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Weak Men Vs. Strong Men: 15 Traits To Tell Them Apart

For as long as you can remember, you’ve been dealing with weak men.

Men who can’t handle your fierce personality, who think of you as being too much, and who can’t be your equals.

However, the problem is that you always saw their true colors when it was too late.

You never knew how to recognize an emotionally weak and insecure man right on the spot.

You see, weak guys are the ones who claim to be tough but are nowhere near that.

Instead, they run and hide on the first sign of inconvenience.

On the contrary, a strong man is a complete opposite.

In fact, there are some crucial differences between the two that can help you recognize the type you’re dealing with on time.

10 Characteristics Of Weak Men

1. He’s intimidated by your strength

alcoholic man in street holding beer beside the street wearing a shirt with hood on

The first thing that characterizes all weak men is the way they act in all of their relationships.

This especially goes to romantic ones.

The truth is that these men know that they’re not strong enough to be the topdogs.

They don’t have the emotional or intellectual capacity to be the leaders.

So, instead of trying to be better, they see the fact that you are an independent woman as a threat.

Instead of seeing you as an inspiration to improve, they see you as a competition they need to put down.

Instead of being proud of your achievements, this man feels endangered and intimidated by everything you accomplish.

man sitting on brown wood plank on the ground

He simply can’t stand the fact that you’re able to succeed on your own. He hates the fact that you don’t need his support for anything.

The thing that worries him the most is that you consciously choose him.

You don’t depend on him for anything. You are not with him because you couldn’t go through your own life without him giving you a hand.

You’re emotionally and financially self-sufficient and that’s what kills him from the inside.

Therefore, he’ll do everything he can to diminish your value.

After all, that’s the only way to put you down on his level. It’s the only chance he has to feel equal to you.

2. He doesn’t take initiative

monochromatic photo of man covering his face with 2 lights in the background

Being spontaneous can be a good quality in certain situations, especially in today’s era.

However, being laid back can’t be your real-life philosophy. At least, not if you want to make something out of yourself.

Nevertheless, that is exactly what these men do – absolutely nothing. Another trait common for all weak guys out there is lack of initiative.

Even when they’re in trouble, they expect things to work out on their own. They’re overly relaxed and go with the flow all the time.

At first, when you meet someone like this, you’re enchanted by his points of view. You’re fascinated by the fact that a relaxed and calm man like him exists in the world full of rush.

man in hoodie smoking cigarrette

Nevertheless, you change your mind at the first sign of trouble. You see that this guy has no ambition.

He acts incredibly immaturely for his age and is stuck in a dead spot that he doesn’t intend to move from.

Of course, after a while, his lack of initiative starts to bug you. You feel like you’re the only one carrying the entire weight of your relationship, while he just tags along and follows your lead.

The truth is that a man like this is scared of not succeeding, so he prefers not trying at all.

He knows he couldn’t handle failure, so he takes a passive approach to get away from all risky situations.

3. He doesn’t know what he wants

man in gray sweater standing beside a woman in beige jacket

You know the type of guys who can never make up their minds about anything, including you?

The men who don’t have the decency to choose you for real, but don’t leave your life either?

Cheaters who play mind games?

The guys who refuse to label your relationship? Who put you on hold and seem to keep you as their back up plan all the time?

Sadly, I think we’ve all had the misfortune to have at least one man with these traits next to us.

When you find yourself in this situation, you blame yourself. You think that you’re not enough for him to make up his mind about you.

woman sitting on the window while looking outside

Well, the truth is actually quite different. You see, this is not a mature man – he is a little boy who doesn’t know what he wants.

Most importantly, his indecisiveness doesn’t have anything to do with you. In fact, it is nothing but a consequence of his weakness.

He is actually not brave enough to make a decision and stick with it. He doesn’t have the strength to go after what he wants and deal with the consequences of his actions.

In fact, deep down, this guy is aware that he doesn’t have the capacity to make the right choices.

4. He never takes responsibility

couple having a misunderstanding far from each other guy on the window smoking

This is in fact another trait of all weak men – they never take responsibility for their actions or words.

