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26 Telltale Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

26 Telltale Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

Men often use different approaches when they want to tell us something, especially about serious topics.

They don’t like to ask you about something directly. Instead, they’ll go with a more subtle approach. So, what are the subtle signs he secretly wants you pregnant?

If you haven’t discussed this topic openly, but you’ve started noticing the signs, or if he’s told you that he doesn’t want kids but suddenly starts acting weird, here is a list of all the possible signs he wants a baby!

26 Subtle Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

If you’re in a serious relationship with your partner and are wondering if he wants to take your relationship to the next level, here are 25 subtle signs that a guy feels like it’s time for a new family member!

1. ‘‘Hey honey, do you want kids someday?’’

Asking if you want kids is the most obvious sign he wants one. Yes, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that he’s only asking out of curiosity.

However, if he’s started asking this and similar questions, it’s most often a sign that he has changed his mind about having kids and wants to give you a hint about it.

If a man wants kids, he’ll ask these subtle questions to see how you react in those situations. If he spots a green flag, he’ll probably go for more obvious signs in the future.

2. ‘‘Oh, no problem. I’ll babysit your son.’’

Men with baby fever love to babysit, especially if you’re home. Why? Because this is an ideal opportunity to see how you two will function as parents.

Even though he took on the responsibility to babysit, he will ask for your assistance because he hopes you’ll experience the ‘‘that’s it, we need to have a baby!’’ moment.

Therefore, if your partner grabs every opportunity to babysit the kids of family members or friends, you’ll know he wants his own family!

3. ‘‘Can I carry your baby?’’

Holding people’s kids whenever the opportunity arises is just one of the many signs he secretly wants you pregnant.

For example, you come across his uncle and aunt at the mall, and he immediately starts carrying his little nephew.

He shows him so much affection, and you can see that this isn’t simply because he loves his cousin — he wants a baby with you!

Also, if he sees his friend’s baby, he won’t just walk away — he’ll carry this bundle of joy in his arms and enjoy spending time with them!

4. ‘‘I think our baby will have my eyes.’’

Women love to think about how a man’s surname will suit them or how their children will look the moment they fall in love with someone,

However, this isn’t common for men. Discussing this topic may signify he wants to have kids with you.

It may start as a joke, but if he continues joking about this, it’s because he’s hinting that it’s time to start your own family!

5. ‘‘Sweetheart, is John a good name for a baby?’’

Let’s be honest; nobody thinks of having children without looking at possible baby names.

A name is the first thing every baby receives from their parents, and that’s why we love to make it a special gift. Most of the time, parents easily agree on their child’s name, even if they don’t plan to have children soon.

But what if you see your partner buying baby name books or searching for them on the internet? Yes, this is a sign he’s got baby fever but isn’t ready to speak about it.

6. ‘‘Honey, you’ll be a great mom.’’

If your significant other constantly compliments you on how you would be a great mom one day, he often thinks of you as a mother.

Wanting a kid isn’t an easy decision for a woman. You constantly think: ‘‘Will I be a good mother? Is he the wrong guy for our future children and me?’’

But trust me, when a guy wants a baby, he thinks about everything thoroughly and decides you’re the one for him! He is ready to be a dad and can’t wait to see you as a mother.

‘‘Honey, you’ll be a great mom’’ is a sentence he wouldn’t just casually tell you. This doesn’t only imply that he wants you pregnant but also that he thinks you’re the best match for him!

7. ‘‘No, no. Those are just kids, don’t worry.’’

We all know how it feels to have kids because of friends and family members, if not from personal experience.

You always need to pay attention to them: what are they doing? What are they eating? Did they poop? Do you need to change their diaper? The list goes on.

These things become really annoying after some time, but when your partner babysits children, he doesn’t mind. He doesn’t care if they puke on him — ‘‘Don’t worry, sweet baby. We’ll clean it up right away.’’

He doesn’t mind if they break the expensive plates he bought last summer in France — ‘‘Everything is okay as long as you aren’t hurt.’’

This is actually the right approach for children, but you can see that he isn’t angry at them at all. The same goes for misbehaving — he can’t get mad at children and will always come back to them.

8. ‘‘Should we go to your parents for the weekend?’’

Having children means living in a good family environment. If your partner had a wonderful time the last time you visited your parents, he’d probably insist you visit them again.

But why does he have a sudden interest in family gatherings? Well, he associates family gatherings and your family unity with your own future family.

He loves an environment where everyone is caring and shares mutual love and comfort.

9. ‘‘Should we go to my parents for the weekend?’’

The last point can also be applied to this sign — he loves the feeling a family environment provides.

This is an environment where you can be yourself without any masks, where you’re loved no matter what, and most importantly, you feel your parents’ love.

10. ‘‘Maybe we should renovate the guest room?’’

This may be a surefire way to show you he’s interested in having kids.

If you’ve never talked about having kids or renovating a room for them, but he suddenly wants to renovate your guest room into something that looks like a baby room — yeah, he wants you pregnant.

This might be a silly sign to let you know that he wants to start a family with you, but you know that men aren’t too good at talking openly about sensitive topics like this.

