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11 Surprising Things You Need To Know About Your Twin Flame Journey

11 Surprising Things You Need To Know About Your Twin Flame Journey

What Is A Twin Flame Journey?

Out of all the spiritual journeys out there, the twin flame journey might be the most difficult one. After all, your spiritual growth depends on someone else’s ascension path as well.

However, despite the effort and the determination needed for this journey to be successful, it really is worth all the trouble. It is the most rewarding voyage you’ll ever take.

Besides reuniting you with your twin flame, this journey will also help you find the purpose of your soul, which is far more important. It will awaken you and help you find yourself.

Sounds like a lot of work, I know. Well, the good news is that we’re here to hold your hand along the way.

Here are 11 surprising things you certainly have to know about your twin flame journey.

A soul contract

First and foremost, this is not just any kind of union; it is actually a twin flame reunion. This means that you were connected to your match made in heaven in your past lives.

Without even being aware of it, you’ve spent all of this time searching for each other. You’re craving seeing one another even if you don’t know it.

I’m sure you’ve felt a certain void you can’t explain at least once in your life so far. You know that sensation when you feel like something is missing but you don’t know who or what?

It seems that you have literally everything in your life but despite that, it’s like there is this hole in your soul apparently nothing and nobody can fill.

Well, this is happening because your entire soul and body are yearning for your twin connection.

You’re missing a person you don’t think you’ve even met before when in fact, you already bonded with them sometime in your past lives. Your bodies and souls know each other very well.

You two are drawn to one another like magnets. Your unconditional love is written in the stars and there is absolutely nothing you can do to avoid it.

Let’s put it the simplest way possible; you and your true twin flame have signed something called a soul contract. You don’t remember it but your souls reached an agreement to spend eternity together.

Sounds crazy, I know. However, it’s the only truth. Every move you make and every step you take in this life leads you to this twin flame connection.

Every situation you have found yourself in, including the ones that seemed completely irrelevant, actually happened to you for this reason. They were all nothing except preparation for what’s coming next: this reunion.

So, the next time you ask yourself why all those wrong people had to march through your life and why you had to go through all of these obstacles, remember this.

Remember that it was all a part of a bigger plan to bring you to your match made in heaven.

It has a higher purpose

If you’re completely clueless about the concept of twin souls, you’ll see this spiritual journey as just finding your forever person.

Well, let me tell you that this is actually more than that. In fact, a twin flame journey has a much deeper meaning and a reason not many can understand right away.

No, this is not about unconditional love and relationships only. On the contrary, the twin flame connection is there to help you reach your full potential. Also, you’re here to see your twin flame’s higher self.

Your own journey toward your divine union has the main purpose of speeding up your spiritual growth. It’s all about turning you into the person you were destined to be all along.

Sometimes, events on this ascension path will hurt you. You’ll get your heart broken and you’ll wonder if all of this even has a point.

However, that is exactly how things should go. You see, your spiritual journey is also there to toughen you up.

Once you reach your final goal, you’ll do so as a much stronger person and moreover, you’ll be a better human being.

The reason for all of your wounds will be revealed. Nevertheless, this will only happen so you can heal in a healthy way.

All of your personality traits that need to be worked on will be challenged. Each one of your flaws will appear on the surface and you’ll have the chance to fix them.

Besides teaching you how to love another human being with your entire heart and soul, the most important lesson you’ll learn along the way will be to love yourself the right way.

This journey will mold you into a person who has the capacity to feel a twin flame love toward others and toward yourself.

It will enlighten you and tear down all the barriers you’ve built inside of you that prevented true love from entering your soul.

This journey will purify your soul. It will make you greater and, most importantly, happier.

The divine union is eternal

As it was already stated, you and your match made in heaven are not only connected in this lifetime. This union process is more than your typical “till death do us part.”

In fact, even the end of your earthly life cannot destroy your bond or twin flame love. You two are meant to be and you will reunite in the afterlife, the same way you will reunite now.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that the connection they have with their true twin flame is broken just because the two of them are apart at the moment.

If you’re in a similar situation, worry not because your union is eternal.

Twin flames don’t have to be physically present in each other’s lives all the time. In fact, there will be moments, days, months or even years when your spiritual paths will drift apart.

