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How To Ignore Him To Get His Attention (7 Simple Tips)

How To Ignore Him To Get His Attention (7 Simple Tips)

One thing I know for sure about men is that when you start ignoring them, they instantly start missing you. So, if you want to get your ex back or make your man want you more, you should simply ignore him to get his attention.

Relationships are tricky. And sometimes you need to come up with good strategies in order to get a guy’s attention.

Maybe you are in a long-term relationship that just hit a rough patch—he is distant, and you feel like he is losing interest. He seems to be pulling away, and you don’t know how to handle the situation.

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Maybe you are just beginning a new relationship and you don’t want to ruin it by being too clingy. You want everything to flow smoothly, but even though it is still too early to say anything, you feel like he is pulling away.

Take a deep breath. And slow down.

Most women would overreact. They would make some stupid moves in order to get the guy’s attention.

But you won’t because I will reveal to you some secrets and teach you how to ignore a guy to get his attention, even though it might feel now like a lost cause.

For situations like this, for a ‘disease’ called pulling away, you need the secret ‘medicine’ called IGNORE.

Even though it seems simple and quite obvious, believe me—when emotions are involved, you will have a difficult time controlling your actions.

Sometimes you even catch yourself doing things you swore you never would.

If somebody told you a story about a girl who was texting a guy even though he was not texting her back (or something similar), you would probably say: “I would never do that. Is she crazy? If I was in that situation I would ignore him completely.”

But here you are, doing the same thing—even though you said you wouldn’t. And that simple ‘ignore him to get his attention’ seems so difficult.

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Does Ignoring Someone Get Their Attention?

If your presence doesn’t hold someone’s attention, ignoring them definitely will. The silent treatment is a very awful and painful ordeal, but at the same time, it’s very effective if you want to get someone’s full attention.

It can really drive a man crazy, especially when it comes from a person you honestly love. Your mind becomes totally occupied with that one person who ignores you.

Ignoring him to get his attention is a very powerful tool you can use to bring your ex back and I’m sure it won’t backfire on you IF you do it in the right way. Just hit that ignore button and you’ll see that it’ll provoke a reaction from your man earlier than expected.

How To Ignore Him To Get His Attention? 7 Simple Methods

Use ‘ignore’ in the right way. Start with yourself, then gradually work your way to getting what you want from him.

Here are some relationship tips to make the mission of ‘ignore him to get his attention‘ more likely to succeed:

Ignore the need to have exaggerated emotional displays

This is a trap many women fall into. They think that guys experience emotions the same way they do. Then, they show all of their emotions too soon.

That’s exactly a reason why men pull away at the beginning of a relationship. The fact is that they operate on a different level to women.

It usually takes them more time to figure things out for themselves and to be sure about their emotions before sharing them.

If you are upfront with your emotions or exaggerate with emotional displays, it might be the reason he is taking a different direction.

Too much honesty will simply make him run as fast as he can.

So, take it slow. Timing is everything. Slow down to his pace, and only start showing emotions when he is ready to show them, too.

Make sure you are at the same level. By displaying your love and attachment too soon in a relationship, you might send signals that you are insecure or desperate.

By giving him space and time to think, you are maybe on the right track of giving you a shot of loving each other.

When you ignore him, he will probably start wondering why you changed, and why you are not giving him as much attention as before and, here comes the twist you’ve been waiting for, that will grab his full attention and make him go after you.

Ignore the need to overreact

Most women tend to jump to conclusions.

Maybe nothing is wrong, but you imagine it might be because he didn’t text back right away or he didn’t put a heart emoji at the end of a goodnight message.

Whatever you do, first make sure that a reason to worry and to react actually exists and that you need to react in some way.

Constant complaints and making noise all the time about the little things can make him run as fast as he can. Nobody wants to hear constant whining, especially for no reason.

Choose your battles wisely. If you really have an issue, you need to address it with him and make sure it’s a valid one.

If he hurts you in any way, you should tell him openly. However, exaggeration might suffocate a relationship.

You want him to see you as a woman who doesn’t overthink his every word.

Your life is your own, and you don’t have time to obsess about every little thing he does. You should only want to solve bigger problems.

He might even be surprised or concerned about why you didn’t react to the things you would normally lose your mind about.

Stop ignoring yourself, and he will stop ignoring you too

Put yourself first. Don’t be too attentive to his needs and don’t jump to every phone call and every last-minute invitation he gives you.

You don’t need to act busy. You need to be busy—busy with yourself.

Make your own life function the way you want it to. Always have a clear image of who you are and pay attention to your needs, too. Stop seeking validation from others and become a part of your own support system.

You have your studies, your friends and family, your work, your career plans, your activities, and your interests—regardless of him.

You need to have your own life, and, of course, he should be an important part of it. If you are too accommodating, he will get used to it.

