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Will She Come Back? 13 Signs Your Ex Wants To Try Again

Will She Come Back? 13 Signs Your Ex Wants To Try Again

It’s completely irrelevant who was the dumper here. The bottom line is that your relationship has come to an end.

Nevertheless, you keep on wondering: Will she come back? You’re no longer angry and hurt, and you’ve realized that this is the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with.

At this point, you’re ready to do whatever it takes to have your ex-girlfriend back in your life.

Nevertheless, before you try to get your ex back, first you have to know more about her thoughts and feelings.

Well, you’re at the right place. Here are 13 signs that your ex wants to try again.

1. Her words don’t match her actions

The first good sign that your ex-girlfriend wants you back is the fact that her words don’t match her actions.

Even though you shouldn’t be pushy because “no” always means “no,” you should pay more attention to what this girl is doing than to what she’s saying.

There is a great possibility that not only her heart is broken, but her ego too.

Maybe she wants to try again but refuses to admit it, even her life depended on it.

Or she wants to punish you for some things you did in the past.

It is possible that she wants you to think she would never be with you even if you were the last man in the world, just to pay you back for hurting her while you were together.

There is also a chance that she is afraid. Maybe she is scared that you would turn her down, which would lead her to another heartbreak. And that is something she can’t afford to go through once more.

With all this in mind, it is pretty clear why your ex-girlfriend is lying by telling you that she doesn’t plan on running back to you.

However, what you should focus on here are her actions instead of her words. Sense the vibe she is sending you.

Look deeply in her eyes and see whether you can recognize her desire and love for you.

Pay attention to the way she looks at you and treats you after everything that has happened.

2. She wants to stay friends

Even though a lot of people can stay friends after the breakup, the truth is that true post-relationship friendship is rare.

This is especially true when it comes to romantic relationships that have just ended.

It’s one thing if your ex wants to stay on good terms with you. After all, you’re not just her ex-boyfriend, you’re also the person she spent a lot of time with and someone she shares some valuable memories with.

However, there is a difference between being best friends and acquaintances.

It is one thing if you congratulate each other on important holidays, call each other when one of you needs a favor, and greet one another warmly when you accidentally meet.

Nevertheless, it seems that your ex-girlfriend wants something more. It’s like she wants you two to become best friends all of a sudden.

She never invites you out on proper dates but calls you to hang out all the time. You’re still the first person she goes to when she has some good news to share.

Not only that, but it also appears that you’re the one who can provide her the best comfort.

Whenever she is feeling down, she expects you to cheer her up and brighten her day.

Even though you two have broken up, this girl hasn’t stopped asking for your advice. It is obvious that she values your opinion over everyone else’s.

Actually, when you think about it, this girl wants you two to behave like you are still in a good relationship, just without the romance part.

She wants to spend time with you, talk to you, and do other things friends do, but without the kissing and sleeping together part.

3. She takes care of you

Let me tell you one pro tip: If you’re asking yourself, Will she come back? also, ask yourself whether this girl still takes care of you.

You see, it is a popular belief that men who are in love will do everything to keep the woman they love safe and protected.

Even though this is true, women are in no way different. In fact, most women go so out of their way when it comes to taking care of their boyfriends, they end up being their mothers instead of girlfriends.

However, you’re this girl’s ex-boyfriend. Therefore, if she doesn’t have any feelings for you and has no interest in you whatsoever, she shouldn’t be taking care of you.

Nevertheless, this is exactly what she keeps on doing. As much as she tries to fight it, this girl can’t help but worry about you.

She is still there to remind you about that doctor’s appointment you scheduled months ago, while you were in a relationship. There to ask you if you’re okay and if you need any help.

Whenever she hears that you’re going through a hard time, she is the first one to show up.

The first one to give you a hand and have your back against any difficulties.

The truth is that she is the one you can always turn to, despite your breakup.

This girl is the person you can rely on and count on, no matter what.

Of course, this is not just your imagination. In fact, she made it very clear that she will always be there for you whether you two are together or not.

4. She asks your mutual friends and family about you

You and this girl were together for some time and you shared a life. So, it is perfectly natural that you shared some mutual friends.

Not just that, you became part of each other’s families. However, she is still in constant touch with everyone around you.

The truth is that your best friends have become close to her as well, so nobody expects her to apply the no contact rule on them.

It is also likely that she has grown fond of your family too, and that they’ve liked her since the beginning.

But if she doesn’t plan on going back to you, she would have at least loosened ties with everyone connected to you.

If nothing else, she is aware that it would be inappropriate to stay on such friendly terms with your friends and family if she entered a new relationship.

Despite all of this, it seems that your ex is closer to everyone around you than when you guys were together.

This girl never forgets your mom’s birthday, calls your siblings to hang out and even goes clubbing with your entire crowd.

In fact, she is constantly asking them about you. She brings up your relationship often and in a way acts like she still has the status of your girlfriend.

She wants to know whether you’ve gotten over her and what you’ve been up to. The information she is most interested in is your relationship status.

