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What Does His Kiss Say About His Feelings Toward You?

What Does His Kiss Say About His Feelings Toward You?

“Let’s sit down and talk about our feelings,” is not something a man would normally say.

Sure, there are some exceptions to the rule but men prefer to show their feelings rather than talk about them.

If they care, they will find a way to prove it. The easiest way to do that is by kissing you.

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But what does his kiss say about his feelings toward you?

A kiss can say a lot actually. It can say more than words. It reveals the level of infatuation he has toward you.

It uncovers his affection. It unmasks his true intentions. It answers the question, “Is he really into me?” So you see, kisses can speak louder than words.

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These are the different types of kisses that are the perfect telltale signs of his true feelings toward you:

1. A quick closed-mouthed kiss

Your lips simply touch for a split second as a way of saying hello or goodbye.

It’s one of the perfect ways to kiss a woman you are into but there is a slight catch here.

If he kisses you like this only when you are alone, he is still unsure of his feelings toward you.

But if he has no problem greeting you with a kiss in front of other people, he is definitely sure about you and doesn’t mind if the whole world sees it.

2. French kiss

Making out at the beginning of a relationship is definitely a sign he is into you.

Those long-lasting kisses are common when you are starting a relationship and you are postponing sex until you see where you guys stand.

When you are already sexually active, these kisses are great foreplay. Our lips are extremely sensitive and kissing arouses our bodies.

So, French kissing is also a great way to show that he finds you attractive.

3. Kiss on the cheek

This is a tricky one. It can mean that he is affectionate about you and he is kissing you on the cheek as a sign of endearment.

On the other hand, it might mean that he likes you just as a friend and he is keeping his distance.

If he is after something more than friendship, a kiss on the cheek will last more than necessary and will be accompanied by a hug.

It’s hard to detect, it depends on the situation and the vibes he is sending your way.

All in all, don’t give it too much thought; if he likes you as more than a friend he will kiss you in some other way, so you won’t have to question it.

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4. Forehead kiss

This kiss is only considered platonic if he is doing it as a form of a joke.

Usually, your friends don’t kiss you on your forehead and it would be a bit weird if they did. This kiss shows your mutual trust and deeper connection.

It’s the most heartwarming of all the kissing styles because it uncovers his need to keep you safe, protect you and have you close.

It shows the primal need of a man to want to take care of the woman he is in love with.

5. Neck kisses

Neck kisses are both sexy and sweet. He knows that your neck is your weak spot and he uses it to provoke passion.

If he kisses you on the neck, it’s a way of showing that he wants you and he wants you right now.

However, it is a sign of lust rather than of emotional intimacy or his love toward you.

To detect his love, more factors must be involved, like your relationship status, his overall behavior toward you, his general efforts and so on.

6. Upside-down kiss

This type of a kiss is also known as a Spiderman kiss. This style of kissing is really special and creative and a bit difficult to explain, so we found some help in the Urban Dictionary: ‘An exceptional kiss in which one person kisses the other in an upside down position, resulting in your top lip kissing their bottom lip and vice versa; works best when one person is already reclining on a couch or lying completely horizontal.”

Putting this much thought and effort into a kiss means that he is prepared to put as much effort into your relationship. His main agenda is to fill you with awe and make you happy.

7. Kissing your hand

It’s totally unusual because we are not in the 19th century anymore. However, a man does it because he wants to impress you.

He wants to come off as sweet, so he uses some techniques of old-school courtship.

Or he is using old-school ways to put a smile on your face. In any case, a hand kiss is a very sweet way to get closer to you.

8. Kiss on the nose

This kind of kiss is a bit odd but too cute for words. It’s a sweet way of showing endearment, providing that you are more deeply involved.

Let’s face it—if someone you just started dating kissed your nose, the first thought that would cross your mind would be, “Is he a sandwich short of a picnic?”

However, if you have already developed a deeper bond with your partner, this is more than OK.

You have your inside universe and a kiss on the nose is obviously a sign you are each other’s kind of weird and that’s more than perfect.

9. Kiss on the ear

This kind of kiss indicates physical intimacy. Just like the neck, your earlobe is one of your erogenous zones and he knows exactly what he is going to achieve if he keeps nibbling and kissing your ear.

If you haven’t had sex yet, or you are not in a position to have it right at that moment, he is hoping his kisses will trigger your imagination and arouse your passion.

10. Silly kisses

Maybe he stops halfway through you guys making out just so he can tell you a joke or something funny he thought of, and he does something funny with his lips.

He gives you dozens of closed-mouth kisses in a minute and you probably end up laughing every time. And that was his intention. To make you laugh. To make you happy.

11. Stomach kiss

A lot of women feel a bit self-conscious about their stomach area. If you are one of those women and your man is kissing your stomach, it’s time you relaxed. He doesn’t look at your body with your eyes.

He doesn’t see the imperfections you see. To him, you are perfect just the way you are.

A stomach kiss might also indicate that he is planning a future with you and that by kissing it he is imagining your future children.

12. “Would you please shut up” kiss

This is his way of winning an argument or putting a stop to a monologue.

It’s one of the most effective ways to make a woman stop speaking, not to mention the sweetest. Who could get mad at a man who pleads his case with kisses?

13. Octopus kiss

How you interpret this kiss will depend on what you are into. An octopus kiss includes kissing on the lips or any other part of your body and gently making suction cups.

If you are into it, it will arouse you but if you are not into it, you will feel discomfort.

In any case, his intentions are to arouse you and not to creep you out so don’t hold it against him.

14. Kiss on your breasts

This type of kiss is, without a doubt, highly sexual. Yet it hides a secret—he is focused on your pleasure.

He wants you to enjoy it. And he wants his techniques in the bedroom to be noticed.

15. A shoulder kiss

This kind of kiss uncovers both the physical and emotional bonds that exist between the two of you.

When he is kissing your shoulder, on a subconscious level he is surrendering his heart, body, and soul to you, and he is saying thank you for being there to lean on. Above all, he is saying he trusts you and appreciates you.

16. Kissing every inch of your body

These kinds of kisses are obviously related to foreplay but this is not the type of thing you do with just anybody.

You kiss every inch of someone’s body only when they mean everything to you. It’s a sign of adoration.

These kisses are very intimate and passionate. And if you have someone to kiss you like this, you are one very lucky woman because you have a man by your side who saves all his kisses just for you.

An interesting fact about kisses is that even though you always remember the first kiss you had with your partner, as the relationship grows, kisses become better. They become more loving and more passionate as you form a deeper connection with somebody.

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I hope you have discovered what his kiss says about his feelings toward you.

Kisses are the most intimate displays of somebody’s affection. They can tell you more than words.

You can feel emotions on your skin. They can tell you how much your partner is into you.

They can tell you how much he loves you. They can tell you how much he worships your body.

But keep in mind that relationships are more than kisses, cuddles, and sweet words.

They demand commitment, respect, appreciation and unconditional love to make things work.

That’s why you have to rely on all the other aspects of your relationship too.

In any case, if you have the right man by your side, let him kiss you. Let him kiss you often and in all the possible ways.

Because kissing is the best form of communication and the more you kiss the closer you are.