However, remember that your hearts are connected even in those times. Your destinies are intertwined and you will never lose touch with one another, regardless of your physical reality.

Even if your bodies are not together, your souls are and that is the only thing that counts.

No matter how far away you two are physically from one another, your heart chords enable you to always feel each other’s presence.

You and your twin flame simply have matching energies and vibrations and nothing that happens in this world can break that apart.

This is why you ‘sense’ each other at all times and I’m sure you know very well what I’m talking about.

Your match made in heaven could be on the other side of the world, thousands of miles away from you. You two could be in different time zones and it’s possible that you haven’t heard from each other in ages.

Either way, from time to time, you feel when there is something wrong with them. You sense their emotions and vice versa.

This is due to your heart chords that are connected, despite the distance or time that has passed.

It doesn’t always go smoothly

If you’re someone who hasn’t experienced a twin flame journey, you’ll assume that it should be something perfect.

After all, there is no doubt that you and this other person are meant to be together. You are more than soulmates and you share a divine connection so what could possibly go wrong?

You think that you two should meet, fall in love with each other and spend the rest of your lives together, without any obstacles. Well, sadly, things don’t always go as smoothly as planned.

Even in fairy tales, the prince and princess don’t have their ‘happily ever after’ right away.

In fact, if that happened, they probably wouldn’t know how to appreciate this once-in-a-lifetime connection they are so lucky to experience.

Instead, the protagonists always go through different ups and downs. They have to overcome numerous obstacles before reaching their final goal.

Well, this is your real-life fairy tale and you’re the main character here. Therefore, don’t expect things to go as perfect as you think they should.

The harsh truth is that you and your twin flame will have to go through some serious hardships before finally ending up together.

There will be some arguments and issues that you won’t be able to resolve right away.

There will be periods of time you’ll have to spend apart, periods when some other people will even enter your life and when you’ll mistake these people for your soulmates.

However, even when this happens, you shouldn’t lose hope. Even at the worst of times, don’t forget one thing; this person is meant to be yours.

Remember that all of this is happening for a reason. All of these obstacles are here to strengthen your bond and to bring you two closer.

Most importantly, they’re there to put you two in matching vibrations and to put your energies in sync. There to awaken and cleanse your soul and mind.

The runner and chaser dynamic

Another crucial thing to know about every twin flame journey is that it always contains a runner and chaser stage.

Basically, the words themselves describe each twin’s role in the ascension process well enough. The runner is the one who runs away from the connection, while the chaser tries to catch them.

The trick is that this dynamic changes a few times during the journey, so it’s quite possible for you two to switch roles.

What’s important to realize is that both of the twins feel the same things. They sense the same energy and true love toward each other.

However, all of this affects them differently and their emotions are not displayed the same and this is exactly what makes the entire situation so complicated.

Even though you might think that the runner is trying to escape the other person, they’re actually running away from themselves.

The important thing here is that their feelings overwhelm them to the point where they become scared of them.

They don’t think they’re mature enough to experience this significant bond, so their first impulse is to run away from it and go back to their comfort zone.

The runner has a tendency to repress their emotions. It is possible that they feel like they’re not worthy enough for this divine love that is happening to them or they’re scared that it will take over them completely.

On the other hand, some runners have been heavily emotionally damaged in the past. Consequently, they’ve built a shield and they’re terrified of letting someone in.

Either way, the bottom line is that they think it’s easier to avoid contact with their twin than actually facing them.

Besides, the runner is very well aware that they still need to grow in order to be worthy of their chaser. They’re perfectly aware that they have to face their inner demons and fight them off.

They know that they have to go through a difficult spiritual awakening before becoming one with their twin so they choose to remain in their comfort zone.

They choose to delay this encounter for as long as they can until they’re completely ready for the reunion.

On the other hand, the chaser is constantly doing their best to reach out to the runner, who is pulling back at all times. Over time, this becomes their obsession, which scares the runner away even more.

You don’t have to literally run after the other person to be the chaser. It’s enough that they’re constantly in your thoughts and that your energy is directed toward having them back.

Don’t mistake things and think that the chaser is the ‘good guy’, while the runner is the bad one here. No, both parties are exactly where they’re supposed to be; in the place where they’ll learn their lesson the best.

