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Sometimes, You Have To Fall Before You Fly

Sometimes, You Have To Fall Before You Fly

When you dream of your perfect life, you always hope that you will always be happy. That things will always go the way you want.

You dream of accomplishing everything you want when and how you want it. You wish to reach all of your future goals without much trouble.

To always have the people you love and the people who love you by your side. You dream of having a successful career and a healthy, loving relationship.

And there is nothing wrong with that. After all, we all want to be happy and we all want to have whatever we wish for.

But usually, life has its own plans which are sometimes different from ours. Usually, we don’t get everything we want whenever or however we want.

Sometimes, you do your best but you simply don’t succeed as much as you want to.

You take care of your health but somehow, you end up sick.

You spend weeks or even months studying for that important exam but you don’t pass it.

You do whatever is asked of you and you work your ass off at work but someone else gets that promotion you wanted so badly.

Sometimes, you give yourself completely to a relationship but it doesn’t succeed.

You love someone with all your heart and you make numerous sacrifices for them but that person chooses not to appreciate it and walks away from you.

Sometimes you feel like your best is not enough.

And you get angry. Angry at yourself, at people who got what they wanted without putting the slightest bit of effort into it. And you get angry at fate.

But you obviously forget that everything happens for a reason and for a bigger cause. Even when you get your heart broken, it happens for a reason .

You forget that there is something good in every bad thing that happens to you.

You forget that you are destined to fail in something for a reason—of getting something bigger.

If you hadn’t been ill, you wouldn’t know how to cherish the health you have now.

You wouldn’t enjoy every breath you take and you wouldn’t get the best out of every new day, like you are doing now.

Whoever walked out of your life obviously didn’t deserve a place in your future. And even though you may not know it now, many people saved you by leaving you.

Whenever you lost something which appeared to be important to you at that moment, fate just cleared your path for gaining something greater.

Because the truth is that sometimes you have to fall before you fly.

Because this is the only way for you to appreciate everything good that life gives you. It’s the only way for you to work on yourself and for you to be thankful for everyone and everything you get.

When you finally get an even better job, you’ll be thankful for not getting that promotion you wanted so much.

You’ll be thankful for staying in the position you hated so much because it brought you a lot of experience and it helped you meet the right people who saw your potential.

When you finally meet the right guy, you’ll be thankful for all those wrong men who were a part of your life in the past.

You’ll be thankful for those men cheating on you and treating you like you weren’t good enough. You’ll even be thankful for them not loving you enough.

Because if it wasn’t for them, you would never know what love is not. You would never know what it is that you don’t want and you would never know who to stay away from.

And most importantly, you would never know how much you need to appreciate this man just because he is different.

If you hadn’t been through all the pain in your life, you wouldn’t know how strong you actually are.

You would never know how much you can actually take and you wouldn’t know that you are stronger than everything that’s bringing you down.

So instead of being angry and instead of thinking how unhappy you are for failing in some things, see them as blessings.

Be thankful every time you don’t succeed because whenever that happens, know that you are about to fly. And know that it happened for your own good.