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8 Ways To Focus On What You Want And Achieve Your Goals

8 Ways To Focus On What You Want And Achieve Your Goals

How often do you let negative thoughts overcome you and stand in your way? And how often do you focus on what you want, knowing that the end result will be well worth it?

Recently, I’ve noticed a toxic habit of mine. In times of struggle, I tend to dwell on the very things that are pulling me down, instead of shifting my perspective toward positive things.

Do you ever feel yourself going with the flow of things no matter how detrimental it can be to your well-being?

Sometimes it’s easier to just let go and hope it all works out somehow. But you don’t know that it will. You need to make conscious choices that will keep bringing you closer to achieving your goals.

Don’t be a passer-by in your own life. Snap out of it and shift your focus toward what you want, instead of dwelling on the bad.

In an effort to tip the scales in my favor, I’ve created 8 reminders to keep me on track and redirect my focus whenever I lose perspective.

It’s made a huge difference thus far and my hope is that it can resonate with you too. 

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Remain fully committed and motivation is likely to follow

In order to reach your end goal, first, you need to decide just how committed you’re willing to be.

Is it a mere desire that you can live without or is this something that you deeply crave? Depending on your answer, your commitment should be according to that.

People tend to expect things to just happen without putting in the work. But that’s not how it goes. You cannot give up when you’re halfway there, just because there is an obstacle.

Life is full of unexpected and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But if you really want something, you keep pushing!

You don’t give up at the first sight of trouble. You don’t pack your things and go the first time it gets rough. That’s a sign that you’re not as committed to your goal as you think you are.

Before embarking on your journey, no matter its nature, ask yourself these:

– How important to me is achieving this?

– How is it going to make me feel if I give up when I’m so close?

– What if I simply shift my perspective, stop finding reasons to stop and start finding reasons to keep going?

Ultimately, it’s all up to you. We all get dealt a bad hand sometimes. But YOU are the one who decides whether it’s worth the struggle or not.

Focus on your journey, NOT the destination

When embarking on a new journey, it’s all about the excitement, ability to learn, educating yourself and experimenting. There is a lot of importance on the journey itself.

If you’re able to shift your focus to that, instead of the results you’re seeking and the destination you’re eager to reach, the motivation will follow. 

That way, you will find it easier to get closer to your dreams, as the journey toward there is full of excitement all on its own.

Always focus on what you want but don’t let the final destination hinder your ability to enjoy the process.

That way of thinking will kill the motivation and burn you out just like that. Remain committed to learning, fuel your mind, body and soul and stop picturing the end goal for a second. 

You’d be surprised how much you could learn about yourself and your surroundings by just being present in the moment. 

Life isn’t about constantly waiting for something good to happen; it’s about learning to embrace what’s in front of you and finding happiness where you never thought possible.

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Get rid of negative thoughts

We all know that our thoughts are the main source of stress and anxiety we go through sometimes but they also have the ability to determine how you see your work.

If you choose to let the stagnating thoughts overcome your mind and suppress the positivity, you will leave yourself zero chance of having any type of peace of mind.

However, you have the choice to nip those thoughts in the bud. You have the unique ability to shift your perspective, focus on the goal and find ways to get there.

Are you going to let negativity rule your mind? Are you going to let yourself be emotionally stuck or will you focus on moving forward and step out of your comfort zone?

We all have fears and doubts. We all give in to them sometimes. But the thing is, at some point, you have to snap out of it. If you don’t, you’ll remain emotionally stuck and unfulfilled.

Do what scares you the most and let your comfort zone be home to someone else. Push your limits, be a daredevil and don’t look back.

Negative thoughts are the only thing stopping you from truly realizing your dreams. Let the positive part of your mind take over and do what you never thought you could.

Practice tough love

I’m familiar with so many individuals who choose the tough love approach when it comes to raising their kids. And if it’s within normal limits, I’m 100% down. 

But did you know that you can practice tough love on yourself too? 

We tend to keep a safe distance from tricky, difficult or uncomfortable situations so as not to get burned. And to an extent, it makes sense. But hear me out.

Sometimes, you NEED to put yourself in uncomfortable situations to grow. Sometimes, you have to endure those difficult circumstances to get closer to your goals.

It’s not going to kill you; quite the contrary. I’m all for practicing tough love. Don’t be too kind to yourself, as that will keep you well within your comfort zone. 

Branch out. Tell yourself what you really need to hear, despite your fears and insecurities. Challenge yourself even when you’re certain that you’ll fail.

