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11 Clear Signs That He Loves The Other Woman and What To Do About It

11 Clear Signs That He Loves The Other Woman and What To Do About It

If you’re looking for signs that he loves the other woman, there’s probably a good reason for your doubts (as painful as it is to admit).

I’m here to help you figure out whether your significant other is seeing someone else, and worse off – if he’s in love with his new woman.

There are many reasons why a married man (or committed boyfriend) would be cheating on you.

Mostly, it’s because being with one woman simply isn’t enough, but sometimes, they develop genuine feelings for the other woman.

It’s extremely difficult trying to understand why your partner has suddenly fallen out of love with you. But isn’t it so much better to face the warning signs and know for sure?

To help you get some much-needed clarity, I bring you undeniable signs proving your man is indeed a cheater.

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Tell-Tale Signs Your Man Is In Love With His Affair Partner

1. When you’re together, you always sense he’d rather be somewhere else

Call it woman’s intuition, but us ladies just know when something’s off. Men think they’re so slick, but seldom do their actions go unnoticed.

It’s all about whether you want to see the signs or not. And it’s clear to me that you do.

So if you’ve got that gut-wrenching feeling in your stomach that he’d rather be anywhere but with you, listen to it.

Whether you’re just chilling on the sofa, getting ice-cream, or out clubbing, he is always zoned out. It’s like in his mind, he’s totally not present.

You can sense that he’s trying to act as if he’s fine, but that’s anything but the truth (and it’s soul-crushing.)

You’ve been suspecting that the other woman has taken your place in his heart for a long time, and this is just further proof that, emotionally, he’s just not with you anymore.

2. He reacts to every single question overly defensively

Here’s the thing about men who cheat. Their guilty conscience rarely gives them a minute of peace. Most of the time they spend worrying whether they’d be found out.

Every time you ask them an innocent question, he gets weirdly defensive and sees it as an attack. Your man wants to appear calm and collected, but he’s anything but!

He’s self-esteem is clearly down, because he’s playing you, and the more he tries to hide it, the more obvious it gets.

Whether this is a co-worker you’ve had your doubts about for a while, or maybe even an ex-wife who has suddenly returned to his life, you have the right to know.

Try asking him these simple questions and observe his body language and eye contact:

– What are your plans for tonight? Should we go catch a movie or something?

– How was work today? Did your boss keep you late yet again?

– Is something bothering you? Lately, you’ve been a little off and I’m getting worried about you.

An innocent man won’t have an issue responding to these perfectly reasonable questions. But a cheater will immediately think you’re onto him.

To him, every question has the purpose of getting to the bottom of his affair and he’ll panic like crazy. He might even go call the other woman to let her know something’s up.

These are all red flags that you should in no way ignore.

3. His friends have become really weird and distant around you

Obviously, we all confide in our close friends when something happens in our lives. And odds are that his friends know all about his new woman.

They have started to feel guilty for keeping something from you that could bring you so much heartbreak.

And this manifests in their behavior. They have started avoiding you, keeping a low profile, and not talking to you much.

They are scared of accidentally blurting something out, plus they could be feeling really bad about the whole situation.

People don’t want to get in the middle of others’ problems, so avoidance is the answer. Your long-term relationship (or marriage) is on the verge of collapsing and you’re none the wiser.

His friends are in a horrible position and the more they avoid you and act weird, the less likely this affair is to end.

Your soulmate is breaking your heart day by day, and his friends know it before you do. Observe their behavior and it’ll tell you more than you’d like to know.

This is by far one of the most obvious signs that he loves the other woman.

4. He has stopped posting photos with you on social media

He used to proudly show you off on his Instagram account, but lately, that has stopped.

Suddenly, you get this feeling he’s somehow embarrassed to post a photo with you anywhere. He even removes the tags when you post something of him.

It’s as if that is somehow hurting someone else’s feelings (and we both know whose).