She doesn’t have to ask them directly whether you have a new girlfriend or not, but she uses every opportunity to find out more about this.

If nothing else, she expects that all of these people will mention her to you.

She might no longer be in your life, but she will definitely won’t let you vanish from your thoughts.

5. She shows up in places where she might run into you

It doesn’t matter how much time you and your ex spent together. The fact is that she knows a lot about your habits and the way you usually spend your days.

She knows where you live, where you work, where you have coffee every morning, where you like to go for lunch, and where you go out for drinks at night.

So, isn’t it weird that she keeps on appearing in exactly those places?

She might have grown to love all those coffee shops, clubs, and restaurants as well, but she knows it well that these are “your” places.

Therefore, if she wanted to avoid you, she would do anything she can to skip going there.

However, she is doing the exact opposite: She now goes there more often than ever.

She accidentally shows up right in front of your building or near your workplace and this has been happening more than once.

At first, you thought of it as mere coincidence. However, let me tell you that she is doing it on purpose.

This way, she can see you without actually initiating contact. She pretends that she’s run into you and expects you two to start talking.

Besides, there is also a possibility that she’s stalking you. Maybe she wants to know whether some other girl sleeps at your place and who you spend your time with.

Either way, one thing is clear. This entire behavior gives you an apparent answer to the question: Will she come back?

6. She is single

It has been a while since you and your ex broke up. She’s had more than enough time to fall in love with someone else and start a new relationship.

But she hasn’t. As far as you know, she probably went out on a few dates but she hasn’t had anything serious ever since she walked out of your life.

Why do you think this is so? After all, she is a beautiful and smart young woman and there’s not a guy in the world who wouldn’t be drawn to her.

Besides, she is social and has a lot of friends. She goes out and is communicative, so she doesn’t have a problem with meeting and attracting nice guys.

After all, in the era of modern dating and the bunch of dating apps out there, finding a match has become easier than ever. Despite all of this, it seems that she can’t find a boyfriend after you.

Well, the only one explanation: She has obviously put her guard up and refuses to enter a new relationship. In fact, this girl clearly hasn’t gotten over you just yet.

She is probably hoping that you’ll go back to her. Therefore, she doesn’t want to blow her chances by welcoming some other guy into her life.

On the other hand, maybe she is trying hard to get into a committed relationship with someone new. However, she is subconsciously searching for you in every man she meets.

As much as she tries to forget you, it appears that nobody can take your place. Or perhaps she’s lost all hope but still has a lot of emotional baggage from your relationship.

Whatever the case, there is no doubt about one thing: Your ex will come back since she still has deep feelings for you.

She is just being honest enough not to drag a third, innocent person into your story and use some nice guy to help her get over you.

7. …or she is trying to make you jealous

Many guys get desperate the moment their ex-girlfriends go back to dating life.

They think that this is their final goodbye and that there is no way their girls will ever go back to them after this.

If you’re one of these guys whose ex seemingly moved on, it’s time to ask yourself whether she is doing all of this just to make you jealous.

Or is there any chance she’s found someone new in a desperate attempt to get over you with more ease?

When your girl has found a new boyfriend and gone back to dating life just to spite you, she will start to suddenly post photos with him all over her social media every single day.

She will try to show off this relationship as something she’s spent her entire life waiting for, even though it’s quite short-lasting.

It doesn’t matter whether you two are still friends on social media or not. She expects that someone will tell you the news.

Also, she might even provoke you by writing the same things about him she once wrote about you. She might call him by the same nickname and use the same sweet talk on him.

Another thing common in this situation is this girl bragging about her love life to everyone.

This especially goes for people who are close to you and will probably tell you that she’s happier than ever.

However, let me give you a pro tip. It is apparent that for this girl, it’s more important for you to think that she is content and in seventh heaven than actually feeling that way.

In this case, her new romance is nothing but a rebound relationship. She wants to get a reaction out of you.

This way, her desired effect is to get scared of losing her forever and so inspire you to make a move towards your reconciliation.

8. She keeps texting and calling you

If you’re wondering Will she ever come back after dumping me? another good sign that your ex will come back to you is the fact that she keeps up the communication.

In most cases, she is the one who reaches out first; the one who keeps on texting and calling you.

Even if it’s you who starts the conversation, she always gladly accepts it. Whenever the two of you are texting, her replies are fast.

She doesn’t just answer your questions with one word. Instead, she puts an effort into the conversation and does everything she can to make it flow.

She is interested in your life, wants to know what you’ve been up to, and never leaves you on read.

It appears that she would never end the conversation but would talk to you forever.

Also, when texting, she uses a lot of emoji faces, especially kisses and hearts.

Even though this girl never mentions you two getting back together directly, all of this is proof enough that she wants to give your good relationship another shot.

Trust me, when a girl is not interested, she will clearly show it to you.

After all, you’re her ex-boyfriend and not someone she has to play hot and cold games with.

Therefore, if you annoy her, she would never text you first. Even if she is too polite to ignore you completely, she would definitely not behave in this manner.

