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Understanding The Twin Flame Purpose: 8 Journey Explanations

Understanding The Twin Flame Purpose: 8 Journey Explanations

As you might have heard, twin flames are never seen with the eyes. We can only sense them with the heart. Remember, twin flames are soulmate connections but much deeper and more meaningful. They transcend emotional, physical, and mental connections.

The twin flame journey is a journey of personal growth and evolution. It is never one-sided because both parties experience the same set of emotions. It can be difficult, but it is worth it in the end.

In this article, I will explore the twin flame purpose and how to discover it for yourself. Hopefully, it will help you understand the union of twin flames.

What Is The Twin Flame Purpose?

You might be asking, “ What is a twin flame even?” It is meeting the one that brings you spiritual growth, makes you a twin flame runner or chaser, and makes you codependent. It is the person with whom your chakras align, and you meet them through coincidences.

This is a spiritual belief that the soul has two parts – the twin and the soul. The twin is a mirror image of oneself and one’s true love. For most of us, life’s purpose is to find our twin flame and reunite with them.

This is a soul connection that highlights all your insecurities, teaches you self-love, and gives you a higher purpose.

The twin flame’s purpose is to bring the two souls together and help them transcend the physical plane and achieve spiritual awakening.

The twin flame is a soulmate that comes back into your life after a period of time, also known as a twin flame separation. The idea behind this is that you have unfinished business with this person and need to resolve it before moving on in life.

We can conclude that the true purpose of a twin flame depends on your romantic relationship. The twin flame union depends on many factors, like your zodiac sign, past experiences, and other parts of your life.

8 Purposes Of The Twin Flame Journey

We will explore the twin flame’s purpose. This way, we will understand your soul journey:

1. Love and light

A twin flame connection helps you grow and evolve. A twin flame love is unconditional, and it is the most powerful love on earth. This is why God has sent you this trial to learn what love is and what it means.

Twin flames are considered two halves of the same soul, and this love is light, meaning that this love comes naturally to you. The power of this feeling can be so intense that it is difficult to describe in words. So, you will feel it when it appears in your life.

2. Finding your true self

Your true self is the person you really are without any games or facades you are projecting to the outside world.

One of the purposes of soul bonds is to find this person, your true self. In fact, only through the other person can you find out who you really are. Our true self is the person we are when external factors do not influence us.

Twin flames come together as one in life and then separate after death. In reality, these people are usually strangers that have met once or twice before.

3. Unconditional love

Ah yes, the notion of unconditional love. It isn’t just strong feelings for someone. The most common purpose of twin flames is to show both sides what unconditional love is.

These twin soul agreements vouch that both people will always be there for each other no matter what happens in life. This means that they will be there to help their partner through any kind of difficulty.

If you feel that the reason you have met your twin flame is for them to teach you about love, it might be that you should also be prepared for separation.

4. Spiritual awakening

This is a healing process of self-realization. Achieving a spiritual transformation is the process of becoming aware of one’s true nature.

Is there anything better than spiritual love? You still might not know what you are supposed to feel. But, soon, it will be obvious that you have reached the true purpose of your relationship.

Your twin flame doesn’t just love you. This person is the one who completes you and helps you grow spiritually. A twin flame relationship is not about romantic love – it is about spiritual balance.

5. Karmic contracts

Karma is the concept of “what goes around comes around” or “as you sow, so shall you reap.” You might be wondering if your significant other is there to end a karmic cycle or if you are just in a karmic relationship. The answer might be much more simple.

In fact, you might be facing a twin flame karmic soulmate. The idea of karma is that the good and bad deeds we do in our lives will come back to us. Some people believe that karma can be the reason for twin flames coming into contact with each other.

6. Finding out your life purpose

All of us ask ourselves, “What is the point of life?” at a particular moment in time. The purpose is to live a life that is worth going through hell.

When twin flames meet, synchronicities happen, and they feel drawn to each other. This is why one might find out the real reason behind their lives.

While learning more about yourself, you will see that your soul is drawn to certain tasks. This process will help you find your true self and what it wants from this world.

7. Twin flame separation

One of the purposes of a twin flame union is to let you feel emotions. This should include all the feelings humans are capable of. This is why every twin flame story also has a separation point. Of course, don’t let that discourage you on your journey.

You might fall into a toxic relationship pattern and end up having a platonic type of relationship. In fact, the only reason why the twin flame separation occurs is that the twin flame reunion needs to happen.

8. Twin flame reunion

The twin flame reunion occurs when two people are reunited. The twin flame reunion is often described as an intense feeling of love and connection, and it can happen at any time in life.

As said before, every twin flame journey has a plot twist. Once your separation takes place, it will set your destiny in motion. But needless to say, you will reunite once again. This might be the only purpose of this twin flame union.

Is The Twin Flame Destiny?

A lot of people don’t believe in destiny. If you are one of them, you need to start believing because it is knocking on your door with your twin flame love. Many people believe that meeting your twin flame is destiny. In other words, it’s a cosmic occurrence that we can’t avoid.

While it’s often a difficult concept to understand, the idea of two people finding each other through fate and being connected by some sort of cosmic force is a common belief in many cultures.

It’s when two people can’t avoid meeting. They may even feel like it’s part of some cosmic force or destiny they can’t control.

This is what we call the collective consciousness about a karmic soulmate and also the twin flame journey.

However, some people believe that a twin flame is not destiny and that you can make your own path in life. In their opinion, the twin flame signs do not have to happen, and you’re able to do whatever you want.

Find Your Twin Flame

The purpose of the twin flame is to help each other evolve and grow to our highest potential by experiencing the entire range of human emotions. A twin flame relationship is a journey of growth and evolution that hopefully ends in unconditional love.

The twin flame can be seen as representing your higher self or your true self. They’re someone who knows you better than anyone else.

They’re your mirror soul. They understand you on a level that no one else can.

Hopefully, my article has helped you understand the twin flame purpose and union on a deeper level. Now you can proceed with your spiritual journey.