In fact, they always put the blame on the other person and look for a way to get out of every situation as unharmed as possible.

Whenever this guy makes a mistake, he’ll try making someone else feel guilty for his behavior.

This is especially true when it comes to his romantic connections.

If you’re dating someone like him, you’ll always be responsible for everything wrong in your relationship.

sad woman in tub wearing black sleeveless

He’ll try presenting himself as almost perfect.

Even when he admits that he made a mistake, he’ll indirectly put the blame on you.

You’re the one who caused him to treat you that way and the one who provoked him.

Sounds familiar, right? Well, it’s just a sign that you’re dealing with an emotionally weak man who will never get to the level where he becomes aware of his wrongdoings.

Consequently, he’ll never have the capacity to at least try to correct his errors.

So, don’t expect to get an honest apology from someone like him. Trust me, even if he says he’s sorry, he doesn’t really mean it.

5. He’s unemotional

close up photo of a serious man in sweater and backpack

When you come to think of it, the first thing that has always been connected with a guy not being man enough is his emotions.

Whether we like to admit it or not, ever since the beginning of time, men were taught not to show their feelings.

In fact, they were almost forbidden to have any. You’re not a real man if you cry or admit that you’re hurt.

You’re not a tough guy if you get your heart broken or allow yourself to be sad.

If a man is romantic, he’ll probably be accused of being too cheesy and pathetic. If he expresses his emotional pain, he’ll be called a cry baby.

close up photo of tattooed man praying in grayscale

Therefore, you’d think that weak dudes are overly emotional. However, the truth is the complete opposite.

In fact, a weak guy is completely unemotional. Or at least, he pretends to be.

You see, this man doesn’t have the emotional strength to process his feelings. He doesn’t have the capacity to identify them, face them, and eventually handle them the right way.

Instead, a weak man will run away from his feelings. He’ll repress his emotions and pretend that they’re not there until they magically vanish.

Basically, this guy is an emotional coward. He’ll never have the courage to love you with all of his heart nor will he know how to express the depth of his feelings.

6. He’s aggressive and violent

angry man in coat with bushes at the back in grayscale

You might think that guys who are emotionally and mentally weak don’t have physical strength either.

Well, that can’t be further from the truth.

In fact, a huge, tall, muscled guy can have deeply rooted issues that make him a weakling.

These insecure men usually have a big problem with their self-esteem, which they try to cover up with aggression.

This is a type of man who doesn’t know how to express himself verbally.

close up photo of an angry man pointing his finger

He rarely has reasoning for what he preaches. So, he thinks he has to be loud to make a point, which often turns into emotional abuse.

As a matter of fact, every abuser is actually a weak person. It doesn’t mean if we’re talking about physical, sexual or emotional abuse, the bottom line is the same.

These men crave dominance and the only way they can achieve it is through acts of aggression.

A weak man doesn’t have what it takes to defeat you with words. On the other hand, he is aware that he is physically stronger than you, so he’ll use that to his advantage.

Besides, he doesn’t have the ability to control his impulses. He’s not very intelligent, so he ends up acting like a wild animal led by primal instincts.

7. He’s never there for you

woman in red dress standing and looking out thru the window

If you plan on relying on a man like this during hard times, think again. When you’re with a weak person like him, be prepared that you’ll be left all by yourself at the first sign of trouble.

Don’t get me wrong, I know you’re a strong woman who doesn’t need a man protecting her.

However, you don’t want to share your life with someone who will back out on you either.

This is exactly what this man will do. He’ll leave you to fight alone when the first major inconvenience occurs.

woman with head down sitting on a wooden planks near a body of water

It will be the same no matter what happens. Don’t expect him to stick around if you lose a loved one, get fired, go through a financial crisis, fall sick, or anything else.

I assure you that in all of these situations, he’ll hide in his rabbit hole until the storm passes.

His only goal will be to protect himself and he won’t give a damn about what you’re going through.

He won’t be there to hold your hand and you’ll know that you can’t count on him.

In fact, it’s likely that he’ll expect you to babysit him on top of everything else you’re going through.