First and foremost, the runner has to learn the importance of healing. They have to see how significant it is to work on yourself and how to become the best possible version of yourself before uniting with someone else.

On the other hand, the chaser has to be taught to focus on self-love. Obsessing over the other person won’t get you anywhere, even if we’re talking about your twin flame.

Instead, every chaser has to learn how to be happy, regardless of their twin’s absence or presence. They need to find peace from within, instead of seeing someone else as its source.

Your twin flame is your spirit guide

Your twin soul is your spirit guide and you two share an oversoul. Right now, you’re not two halves of one being; you’re just two lost people, trying to find your purpose in life.

Ironically, you both have to become complete on your own in order to unite and finally become one.

Only once you reach a certain level of spiritual maturity will you understand that you two share the same energies. You’re at the same vibrational frequency and you are going toward the light together.

5 Twin Flame Journey Stages

The word journey speaks for itself. From the very start, you know that this is a process that will last a certain period of time. However, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the truth is that this journey can take years.

Of course, you go through different phases during this time frame. In fact, there are certain stages of the twin flame journey all souls have to go through, at least to a certain extent.

Craving your twin flame

Both twin souls experience this first twin flame stage completely separately. You still haven’t met each other and you’re actually only craving your twin flame.

In fact, at this point, most people don’t even know what or whom they’re missing. They’re completely clueless about the concept of the twin flame journey.

Actually, you don’t even have to believe in real love or soulmates. Your life could be seemingly in perfect order.

Nevertheless, if you’re honest toward yourself, you’ll admit that deep down, you yearn for this person. It’s like a piece of you is missing but you don’t know where to find it.

You could be in a happy romantic relationship during this time.

You think that you have everything you need in this person and someone asked you what you would change in your relationship, you wouldn’t have the answer.

However, when you’re alone with your thoughts, you’re very well aware that they’re not the one for you.

At the same time, you know that your match made in heaven is somewhere out there. You don’t connect this feeling with any particular person.

You don’t think of their looks or personality traits but of their energy. You know exactly how this person will make you feel from the very first moment you run into them.

During this period, you do your best to rationalize your thoughts. You accuse yourself of being overly romantic and of expecting too much from your love life.

You don’t want to get your hopes up and most of the time, you put most of your effort into trying to chase them away, so you don’t end up disappointed.

However, you never succeed in doing so. Despite all of your attempts, your faith remains alive in you. There is this little flame of hope you never manage to dial down.

Whenever you feel empty or lost, you are certain that this special someone will enter your life to find and fulfill you.

Spiritual growth

However, you’re obviously still not ready for this person’s arrival, otherwise, they’d already be here.

Well, this is the stage in which you prepare yourself for the big encounter; the stage of your spiritual growth.

During this period, you’re starting the journey of becoming the best possible version of yourself and naturally, you won’t complete it before you meet your twin soul.

However, you will begin feeling the desire to change something about yourself.

This won’t happen because you’ll want to be more likable to others. It won’t happen under someone else’s influence or due to some life circumstances. Actually, you’ll be the one who will get the urge to become better.

No, this period won’t be all butterflies and roses. In fact, it is more likely for it to be full of different turmoil and hardships. Well, when this happens, don’t give on working on yourself. Instead, see it as a test of your strength.

Remember that everything happens for a reason. All of these difficulties have been put on your ascension path to toughen you up and mold you into a more mature version of yourself.

Just keep going because, at the end of this, your twin flame awaits you.

Even when you feel like you’re not making any progress, don’t fall into desperation. Instead, be proud of yourself for every baby step you took.

Be proud of every challenge that you overcame and of every difficulty that didn’t destroy you.

This is the period of time when your soul is reaching its peak. You’re finally aware of everything you’re capable of and you don’t plan on letting anyone destroy you.

During this stage, you’ll be focused on self-healing. You’ll slowly start to get rid of all of your emotional baggage from the past.

Your emotional wounds will still be present but now they’ll turn into scars. Instead of hurting you like they used to, they’ll just serve you as a reminder of everything you went through.

Above all, you’ll also get rid of the people whose energies don’t match yours.

You’ll cut off all the pessimism and negativity from your life so you can open up to better things and most importantly, you’ll learn how to love yourself the right way.