He thinks this is a better approach than asking you directly and being disappointed with the answer.

11. ‘‘Would you allow this for our kids?’’

Talking about how you’d raise your children clearly shows he’s thinking about starting a family with you.

This is actually a double test for you. First, he wants to know if you’re ready to have kids with him, and second, he wants to know how you would raise your children.

I am sure you have proven to each other that you’re compatible, but in some cases, your parenting styles may differ from the behavior you have with each other.

So he’s using this tactic to ensure that you’ll be an awesome parent one day, just like you’re an awesome partner!

12. ‘‘I think fatherhood is hard.’’

If he initiates conversations about fatherhood and how much of a great father he’ll be one day, he secretly wants to be a dad but doesn’t have the courage to talk about it.

If he’s saying that fatherhood seems hard but that he believes he will be a good father one day and give his future children everything they want, he has baby fever.

You’ll also spot this sign when you pass by playgrounds and schools and go for a visit to the zoo. These are the places where most people bring their children, so he’ll always mention how he would also bring his children to places like this.

13. ‘‘Maybe we should do it without the condom?’’

It’s normal if your partner wants unprotected sex because many guys do, for various reasons.

However, if you used to have sex with condoms all the time and he suddenly starts to neglect using condoms, it’s clear he is aiming for you to “accidentally” get pregnant.

This is actually a clever way to get what they want without directly talking about it. So, if this happens, you should have an open discussion and ask him if something is wrong.

14. ‘‘Birth control pills are bad for your health, honey.’’

Yes, birth control pills have a lot of side effects. However, if he didn’t mind that you used them before, it’s his shady way of saying he suddenly wants you to avoid birth control pills.

He may say this is out of health reasons, but he often only wants to get you ‘‘accidentally’’ pregnant.

Maybe this isn’t the case, but if he’s suggesting that you avoid birth control pills and you also spot other signs he secretly wants you pregnant, it’s because he really does!

15. ‘‘I am just curious, but when do you ovulate?’’

Only girls keep track of ovulation and their menstrual cycle in general, which is normal, right?

But it isn’t normal for guys to track your cycle. So, if he keeps track of your ovulation and initiates sex during that period, you’ve guessed right – he wants you pregnant!

Additional note: if you spot the signs and don’t want kids, you should talk to him openly and try to figure things out rather than ignore them.

16. ‘‘Steve and Amanda are having a baby.’’

You’ll know that your partner wants you pregnant if you notice how happy and excited he is because his friends are going to have a baby.

‘‘I am so happy for Steve and Amanda. Having a child is a blessing, and they definitely deserve that. They have been in a serious relationship for a while, and I think it’s the perfect time to take it to the next level.’’

If your partner says something like this, it’s obvious that he is talking more about you two than about Steve and Amanda.

17. ‘‘Baby, I love how serious our relationship is.’’

Along with some signs he secretly wants you pregnant, another one can be that he constantly mentions how serious your relationship is.

When a man truly loves and desires you, even though the honeymoon phase is way past, it’s normal to assume that the next big step in your relationship would be starting your own family.

So if you hear him talking about how he’s happy to have been in a healthy relationship with you for several years now, how you never fight, and what a good family you are — he wants you pregnant, girl!

18. ‘‘Hey! Look at this cute baby picture!’’

Of course, it’s impossible to resist a cute baby picture, even if he doesn’t want you pregnant.

However, he probably has an ulterior motive if you notice how he constantly shows or sends you baby pictures. He wants you to know that he’s thinking of starting a family with you but isn’t sure how you feel about it.

So, instead of asking you directly, he will send baby pictures and see your reaction. If your reaction is positive, it might give him the courage to ask you directly.

19. ‘‘Should we move into a bigger apartment?’’

Truth be told, people move into bigger apartments for various reasons. Their current apartment may not be big enough to suit their needs, or they’re expecting a new family member…or want one?

Yes, if your partner insists on moving into a bigger apartment without any specific reason, it’s because he thinks it’s time to make room for a new member!

If he hasn’t mentioned how much he wants a baby, moving out all of a sudden may sound like a big step for both of you. Again, ask him what’s wrong and try to talk openly about this topic.

20. ‘‘I found a side job.’’

It’s always good to earn money on the side. This way, you can afford a decent vacation, new furniture, or a bigger apartment.

However, if you’re satisfied with your financial situation, but he still insists on getting a side job, you’re probably wondering why.

Having a kid is a luxury nowadays, and it includes various things: child care, health care, clothes, food, education, and the list goes on. So, your partner wants a side job so that he can save money for when you decide you’re ready to have a baby.

21. ‘‘Look how cute I was as a baby.’’

Looking at old pictures can bring back a lot of memories. You remember how loved and cherished you were as a kid.

We slowly realize how much our parents sacrificed for us when we grow older.

So, if you often see your partner looking at old pictures of him as a baby with his parents, it’s because he’s longing for his own family.

He is in love with the idea that he’ll be able to give all his love to a human being that is the product of your mutual love. He wants to provide them with the same love and care he received from his parents.

