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9 Key Principles Of Trusting Your Gut Feeling About Someone

9 Key Principles Of Trusting Your Gut Feeling About Someone

The forever dilemma: trusting your gut feeling about someone or following the logical way of thinking? When you find yourself at the crossroads, should you trust your intuition or your conscious self?

Should you walk down the spiritual road or the rational path?

Well, before you make a decision, let me tell you that trusting your feeling frequently means stepping out of your comfort zone and habitual behavior patterns. But, I assure you that it’s always the best choice.

If you don’t believe me, let time do its magic and see for yourself.

Here is everything you need to know about trusting your gut feeling about someone or something: what is it, how to recognize it, and why it’s the right decision, no matter what.

What Is A Gut Feeling?

Simply put, this feeling is intuitive and instinctive, like an inner voice or a sixth sense. It just comes to you and it can hardly be reasoned.

It’s the sensation of “just knowing something” without having a logical explanation for it. It’s making a decision without any data or analysis.

Sometimes, the gut is similar to a warning sign and a red flag that something is off, and at other times, it’s like a guide that shows you the path. Either way, it’s a feeling that overwhelms your entire body, and it usually comes from your belly.

Sounds familiar, right? I’m sure that there doesn’t exist a single person in this world who hasn’t experienced something like this.

So, let’s get on to business and dissect this phenomenon.

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Signs You’re Experiencing A Gut Feeling

Not everything is your intuition. Sometimes, you’re just scared and insecure about making an important decision, so you get the feeling similar to a gut instinct in your stomach.

This is how you’ll learn to differentiate between an instinct and everything else.

Seeing an angel number is like hearing a doorbell ring

Have you ever heard about angel numbers? Even if you haven’t, I’m sure you’ve encountered them at least once in a lifetime, even though you might not have been aware of it.

Simply explained, angels and divine forces use these numbers to communicate with you. Yes, it would be great if they could just come knocking on your door, tell you what to do, and resolve all of your dilemmas.

But sadly, things don’t work like that. Nevertheless, angels in a way do ring your doorbell by sending you these coded messages.

I’m talking about numerical sequences you keep seeing at some point in your life. How many times have you caught yourself constantly noticing the same numbers together?

For example, you look at the calendar and all you see is the number 4. You dial someone’s phone number and it has 333 in it. Or, most frequently, you look at the watch and the time is 11:11.

Well, despite what you might believe in, this is everything but a coincidence. In fact, each one of these angel numbers has its message. Your job is to read in between the lines and understand what you’re being told.

Seeing these numbers is one of the most common and significant signs that you have a sixth sense. It’s time to set logic aside and listen to your intuition. Go for it because the Universe is on your side.

The truth is that you feel like something or someone summons you to look at the clock at a certain time. And, that happens more than once a day.

Well, let me tell you that you’re not imagining things. You know when to look exactly then because someone really is trying to send you a message.

Let’s try this experiment. Whom do you think about when you look at the clock and see the angelic number, 222?

Well, it’s likely that this person thinks of you as well. Trust me – they don’t come to your mind without a reason.

The examples are endless, but the bottom line is the same: this is the situation, and trusting your gut about someone is the right thing to do.

A dream is a way for your subconsciousness to speak to you

Another sign as to why you should never doubt your intuition is your dreams. According to some experts, dreams are, in most cases, entirely random.

They have nothing to do with your real life and they don’t mirror your emotions or mental health. They are not your insight into the future nor are they connected with the past.

Well, I’d have to disagree with this one.

Even though dreams are a way that our brain expresses and process everything it’s been through during the day, it’s a fact that some people dream so vividly that they have a hard time distinguishing their dreams from reality.

If you’re one of these people, I have some good news for you: it means that you should be trusting your inner voice about something and someone. Actually, this is like you have superpowers.

Your intuition is so strong that it keeps on sending you signals even while you’re sleeping. Your entire body rests at nighttime, but your gut works around the clock.

How are dreams and instincts connected? The answer is pretty logical: they’re both ruled by subconsciousness.

They disregard what’s reasonable, but they always send you a message. Similar to angel numbers, sometimes, these messages are coded.

