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All You Need To Know About The Blue Personality Type

All You Need To Know About The Blue Personality Type

What are your true colors?

If you’ve done a personality test and discovered your primary personality color is blue, you must be intrigued by what that means.

Let me just start off by saying that people with a blue personality type are truly inspiring and that this world definitely needs more blues.

Blue is a popular color, especially among men. It’s the color of the sky and the ocean and it’s a symbol for serenity, tranquility, and the soothing fluidity of water.

This alone tells you a lot about a person with a blue personality type, but we’re here to investigate every little detail.

What is this theory all about?

There’s a psychological profiling test, the True Colors Personality Test, created by Don Lowry in 1978.

Originally, it was created to differentiate between learning styles but later it was refined (Myers-Briggs version) into the theory of temperament.

There’s also a version of the color personality test called Hartman’s Personality Profile, also known as the ”People Code” or even the “Color Code”.

It determines your main personality traits by the color of your personality and your one basic core motive.

Some of the content that you find online will tell you that your color personality style is actually determined by your favorite color, which isn’t true, although it can (accidentally) be the case.

Let’s go back to your personality color, the wonderful blue.

What are the blue personality type’s strengths?


Blue is always honest. They have a very strong sense of morality that comes naturally to them.

They always choose to tell the truth, even when it’s not the best for them.

Wherever they go, people respect their integrity.

They believe in a world where honesty is always the best policy and they apply this to their everyday life.


Out of all the personality colors, blue is the most empathetic one.

They care deeply about how other people feel and are greatly affected by other people’s misfortune or happiness.

They are true empaths in the way that they gather energy from their surroundings and can’t shake it off, even if nothing bad/good is happening to them personally.

They are also very intuitive and can recognize that a person is going through something just by looking at their face or analyzing their body language.


They are loyal to the bone. They would do anything to help a friend out, even if they have to sacrifice themselves.


They are the type of people who always remember everyone’s birthday, anniversary, and other important dates.

They know what kind of food a person likes, what their favorite movie is, and other specific details like that.

Not only that, but they use this knowledge to surprise the people they love and show them how much they appreciate them.

If there’s a person in your life who always finds a way to make you feel loved, you can almost be certain that they have a blue personality type.


They love with passion. Their core motive is emotional intimacy and they are ruled by their feelings. They believe in emotions.

When a blue person loves you for the first time, you feel like you’ve never been loved before.

They are amazing at expressing their deep emotions and finding a way to love a person the way they need to be loved.


Once they are focused on something, there’s no stopping them. Their determination to reach a goal of any kind is admirable.

They are generally very decisive, and incredibly well behaved – true pillars of our society.

Giving them a task and watching them rise to it is truly something to enjoy.

They are natural leaders and they never bail on anything they commit to.


No matter how successful they are in any aspect of life, they always remember the path that got them there.

They know that people shouldn’t be judged by their accomplishments.

They realize that people live different kinds of lives and that different kinds of circumstances brought them there, many of which are difficult, and they choose to show compassion and kindness whenever they can.


When it comes to the blue color personality, they are always aware that everything in life comes with certain kinds of rules and responsibilities and that not everything can be roses and butterflies.

Not only are they willing to commit, but they are also excited and thrilled to. They feel their best when they invest themselves in something.

Whether it’s their love life, or their job, a blue person always chooses to give everything.

What are their weaknesses?


Because they are very emotional, they can also be very sensitive. Even the tiniest issues upset them.

They can’t help it. It can be difficult to communicate with them since people are constantly afraid of hurting their feelings.

There are also those who choose not to show their emotions, but are still overly sensitive.

People may see them as tough and cold on the outside, but inside they are hurting.


When someone hurts them, they remember it forever. Their emotions are deep and that’s why it’s hard for them to let them go.

When someone causes them pain, that feeling sticks with them and it’s incredibly hard for them to forget and forgive.


They allow their heart to be their guide, which isn’t always great.

Even though this can be very inspiring and powerful, it can also create a very messy life that contradicts their need for serenity and order.

People with a blue color personality are at their worst when their emotions overwhelm them to the point where they can no longer think rationally.


They are true perfectionists and they need everything to be completely ideal in everything they do.

Living their life this way causes them to have unreasonable expectations from other people that are simply too high, and sometimes even impossible to meet.


They get overburdened by guilt whenever they make the tiniest mistake. They believe in doing things the right, honest, compassionate way.

When they feel like they’ve hurt someone by doing/saying something or that they’ve made a mistake that’s cost them success in an aspect of their life, they become overwhelmed by the guilt.

They are also known to worry too much and overthink things to the point where nothing even makes sense anymore.


Trying to live their best life, always improve themselves and grow towards the most inspiring version of themselves makes them intolerant of other people’s mistakes.

So, not only are they unable to handle their flaws, they have issues handling other people’s weaknesses and shortcomings.

The limitation that causes them to lose important people in their life is that they can’t see how demanding they are, both to themselves and others too.

Blue personality type’s needs and desires:



Being kind to others and exploring their humanity is something that’s necessary for them.

They need to feel like this world is at least a little bit better because they are in it – it gives them purpose.


They are born with a high natural sense for right and wrong and they need to respect the moral code in order to feel balanced.

They would never do something they consider wrong, even if it would bring them materialistic or any other kind of gain.