22. ‘‘Oh, don’t worry if you missed your period.’’

When a couple isn’t interested in having a baby, it becomes pretty alarming when a period is late or if it is missed completely.

You immediately start to overthink how you aren’t ready to have a baby, that unprotected sex was a mistake, and that you should be careful the next time you have sex.

However, if you’re worried about this whole thing and he isn’t, well, here is your sign that he secretly wants you pregnant.

You’ll be able to distinguish classic comforting from excitement because you may be pregnant. Also, another thing that supports this claim is if he doesn’t become more careful after you miss your period.

23. ‘‘Will you marry me?’’

Despite the beauty of marriage, marrying someone has a lot of benefits. One such benefit is your rights as a mother.

A man who wants kids but doesn’t want marriage is someone who wants to tie you to him but also to keep his options open.

Your partner isn’t one of these men. He truly loves and respects you and wants you to have the rights as a wife and mother. Although not a rule, if he asks you to marry him, it might imply he wants a child with you.

24. ‘‘Oops, I think the condom just broke.’’

If you catch him punching holes in condoms, you’re in a relationship with a bad person.

Although wanting a child with you is something you should be proud of, the way he tries to get it is not only bad but harmful to you.

Having a baby is a decision you should agree on together and not something he should take into his own hands.

If this happens, you should ask yourself if this man is worth the effort because he clearly has bad intentions.

25. ‘‘Do you want to join me in the bedroom?’’

When your boyfriend wants you pregnant, you start to notice that he initiates sex, especially during your ovulation period.

This means that he’s secretly keeping track of your cycles and especially wants to have sex during this period – but generally as well.

Constantly having sex increases the possibility that he will get you pregnant because you are more and more careless about contraception.

26. ‘‘Baby, what is the first pregnancy symptom?’’

If your partner notices that you’ve missed your period and at the same time secretly wants you pregnant, he’ll start to ask questions about the most common symptoms in the first trimester or pregnancy in general.

An even more obvious sign is when he recognizes a specific symptom, even though you never discussed pregnancy symptoms.

This means that he’s done some research about this topic because he clearly wants you pregnant.

Why Does My Boyfriend Want A Baby With Me?

A man may want a baby with you for several reasons. If you’re in a serious relationship, it’s probably because he loves you and wants to take your relationship to the next level.

He thinks you’re the right choice for his future kids, not just as an ideal wife but also as an ideal mother!

But besides these ‘‘good reasons,’’ he may want to marry you because he wants to control you or, in another bad way, benefit from getting you pregnant. Maybe he is just getting older and wants to continue his genes.

Therefore, his desire to get you pregnant depends on the quality of your relationship.

How do you know if a guy wants a baby?

There isn’t only one thing that implies he wants a baby with you. Instead, there is a set of signs characteristic to almost every guy who wants to have children.

First, you’ll notice how he takes every opportunity to talk about babies. This includes baby names, how he loves babysitting them, and how he never gets annoyed, even if they misbehave.

Second, he’ll start to think about you and him as parents. He’ll compliment you on how much of a great mother you’ll be someday and how he’ll take your children to the playground.

Lastly, you’ll see some dramatic changes in your life. He will want to renovate your guest room, move into a bigger apartment or find a side job.

Should I be worried if he secretly tries to impregnate me?

It all depends on what you want. If you have always wanted to be a mother, then I don’t see a problem with why you should be worried.

However, sometimes it’s not the problem that he secretly wanted to impregnate you, but the fact that he didn’t feel the need to talk to you about such an important topic, a topic that concerns your life as much as his.

Therefore, a huge problem may arise if he secretly impregnates you, but
you don’t want to have children. Can you really trust that man?

In this situation, you can either accept that you’ll become a mother or get an abortion. Neither of these options will positively impact your life because it wasn’t your decision to become pregnant.
That’s why it’s important to talk openly about serious topics like this.

When should you tell him you are pregnant?

The right time to tell your partner you’re pregnant is immediately after you’re definitely sure you are.
Home pregnancy tests are pretty reliable. However, you should go to the doctor and let them verify. Only after that should you tell your partner that you’re pregnant.

How do guys feel when they get a girl pregnant?

Men often have mixed feelings when they find out their partner is pregnant. However, their reaction depends on what kind of relationship you two have.

At first, it might shock them, and they may feel anxious and start to panic. This applies primarily to couples where a surprise pregnancy occurs.

On the contrary, a man who plans to get his partner pregnant will feel happy and proud. He will feel a sense of accomplishment, especially if you’ve tried to conceive for a long time.

Final Words

The signs he secretly wants you pregnant are individually hard to catch. However, if a man truly wants a baby with you, he will display a set of signs, meaning you will never spot only one.

Instead, they will, for example, talk about baby names and not wanting to use protection, and all this after you move into a bigger apartment.

When you put it like this, it’s pretty obvious that he wants to start a family. But now, you should take the first step and talk to him about his situation.

If you also want children, the solution is simple, right? But what if you don’t want to get pregnant? Well, the solution is also simple, and it’s called: open communication.

If you communicate openly, there is no problem you can’t overcome!