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19 Surprising Things You Need To Know About Twin Flame Telepathy

19 Surprising Things You Need To Know About Twin Flame Telepathy

Simply put, twin flame telepathy is a form of non-verbal communication between mirror souls.

This phenomenon is actually a manifestation of a powerful karmic bond between two true twin flames, which connects their souls even when they’re physically separated.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to accomplish twin flame telepathy between you and your mirror soul or this is something you’re experiencing right now; you’re in the right place.

Here is everything you need to know about mental communication, the signs of twin soul telepathy and a guide to successfully achieving it.

8 Twin Flame Telepathy Signs

How can you recognize that you’re experiencing twin soul telepathy? Well, all you have to do is read through the following signs and see whether you can relate to any of them.


The first sign of twin flame telepathy is definitely intuition. You know that feeling when you can’t prove that something is about to happen but deep down, you just know it will?

Well, you don’t have psychic powers, you only have incredibly strong intuition. Your gut is sending you signs that your brain cannot logically explain.

In terms of the twin flame journey, intuition is one of the first sensations that appears. In fact, you’ll start feeling it long before you actually meet your mirror soul.

First and foremost, you’ll feel that they’re somewhere near you. Basically, your heart and soul will tell your mind that something big is about to happen in your life that will change you forever.

Naturally, your mind relies on five senses only. You don’t see or hear this person coming so you assume that this sensation is not realistic.

However, the moment you finally encounter your twin soul, you’ll know that they’re the one.

This person doesn’t have to be your usual type, nor do they have to have some characteristics you would otherwise look for in a partner.

Nevertheless, their twin flame energy will attract yours and vice versa, even though if someone asked you what makes them so special and how you know that this is your match made in heaven, the truth is that you wouldn’t have a valid response.

Despite all of this, you’ll be convinced that what you feel is real. There won’t be any factual evidence for your claims but no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to get rid of your intuition.

The same will go on throughout different stages of your spiritual journey.

For example, you’ll be able to predict when a separation is approaching or when you will reunite.

It is possible that your twin flame relationship is going smoothly at the moment and nothing indicates a storm ahead of you.

However, deep down, you know that something bad is about to happen. Well, that’s due to your intuition.

The same goes the other way around. For example, sometimes you’re in a situation where you haven’t heard from your twin in months or even years.

You cut all ties and haven’t even run into each other for some time.

There are no evident signals that you’ll reunite any time soon and everyone tells you that they’re just a part of your history.

Nevertheless, out of the blue, you start to feel their presence near you. Before you know it, everything you predicted really happens and you two end up reuniting.

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Picking up your twin’s thoughts and feelings

When you’re an empath, you sympathize with a lot of people and you worry about their well-being.

You see that your best friend is sad and you automatically start crying and you have an amazing ability to understand others and share their emotions, the ability to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, and that is not something everyone can do.

However, when it comes to telepathy between you and your twin soul, picking up each other’s thoughts and feelings gets a wholly different meaning.

What happens here is that you literally get the ability to feel whatever your mirror soul is feeling at the time.

The most amazing thing about this is that this happens despite the physical distance between you two.

It would be one thing if you know this person to the core of their personality; you read between the lines and can recognize each one of their emotions.

All of this happens without them having to straightforwardly tell you how they feel.

However, it’s more than enough for you to hear the tone of their voice or just look at them to know what they’re feeling.

As amazing as this type of connection is, twin flame telepathy is something more. In fact, you pick up your twin’s emotions even though you’re miles apart or haven’t heard from each other in ages.

You may be extremely happy and then, all of a sudden, you’ll have this strange sensation in your stomach. It’s like sadness came knocking on your door, without any reason whatsoever.

Or you could be spending a cozy night in the safety of your home and then, out of the blue, you feel this intense fear you can’t control.

It’s also common for this to happen while you’re sleeping. It’s like somebody wakes you up and brings a certain emotion along.

You can’t explain any of these emotions to yourself. Well, if this is something you have experienced, you’re feeling whatever your twin soul is feeling at a given moment.

No matter what is happening in your life right now, somewhere, they’re scared, sad or even happy and they project their emotions onto you.

Dream sharing

Almost all twin couples who have testified to having telepathic experiences talk about one thing: dream sharing.

This usually happens when you and your twin are completely apart or even when you try to escape each other.

During the day, you’re able to control your consciousness to a certain point.

You might be angry with your twin and you’re probably putting a lot of effort into kicking them out of your system.

