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20 Surefire Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him

20 Surefire Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him

The guy you like finally kissed you. By doing that, he cleared away any dilemmas: he definitely likes you.

But was the kiss as meaningful to him as it is for you? Or did he continue with his life as if it had never happened?

What if you two were drunk at a party? What if it was part of a truth or dare game? The bottom line is that you have no idea if the smooch meant anything to him, while it obviously meant the world to you.

Luckily, you no longer no need for you to rack your brain with these questions. Here are the bulletproof signs the kiss meant something to him!

20 Strong Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him

If your guy behaves like this, one thing is for sure: you’ve rocked his world.

1. He continues kissing you

One of the first obvious signs that the kiss held meaning for the man is the fact that he keeps on kissing you. He doesn’t only put a soft kiss on your lips, but he goes for a French kiss as well.

The kiss lasts an eternity, but you’re both enjoying it to the max. Trust me, if the kiss meant nothing to him, he would pull away right away.

On the other hand, when a man is in love with you, he won’t only kiss your lips. He’ll kiss your entire face, including your cheeks and your forehead. In fact, he might even give you a hand kiss after he’s done with your lips. 

2. He initiates contact

This guy doesn’t want you out of his life. And now, since he kissed you, it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to be just friends either.

He keeps making excuses to stay in touch with you. Maybe he decided not to talk about your passionate kiss, but something between you two changed after it happened.

He calls you, texts you, and asks you to hang out… At first, he invites you out as part of a group. Don’t let this discourage you.

No, this is not a good sign that he just wants to be friends. He’s just afraid of rejection, but at the same time, he wants to spend time with you. He probably hopes that your kiss will happen again spontaneously.

But that’s not all: he slides into your DMs and sends you funny memes and completely random GIFs. Trust me – this is his funny, cheesy way of courting you.

3. He wants to label your relationship

For some people, it’s not a big deal when a guy kisses a girl. In fact, some people sleep together and don’t consider it a big deal.

However, you’re clearly dealing with an old-fashioned gentleman. For him, the only meaning of the kiss is related to a romantic relationship.

You know how it was back in the old days. The moment a man and a woman kissed, they were officially dating, no questions asked. Well, this is how he thinks too.

That is exactly why he would have never made the first move unless he saw you as girlfriend material. And he has no problem telling you that he wants you to become his girlfriend.

This man wants to label your relationship right away. He’s not interested in playing games and wants the real deal.

No situationships, no almost relationships, no friends with benefits, no casual romances, no hookups… He wasn’t playing truth or dare when he kissed you – he knew exactly what he was doing.

4. He asks if you enjoyed it

If a guy asks you if you liked the smooch afterward, it’s one of the biggest signs the kiss meant something to him. However, he’s too shy to be the first one to admit it.

So instead of telling you how crazy he is about you, he’ll ask for your confirmation. He wants you to be the first one to tell him that your body released oxytocin when your lips locked, that you had the best kiss of your life, that you’re head over heels for him, and so on.

Only when you declare your love for him in this manner will he follow and tell you the kiss meant the world to him as well.

Here’s a piece of dating advice for this situation: this is not the time to play hard to get. Be honest, and tell him that you liked the kiss very much. If you do, he’ll open up as well.

But what if you would prefer something different about the smooch? Look, this is just the first time you guys kissed – there will be plenty of room for improvement and plenty of opportunities for you to tell him what he could do better.

5. He tells you he liked it

However, there are also guys who aren’t shy about their feelings, guys who won’t mind opening up to you after kissing you.

If your man is one of these people, you’ve hit the jackpot. You don’t have to overthink the entire situation and do your best to suddenly become a mind reader. Everything is out in the open.

He tells you how much he liked the kiss, and that’s more than enough.

But wait, I know what you must be thinking right now. You think that this doesn’t mean much. Just because he liked how his mouth touched yours doesn’t mean that he sees your kiss as a big deal.

Well, let me tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong. If the kiss meant nothing to him, he wouldn’t have bothered mentioning anything – he would just go on with his day as if nothing had happened.

6. He texts you right away

How does he behave after your first kiss? Does he pretend like it never happened? Or does he text you right after you part ways?

The answers to these questions are crucial. If a man initiates contact after the kiss, it’s a clear sign that the physical contact between you two meant something to him.

It’s even better if he calls instead of texting. This way, you can take him more seriously. However, a cute text message will be enough – maybe he’s too nervous to call you right away.

The point is that he clearly wants you to stay in touch.

What if he texts you but doesn’t mention the kiss? That’s perfectly fine too. He doesn’t want to make the situation awkward. Instead, he’s decided to go with the flow and see where things take you both.

And if he sends you a kiss or heart emoji, it’s safe to interpret it as a real kiss.

