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To The Girl Who’s Still Waiting: No Response Is Still A Response

To The Girl Who’s Still Waiting: No Response Is Still A Response

There you are again, looking at your phone and scrolling through your messages. You are waiting for him, for that one message to change it all and make you remember why you fell in love with him in the first place.

You want to see that he cares. You want him to make you believe that it’s not over yet and you want him to have a response of any kind, but dear, let me tell you that no response is still a response.

You’ve been waiting for too long. No matter how much time that includes.

If it’s been two days or a week, it’s just too much time wasted on someone who doesn’t even bother to show you that you mean a lot to him. He doesn’t react and it doesn’t bother him to lose you .

He knows that he will lose you. No man is stupid enough to believe that by ignoring a woman he will get her affection.

He is doing this on purpose and no matter how much you want to deny that, it’s a fact.

Do you really believe that a man who loves you would behave like this? A man who loves you will be afraid to ever lose you, to ever hurt you or make you cry.

He will hold you tight and he will want to spend every waking hour with you. A man who wants to have you in his life won’t make you wonder whether he is serious about you because you will simply know.

You will know if he appreciates you enough by the way he doesn’t play games with you because people who want you in their lives tell you that you’re needed.

But this man, the one who is not responding, he will be surprised the next time he sees you, texts you or calls you and you don’t greet him.

You don’t text back and you don’t pick up the phone. He will be surprised and he will regret not making an effort to make you stay by his side. I can guarantee you that no man is heartless enough to not consider another option, to think about what would happen if he acted differently.

He won’t take your cold behavior so easily because he doesn’t know how to deal with people who are just like him.

You deserve so much more than staring at an empty screen . You deserve more than crying over his unsent texts and all those times you wanted to talk to him, but he wasn’t there for you.

I know that it was so beautiful to talk to him. It was so inspiring to have him in your life and to be sure that you have found yourself a man who can make you feel so special.

Now, when all of those things are gone, you are left wondering what went wrong. You thought that you two had so much potential, so you waited and waited. You waited for him to make the first move.

You waited for him to show you that he wants it to become something serious. But he keeps on disappointing you constantly. He keeps on showing you that whatever you were hoping for is in your head.

You’re now stuck in this cycle of tears and agony that keeps you from moving on. You’re constantly breaking your own heart and you feel it in your chest, stabbing you and begging you to stop doing it. But you can’t give up hope, can you?

Yes, yes you can. It doesn’t mean that you’re giving up on something real. You’re not giving up on someone who is ready to do everything it takes just to make you happy.

You’re walking away from someone who doesn’t even know what true love feels like. You’re moving on and that is not something that makes you weak.

You have learned a lesson. You have had an experience with someone who didn’t even bother to show you their kindness and respect.

But how about the next time you meet someone and get so invested in them, you let it be someone who shows you love. Someone who isn’t ashamed to dedicate a whole day to make you happy.

Someone who doesn’t mind making you a priority every single day.

The next time you meet a guy, don’t get stuck waiting, looking at your phone for a call, but live your life. You don’t need a man and he will never be something crucial in your life.

Just give yourself the permission to live your most amazing life without ever needing that call, needing that text. Maybe his ‘no response’ is a clear message to stop waiting and start living?

  1. Shawn says:

    Wish i could find one woman that want be love but start fill like love not out there