After all, how many times have you woken up after a dream that seemingly made no sense at all? How many times have you dreamt about your crush and then ended up seeing them the next day?

Despite not being able to connect the dots, the sensation and the impression it left on you followed you for an entire day.

But, after a while, you got a hold of it. Maybe something happened… you met or lost someone or things got a bit clearer. Either way, the point is that all of a sudden, that dream from a while back reappeared in your memory.

That was when it hit you – finally, everything made perfect sense. It was only when all the pieces of the puzzle fell together and when you realized that you got the message from your subconsciousness while you were sleeping.

Empathy is feeling someone else’s heart

Another thing intuition is tightly connected to is your empathetic skills. You might not see it right now, but if you dig a little deeper under the surface, their bond will actually be quite reasonable.

What does it mean to be a spiritually empathetic person? It is the ability to feel what others are feeling, right? To an extent, it’s the ability to read people’s minds. It’s to see right through their intentions.

Being empathetic means that you are able to figure out what the other person is feeling without them having to verbalize anything. It’s also being compassionate and being strongly influenced by other people’s emotions.

Well, isn’t that also a subconscious thing? How many times have you met a new person and you had a feeling about them?

Did you feel this inexplicable fondness and affection towards them? Did you feel that you could trust them with your life, even though this was the first time your paths crossed?

Or, maybe the opposite happened. Did you despise and detest someone despite the fact that they never did anything wrong to you?

Of course, you tried your best to fight against this feeling. You didn’t want to judge someone before getting to know them, but you just couldn’t help yourself – it was stronger than you.

The craziest part is that you turned out to be right every single time.

Even though everyone else had the opposite opinion about this person and even though everything pointed to them being different, somehow, the feeling you had from the beginning of the story turned out to be an accurate one.

How can you explain this? Well, this is exactly your gut talking to you.

By being an empath, you sense other people’s emotions. The same way you have the ability to sympathize with them in moments of sadness or happiness, you can also read through their intentions.

In touch with your emotional side

Nevertheless, this is not where the link between empathy and intuition ends. Let’s look at things this way: if you’re an empath, can you be empathetic towards yourself?

By its definition, empathy is all about being compassionate towards others. But, can one be compassionate towards themselves?

Sounds funny, I know. Nevertheless, when you come to think of it, you’ll realize it’s actually quite rational.

You see, a lot of people have a hard time understanding their own feelings. Not only that: they also repress their emotions and do everything in their power to run away from them and bury them under the surface.

As an empath, you’re not one of these people. On the contrary, at every single moment, you’re perfectly aware of everything your heart is telling you.

Therefore, it’s nothing strange about the fact that you’re not only in touch with your emotional side – you’re also firmly associated with your subconsciousness.

They say that in ordinary people, their conscious part of the brain encompasses only 5% of their minds while the rest is subconscious. Well, you’re everything but ordinary.

In your case, both levels are intertwined at all times. You sense everything most people are not even aware of, and that is exactly why trusting your gut feeling about someone is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Situations In Which Listening To Your Inner Voice Is A Must

The biggest problem here is that many people have no idea what the difference is between trusting your sixth sense and being paranoid.

Where is the line between overthinking and giving your inner voice autonomy when it comes to decision-making?

Where is the balance?

How can you tell if your bad feeling is telling you that something or someone is wrong for you or you’re actually thinking of the worst possible outcome and trying to prepare yourself for the darkest scenario?

How can you tell if a guy is really into you? Did your gut read through his body language signs and hints properly?

Or, do you keep on seeing something that is not actually there (or, at least, you misinterpret it)? After all, you like this guy and you want him to like you back.

So, who can guarantee you that you’re not blinded by your feelings to the point where you engage in tons of self-deception?

When is trusting your intuition about someone a must, and when is your subconscious mind trying to project your desires and fears? Well, there are some situations where it’s much safer to listen to your intuition.

Danger hides in beauty and beauty hides in danger

How many times have you felt that something or someone was dangerous for you or for your loved ones? To be clear, you had no logical explanation for this – you just knew.

There were times when your close friends and family tried to convince you that someone is a good person while you begged to differ.

