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8 Things That Only Guys Who Date Girls With Resting Bitch Face Know

8 Things That Only Guys Who Date Girls With Resting Bitch Face Know

Resting bitch face (RBF): the first association you get when you hear this phrase is a girl who naturally looks mean.

You don’t know what she is thinking or how she is feeling by simply looking at her face. Her face is basically expressionless.

It is actually a neutral facial expression that a woman makes when she is indifferent. But to other people, it might seem like she is mad, annoyed, frustrated, irritated or angry.

She has a calm face no matter what. Her emotions are not like a roller coaster to go up and down.

Of course, she is capable of feeling. But, she doesn’t express it like other girls do.

She is genuine and true to herself. If you are lucky enough to be her boyfriend and see past her RBF, you see she is genuine and true to herself, and you love her for it.

She is mysterious.

She is a puzzle and that’s the first thing that draws you to her. It was challenging and made you chase her. You could never predict her next move. It just made you try harder. It made you want her more.

When you got to know her better, you know she loves you behind RBF.

She just displays emotions differently. She cries and she smiles but not as often as other girls do. She needs stronger emotions to move her face.

It doesn’t mean she is not feeling anything It just means she is not showing it for everyone to see. She might have more intense feelings than the girls that put them out there for everyone to see. You appreciate that about her.

She is not mad at you. She just looks like she is.

When she is mad, you will know. There is no use in trying to decipher that face. It looks indifferent.

She will let you know if you have done something wrong. It’s almost a rule for most girls with RBF to be direct and tell you what they mean right to your face.

Your friends tell you she is weird.

In a nice way, telling her that she looks mad. They are a little bit intimidated by her. They also might make jokes like, “It’s obvious who the boss in your relationship is”.

When they actually give her a chance and meet her, they say, “She is actually nice.” Opinions vary. Luckily, you care only about her—other people can keep their opinions to themselves.

You are so proud of yourself for making her smile.

This is not an easy task, so it’s a challenge for you. You tried hard to make some jokes, or do some stunts and you know she only smiles when she really means it.

You like that she’s not fake.

She stays true to herself. She has her own way of thinking and behaving. She is not bending over backward to please people.

She has her standards and opinions, and if she doesn’t agree with something, her face will show it.

RBF is her defense mechanism.

You listened closely to her life stories. So, you found out she was a people-pleaser when she was growing up. She got tired of proving herself to people and getting them to like her.

She found out that the only person she needs to please is herself. She also got good at reading people and she doesn’t have time for anything phony. And you value her for that.

Even her bitch face is pretty.

You think she is perfect just the way it is. She is more special and unique to you than all the girls that have smiles on their faces all day long.

And she told you what her secret is. “Smiling gives you wrinkles. Resting Bitch Face keeps you pretty.”