You’re afraid to ask him about it as it might sound superficial, but you know that you’re onto something. Why does he suddenly not want to be seen with you on social media?

Why hasn’t he posted a photo with you in ages? Why does he seem irked every time you post a photo of the two of you?

This is definitely suspicious. A man who’s in love with you would have no problem letting it show. But a man who’s hiding a secret… now that’s a whole other thing.

Social media isn’t that different from real life. You post what you love, who you love, and stuff that inspires you.

And if you’re no longer represented in his virtual world, that easily translates into his real world.

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5. He doesn’t look at you the same anymore

The first time I saw my man honestly sent shivers down my spine. It was an instant attraction and such an inexplicable connection that I couldn’t explain it if I tried.

And ever since that day, I haven’t been able to look at him differently. Every time I see him, it’s like the sun immediately comes out and there’s a reason to be happy.

Do you know what I mean? I bet you do. I bet you had a similar thing with your man, but the way he looked at you then and the way he looks at you now cannot be compared.

There is no longer that instant smile when your eyes meet. There is no longer that perky, sassy attitude when you walk in and he kisses you with power and passion.

Now, you’re just two people who used to be head over heels for each other, but somewhere along the way, the feeling has withered.

He no longer looks at you like you’re the only woman in his life. You spend a lot of time trying to look good for him, and no longer sees you.

Not the real you, anyway.

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6. He’s always texting someone but refuses to say who

We’re all a bit attached to our smartphones, and that’s somewhat understandable. I personally love texting and have no problem admitting it.

But the thing is, I would never lie to my partner about who I’m constantly on the phone with. Why? It’s really simple.

I always ask him who he is constantly texting (I mean, who wouldn’t want to know?) especially if we’re supposed to be having quality time together.

And that’s precisely why I don’t have a problem telling him the same. How about your partner?

Does he seem shady whenever he’s on the phone and you’re around? Does be turn into the master of evasiveness when you casually ask him who’s keeping him so entertained?

If so, honey, you’ve got a reason to worry. Guys don’t have a reason to lie if they’re being faithful. But a man who won’t show you his screen and gets defensive is definitely up to something.

There’s a legit chance that she is taking all of his attention off you and he’s basically not even trying to hide it.

Never in a million years did you ever think that another girl would be making your man smile over text, yet, here you are.

7. He’s got a new hairstyle (that you’re not particularly fond of)

Lately, your man has started to seriously change his image. He’s been buying new clothes (which was never on his mind before) and he has started paying more attention to his looks.

The latest change is in his hairstyle. Suddenly, he’s decided that he needs a new do, and the worst thing is – he knows you’re not a fan of it! So what gives?

Well, my guess is that the other woman suggested it or implied that he’d look great, and he did it.

Now, she’s the one he goes to for fashion advice and she’s the one whose ideas and opinions he takes into consideration.

It used to be you, but if you’re being honest with yourself, that has clearly stopped. It feels so wrong even saying this, but there is someone else out there who he cherishes above you.

Why else would he all of a sudden start to care so deeply about his looks? God knows he never did before.

And ever since he did, you can tell that there’s something he’s keeping from you. Something painful that you’re trying to deny, but it’s getting harder and harder to be oblivious.

8. He doesn’t hold your hand in public anymore

You used to stroll the streets hand-in-hand, happily and oh-so in love. Going out with him used to be your favorite thing in the world.

It was so reassuring being held by this man who you knew had your back and loved you with every ounce of his being.

But in the past couple of weeks or even months, your PDA levels have dropped significantly.

You’ve noticed that every time you try to hold his hand as you’re running errands together, he always evades it.

There’s always a coldness present that you can’t define, but it’s clearly there. Every time you try to give him a peck on the cheek, he retreats. He’s just not into it anymore.

Basically, any attempt to be just a teensy bit romantic is a failing one. Slowly but surely, he is distancing himself in a way that is breaking your heart minute by minute.