You sensed that this person was a toxic narcissist or a manipulator despite having no evidence whatsoever about your claims.

At first, you even feel guilty about thinking this way. After all, this person has done you no harm, but there you are, judging them without an apparent reason.

But, later on, it turns out that you were the only one right all along. Sooner or later, they take their masks off and everyone sees their true face.

The entire world sees that they were too good to be true, and that you read right through them from the very beginning.

This is not the only case of your gut instinct protecting you from danger. Sometimes, you decide to reschedule your plans at the last minute.

You don’t take the usual route home, and later, you find out that an accident happened at the exact time and place you were supposed to be. Or, you cancel plans with your friends just to find out that they were robbed the next day.

Is this all a coincidence? I bet not. This is you keeping yourself safe.

The trick is that danger isn’t always as visible as we’d like it to be. At least, not to our conscious mind.

But, your subconscious part of the brain sees much more. It sees danger even when it’s hidden in beauty. And, that is exactly when you must trust your intuition.

The wrong choices bring you to the right places

Nevertheless, sometimes things go the other way around. There are situations when, logically speaking, you’re going towards disaster.

But, deep down, you know that you’re making the right choice as wrong as it might seem. You have a hard time explaining this to yourself, let alone to others.

This can be related to your love life.

Maybe, all of your loved ones are telling you that this person will break your heart, but your inner voice keeps shouting not to let them go, and just like that, despite all expectations, you two end up living happily ever after.

Or, maybe it is something about your career. You have a steady job that everyone would wish for, but your gut is telling you to run for your life. So, you ignore everyone judging you, you quit, you risk it all, and you pursue a new career.

Before you know it, the company you used to work for bankrupts. At the same time, luckily, you’re doing better than ever. You’re earning more money and are happy with your new job.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

We’ve come to what might be the most important instinct of them all – the one that has to do with your health.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about physical or mental health here – the point is that you’re subconsciously more aware of all of your conditions than you might think.

How many times have you sensed that something is off with your mind or body? You can’t seem to identify the red flags, but you know that they’re there.

Deep down, something is telling you to ask for help. But, you refuse to do so. You refuse to admit that you might be sick or that you need medical assistance, which ends up being the biggest mistake of your life.

The point is that trusting your gut feeling about someone doesn’t only apply to other people. Most importantly: it applies to you.

Why Trusting Your Gut Instinct Is The Right Choice

If you still don’t believe me, here are the reasons why trusting your inner voice about someone is always the right choice.

All of your past experiences are still a part of you

The first reason why you should be trusting your intuition about someone is your past. You may think that some people and situations are long gone, and therefore, forgotten, but trust me – that can’t be further from the truth.

Everything you’ve ever been through and every person who’s ever crossed your path is still engraved in you.

I’m not talking about your conscious and “active” memory here only. I’m also referring to things and people you’re convinced you don’t remember anymore.

These are all the parts of who you are now. The person you once were is still alive in the person you’ve become.
That is exactly why your past is, at all times, a part of your present and will be the part of your future as much as you try to avoid it.

Basically, when you have more experience with certain types of people or situations, your gut will be stronger about them and about what to do next.

Let’s take this for an example. In the past, you were involved with an unfaithful partner. You’ve been through all the phases: them sneaking around, you snooping around, and finally finding out the truth.

This experience alone taught you a lot. Now, you’re capable of recognizing the first signs of adultery the moment someone starts fooling around behind your back.

You see things that your best friends who have never had this experience would never notice or realize after a while.

Here, we’re talking about the situation you’ve been in only once. But, what would have happened if you had more than one unfaithful partner? (which I sincerely hope you didn’t have)

That’s right – you’d become a true expert. You would develop the ability to smell infidelity a mile away.

This is true with any other experience from your past. Even though these events are behind you, the lessons you’ve learned from them are hugely present next to you at this point.

So, I guess that listening to your sixth sense isn’t all that sci-fi after all.

Believe in yourself – you’ll be unstoppable

It has been proven that trusting your feelings about someone is magnificent for your self-confidence. It brings you back faith in yourself, and it helps you see that your decision-making skills are at their finest, despite what anyone might think.

