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15 Intriguing Signs You Have Met Your Past Life Soulmate

15 Intriguing Signs You Have Met Your Past Life Soulmate

Have you ever shared such a strong connection with someone that it felt as if you’ve known them all your life?

What if I told you that some people go beyond the life that we now lead?

Yes, the person you love so much might just be your past life soulmate.

If you’re not certain as to how to recognize the signs, or if you aren’t familiar with this concept at all, then read on, and you will have all your answers in no time.

Do Souls Recognize Each Other?

They indeed do.

Do you know how you always have a gut feeling about someone? You either like them or you don’t.

Well, it’s the same with soulmates. After all, how can you not sense the deep connection emerging between you and someone else? Such feelings are too strong to go unnoticed.

Trust me… once you find the person whose soul matches yours, you WILL know.

What Is A Past Life Soulmate?

Simply put, it’s a soulmate that you shared more than one lifetime with.

I know. It sounds rather confusing. But, essentially, it is a love relationship that has existed for so long and with such intensity that it had to be relived again.

It can be a family member or a friend, but it’s mostly a romantic partner. Either way, the one constant is the concept of past lives. Even when you first meet, there is an instant connection that pulls you close.

Moreover, according to Brian Weiss, a renowned M.D., psychiatrist, and past-life regression expert, sometimes, you search for this person for 1,000 years. I know, it sounds incredible – to think that two souls spend so much time looking for each other.

Some things just make more sense now, don’t they?

How Do You Recognize Your Past Life Soulmate? 15 Intriguing Signs

It’s one thing to recognize a soul similar to yours, but how do you know that you’ve met someone long before you actually met them?

How can you be sure that the person standing in front of you is your past life soulmate?

Well, fear not, my fellow reader because all you need to do is pay attention to the following signs:

1. Coincidences don’t exist.

We’ve all heard of deja vu moments… moments that feel like they happened sometime in the past, and we usually dismiss them and give no significance to them… but, oh, the significance they can hold!

Did you feel the same when you met your partner for the first time? Was it like you laid eyes on them long before that?

Well, yes, that’s because you are past life soulmates. Do you really think it’s a coincidence that they feel so familiar?

2. Destiny working its miracles…

After meeting your partner, you probably started believing in love at first sight. And, no, I’m not talking about sexual chemistry.

I’m talking about looking at someone and just knowing that you’re going to love them with all your soul.

Perhaps you don’t love them straight away, but you feel it in your bones that it is inevitable. Even though you don’t yet know them, you somehow already accept that they’re going to become a big part of your life… or rather, that they already were…

3. Second first encounters.

It is finally time to be who you really are because with this person, no pretense is needed. You are both free to open your hearts to each other. There is no judgment, not even acceptance, but rather actual enjoyment of what you both have to offer.

Not having to suppress parts of yourself feels so strange, and yet so liberating. Everything that comes out of your mouth is honest, and each move is natural instead of calculated.

You are so comfortable with each other, even though it hasn’t been long since you met, but you just feel like they were a part of some previous life of yours.

Well, maybe they really were…

4. Waiting for a lifetime or two…

Once you’re in the presence of this person, you don’t ever want to leave them. You want to be by their side for as long as you can.

It’s as if you have been waiting for each other for not one but several lifetimes, and a few hours of conversation can’t satisfy your emotional needs.

You want it to last forever. You want to make up for all the time you have spent without them. Your whole life up to this point was unfulfilled, but only now are you aware of it… all you have ever needed… was them.

5. Finding that long-sought peace.

Do you know that feeling when you finally enter your room after a day of hard work, and you finally get to relax and be yourself with no pressure at all?

Well, that’s what it’s like to meet your past life soulmate. When you’re with them, there is no anxiety… just complete peace and freedom of some sort…

You don’t have to ruminate about how they will perceive you if you behave a certain way because you know you will be accepted no matter what you do.

After all, aren’t you just carrying on from where you once left off?

6. Intense emotions taking over.

Yes, your soulmate brings you peace within, but they also make you experience utter ecstasy. You go wild, feeling things you can’t even name… things you’ve never felt before…

Even though you trust them completely and feel safe with them, you can’t help but tremble… Perhaps you’re slightly afraid of how fairytale-like this all is. Or, perhaps the past version of you can’t believe they’ve finally reunited with their loved one.

Either way, I know it seems surreal, but trust me, it is truly possible to meet someone like this. This is what love feels like. Surrender yourself to the feeling.

7. Separated souls conjoining once more.

Did both you and your partner spend your childhood doing the same things?

Do you share the same traumatic experiences?

Well, if this is the case, then your theory might just be accurate – they are your past life soulmate.

If you don’t believe me, believe Erica Korman. She is a psychic medium who claims that you didn’t just accidentally go through the same things, but you rather connected a long time ago, and now you have unfinished business and unspent love to take care of.

Your past selves lingered on and helped you find the way to each other.

8. Forever connected.

Have you ever been perfectly understood by someone?

Has your meaning been their meaning?

Well, that’s what happens when you’re deeply connected to someone…

Whoever they are, you become as well. Despite the dissimilarities, you’re so close to one another that you’re deemed just one person.

Even if you aren’t officially together, there’s some invisible string that pulls you towards each other, and you keep coming back for more… Your deep spiritual connection doesn’t allow you to drift apart.

You’ve loved each other with such intensity in your past life that you find it impossible not to relive it again.

9. Bringing safety with their presence.

Have you ever looked at someone and thought: ”Wow, I feel so safe right now. It’s as if I’m home…”?

Well, then I am happily telling you that you have found your past life soulmate.

