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When Does A Man Miss A Woman?—Make Him Obsess Over You

When Does A Man Miss A Woman?—Make Him Obsess Over You

When does a man miss a woman after a breakup? Does it happen right away or after some time has passed?

How does a man miss a woman? Do they feel the same longing we do when we miss them?

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get back with your ex or you just want this new guy you met to appreciate you more—you always want to make your man miss you.

You want him to crave your presence when you’re not around and to feel as if he’ll go crazy if you leave him for good.

You want to be the first thing that he thinks of the moment he wakes up and the last thought he has every night before he goes to bed.

You want to make your man chase you, to make him long for you, and to feel like he can’t imagine living his life without you by his side.

But, how do you enter the mind of a man and accomplish all of this?

How to make a man miss you? Well, all you have to do is follow these 13 easy steps and I assure you’ll get your questions answered.

Before you know it, you’ll have no doubt that he loves you, and you’ll make him obsess over you.

Give him something to miss

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So, when does a man miss a woman? The answer is actually pretty simple: when he has something to miss.

One of the worst dating tips you’ll ever get is to be a bitch to your man from day one.

This way, you’ll never make him fall in love with you, and consequently, you’ll never give him anything to long for.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not advising you to become a toxic manipulator or to pretend to be something you’re not to get this guy’s affection.

I’m not advising you to give him your best just so you could take it all away from him because that would be mean and unfair.

What I’m trying to tell you is that this guy needs to enjoy your presence in order to feel your absence.

You see, people don’t actually miss other people. They miss how these other people made them feel.

What does a man miss about a woman? He misses the emotions he felt when he had her by his side.

He misses the affection and the love she was giving him, the way she listened to him, the way she believed in him, and the way she pushed him forward.

So, if a guy felt loved and taken care of next to you, it is normal that he will long for everything you’ve been giving him once he loses it.

Be unique and irreplaceable

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Another crucial step in trying to make a man miss you is showing him that he’ll never find someone like you because you’re one of a kind.

Be careful because this is the key step in trying to get your ex back: convincing him that he can spend eternity searching for you in other women in vain because he’ll never find anyone similar.

Let’s be honest: no real man will crave someone whose beta version can be found right around the corner.

That is exactly why you have to find a way to understand what this man wants and make sure he gets it from you before you expect him to start missing you.

Do whatever it takes to make him believe that you’re one of a kind and that he should feel blessed for ever having you in his life.

That you are in no way similar to all those other women he might have and that you’re the best thing that could have ever happened to him.

If nothing else, choose something to serve you as a personal signature: i.e. always wear the same fragrance or create a special body language gesture that will always remind him of you.

Always look your best

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Let’s be honest: men are visual creatures before anything else. Before a real man falls for your personality and loving soul, he has to be attracted to you physically—whether you like it or not.

That is exactly why almost all dating tips and relationship advice will tell you to try hard to always look your best in front of your partner.

This way, he’ll keep you in his memory as the attractive and beautiful woman you are, and this is the image that will show up in front of his eyes every time he thinks of you.

It is perfectly natural that you can’t wear your full make up every time you’re with this man, especially if you two spend a lot of time together.

However, at least put an effort to always be as clean and tidy as possible.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to get your ex back, the key is to make him regret the fact that he lost you every time he sees you passing by.

Whenever you expect to see him, wear your best outfit, do your hair and your makeup, so he’ll have something to think about until your next encounter.

If you’re not sure about the way you look, ask your guy friends for advice because they have the mind of a man and will know what might attract your ex.

End the communication first

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It doesn’t matter if you talk to your boyfriend on the phone, if you spend your days texting or you mostly talk in person—always be the one who stops responding to his text messages, the one to hang up the phone first, and the first one to end the communication.

No, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore him or stop listening to him when he talks to you—just don’t be the one initiating all the conversations.

Don’t always be the one who starts new topics and tries hard to come up with things you can talk about.

Instead, let him put the effort into keeping the communication alive.

Let him try maintaining your interest and be the one who has to think about new conversation starters.

This way, I assure you that he’ll miss you every time you stop talking, and he’ll be eager to hear from you again.

Be mysterious

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One of the most common mistakes many women make when they meet a new guy is the fact that they serve themselves on the plate right away.

Yes, honesty is great but it doesn’t mean that you have to reveal all of your deepest secrets the first time you see him.

That is exactly why all relationship advice will tell you to be a challenge to your man.

Let him explore your mind and soul, and let him crave meeting the entire you.

Be mysterious in a way that he is never certain about what’s going on in your head.

In a way that he can never tell for sure what will be the next sentence coming out of your mouth.

Acting like this will not only bring excitement to your love life, it will also leave your man eagerly and impatiently waiting for your next move, which will consequently make him miss you over and over again.

This tactic is especially fruitful when you’re trying to get your ex back.

Have in mind that this guy think he knows you and as far as he is concerned, you’re already a defeated battle.

However, you have to prove him wrong. Change his mind, and make him wonder about your life and new personality.

If necessary, send him mixed signals so he never knows whether you still have feelings for him or not.

Leave him wondering whether you’d go back to him and remain in his mind forever!

Always leave him wanting more

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How to make a man miss you and how to make a man chase you?

Follow our dating advice and don’t give him everything right away and the first time he asks for it.

And I’m not talking about sex only here. I’m also talking about emotional intimacy, about letting him in all the way.