He will take your time for granted and naturally assume that you will always make time for him.

He should be the one adjusting his plans to fit your schedule—at least sometimes.

You don’t need to bend over backward to fit into his plans all the time. Compromise is always a good thing but don’t ever make him think you don’t have your own life.

The truth is that most men want a strong and independent woman who will know how to arrange her priorities well. A woman who’ll make spending time with him one of her top priorities but not her one and only priority.

Stop ignoring your wishes

Take charge. Make road trip plans. Make dinner plans. Book tickets to see a movie he would be interested in. Buy tickets to a concert with some musician you both like.

Make any plans that you consider would be interesting for the both of you. Say you organized some activity and ask him to join you.

Most women are used to men making all the arrangements.

This is a way to show him that you are self-sufficient and able to organize activities, and you would very much like him to join you.

The crucial thing here is to say, “If you can’t go, that’s OK. I will ask some of my friends to go with me, cause I really wanna go.“ Keep it casual.

It will make him wonder, “What friends?” And you will show him that you are capable of having fun without him. This is a very subtle way of ignoring him to get his attention.

Play the ‘hot and cold’ game

If you are constantly ignoring him, he will tire of it after some time. He will think that he’s dealing with a narcissist and that he is hitting a brick wall. It’ll make him think that there’s no way that he has any chance with you.

So give him some hints that there might be hope for him after all. You played the role of an ice queen but from time to time, give him hints that you have a warm heart underneath.

Engage in conversation with him when you have a chance. Show him you are interested in what he has to say.

Let him feel like what he is saying is so captivating that you don’t want to miss a single word.

You can also do it over text. Simply send him a text message and ask him about something he has some information about and you don’t (just don’t make it too obvious).

If you see that your hints of attention are making him want to talk to you more or text you more all of a sudden, you are on the right path to nailing your ‘ignore him to get his attention‘ mission.

Make a balance between ignoring him and giving him some attention. You don’t want to act as a cold narcissist but you also don’t want to come off as needy.

Play the effective mind game of hot and cold, give him just enough to keep him hooked but not too much. Remember that balance is the key.

Spark his jealousy

Men are very competitive and sometimes all they need is a bit of jealousy to make them get up and go after you.

He might not even see what he has right in front of him until there is a threat that somebody else may take it away.

So, flirt, but in a way where you give your attention to others. Talk to some other man, smile a lot, touch his shoulder and have your focus only on him.

Make sure your man can see you talking to some other guy and don’t pay attention to anything other than the guy you are talking to.

Sparking jealousy is one of the most dangerous tactics because it might send him a message that you are uninterested or that you are interested in somebody else.

So make sure not to overdo the flirting game too much as jealousy will only drive him away. You need just a spark, not a massive fire.

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Follow his lead

If he is ignoring your text messages, don’t ask him why he does that. Do the same—don’t text him. Don’t call. Don’t stalk him on social media. Don’t insist. Don’t force things. It’s useless.

He will be more interested when he doesn’t hear from you than when you send text after text, trying to get to the bottom of things.

Ignoring him makes him wonder where you disappeared to. It forms a million questions in his head. It makes you seem like a puzzle and he will be eager to solve it.

And when you are too available, it does the opposite and it won’t definitely help you to get his full attention. He knows where you are, what you think and he knows that him not messaging you bothers you.

So he has the upper hand in that situation, even when he has no clue what’s happening and thinks that you probably don’t even care if he responds to your text or not.

He will respond eventually, and when he does, take your precious time in answering. Don’t make him think that you have been waiting by the phone for him to remember you exist.

Never let him see that you were upset because he didn’t text back. I know that these mind games can be exhausting but they are sometimes necessary.

Do Guys Notice When You Ignore Them?

Trust me, not only he’ll notice it but it’ll drive him completely crazy. It’ll bother him even more than you think. Needless to say, that’s only if you do it in the right way.

A high-quality man, the one who truly loves you and wants you in his life will always notice when something is off in your relationship. He’ll try to understand the reasons for your behavior first and then he’ll do everything to make things right again.

Do you notice when he ignores you? Of course, you do because you have strong feelings for him and can’t stand the thought that he might be driving away from you.

Will A Man Come Back If You Ignore Him?

If you want to get your ex back or to make him miss you, most relationship experts would probably give you the following relationship advice; ignore him to get his attention.

I agree that it’s a very effective relationship tip and it’s true that it works in most cases. But, and this is a huge and very important BUT, the truth is that no matter what you do, he’ll never come back to you if his feelings for you have disappeared.

On the flip side, if it’s true love, if your man still shares deep and honest romantic feelings for you, he’ll react to your ignoring right away because he won’t allow himself to lose the woman he loves.

He’ll come back to you for sure and all of this will only bring you closer. It’ll strengthen your relationship and prove that your love is so strong that it can overcome all obstacles. Your love life will bloom again.