Without it, you’ll never get where you want to go. Focus on what you want and do whatever it takes to get there, even if it means getting a little burned.

If anything, it will only motivate you to get there faster.

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Don’t let distractions get in your way

There are probably a million things you’d rather be doing right now. Everything seems easier and more comfortable than the journey you’re on.

Those are called distractions. If you’re currently unhappy with where you are, distractions will only keep steering you in the wrong direction.

There will always be some appealing time-wasters who will keep getting your attention. And instead of focusing on new, meaningful projects, you’ll be tempted to give in. But don’t. 

Learn to differentiate between what really matters and what’s in your way.

Commit, keep your focus intact, ignore the distractions and be aware of what your end goal is.

No matter what you’re embarking on, the drill is the same, whether it’s a new job in a different country, leaving your toxic lover once and for all, coming out to your nearest and dearest or branching out business-wise.

None of these things are easy. It takes strength, dedication and willpower to remain true to what you want and let it be known.

There will always be something keeping you from doing that thing but at some point, you’re going to have to decide that it will never be the right time until you make it so.

Stop relying on others and have your own back for once

Do you ever get the feeling that someone keeps expecting you to make some kind of difference in their life?

As if something you’ll do or say or the way you’ll make them feel could possibly make their life make sense. 

The thing is, until you’re perfectly happy on your own, nobody will be able to fulfill you.

And you should never expect anyone to be the deciding factor in your happiness.

Be your own wind beneath your wings. Be your own biggest cheerleader. Push yourself when you feel like giving up and don’t look to anyone else to do it for you.

Until you learn the importance of independence, you’ll never reach that final goal of yours. 

Everyone is busy with their own lives. Nobody has time to be at your beck and call 24/7 and it’s selfish to expect them to. People need to learn how to rely on themselves and be their own best friend.

Your friends will always support you and lift you up but it’s all on you; your motivation, your willpower and YOUR dreams.

You wouldn’t have time to hold someone else’s hand every day throughout their journey, right? The same goes for them. 

Depend on yourself and you’ll appreciate your success more than you ever would if someone led you there. After all, the amount of effort you put in will be reflected in the number of gains you make.

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Plan it all out in advance

Being organized is key. Once you have a concrete plan laid out and you know exactly when, what and how, getting there becomes significantly easier.

Know your every step and plan for possible problems. Have a plan B in case your plan A doesn’t pan out, as things can get in the way and you’ll have to think on your feet.

However, when you have a backup plan, failing won’t be as disastrous as it inevitably would be without it. Know your every step. 

What will it take to get there? Which avenues will you have to pursue and how time-consuming will it be? Fill out your calendar and note every single thing you can predict.

Scheduling things might seem like you’re sucking all the fun out of the journey but you’re not; you’re merely preparing yourself for every possible scenario precisely so that you can thoroughly enjoy the process.

This will help you revise what parts of your plan needs improving, where you’re the strongest and how long this is estimated to take.

Planning creates an opportunity to uncover new ideas and strategies you may not have thought of otherwise.

It brings order and clarity, helps make things happen efficiently and exposes any unforeseen blind spots.

Without a certain amount of discipline and a clear-slate perspective, you are starting at the back of the pack.

Make sure you don’t burn out in the process

When your motivation is at its peak, it’s that much easier to burn out sooner rather than later. 

Focus on what you want but also observe your body language and recognize when it’s telling you to take a break. We all need to hit the pause button from time to time and reset.

You’re not a robot and therefore, you can’t keep going without taking care of your mind, body and soul in the process.  

When you take the much-needed time to rest and recharge, you’re improving your chances to get what you want. It’s important to know yourself enough to know when it’s time for a break.

Don’t let your ambition be the end of you. It’s great that you’re driven and goal-oriented but without some rest time scheduled in your calendar, a burnout is inevitable.

Take it easy, close your eyes, focus on other things and let yourself breathe again. During your journey, you’ll encounter plenty of obstacles that will be hard to overcome if you’re not at 100% mentally.

Take care of yourself and everything else will follow. Don’t think that your lack of motivation is in any way linked to laziness or lack of commitment.

Everybody gets lost sometimes and there’s no shame in it whatsoever. 

Know yourself enough to put the brakes on when needed and continue only when you’re feeling rested, relaxed and ready for whatever lies ahead of you.

Your final destination isn’t going anywhere, so take your time. You’ll get there when your body gets a chance to catch up with your mind.

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