You succeed in doing so when you’re awake, so whenever this person goes through your mind, you chase them away from yourself.

However, when you go to sleep, your brakes loosen up and you lose full control over yourself.

The fact is that the twin flame connection between you and your twin is so strong that it has to find a way to you.

That is exactly why you encounter them in your dreams. Even though you two are far away from each other, your energies are bonded and you meet this way.

This dream-sharing can happen in more than one way. Some couples simply dream of the same things, so you both dream about the same people and about the exact same or similar things.

Of course, at the time you’re dreaming, you have no idea what’s going on with your mirror soul. However, when you two happen to talk about it, you find incredible similarities.

On the other hand, some couples simply dream about each other. You’re convinced that you have forgotten all about your twin flame and then suddenly, they appear in your dreams.

These dreams are so vivid that in the next few days, you feel like the events really took place.

If you dream that you kissed your twin soul, when you wake up, you really feel their warmth, scent or presence.

In this case, it is likely that your two souls have united during the night. Your bond is so strong that your energies found a way to one another.

Also, if you have trouble sleeping at night without any apparent reason, it is likely that you’re awake in your twin’s dream. They’re sleeping but their soul is calling yours.

Dreams are closely connected to intuition as well. Sometimes, you can predict exactly what will happen in your dream.

At first, you think that you’re imagining things. You think that this is nothing but a projection of your desires.

However, once these events actually take place, you realize the truth. You understand that you have experienced a kind of prophecy.

Knowing all of this, it’s clear that twin flame telepathy is strongest while you’re in a dream state. Well, this is so because your ego and mind hold you back during the day.

They prevent your soul from traveling freely and from running after its desires.

Nevertheless, all of this changes when you fall asleep. While you’re not awake, your logical side gives up and your soul is looking for its mirror twin.

Actually, it’s looking for a soul whose twin flame energy is at the same vibration. That is how your soul travels to your twin.

Here, the circumstances, the ego or the physical attributes are of no relevance whatsoever.

Contacting each other at the same time

I’m sure you’ve been in a situation where you want to contact your twin flame partner and then you catch them doing the same thing.

Maybe you’re separated. Despite all of your efforts to cut ties with them, you simply can’t help it and your urge to hear from them overwhelms you to the point where you can’t resist it anymore so you decide to go against your pride and ego and follow your heart’s desires.

You open a chat window, figuring out what you’ll write and then you see them typing or they contacted you at that exact moment.

Well, let me tell you that this is nothing but a clear sign of telepathy between two people.

On the other hand, this might be happening even when you two are together; it just doesn’t leave as strong an impression on you.

You might be walking toward your phone, with the intention of calling your twin flame. While you do so, you hear your phone ringing and you see it’s them calling you.

Or you might be sitting in silence next to each other and then, all of a sudden, you both simultaneously open your mouth to ask the other person something.

Sadly, in most cases, you’re left completely clueless about these synchronized events.

For example, this happens when you both have a desire to communicate with each other at the same time but neither does anything about it.

You give up on your intentions before acting on them and your partner does the same. However, neither of you has any idea that the other person wanted to reach out.

It is only years later when you are together and recall certain events from the past that you get to the bottom of this scenario.

For example, your twin flame admits that he wanted to reach out the entire winter last year.

That’s when you realize how strong your bond is because that was exactly when you were struggling against the urge to call them.

The important thing here is that these situations aren’t necessarily connected to certain dates.

It’s one thing if you both get the desire to hear from each other on the day of your anniversary.

Let’s be honest here. Remembering your ex on your anniversary date or on Valentine’s Day if you’re still single isn’t a sign of anything.

This can be just nostalgia and you don’t even have to still love this person, let alone for them to be your twin flame.

However, when you’re telepathically connected with your mirror soul, you’ll remember one another out of the blue.

There won’t be any special occasion, you’ll just appear in this person’s mind and the same will happen to you.

Telepathic conversations

Described in the simplest possible way, telepathic conversations are twin flames’ way of sending mental messages to one another, without any physical contact.

In order for this type of communication to be successful, you don’t have to be near your twin soul and talk to them face-to-face.

Actually, you don’t talk to them at all, that’s the whole point of telepathy. Instead, the entire conversation plays inside your head.

No, this doesn’t make you crazy, it is nothing but a manifestation of the strong bond between you and your twin flame.

In order to communicate telepathically with someone, you have to be in tune with this person.