Should I Ignore My Boyfriend To Get His Attention―Wrapping Up

If you want to grab your boyfriend’s attention and make him want you more, you should start ignoring him. It is a very effective mind game that will always show positive results, that’s if you do it in the right way, of course.

Ignoring your boyfriend is also a good way to test if he is really into you. If you ignore him in any of the ways listed above and he starts chasing you, you are on the right track.

It means you have his full attention. If he doesn’t do a thing, at least you will know where you stand, and it will be his loss if he doesn’t go after you.

It is not a good idea to invest a lot in a person who doesn’t invest in you, too. If they don’t fight for you as much as you do for them, it’s a clear red flag they don’t care about you as much as you do about them.

That’s why you shouldn’t give more to a person than they are giving to you.

You should care for each other the same way, and give the same amount of your time and attention to one another.

Obviously, you won’t measure and keep track of who gave more from themself on each different occasion, but make sure that overall, you are somewhere close.

All your efforts should be reciprocated, never settle for anything less. Remember that maintaining a healthy relationship is ALWAYS a two-way street.

And if that’s not the case, if your man starts pulling away, you could try to ignore him to get his attention and to pull him back in by showing him what his life would look like without your attention.

If you feel like you are giving too much and he is not giving anything at all, you might want to reconsider if you want that kind of relationship anyway.

The bottom line is that men are simple: if you chase them, they will pull away. If you ignore them, they will chase you.

  1. Angel brown says:

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  2. Sophia says:

    I’ve been with my BF for 1 year now, at first he used to text me all day long except when he was at work, he would text me after work. The flirty texts & attention would make me smile all day long!. we only get to see each other on weekends, so I think communication in the week is vital, however he ignores my messages for days, on the weekends it’s lovely we Are so loved up then next thing he doesn’t respond for as long as he feels, sometimes a day or two, I’m lucky if i get 2 texts a day!! it really annoys me & confuses me, I’ve told him how it makes me feel but he doesn’t change. I’m sick of putting all the effort in, so from now on im only going to put as much effort in as he does, & if the relationship falls apart then I don’t really care. I told him, text me or don t text me i don’t really care anymore, I’m pulling away i love him but I need attention. I need someone Who is there for me. Its ridiculous, theres been times ive actually needed him, but he is ” So busy” he can’t find 20seconds in his day to respond & send 1 text, I’ve actually had enough. I know it sounds silly falling out cos he does nt text enough but communication is vital! So I think it’s time to give him some of his own treatment !! Let him know how it feels to be ignored & felt like your not cared about. IT Hurts.

  3. Anonymous123 says:

    This is working for me at this MOMENT! When I was chasing his love and affection, so much that I would drive to meet him and argue and ask him why he ignoring me, he pulls away. Two weeks ago I have not called or text in 8 days…very unusual from the needy nagging girl…now he calls me, texts me, wondering if something is wrong. I just don’t give that much energy to the relationship anymore because he stopped FIRST. I’ve cried and pleaded for 1.5 years. Those days are now OVER.

    • Mimi says:

      I wish I could get to that point mine has all my belongings we have a child together and I believe he was cheating so I confronted him and he attacked me like it was my fault. I should just let go

    • Michelle says:

      Absolutely. I am in the same situation so I’m just gonna ignore him like he does to me. For now I’ve not texted him in a week. I think I’ll continue a little longer.

    • Kari Hampton says:

      Girl I feel you, i am tired of chasing him. Like earlier today I texted him at 3:55 he called me at 3:59 we spoke for a few minutes then I went to class for 5 hours and after that I got out and I text them hey are you mad at me haven’t responded to my text but he got really mad at me because I forgot that we had spoke and he’s been ignoring me all day and it’s my birthday today I told him it was an honest mistake I am going to leave him alone for a while and let him chase me because I am tired

  4. Unknown says:

    This really works believe me…

  5. Jacky says:

    No I will never play these pointless games again!!!!! Real men don’t act like this!!! Boys do….!It would be exhausting if one had to follow this advice…..!!!!! Be yourself and that’s it.. The right person will see you for the wonderful person that you

  6. Anonymous says:

    Actually I find this technique to work. Once the person flirts with me, I flirt back a little (that’s usually when they’re giving me the cold shoulder) and they like it. Then I will reciprocate what they do to me. It’s all about a game of cat and mouse. I must say, I enjoy getting this person to pursue me.

  7. Cory says:

    This is HORRIBLE ridiculous advice and doesn’t work.

    Examples: if I’m ignored I walk away.

    Wanna play hot and cold? I’ll think you’re crazy.

    Crap crap crap.

  8. hero says:

    i guess that ignoring is the best way but it is so hard for me because i used to text him everynow and then now i feel like i lack something