Remember Scheherazade and collection of tales One Thousand and One Nights?

Remember how she refuses to tell the end of her stories to the king just so he spares her life?

How she always leaves him wanting more, which consequently makes him fall in love with her?

Of course, your life is not at stake in your relationship, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn from this tale.

If you show a guy there is always something he still hadn’t gotten from you, he won’t take you for granted, and he’ll be hooked on you.

Give him space

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The truth is that most men pull away from a seemingly happy relationship once they start to feel trapped in it.

Just because you two are a couple now, you can’t expect him to disregard his previous life completely.

Besides, the more you force your man into being with you, the more he’ll try to run away.

The clingier you are, the more he’ll want to escape you. Trust me—girls who spend very much time obsessing over a guy are a huge turn off.

Being needy is only counterproductive and will chase any man away, so that is something you should avoid doing at all costs.

This tip is especially handy when you want to get your ex back. Instead of being all over him and doing everything in your power to make him crawling back to you, go no contact.

Give him enough space and time to feel how it feels not having you around.

Give him time to feel your absence and to regret ever letting you go.

Get a life of your own

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Another reason why some men pull away is the fact they see they’ve become their girl’s only interest.

Once a guy sees that a girl spends so much time thinking about him and has no other interests, he starts to think of her as boring and starts taking her for granted.

That is exactly why you need to show a man that you have a life of your own, with or without him in it.

That you have your own friends, interests and hobbies and that you won’t spend your days, waiting around for him to have the decency to make time for you.

So, instead of spending a lot of time obsessing about him and checking up on him, make your day interesting and engage in your own activities and things that interest you. 

Spend time with your girl and guy friends, read books, go to the gym… anything to show this guy that he is not the only thing on your mind.

This way, he’ll be worried about fitting into your tight schedule.

He’ll wonder where you are at and what you’ve been up to, instead of it being the other way around.

Show him that you don’t need him

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The next step in making a guy miss you is making it clear to him that you don’t need him.

Yes, you’re having (or had) a great time with him and he is (or was) making your life more beautiful, but it doesn’t mean he gives your existence a purpose.

Just because you want to be with him, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t make it as a single woman.

Just because you choose him, it doesn’t mean you need him. It doesn’t mean that your world would stop spinning if he walks away from it or that you would die without his presence.

Reading something like this at first might sound harsh, but it is crucial for every man to know this right from the start.

This way, he’ll know he’s not God given and that you won’t put up with his bullshit just because you (still) have feelings for him.

One of the clear signs that you don’t need your ex back is the fact that you are able to live without him.

Don’t get me wrong—nobody is forcing you to jump in a new relationship just to get even with him but what you have to do is show him is that he is replaceable.

Even if you don’t feel that you’re ready to move on, convince him that this is the case.

Make him think that you’re over him, and he’ll start missing you in no time.

Don’t be too available

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Whether we like to admit it or not, most men are beasts who enjoy hunting. They enjoy chasing you and competing for your attention.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying that you should go and sleep around with every guy on your way just to make this special one jealous because that is the last thing you should be doing.

However, look at things from your own perspective: how can you miss someone you know will run to you every time you ask them to? Someone who is only one phone call away?

How can you miss someone you can have at all times—whenever, however, and wherever you feel like it?

Well, it’s the same with guys who see women who are always available as a huge turn off.

So instead of texting him all the time, instead of picking up the phone at the first sound of ringing, and instead of becoming a people pleaser who agrees with everything he has to say, turn the tables.

Make him adjust to you, and make him realize you won’t be there for him, no matter what he does.

Every once in a while, make him wait for your text messages or tell him you’re busy and that you can’t see him tonight.

(Don’t stand him up at the last minute because that would be mean. Always cancel plans in time)

Don’t be too predictable

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The truth is that most men like excitement, and challenge and predictability doesn’t go hand in hand with that.

You won’t be interesting to your man and he won’t miss you if he knows what to expect from you at all times.

He doesn’t have to know how you spend time every single day or all the details about your routines.

Instead, surprise him from time to time, and escape your comfort zone.

Trust me—he’ll never know what will come next, and he’ll always be impatient about what awaits him in the future.

Make him work for your affection

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One of the most important things you simply need to show every guy that enters your life is that you’re ready to put the same amount of effort into your relationship as he is.

You won’t be the only one trying and the only one fighting. Instead, a man has to work for your love and affection.

He has to show you that everything you’re doing for him is worth it and that you’re not giving him your entire self in vain.

When it comes to your ex, you have to prove to him that he won’t have you back as easily as he thinks.

This way, he’ll never again think of taking you for granted and he’ll always be afraid of losing you once more.

Use your social media accounts for your advantage

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In modern dating, one of the clear signs he loves you is the fact that a guy follows your every move on social media.

However, if you’re trying to get your ex back and if you want him to miss you, you need to cut back on using them, as well.

Instead of informing the public about your love life, follow our dating advice and be mysterious about what you’ve been up to.

Instead of posting daily selfies and keeping him updated about everything new that is going on in your life, make him wonder where and with whom you spend your time.

This way, you’ll be constantly on his mind, whether he wants it or not.

It’s simple. He won’t be able to help himself but to think about you all the time and wonder what’s going on in your life.

When Does A Man Miss A Woman?—Make Him Obsess Over You