You have to know the core of their personality and be completely familiar with the state of their soul.

You have to be connected to this person the way only twin souls are connected.

This means that you know the state of their emotions very well at all times, despite not being in direct contact with them.

Before you engage in mental communication, it’s crucial for you to visualize the other person. Picture them physically standing in front of you.

Imagine what they’re wearing, picture their movements and their reactions. Try remembering their scent and the sound of their voice.

Just send your twin flame a strong message with the help of your thoughts. Let them know what you want to tell them and I assure you that they will receive it.

You can do the same with your feelings as well. Send them your twin flame love, especially when you sense that they need it.

On the other hand, every time you feel like your twin soul is trying to tell you something, it’s likely that you’re not imagining things.

Every time you feel like they’re talking to you, they’re actually telepathically addressing you.

Instead of turning your logic on, accept these messages. They will only strengthen your bond and help you overcome your periods apart.

Random cravings

We’ve already discussed a situation in which both you and your twin flame get the desire to contact each other out of the blue. Well, similar things happen with random yearnings.

The main difference between these two situations is that you’re just craving your twin flame soul here, without an actual urge to do something about it.

However, the point is that these feelings hit you out of the blue.
You think that this person is long-forgotten and they remain in the past.

Then, after a while, they just pop back in your mind.
The truth is that they never disappeared from there completely.

Nevertheless, this time, you can’t get them out of your mind, despite all of your efforts. Suddenly, without any special cause, you start to miss them to the point where you can’t control it.

Well, this is a sign that somewhere out there, your mirror soul feels the same way. They crave your presence as well.

In fact, this is nothing but a manifestation of both of your sufferings. Your energies vibrate at the same frequencies and want to be together, despite your egos.

Similar tastes

The last but certainly not the least important sign of twin flame telepathy is your similar tastes.

This is especially the case if you’re into some rare things that are anything but popular or mainstream.

There is no telepathy in running into someone who likes a show on Netflix that the entire world is currently crazy about.

However, when you find a person who enjoys some little things you love doing, it is, without doubt, a sign.

For example, you could be a huge fan of a certain music band you are certain most people have never even heard of.

You don’t even mention them to other people, since you are used to nobody knowing what you are talking about.

However, once you meet your twin flame, it turns out that you have exactly the same tastes.

You’re surprised by the fact that you have met someone so compatible with you and you immediately start seeing them as your soulmate.

Well, the truth is that they’re much more than that. In fact, you’ve been communicating through your interests and hobbies all of this time.

Another amazing form of twin telepathy connected to similar tastes is present during the separation stage. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your taste in something changes?

For example, while passing by a coffee shop, you hear a song.

The song’s melody or lyrics are nowhere similar to the kind of music you would normally choose to listen to by yourself but despite that, something about the song draws you in.

You can’t stop listening to it and you even start whistling alongside the music or singing the words.

The main question is why you would like something that has nothing to do with your tastes.

Well, have you considered the possibility that your mirror soul is trying to convey to you a message through this song?

Have you ever considered the possibility that they’re communicating with you like this? Or that they are just enjoying listening to this song at the moment but since you two are mirror souls, you started liking it as well?

The same goes for other forms of art and interests. If you get an inexplicable urge to, let’s say, start going to the gym or playing basketball, even though this was never something you wanted to do, remember that it all happens for a reason.

This might be your chance to connect or reconnect with your twin soul. See it as a message from them, instead of a pure coincidence.

Talking through others

This form of telepathic conversation doesn’t include both twin flame parties and it also happens when you two are physically apart, especially when you’re in search of answers.

Basically, what your twin soul does is send you messages through other people. They give you clues and affirm their emotions for you without contacting you directly.

You could be doubting your partner’s twin flame love for you. However, you two cut ties and it’s impossible for you to straightforwardly ask them if they still love you.

Your soul is craving this confirmation and these doubts are eating you alive.

Well, your mirror soul feels that you’re in distress and it will do everything in its power to make things easier for you, one way or another.

Instead of this person actually speaking to you, they use a mediator.

No, they don’t specifically tell a friend to send you their message. Let’s say that you’ve spent days or even weeks wondering how your twin has been.

Are they okay, healthy and happy?

All of a sudden, you encounter someone they know. Without even asking them about your twin, they start talking and give you the exact answers you were looking for.

Another possibility is hearing from someone else who reminds you of your mirror soul.