In fact, moments of crisis are actually the best test for a man’s strength. Sadly, these times are when many guys fail.

8. He’s selfish

person sitting on rock on water facing a sun setting

One thing no weak man has is empathy. He’s incapable of taking other people’s feelings and needs into consideration.

Therefore, this is the type of guy who only thinks about himself. He’s self-centered and often egoistic.

When you’re involved with someone like this, you can’t expect him to share your problems or make any sacrifices for you.

Instead, he expects everyone to serve him. He thinks he is the center of the universe and doesn’t have the emotional capacity to take a walk in other people’s shoes.

However, that’s not in any way a justification for his actions. This selfish man doesn’t even try to be better.

In fact, he is perfectly okay with his selfishness and doesn’t plan to do anything about it.

9. He doesn’t stand up for his beliefs

silhouette of a man wearing cap sitting

A man who is not strong doesn’t have firm points of view regarding anything in life. In fact, he changes his opinion as the wind blows.

He is not consistent nor does he have any moral values and principles he sticks to. This man doesn’t have the strength to stand up for what he believes in.

In most cases, he doesn’t have the courage to speak up and express his opinion. This is especially the case if most people around him disagree with his views.

He is not brave enough to stand out from the crowd. Instead, he blindly follows the masses, even if he thinks differently.

Even though he is the first one to attack a weaker link than him, the moment he bumps into a decent opponent, he backs out and retreats.

man facing broken mirror on focus on his blue eye

This is the man who doesn’t have an attitude regarding most things in life. And even he does, he is too much of a coward to say it out loud.

Don’t get me wrong. Nobody is suggesting that he should be an idealist who is ready to die for his ideas. However, behaving like he has no moral compass of his own is not an option either.

Nevertheless, that’s exactly what this type of guy will do. He’ll give up on everything he believes in the moment he sees another flow is more convenient.

Knowing all of this, it’s no surprise that he’s a born traitor. He changes sides and is ready to stab everyone in the back for a little personal gain.

10. He’s obsessed with other people’s opinions

man leaning on brick wall wearing a blue cap and black shirt and jeans

Consequently, a weak guy is always obsessed with what others might think of him.

He’ll never admit the truth, though. In fact, he’ll act like he doesn’t give a damn about other people’s opinions.

However, a man like this will spend his entire life trying to please society’s standards. Of course, he’s not doing it because he cares about other people’s feelings or is trying not to hurt anyone.

He is a people pleaser because he can’t stand being judged. This is the guy who walks on eggshells around everyone, telling them what they want to hear.

He is terrified of being an outcast and that fear makes him a two-faced hypocrite.

5 Characteristics Of Strong Men

1. He pushes you forward

smiling man and woman in graduation toga with woman carrying Im Done signage

Instead of being intimidated by your accomplishments, every badass man will be proud of the successful woman he has by his side.

Instead of putting you down, he pushes you forward. Instead of holding you back, he’s the wind to your wings.

This guy is happy when you achieve a new goal. He’s your inspiration to do more and better.

Don’t get me wrong, he won’t try changing you. However, he won’t discourage you in your dreams either.

Instead, he’s supportive to the point where he becomes your number one fan.

cheering couple standing on soil with hand up raised

This is the man who makes you become the best possible human being you can be. Next to him, you’ll grow as a person and as a woman.

He makes you become the woman you were always meant to be. He believes in you when nobody else does and won’t lose faith even when you do.

You know why he acts this way? Because he is aware of his strength and he wouldn’t settle for anything less than having a strong person by his side.

He wants an equal partner. He wants you two walking through life shoulder to shoulder.

2. He takes charge

man discussing business plan with a woman inside a modern office room

A strong guy is usually an alpha male, a top dog. It means that he has leadership qualities every woman dreams of.

He has a specific set of skills that allow him to take charge when necessary.

No, he won’t try to turn you into a submissive woman. Instead, he knows when to take initiative and when he should be the dominant one.

This guy has amazing problem-solving skills. He knows how to get things done and he’ll always find a solution to all of your problems, even when you don’t see a way out.

