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There Is More To Life Than Chasing After A Guy Who Doesn’t Know Your Worth

There Is More To Life Than Chasing After A Guy Who Doesn’t Know Your Worth

Trust me when I say that there is more to life than chasing after a guy who doesn’t know your worth. Trust me because I have been in your shoes. Trust me because I have learned the hard way that you can never hold on to somebody who is not meant to be in your life.

I wasted so much time running after somebody who didn’t deserve to be given a second look, let alone my heart. He took my feelings and tossed them in the mud like they meant nothing. He took my heart and broke it. But I did even more damage to myself because chasing after him broke me even more.

I think I was all out of tears when I realized that there must be more to life than him. Than chasing after somebody who doesn’t want to be caught. After somebody who never intended to stay. After somebody who was only halfway there. And I was right—there is so much more.

There is that first genuine smile on your face while on your healing path. There is that moment of relief in which you realize that you dodged a bullet because he is no longer a part of your life. He never saw you. He never valued you—he only made you feel like you weren’t enough. He never noticed all that you’ve have been giving, all the efforts you were making. He just took all of it for granted.

There is that incredible moment in which you decide to put yourself first. The moment in which you realize your worth will be the moment in which you discover your strength and it will feel amazing. You will know that you can survive anything. You will know that you owe it to yourself to be happy.

There is that happiness when you achieve something you worked so hard on. Because when you focus on yourself, you achieve greatness. You keep winning in life. Because all the efforts you were giving to him you redirect to yourself. You persist in your work. You finally start chasing your dreams.

There is that sense of belonging when your friend hugs you so tight that you can feel your bones cracking. When you know that you have your person, your true soulmate, someone who is always there for you no matter what. Someone who is there to listen to your pointless drama, someone who is happy when you are happy.

There is that sense of joy when you spend time with your family and you realize you have people in your life that love you unconditionally. When you realized that because of them you are more blessed than you ever thought, all your other sorrows will seem small. These people are the reason you should be thankful for this life and put it to a better use.

There is that newness and beauty of not knowing what will happen. There are new people you meet along the way. There are new experiences you gather up your courage for. There is that road trip you go on with your girlfriends where you collect every moment and treasure them forever. There is that glass of wine you sip while you are relaxing in your hot tub, enjoying your alone time.

There is something about looking everything around you with new eyes. Something about making best of everything around you. Enjoying your morning coffee. Watching the sun go down. Staring at the moon and the stars. Admiring the view from the top of some building or a hill. Feeling the sun on your skin. Breathing the fresh air.

There is something magical about learning to love yourself more every day. There is something powerful in every glued piece of your heart. There is something admirable about you moving and going forward despite all the heartache and pain and hurt you have been through.

There’s you chasing your happiness instead of chasing a guy who would never make you happy. Instead of wasting your days on someone who doesn’t deserve your minutes. He was just blocking the view for the one who is meant to find you and stay there forever. The one who will be everything your ex could never come close to. The one who will see you and love you just the way you are. The one you won’t have to chase. The one who will meet you halfway.

Don’t chase him. Trust me when I say that there is more to life than chasing after a guy who doesn’t know your worth. There is you. There is the whole world to see and enjoy. There is happiness waiting for you and that’s only thing you need to chase in this life.