If you keep on asking yourself whether they still love you, all of a sudden, you’ll run into someone who looks like them and they’ll declare their unconditional love for you or your friend will complain to you that they can’t get their ex out of their mind.

This friend will talk to you about their situation but with details that remind you of your romance.

Either way, the point is that you should look closely at these signals. Trust me; you can discover many things if you just observe the world around you outside of the box.

8 Interesting Facts About Twin Flame Telepathy

In order to get the full experience of twin soul telepathy, firstly, you have to understand it better. You have to know what it really is and how it actually works. Here are some intriguing facts about this phenomenon.

Twin flame telepathy is two-sided

Some of the best news about this phenomenon is that it’s never one-sided. Telepathy always happens both ways, even though you’re not aware of that at all times.

Basically, it’s utterly impossible to have a karmic bond with someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you. When a person is your twin flame, you’re their mirror soul as well.

This is not a regular type of unconditional love where you can fall for someone without them returning any emotions back.

Your souls are bonded in a special way and reciprocity is present even during the twin flame runner and chaser stage.

Knowing this, it’s apparent that telepathy is also a two-way street. For example, if you’re dreaming about your telepathic partner, they’re also dreaming about you.

This especially goes for mental conversations. I know that sometimes you think that you’re imagining things but trust me on this one; if you feel like your twin is responding to you, they really are.

You’re not crazy and you’re not seeing something that is not there.

This is hard to accept when your mirror soul is the twin flame runner, while you’re the chaser.

At first, while you’re still not aware of your divine connection, you assume that they don’t love you enough.

You don’t see your deep twin flame connection and instead, you look at things quite superficially. You’re observing physical reality only.

According to this, the person you’re trying to catch is doing their best to escape you.

They put a lot of effort into avoiding any contact with you, let alone having a romance between you two so naturally, you don’t even think that they’re a part of this spiritual journey either.

Instead, you conclude that you’re alone in this story.

Well, trust me; you’re not. Even though they don’t have to be aware of the love they feel for you, their higher self knows it.

After all, that’s the only thing that matters; the fact that their soul recognizes yours, no matter the state of your bodies, brains or egos.

It starts before the physical encounter

You know how people say that they just know when they have met the one?

I’m sure you have heard stories about people recognizing their soulmate among numerous people around them.

Well, if something like this happens, the person next to you is more than your soulmate. In fact, they’re your twin flame; there is no doubt about that.

Once they enter your life, you have this strange sense of familiarity from the very first moment. Instead of observing them as a stranger, you observe them as someone close to you.

Why is that so and how is this possible? Are you so attracted to this person that they feel familiar to you?

The answer is actually pretty simple. The truth is that this is not the first or the last time you’re running into your twin flame.

You see, your karmic bond is not connected to this life only. Instead, it’s much bigger than something temporary or something that will pass you by. Instead, this connection is eternal.

That means that you and your twin have been searching for each other from the beginning of time.

Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is that this sense of familiarity is due to the fact that you know this person from your past life.

Naturally, your brain and consciousness have no memory of this. However, your soul recalls it and recognizes theirs from your past experiences.

The bottom line is that this telepathy starts long before your actual first physical encounter.

Your subconscious mind feels that your twin’s arrival is near much sooner than your body and consciousness identifies it with their five senses.

This is where your intuition plays a bigger role. You don’t have to picture your mirror soul in terms of their looks, education or lifestyle but you do feel their energy.

You two are looking for one another at the same vibrations and it’s natural that some strong signals are being sent.

A good example of telepathy in this stage is synchronicity. You might be seeing the angelic numbers 111, 222 or 333 wherever you look around.

This is one of the most apparent symptoms that your twin flame is approaching and that you’re ready to welcome them.

However, the point is that the other person is going through the same experiences wherever they are.

You two have never seen each other, let alone talked, but you definitely run into the same signs simultaneously.

They also feel like their twin flame is approaching. Similarly to you, they have strong intuition, which is a result of the telepathy between you two.

It’s most common in the separation stage

Even though telepathy occurs during the entire twin flame journey, it’s the strongest and most common during the separation stage.

This is the stage that comes after the initial encounter. You lose the feet under your ground when you meet the one.

You both fall in love but the intensity of your passion and other emotions you share brings you nowhere good. Before you know it, your egos take over and you part ways.

Naturally, if you’re twin souls, you’ll always find a way back to each other. However, while this is happening, you and your mirror soul have no physical communication whatsoever.

