac sign have the power to get into a woman’s mind and read what she actually wants from him.

How Do You Turn On A Leo Man Sexually?

couple kisses outside in front of wallLeo males are those emotionally warm types of guys, even though they have the tendency to hide that side of their personality. Just a few sweet words or an action that will serve as a romantic expression of love is enough to turn your Lion man on and ignite his passion. 

Even just by actively listening to everything that he’s saying can make him climax in no time! It’s a bit weird to hear this for a man, right? 

Well, that’s how Leo guys are, a bit different and completely unique. 

We talked about his erogenous zone above, so you already know where you should touch your Leo partner if you want to arouse him sexually. 

Kissing him down the spine will release the love hormone and get your man going. 

On the other hand, Leo men are visual creatures (like all the other men are), so wearing sexy lingerie and nighties is also a good way to increase his sexual appetite. 

You should also know that Leo males are considered to be the top three zodiac signs with the dirtiest minds, along with Scorpio and Aries man

So, it leads us to a pretty simple conclusion; dirty talk is also welcomed if you want to turn your Leo man on in seconds. Before you two move to the bedroom, he likes to hear about all the things you’ll do to him in bed. 

The most important thing you need to know about men born under this zodiac sign is that they like to be worshiped. 

In fact, they need to feel that they’re worshiped by their partner because that’s, in a way, proof of love for them. I know, it’s so awkward, but it is how it is. 

The fact is that it’s not that difficult to excite a Leo man as it is to please him in bed. As you can see, small acts of affection and love are enough to turn him on. 

In layman’s terms, sharing the depth of your honest feelings and reminding your man how much you love him or simply naming the reasons you love him as much as you do are some things that are guaranteed to turn on a Leo guy every single time.

Who Is Leo Sexually Compatible With?

A beautiful smiling girl lying in bed in night dress and holding phone in her handWhen it comes to Leo man‘s sexual compatibility, they click best with Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius woman in bed, but Aries women are undoubtedly their best match. These two zodiac signs have the best and most passionate sexual compatibility in the entire zodiac. 

On the other hand, whether we talk about romantic or pure sexual relationships, it seems like Leo males just can’t find common ground with Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn women

I agree that in some cases, different sexual styles can actually be productive in bed. However, for Leo men and women born under these three zodiac signs above, that’s not the case. 

Gemini, Cancer and Leo women are also compatible with Leo men but, unfortunately, only in terms of a friendly relationship. They have different sexual preferences, which means getting into an intimate relationship would be a complete failure. 

Are Leos Selfish In Bed?

woman's lips on man earLeo men in relationships may seem a bit selfish because of their need to be in the center of attention all the time. However, that’s not the case when we talk about their sex life, especially when they start falling in love with their partner. 

The thing is that when their deep emotions are awakened, they become the most compassionate and considerate guys ever. 

From that moment on, their only goal becomes making the girl they love happy and pleased in every possible way. 

A Leo man in love is all about romance, passion and giving one hundred percent of himself to the other side and to making their relationship work. That’s not a trait of a selfish partner, right?

The truth is that most people consider Leo men in bed selfish because they always want to be the dominating partner. They strive for domination in every area of their life, and that also includes their love life

They just vibe out that masculine energy and, unfortunately, most of the time they aren’t even aware that their burning desire for domination is making them seem a bit selfish to their partner. 

I agree, it may be a major turn-off for a lot of women. However, some completely give up control in bed and actually want to be dominated. For example, Virgo and Libra women are always in for a night of thrill with a dominating man like Leo guy is.  

Wrapping Up 

smiling couple lying on bedSo, here you have it. A complete guide on how to fully satisfy a Leo man in bed. If you follow each and every one of these steps blindly, not only you’ll be able to turn on and pleasure your Leo partner in bed, but you’ll also get him to chase you

He’s very passionate and you’ll never find him in a ‘not in the mood for sex’ attitude. He’s always up for some action and you won’t have to try hard to get him going. 

However, pleasuring a Leo man in bed will be a bit harder task. He wants to be given full royal treatment in bed and you will have to hit the ground running if you want to satisfy all of his needs and fantasies in bed. 

A man born under this zodiac sign is the king of the jungle, the leader of the entire zodiac. And even though he has some not-so-great personality traits, your Leo man will always try really hard to satisfy all of your needs, and I really mean ALL of them.The Complete Guide On Satisfying A Leo Man In Bed