Have you ever been in a situation where you ignored logic and whatever others were telling you to do? Despite all the advice, you followed your own lead and made moves that looked like they were doomed to fail from the start.

But, despite popular belief, things went much better than expected. In fact, everything turned out pretty flawless.

Didn’t that make you proud? Didn’t you feel smarter, wiser, and stronger? And, who was responsible for all of it?

Well, your instinct – what else? After all, that’s what you followed the entire time – that tinny, inner voice that kept telling you that you were doing what was right.

These moments of self-pride are what build your confidence. They make you see how capable and skillful you actually are.

Therefore, your gut helps you feel better about yourself. It helps you see your true worth, and it makes you believe in yourself.

From that moment on, once your core confidence erects, nothing and nobody can stop you. You learn that other people’s opinions shouldn’t concern you.

You do your thing no matter what everyone else is telling you. Not only that: what is even more important is that all of this makes you realize that you’re the only one who knows what’s best for your life.

Now, we go back to your past shaping you. After a while, the success you had while you were listening to your inner voice becomes a part of history.

Before you know it, it becomes an experience that taught you all this, and just like that, you adopt listening to your instincts as a behavior pattern.

Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions silence your inner voice

Insecure people don’t listen to their gut. In fact, to be precise, they don’t even hear it. They’re so focused on their self-doubts that their intuition becomes quieter and quieter until it fades away almost entirely.

What you don’t know is that this lack of faith in oneself is almost always caused by others. Wherever you turn, people are judging you and trying to control your life.

Without you being aware of it, all of this heavily impacts your thought process. So now, you keep hearing the voice of your insecurities that overpowers the whispers of your gut.

Because science says so – that’s why

As incredible as this might sound to you, science actually confirms most things from above. If nothing else, it admits the existence of gut instinct.

Simply put, your gut is the connection between all the nerve cells in your body. When you’re making a choice, every part of your body and mind is included in that process, and your final decision is always the product of your emotions and your rationality.

The next time you get that feeling in your stomach, remember that it’s actually a signal you’re getting from your brain. Of course, before that happens, your intuition sends signals to your brain, which additionally forwards it to the stomach.

Even though the brain has always been represented as the rational organ, the truth is different. Namely, when you’re in the middle of an important decision-making process, your entire being takes part in it.

A neuroscientific explanation is that these kinds of feelings don’t come out of the blue. According to science, there is nothing supernatural about it, and it all happens in your nervous system.

In fact, your intuition appears as a result of numerous thought processes you’re utterly unaware of. It is actually a conclusion based on your past and all the other parameters you’re presented with.

Science claims that sometimes, you pick up on something without even being aware of it. You don’t register the learning process, but you most certainly remember the adopted lesson when you need it.

Should You Trust Your Gut Feeling That Someone Likes You?

The answer is, without a doubt, yes. In fact, this should be your number one parameter when trying to get to the bottom of someone’s feelings for you.

In most cases, people won’t come clean to you about their emotions. Maybe, they’re afraid of rejection or they’re too self-conscious to make an actual move.

But, if someone just has a crush on you, you’ll realize it. You’ll see it with the help of their body language signs, and most importantly, with the help of the vibe they keep on sending you.

When trying to get to the bottom of your intuition in a situation like this, mindfulness is the key. You have to disregard everything else except your rational mind, overthinking biases, wishes, fears, and insecurities.

Be present at the moment, and don’t project any of your emotions onto this person. Just put your entire focus on whatever your gut instinct is trying to tell you.

Do you have an inkling that this person is into you? Are you sure about it with every atom of your mind and body and in the deepest pores of your being?

If the answer is yes, then there is no more room for suspicion. Go for it – I promise you won’t regret it.

To Wrap Up:

All of this might seem like a lot of rubbish to you, but that’s your conscious mind talking and telling you not to trust your intuition.

On the other hand, I know that deep down, you know that everything you just read makes sense. Isn’t it funny and somewhat ironic?

This is your intuition telling you that intuition does exist and that you should listen to what it has to say. So, trust me when I tell you to spend less time thinking and more time trusting your gut feeling about someone.