The man who used to be your everything doesn’t even want to go out in public with you anymore.

I know this is excruciating, but if there is indeed another woman, you mustn’t let yourself remain ignorant. Be proactive about it in any way you see fit.

Either you’re together or you’re not, but in no way should you let him make you feel so unloved and unseen. You deserve the world.

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9. He’s emotionally detached from you

One of the truest signs that he loves the other woman is the sudden lack of emotional intimacy.

You used to be so emotionally in sync. You felt the abundance of his love even when miles apart. His closeness brought you so much security and comfort that nothing else compared.

You felt like you won the boyfriend jackpot. I mean, how did you get so lucky to find a man who worships the ground you walk on?

It just seemed too good to be true, and unfortunately… it proved to be the case.

The emotional closeness you shared has disappeared into thin air. The connection you were so proud of is no longer there and the worst part is that he just doesn’t care.

It’s like you don’t speak the same language anymore. He doesn’t sense your needs and or provide you with the emotional fulfillment you used to enjoy.

Now, he’s an empty shell of a human being who merely exists by your side, but that’s it.

No love, no togetherness, and mentally he’s just not there with you. His emotions are only his because he has shut you out and left you to your own devices.

And now, you’re trying to find a good reason to explain it all, but deep down, you know that it’s all because of her.

10. He doesn’t tell you where he’s going and when he’ll be back

This is another one of the deeply heartbreaking signs that he loves the other woman. His need to see her and be with her trumps any sense of obligation toward you.

He doesn’t even care enough to provide you with a good lie. He goes wherever he wants, whenever he wants, and shares nothing about it with you.

You never know when to expect him home, let alone where on earth he is. He just shrugs it off, gives a completely vague response to every single question, and goes about his day.

Is he with her? Has he forgotten all about you? Is he plotting how and when to leave you?

The number of questions rummaging through your mind is endless. How could he be this inconsiderate? Does he not know you have feelings too?

Does he simply not care anymore? Is it that serious with her?

You are dying to know, but at the same time, you feel like the answer would emotionally destroy you.

What do you do?

11. Your date nights have become non-existent

Your date nights used to be the best thing ever.

He’d take you to cool new restaurants to try new food, or he’d find an outdoor cinema where you’d watch romantic comedies under a blanket, holding hands.

It used to be one of your favorite things about your relationship. Needless to say, that too has withered into oblivion.

Now, you’re lucky if he sits down to have a quick lunch with you.

Having quality time together has become but a dream. And you can’t help but wonder: Is this one of the most obvious signs that he loves the other woman?

Is it time to be honest with yourself? Are date nights now reserved for her? Are you being played for a fool?

All signs point out that the answer is yes. But what does that mean in the long run? Should you confront him? Should you finally stand up for yourself and make him treat you with respect?

Even if it means breaking your heart, he needs to put on his big-boy pants and be a man. If he has indeed replaced you with someone else, he needs to have the decency to be transparent.

You cannot keep living your life wondering when it’s all going to end. You need closure, and you need it now.

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What Should You Do Now?

If you’ve recognized your man in a majority of these signs that he loves the other woman, it’s time to face him with the truth.

My personal advice is: Never let a man play you for a fool. Don’t let him think that he can actually get away with his shady actions. It’s time to show him what you’re made of.

Yes, it’s tremendously painful and you cannot fathom continuing your life without him, but don’t let him know that.

Cry as much as you need to, but show him that he hasn’t broken you!

You’re way too good for him anyway. A man who can so easily replace you with no regard for your feelings isn’t worthy of your time.

The truth hurts, but at the same time, it provides you with the clarity you desperately needed before turning over a new leaf.

The sooner you detach yourself from his toxicity, the sooner your healing can begin. Cut your losses and find someone who’ll appreciate you, love you, and treat you with respect.

Know your own worth, because how you perceive yourself affects others’ actions toward you.