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To The Girl Who Wants To Go Back To Him: You Don’t Need Him

To The Girl Who Wants To Go Back To Him: You Don’t Need Him

You miss him. You miss the way he would hold you in his arms, making you feel safe and sound. You miss his voice and the way he would say your name.

You miss him. I get it. There is a lot to miss because all those memories that are piled up inside you make you think that you might have left an amazing person but believe me—you don’t need him.

With all those tears in your eyes, you’re listening to your heart that’s telling you how you should go back to him.

Your heart is telling you that he’s the one whom you should be looking at for the rest of your life. But please, think about it one more time. Do you really want to go through all that again?

Do you really want to go back to a man who did nothing but hurt you? Behind all those happy memories that are now going through your mind and making you regret leaving there is a part that you are choosing to ignore and it’s the most important part.

It’s the way he made you cry every night and the way he wasn’t even there for you to wipe away your tears.

You shouldn’t go back to a man who made you miserable. Why would you ever want to be touched by a man whose hands smell of another woman?

A man who isn’t even aware of what he lost? You were only miserable while you were with him.

You are stuck in a battle between your heart and mind. I know the feeling. Like your chest is tearing itself apart from the inside out while your brain is telling you to keep on walking away from him.

I understand you and those thoughts that are fighting each other, never knowing who’s going to win. But trust me on this one, you don’t need him.

You don’t need him and you never will. What did he give you besides unwanted tears and little moments of affection that turned out to be seduction?

Did he give you his comforting words and an understanding tone? No. Did he give you security, attention and love? No. He gave you nothing but wasted time that you won’t get back ever again.

And it hurts but you will survive. Look at yourself! You’re a fighter! You are wonderful beyond measure so even if it hurts, even if it feels like your legs are giving up and your heart is tearing itself apart, know that you will be fine. Just like he is.

You will be fine without him. Maybe even better than that, because you won’t be stuck with a man who isn’t able to love you the way you deserve and isn’t able to kiss you without asking for something in return.

In a few years all this will seem like a faded memory, which you won’t even know why you were sticking to so badly.

You will look back at yourself and you will be proud. When everything is over and your heart stops screaming out his name, when your feet don’t feel so heavy anymore and you stop shedding tears for him.

The time will come when you will turn back to this situation right now and you will be the most proud person alive, because you made it! You became stronger and no one can take that away from you.

Take your strength with you and keep on walking. Going back to him isn’t even an option anymore when all he did was turn you into this wreck.

So gather all the strength you have and leave. He doesn’t deserve your mercy and he doesn’t deserve your forgiveness. He doesn’t deserve YOU!

Before I leave you alone with your thoughts, let me just remind you of that one man who is waiting for you at the end of this road.

A man who just wants you and who will show you how a woman should be loved. So keep on walking, with your strength, heal your wounds and he will come.

A real man who knows how to treat you right and someone who will be able to see the blessing you truly are.

So don’t look back. Keep on walking.