Yes, you’ll work on your flaws but you won’t despise every single imperfection about yourself.

The encounter

Now comes the phase everyone waits for; the encounter and falling in love of the twin souls. In this stage, your soul connection will finally enter your life, never to really leave it again.

The moment you meet this person, you’ll know that they’re the one. You’ll know that in front of you stands someone your soul was longing for all of this time. You’ll feel a strange sense of familiarity here.

Even though you see your special someone for the first time ever, it will be like you’ve known each other for all eternity. You know why this happens? Because it’s the only truth.

Remember what I told you about past and future lives? Well, even though your conscious memory forgot all about this person, your soul didn’t and it will never forget about their soul.

Now, it’s finally happy that it found its mate.

This sensation you’ll experience will be different from anything you’ve ever felt in your past. You were in love before but this will be different.

You don’t even have to actually talk to your twin soul but your karmic bond will draw you to them. You’ll have the urge to at least maintain eye contact with them even if you don’t have an opportunity to touch them.

The strangest thing about this encounter is that you’ll feel two polar opposite emotions at the same time; a rush of excitement and incredible calmness.

On the one hand, you’ll feel a roller coaster of emotions once this person approaches you; the adrenaline will hit because they’re finally there.

On the other hand, their presence will chase away all of your distress. You’ll feel like you’re home every time you’re around them and like this is exactly where you belong.

The good news is that the other party will also feel the same way. In fact, you’ll both fall deeply in love with each other soon enough.

You’ll feel so lucky that you found each other and, consequently, that you found yourselves, that nothing else matters.

You are enjoying the fruits of your life and you think that this is it; you’ve found your happily ever after.

Twin flame separation

Sadly, this is just the start of your problems because what comes next is the stage of twin flame separation. At this point, you and your soul connection will part ways.

You see, when you don’t love someone deeply, nothing coming from them can bother you very much. You don’t try to fix everything about them, nor do you mind their imperfections.

However, when there is so much love included, there is also a lot of passion. You overthink every little thing they say or do. You want to make them as perfect as possible and you become incredibly jealous.

The fear of losing your perfect match overwhelms you to the point where you lose your judgment-making skills.

You question this person’s love for you and you compare the amount of effort you’ve both put into this relationship.

There is drama wherever you look and before you know it, your entire twin flame relationship turns into one huge argument.

Your ego gets the best of you, as does theirs. Instead of focusing on your mutual happiness, the most important thing becomes who is right and who is wrong.

What you don’t see in this stage is that your twin soul is your mirror. You’re not bothered by their flaws and instead, you hate your personality traits that you see in them.

You’re still incapable of changing yourself to the fullest so you try to mold them to fit your standards.

After all of these hardships, you decide it’s time to call it quits.

Actually, the runner is usually the one who initiates the break-up, while the chaser wants to give your romantic relationship another try and this is where you experience the runner and chaser dynamic in its full glory.

The thing about this phase is that it can last for years. In fact, some twin flame couples reunite for a short period of time but then go back to the separation phase.

The bottom line is that this stage won’t end until you are both mature enough for your reunion.

Nevertheless, even though you’re separated, this person will be present in your thoughts and heart all the time. You might date other people and there will be times when you’ll think that you’ve finally moved on.

However, every time, you’ll go back to one another. You’ll always end up thinking about them and remembering them each time you feel lost and disappointed.

Twin flame reunion

Finally, your twin flame journey ends happily for both of you. After everything you’ve been taught, it’s time to reunite.

This doesn’t happen because the chaser catches the runner. Instead, you both surrender. You realize what is important and you let go of everything else. You each forget about your ego and your desire to be in control.

Most importantly, you reach peace with yourself. You overcome all of your dilemmas and issues and after all this time, you become the best version of yourself.

Basically, this twin flame union comes after your own inner union that you both experience. Now, you and your twin soul reach the oneness of your souls. Your soul contract is finally fulfilled.

Even though all twin flame couples go through all of these stages of the twin flame journey, be aware that your souls are unique and therefore, that your twin flame experience will be unique.

That’s why it’s important to keep all of these things you’ve now learned on your mind forever. It’s the only way to make your twin flame journey easier, without moving away from your final goal. Good luck!