You may not know who the runner is or who the chaser is yet but either way, the bottom line is that you can expect a cat and mouse game or complete silent treatment during the separation stage.

Even though this stage is crucial for your development as well as it is crucial for the happy ending of your journey, it is also a period of time when your higher self takes it the hardest.

Remember; you and your twin are physically separated from each other. Nevertheless, your souls suffer due to this separation and they long to be together.

This is exactly why both of you keep sending signals to the other person. Even though you’re not together, you’re still on the same vibrational frequencies.

As hurtful as this stage is, telepathy makes it easier, despite everything. Twin flame telepathy symptoms during separation give you hope that not everything is lost.

These signs you keep getting from your mirror soul are the only things you hold on to. They’re telling you that your twin soul is out there and that your love for them is reciprocated.

Telepathy adapts over time

The next thing you have to know about telepathic experiences is that they change over time. The signals you’re getting depend on the phase of your twin flame journey.

Until you and your twin flame meet, you’ll be getting the signs that your mirror soul is near and this is when your intuition is the strongest.

While you’re in a twin flame union, it’s likely that you’ll be able to read each other’s mind. This is when contacting one another at the same time is also common.

If you and your twin are united but have a long-distance twin flame relationship, mental conversations and telepathic communication are most likely to happen.

However, this is something you have to practice and be strongly focused on.

On the other hand, while you’re separated, it’s common for other people to send you their messages and this is also when you’ll probably have shared dreams and random cravings and you’ll pick up on each other’s feelings.

The bottom line is not to be overly concentrated on one form of telepathy only.

Just because you, for example, stopped having strong intuition that your mirror soul is near, it doesn’t mean that your telepathic bond is over.

Instead, it just follows the stages of your journey. It changes form and it shifts from one to another. However, it is always present; don’t forget that.

It’s a sign of the union’s strength

Here is some exceptionally good news: A strong telepathic connection is a good sign of a strong twin flame union and spiritual awakening.

Naturally, I’m not talking about physical union here. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that not all couples have the ability to experience this kind of communication.

Some testify that even soulmates that are not twin flames can share telepathy from time to time.

Either way, the bottom line is that you have to have an extremely powerful bond in order to communicate like this.

Imagine a scenario in which you haven’t had any physical contact with your mirror soul for years. This is quite possible, as don’t forget that the separation stage can last this long.

However, despite your distance, your souls have never forgotten each other.

Even in the darkest hours when you two are furthest from each other, your souls are still bonded.

Your mind and ego take over you and you don’t think that you want to have anything to do with this person. Nevertheless, on a subconscious level, you never stopped craving one another.

What more proof do you need that this union is divine? Let’s face it; no matter how deep your love for someone is, you’ll stop missing them and forget about them after some time.

You know how they say ‘out of sight, out of mind’? Well, this is a scenario for which this phrase doesn’t apply.

It’s key to a successful twin flame reunion

You might wonder why this telepathy even happens. After all, the fact is that this is not a usual experience.

Well, what you should never forget is that every single event during your life happens for a reason.

Everything you experience on your twin flame journey has a deeper cause and telepathic communication is no exception.

You see, it is actually one of the keys to a successful reunion with your mirror soul.

Let’s imagine this scenario; you’re in the separation stage. Your twin is long gone from your life and consciously, you got used to living without them.

Well, if it weren’t for this telepathy, it is possible that you would even forget about them. Either way, you would reconnect but that twin flame reunion would be much harder.

Your souls would be suffering for each other, regardless of the circumstances. However, without telepathic communication, they wouldn’t be getting any feedback from the other party.

Therefore, once your souls would lose hope, they would consequently wither. Before you know it, both you and your twin soul would spiritually die.

Doubt is a part of the journey

The number one problem most couples face on the path of their telepathic communication is doubt. You see, we’re raised in a 3D reality that is based on five senses.

Therefore, everything outside of the box is considered to be paranormal and unrealistic and the same goes for this experience.

Even when you know very well what’s going on with you and your mirror soul, you’ll probably question everything.

This especially happens in the beginning, when you’re still not quite familiar with the concept of twin flames.

At first, you think that you’re imagining things. The people around you probably haven’t shared any similar experiences and you wonder if you’re going crazy.

Besides, you didn’t have the chance to live through this situation with any of your previous partners, whom you also loved.

Well, that is why you have only one twin flame and it’s completely natural that this scenario only happens once in a lifetime.