When you’re involved with someone like him, you have the luxury of feeling like a real woman. You know you have a real man by your side who knows what he wants from his own life. Most importantly, he knows how to get it!

3. He protects you

couple kissing under umbrella both in blue caps

Equality is important in every relationship, especially a romantic one. That is something I don’t plan on arguing against.

However, the truth is that men are born protectors. At least, good men are.

They have an instinctive urge to protect their loved ones during hard times and their romantic partner is the first on this list.

That’s exactly the vibe they send – next to them, you feel safe and sound.

Even though you’re a strong girl who doesn’t need a man saving her, it’s nice knowing that you have a partner you can rely on.

This man is someone you can count on, no matter what.

couple in paragliding wearing blue suit

He won’t back out on you and will take care of you with all of his power and strength. Your well being comes first and he’ll even put your needs in front of his own.

A man like this feels that your safety is his duty. He feels responsible for you and always has your back.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about physical security here only. Of course, that’s how things were in the primitive ages, but now, safety has become much more.

Having a guy who protects you means one who looks after your feelings and mental health.

It means having a partner who won’t abandon you when you need him the most. A good man who sticks by your side through hard times, through thick and thin, just like he promised.

4. He stands behind his words

woman holding hand of the man on top of the table

Since we’re talking about promises, here is another personality trait common to all strong men: They keep their promises.

These are the guys who stand behind what they preach.

When you’re involved with a strong man, his actions will always match his words. You won’t be listening to endless false excuses and justifications.

In fact, you can expect to hear the truth from him, even if it’s bitter and harsh. This is the man who knows what he’s doing in every situation and who has what it takes to take responsibility for his actions.

Besides, he won’t make a move if he thinks it’s something he should hide. He won’t do anything he may later be ashamed of.

5. He expresses his feelings

happy couple holding hands in black suit with flowers carried by the woman

Finally, another characteristic of all strong men are their emotions. These guys don’t have trouble being in touch with their feelings and they never run away from them.

A strong man will always let you know where you two stand. He’ll be honest about his intentions and you’ll always know how he feels.

As far as he is concerned, there are no such things as mind games and mixed signals. He won’t play hard to get just so you’d fall for him.

This guy won’t lead you on and he won’t fake his love for you just to get in your pants.

On the other hand, when he falls for you, he will make it very clear. He is not one of those insecure men who start pushing you away the second they start catching feelings.

man kneeling in the street in front of a woman

He’s got enough self-esteem not to be ashamed of his feelings and see them as a weakness that should be hidden.

He doesn’t think that his emotions make him any less of a man and he is completely right.

In fact, it is one of the first things that make him this strong. This guy has the capacity to confront his emotions, including the ones he doesn’t like.

He doesn’t bury them deep inside nor does he try to chase them away in an unhealthy way. Instead, he acts like a grown-up: He looks them straight in the eye and finds a mature way of dealing with them.

Why Weak Men Want Strong Women

photo of a couple holding hands in a dinner set up with lights reflecting on the glass window beside them

If you look closely, you’ll see that there is this strange paradox very common in the dating world. Namely, most weak men actually go after women who are stronger than them.

Ironic, I know. So, why is that so?

First and foremost, some people subconsciously search for a partner who has the traits they’re missing. Without being aware of it, sometimes we look for someone to fulfill us and fill the blanks in our personality.

This is exactly what’s going on with these guys. Once they meet a strong woman who is everything they’re not, she knocks them off their feet.

Many weak dudes are fascinated by independent women. In fact, they hope to become badasses like them.

…And Why They Can’t Handle Them

couple wearing black shirt with woman behind the man in the middle of the street

However, the problem arises once a weak man finally gets the woman of his dreams. Sooner or later, he realizes that he doesn’t have and never had the ability to handle a girl like her.

That is something he can’t take.

As much as this man tries to keep up with his significant other, he is simply incapable of doing so. Therefore, he does everything in his power to put her down to his level.

The moment this man realizes that he can never become like the girl he’s dating, he proceeds to lower her worth.

All weak guys constantly feel like the submissive ones in their relationships.

Consequently, they become aware of the fact that their significant other can do much better and that is something they’re not ready to allow.