It would take her ages to reply, she would just write things such as “lol,” “okay,” or simply like your messages.

Besides, she would probably never answer your calls and give you some lame excuses, telling you that she was too busy, didn’t see a missed call, or forgot to call you back.

9. Her social media updates revolve around you

Whether we like to accept it or not, the truth is that a huge part of modern dating is social networking.

It’s important when it comes to online dating, hooking up with someone new, and finding out more about your potential romantic partner, and crucial when it comes to breakups.

Therefore, if you’re a guy who broke up with his ex but is wondering will she come back, it’s time to pay closer attention to her social media activity.

This is the place she’ll probably use to win you back over.

The desired effect here is to send you subtle hints regarding you two getting back together without her having to actually say a word or make a move towards it.

If her pages will revolve around you, your ex will come back.

She will probably post some songs you two listened to together. She might put some of your inside jokes on her Instagram or Snapchat stories, all in hopes that you’ll respond to them and start chatting with her.

However, don’t be discouraged if she posts quotes about how she enjoys her single life or how she’s happy that she’s gotten rid of her toxic ex so she can start putting herself in the first place.

Even in this case, it means that you’re still present in her thoughts. This also applies to posting photos of herself with a bunch of other guys or with her friends, having a blast.

It is one thing if she posts an occasional photo, but if she does it constantly, it’s all more than clear. In fact, this is probably yet another one of her ways to provoke you.

She wants you to get upset that she is enjoying life without you. That, or she is trying to hurt you or make you jealous.

Let’s be real here. If this girl is completely indifferent towards you, she wouldn’t have the need to address you indirectly at all.

She wouldn’t care whether she’ll annoy you or not.

10. She calls you when she’s drunk

You know what they say: A drunken man speaks a sober heart. Well, this saying is important when it comes to your ex coming back as well.

Therefore, one of the good signs that your ex will come back to you is, without doubt, the fact that she calls you whenever she gets drunk.

It doesn’t matter if she’s asking you to pick her up, to play you a song she knows you love, or calling to just hear your voice.

Either way, the bottom line is pretty much the same. You’re on this girl’s mind when she’s more honest than ever.

You see, she can pretend to be this heartless, tough girl while she’s sober. However, as soon as she has a few drinks, all of her barriers disappear.

Her brakes loosen up, her walls tear down, and she can’t help but speak the whole truth. The truth that she loves you and wants you back.

Nevertheless, I’m asking you to be careful in this situation. Don’t use her moment of weakness and don’t take advantage of her.

In this case, she might think of you as an asshole and might regret sleeping with you or making you any promises.

Instead, use this as a hint of her feelings and wait until she sobers up to talk to her face to face.

11. She finds excuses to see you

Another clue that your ex is trying to make up with you are the excuses she uses to see you.

If we’re honest, you two broke up and she has absolutely no real reason to continue meeting you.

However, more often than not, she makes up these reasons just so she can be close to you.

All of a sudden, you’re the only one who can help her out, the one whose advice she needs, and the only one she wants to see in times of crisis and emergencies.

This girl won’t forget to call you on your birthday and ask you out to congratulate you in person or even to give you a small gift.

She might even call you to remind you that it’s your anniversary or invite you to hang out just because she misses you.

The same goes for your stuff that’s still at her place. She’ll never return it all to you at once.

Instead, she’ll always keep some for herself, with an excuse that she couldn’t find them or forgot all about them. This way, she is leaving an opportunity to reach out to you again.

12. Her friends and family call you

The same way your ex is in touch with your closest friends and family, her dearest ones also have a role in this entire story.

Maybe she doesn’t want to tell you anything straightforwardly, so instead, she’ll send her wingmen to do the dirty work on her behalf.

These are the people who will want to hang out with you, just to have an opportunity to ask you some personal questions

They will tell her everything you told them word for word and even describe your mimic and way of talking.

After they’re done with you, she’ll decide whether she’ll make a move or not, based on everything you said and did.

This way, if you make it clear that you have no intention of going back to her, she won’t get her hopes up. In this case, she won’t contact you any further and will back out.

The same goes for your dating life, without her having to ask you anything. Her friends and family can give her all the intel she needs regarding your new girlfriend.

Besides, these people are obviously trying to soften your heart a little bit. They’re reminding you of the good times you and your ex had.

13. She wants to talk about your relationship

Nevertheless, if she is also the one who keeps on bringing your relationship up, that’s answer enough to the question “Will she come back?”

This girl keeps on casually mentioning all the memories you two shared and keeps on talking about all the could’ves and should’ves.

Besides, if she calls you to talk about your relationship in terms of everything that went on, regardless of who the dumper was, she clearly wants to see whether things can be better the next time.

It might appear that she wants closure, but the truth is actually different. Subconsciously, this girl is looking for your apology.

She wants you to convince her that there is a real reason for the things you did while you were in a committed relationship the first time round.

Whether she is aware of this or not, she wants you to give justification for your actions so she can forgive you with more ease.

All of this means that she is thinking about giving you another chance because she thinks you two are meant to be. It’s your job not to blow it!