Now, I know how corny this ‘they feel like home’ line really is, but the problem is that we use it when we don’t mean it. Think about it.

Next time you come home and you feel at peace, remember these words. Compare this feeling to the one you experience with your person. Is it the same? Or, does being with them feel even more right?

If so, then you’ve found the one.

10. The stars are rooting for you.

What extra proof do you need? If the zodiac compatibility chart tells you that you have an intense connection with this person, then that’s all you need to know.

Still, even when two zodiac signs are the perfect match, troubles may arise. It is up to you not to exaggerate their importance. I will just leave you with this quote by Tom Scavo (”Desperate Housewives”) in the hope of inspiring you to always put love first:

”Look… at the end, before I left, our problems looked… this big. So, I went away. But now, I realize they… they only seemed that way because we were so close up against them.

And, and, and they were blocking me from seeing how much I love you. Which is… I see that now. And, I need to tell you that because you have to say these things while you still can.”

11. No words needed.

The second you’re introduced to them, you feel intense physical attraction… but not only that. Even though you are basically strangers, you feel as if they are a past life connection.

Why? You have barely spoken a few words…

That may be true, but sometimes the bond with your past life soulmate can be so powerful that you simply connect through the eyes.

You’ve already met. That’s why you’re so drawn to each other. You’re of the same soul group. You never needed any words. You would’ve found one another again anyway.

12. Lifetimes of secrets…

Every emotion that used to be hard to express isn’t anymore. You don’t mind being emotionally vulnerable because you know you’re both safe and understood.

You’re not careful about what you have to say. You easily spill out all your secrets. You don’t even see it as something huge. You just feel relieved that you have someone to tell it to.

It’s somehow the same as repeating it to yourself. You’re this relaxed because Lord knows how many lifetimes of secrets you actually share…

13. No more feeling alone.

Communicating with people is often exhausting because we are so prone to misunderstanding one another, but with this person… it’s anything but exhausting.

You are so perfectly in tune with each other’s thoughts as if you can telepathically communicate. You always know what’s going on in the mind of the other person, so neither of you ever really feels alone.

If you ever did feel that way, you forgot it the minute you met them. Now they’re here, and the world doesn’t seem so unbearable anymore nor you so misunderstood.

14. All moments leading to only one.

We meet many people throughout our lives. Some we like, and some we don’t, but rarely do we feel like someone’s truly meant to be with us.

Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever felt like a person has somehow always been a part of you?

If you have, that’s an unmistakable sign of a past life soulmate.

You don’t just ‘get used to them’ – no… You rather feel like they belong there with you; like your whole life has been leading up to this…

15. A new you is born.

This type of soulmate connection doesn’t just make you happy… it challenges you and makes you do things you never thought you would.

What you thought was strange before seems natural now because you connect it to this person, and everything connected to them is sacred and worth exploring.

They completely change you without you even noticing. You never miss the old you. You have never been happier than being exactly who you are with them.

How Many Soulmates Do We Have?

That depends on the person.

I, for one, have had three people who were special to me. They are all different, and yet I connected with each of them in ways I never did with anyone else.

Think about it. How many people were there who made a big impact on your life when you look back on it? Did they make you feel all that we’ve seen a past life soulmate makes you feel?

Everyone has different experiences. Some people meet a few soulmates, others only one or, sadly, none at all.

Don’t worry about the numbers. The important thing is that you experience it, and if you haven’t, I sincerely hope that you will.

Is there anything you can do?

Just one thing, really – be your most raw self. Don’t be afraid of honesty and vulnerability. That’s exactly how your soulmate will find you.

You can’t hide in your little fortress forever, yet still hope that things will change. They will NEVER change unless you do something about it.

So, show the world who you are and don’t hold back. Great things always happen when we are most courageous, and what is more courageous than being your genuine self?

Everyone has a role to play

A past life soulmate isn’t the only type of soulmate relationship. You can also experience twin flame and karmic relationships, or purely platonic ones. How do they differ?

Well, if you and your partner are so connected on a soul level that they feel like your other half, then you are twin flames.

Or, if you feel the same way about your best friend, and there is no romance involved, then you have found your platonic soulmate.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic relationship. The only thing that counts is the undeniable closeness that exists between you.

Have you ever met someone who helped you see yourself as you are? Have you seen them as a spirit guide who contributed to the creation of your new self?

If so, then you’ve got yourself a karmic soulmate.

See? You meet all kinds of people, and each one transforms you in a different way. The key is only in letting people close enough to do that. Trust me, it is worth it.

Do Soulmates Break Up?

Sadly, yes.

As we all know, people can easily drift apart even when they love each other deeply. Love is never enough. If you don’t fight for your person, but rather let your problems become bigger than what you feel for one another, everything changes…

But, even when you go your separate ways, your connection always remains.

You may see each other in your new lives… just share a look of recognition and continue living without what you desire most.

That look tells you that nothing has changed, but you simply don’t know what you can do…

It’s never too late

Things are very easy… we just make them complicated. If you love someone, fight for them with all your might. Why waste any more time? Why make yourself unhappy?

Trust me… if this person is really your past life soulmate, you are meant to be together.

And, if you can’t seem to do that in this lifetime, then I’m sure you’ll find each other again in a parallel universe.

Final Thoughts

A past life soulmate is usually a romantic soulmate who has travelled far and long to meet you in your current life. They are quite literally your forever person because not even death itself can drive you apart.

Your souls are merged, and can’t stand separation, so they always find a way to be back together again.

If you’ve recognized the signs above in your life partner, then make sure that you cherish them. Your problems aren’t the end of the world. What you have is far more priceless.