They can’t function if they feel unappreciated.

They do a lot for the people they love and if they feel like this isn’t recognized, they start acting out.


Their need to be understood is very deep.

It’s the basis of their relationships and someone who understands them will always find a place in their heart, no matter what.


They have a need for affirmation and to feel accepted among the people around them.

This can even lead them to adapt their behavior and lose self-esteem as they try to satisfy others.


They don’t like hiding who they are, that’s the part of their honesty.

They need to be open about their flaws and find someone who accepts them for who they are – it’s the only way they can remain their highly-functional selves.



They care about other people and their needs. They feel their best when everyone around them is satisfied.

A person who’s willing to sacrifice their own well-being for someone else is almost always a person with blue personality type.


Even though they are driven by intimacy, they still need to have their personal space. They use it for thinking and accumulating energy for their endeavors.


It’s very hard for them to function if they don’t know where they stand. Security in every aspect of their life is one of their top priorities.


They are the kind of people who do the same things at the same time every day. They aren’t completely strict about it, but they do feel lost when they fall completely out of their routine.

How do they match with other personality types?


Two blues enjoy quality relationships and are willing to give everything they have to make a good relationship work and blossom.

When other same-colored personalities get together there’s usually a power struggle, but when these two get together, there’s hardly any.

They’re able to give each other the emotional intensity they both crave and that’s what keeps them connected.


Logic against emotion, brain against heart… They are both determined and have a powerful will, but a red personality is very impulsive.

They want to get things over with and move on to different tasks/things to do.

On the other hand, blue wants to do everything right and invest themselves in everything they do, otherwise, they don’t get any pleasure out of doing it.

These two are tough on each other and have way more differences than they do similarities.

It’s hard for them to make it work, either in personal relationships or as co-workers.


Blue needs communication to make a relationship work, and people with green personalities can be more focused on their own thoughts and less on actually expressing them as they are introverts.

Blue wants to know what’s going on with green, but the pushier blue is for feedback, the less green wants to participate in the communication.

Green could think that blue cares way too much and never leaves them alone.

We can say that these two could work if they learned to avoid getting the worst out of each other.


These two are always drawn to one another, they have incredible chemistry.

The sad part is that the same things that connect them at first are usually the things that split them up as they actually have completely different personalities.

They have so many shared virtues, such as wanting to live an inspired life and do things that matter, and a yearning for honest human connection.

Still, the yellow personality seeks change while the blue personality seeks stability.

They truly value each other, but it takes them time to realize that their approaches to life are very different.

They need each other and there’s a lot of passion between them (as much as anger).

Even though it can be hard to maintain this kind of relationship, they often find each other because there’s truly a hidden bond between them.

How do people with a blue personality type act in different life roles?

Blues as children

This child is something every parent wishes for.

They are very well behaved as their high morality is a part of their personality from the moment they start thinking about their behavior.

It’s best not to criticize them too much because their inner guilt is high and their conscience gets them to correct their mistakes, even when nobody points them out.

They are attentive and thoughtful. They enjoy physical intimacy from early on so make sure you give them extra cuddles.

Blues as parents

They are the kind of parent who would give everything for their children’s well-being.

They often quit their careers (which they care about, a lot) to have more time to raise their kids.

They are often too involved in the lives of their children because they feel like they have to teach them absolutely everything there is to know about the world.

They are lecturers and this can cause their children to think of them as boring.

They can be too demanding, but they want to get their children to use their potential to the fullest.

They respond to their children’s emotions incredibly, and this helps their children reach emotional stability which builds up their self-esteem.

Blues at work

They are responsible, punctual workers who are proud of everything they do well.

They don’t care about how much time a task takes, they want it done perfectly.

They are team players but can also be left in charge since they are natural leaders.

They are very well organized but also have creative abilities that widen the areas of work available to them.

They are good at social work, teaching, medicine, human resources… but also, interestingly enough blue personality type careers can include music or any kind of art.

What is a secondary personality color type and why does it matter?

Just because you have one primary color of personality, that doesn’t mean that’s everything there is to you.

According to this color psychology, we all have a certain color combination that explains even further and deeper what we’re like.

Blue with a little bit of red

This is a complicated combination that represents a kind of personality with an ongoing inner struggle.

It’s considered to be the most complicated of all color combinations.

Their traits combined turn the person into someone unpleasant, bossy, manipulative and calculating.

Their emotions are mixed and their lives are a mess.

Blue with red has to work on getting rid of this side of their personality because it usually doesn’t give them any of the benefits of being red, only the limitations.

Blue with a little bit of green

This is a beautiful combination of colors. This blue becomes more easy-going, less stressed, and sails through life.

Other people like them because they don’t bother anyone, but are still kind and care about people.

They can be too mellow and indecisive.

Still, having a bit of green is beneficial for a blue because it makes them more comfortable in their own skin, which makes them more forgiving and less demanding.

Blue with a little bit of yellow

The person with these personality colors is lighter than a regular blue.

They are very passionate and driven but in a much more playful and careless way.

They are still responsible and committed, but they are also more likely to look at the bright side and have fun while finishing all their work.

We hope you found the information you were looking for and that you had fun reading all about your or your loved one’s traits.

Keep in mind that nothing is finite and that you can always work on yourself if you wish to change parts of your personality and improve who you are according to your beliefs and desires.