You probably even question your sanity. Has your love and obsession over this person driven you completely crazy?

You wonder if these are just your desires talking. Is it possible that you are projecting your wishes and picture events that are not even taking place, nor are possible to happen?

Worry not because these are all the questions most twin souls wrack their brains about. Whether you like it or not, doubt is a part of the journey.

It is actually completely natural for you to feel like this. You’re afraid to get your hopes up too high because you think you’ll just end up disappointed.

Basically, you’re scared of holding on to these signs because you’re not sure if they’re real. What if you’ve created a fantasy?

What if you don’t even cross the other person’s mind, while you’re here, creating an entire scenario in your head where their soul and higher self also craves yours?

Even though these questions are nothing unusual, please do your best to chase them away. Trust me on this one; there is absolutely no reason not to believe that everything that is happening is real.

In fact, the sooner you realize this, the sooner you’ll reach a spiritual awakening. You’ll become completely ready for your union or reunion.

Instead of blocking the telepathic signals you’ve been getting, welcome them open-handedly.

Everything happens on a subconscious level

Your entire journey happens on a soul level and the same goes for this telepathic communication.

No, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have free will regarding this. Despite your twin flame romance being written in the stars, you’re still the one who has all the decision-making power.

Nevertheless, telepathy is happening on a subconscious level, which means that it is a situation where you have to disregard your ego, physical attributes and all other worldly circumstances. It is the only way in which it can work out for the best.

Relax and do everything in your power to give your entire being into your energy. Let your vibes take over and enjoy your journey.

3 Ways To Achieve Twin Flame Telepathy

If you’re certain that you’ve found your mirror soul but still aren’t sure how to accomplish twin soul telepathy, you’re in the right place.

Follow this guide to help you open your heart and crown chakras, so that you can achieve mental communication with your twin.

Sleep and practice astral projection

The strongest circumstances in which telepathic communication can happen is when you sleep.

So, if you have trouble accomplishing it, focus on your dream state and open your heart space.

According to many experiments, telepathy is most likely to happen during the REM phase.

This is the phase in which you dream the most vividly and is accompanied by the rapid movement of eyes and low muscle tone of the body.

You usually enter it one and a half hours after you fall asleep and the phase lasts around an hour.

The biggest problem with telepathy and vivid dreams, in general, is that you forget what happened after you awaken, which is why it would be best to wake yourself up after the REM phase.

As soon as you wake up, try your best to write down everything you’ve dreamed about. Also, it is crucial for you to think about your true twin flame before going to sleep.

When it comes to astral projection, I’m sure you already know that it is actually an intentional out of body experience. Basically, it’s your soul’s journey outside of your body.

In order to achieve this, you need to be in a half-sleep state, fully relaxed.

Instead of paying attention to physical senses, focus on your mental sensations and heart space.

After that, focus the strength of your mind to lift above your physical body. Detach from it and let your soul travel.


Another way of achieving twin flame telepathy is through meditation, which is an excellent path toward clearing blockages that prevent your reunion.

Basically, what you need to do is find the meditation technique that works best for you.

Once you relax and open up your heart and crown chakras, you are more likely to receive mental messages from your mirror soul.

Also, during meditation, you’ll experience Kundalini awakening.

To put it simply, Kundalini is your life energy. Kundalini awakening leads to complete soul liberation, which is one of the preconditions for successful telepathic communication.

Law of attraction

Finally, you can also engage in telepathic communication by strongly wishing to ‘call’ your mirror soul. No, I’m not advising you to text them or go knocking on their door.

Instead, I’m suggesting that you use the power of the law of attraction. Basically, you have to believe that you will draw your twin soul to you and it will happen.

I know it sounds easier than it is. Nevertheless, trust me when I tell you that it is possible.

First and foremost, find some ‘you’ time. Get rid of everything and everyone bothering you.

Get rid of all distractions, including your phone or the TV and if needed, you can play some relaxing music.

Get in touch with your inner self and get in tune with your energetic field.

Visualize the message you want to send to your twin.

Picture them right in front of you and tell them everything they need to hear, without pronouncing a single word. Use the power of your brain.

Practice this for a while and I assure you that you’ll succeed in doing it before you know it. You just have to believe!

As scary as twin flame telepathy might sound at first, soon enough, you’ll see what a marvelous experience it actually is.

Besides, it only happens to special people so you better consider yourself unique and lucky if you experience it.