7. He uses his hands a lot

When a guy uses his hands a lot while kissing you, you assume that he wants something more than a gentle smooch, especially if you two are sharing a passionate kiss. And I mean, who could blame him?

It’s clear that he’s madly attracted to you, so it’s no wonder he wants to take it a step further. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that he is trying to use you just to get laid.

This man is obviously crazy about you and has been waiting for this opportunity for too long. And now, he finally got it.

After all this time, he has the chance to hold your face in his hands and explore your body at least a little bit. So if he’s using his hands, he’s not doing it because he wants to take advantage of you.

It’s just that his body feels an uncontrollable need for yours. He doesn’t want to break physical contact even after the kiss is over.

8. … but respects your boundaries

However, a man who cares for you deeply will also respect you at all times. That means that no matter how turned on he is, he will always respect your boundaries.

He won’t grab you anywhere inappropriate unless he gets a clear green light that it’s okay with you. He will start with a soft kiss and wait for you to accept his lips before the kiss becomes more intense.

9. The place and the timing were special

When a man is in love with a woman, all of a sudden, the romantic side nobody even knew he had awakens. Just like that, he becomes more creative than a director of the best romcoms in the world.

That is exactly what happened to your guy. He wasn’t even aware that he had such a vivid imagination.

This man has thought every detail through. He didn’t want to kiss you at a party while both of you were tipsy. Instead, he made sure the timing and the place for your first kiss were special.

I’m not saying he took you to a rooftop restaurant for a candlelit dinner. That would be too much. After all, he’s not asking you to marry him.

But he made sure the place was special for you two. It might be the cafe you met for the first time or the concert of your favorite band.

He knows that he’ll remember this kiss forever, and he wants it to be stuck in your memory for eternity as well.

10. Eye contact is everything

Every relationship expert will agree on this one with me: it’s impossible to stress the importance of eye contact in every human interaction, especially in romantic ones. I mean, you can guess which type of kiss a man will give you just based on the way he looks at you.

Well, his eyes will also help you figure out if the kiss meant something to him or not. He can play hard to get as much as he wants, but if you look deeply into his eyes, you’ll see the truth.

A man who cares about you and loves you will maintain prolonged eye contact before and after you kiss. Of course, he’ll keep his eyes closed during the kiss itself to enjoy the moment fully.

But what if he looks away after he kisses you? Well, that doesn’t have to be a bad sign, either. 

It’s just that he’s too nervous to look you straight in the eye. He’s scared that you’ll see how vulnerable he actually is. He‘s scared that you’ll figure out he wanted to kiss you a while ago – he just didn’t have the courage to do it. 

11. No mind games and mixed signals

If the kiss means nothing to a guy, you won’t know where you stand with him. Basically, it won’t change anything in your relationship, and you’ll still be playing the cat-and-mouse game.

You’ll be left wondering why he kissed you. Was he drunk? Was it some kind of a dare? Did he just feel like it at the moment? Did he ever think about it afterward?

On the other hand, one of the signs the kiss meant something to him is that there will be no mind games and mixed signals. A guy who cares about you will never put his ego above your emotions and happiness.

He’ll be clear about his intentions instead of playing hard to get. He won’t pretend to be the nicest guy in the world one day just to vanish from your life the next.

He’ll pursue you and never treat you as his backup plan. This man will give you the place you deserve in his life right away. And the best part is that you won’t have to fight to get it.

12. He invites you on a date

It’s actually pretty simple: if a man likes you, he wants to spend time with you. This is exactly why this guy invites you on a first date right after your first kiss.

And he specifically calls it a date. He doesn’t ask you to hang out with a bunch of friends, and he doesn’t run into you while you’re both clubbing.

He makes an effort to plan an actual date, he calls or texts you to inform you about the time, he makes reservations, he comes and picks you up, he takes you out to a nice dinner, he takes you back home, and, of course, he kisses you back.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. Sadly, most guys act like this requires too much of their time, money, and energy.

I’m not saying that he has to take you out somewhere fancy. But it will be enough to treat you like a lady for the night.

13. His friends know you two kissed

Why would he talk to his friends about you if you meant nothing to him? I mean, it’s not like he slept with you, so he is bragging to everyone about it. In that case, it’s a red flag that he is a douchebag who doesn’t know how to respect a woman.

On the other hand, if he ran off and told his friends that he stole a kiss from you, it could only mean one thing: this special moment was a big deal for him.

This guy couldn’t be happier to have kissed you. He is proud of being close to such a catch.

Or he has been into you for so long that his friends were dying to hear the good news. And now they are all acting like high-school teenagers: they’re looking at you two and smiling. Or perhaps they even jokingly ask when the wedding will be.

They’re being all cute about it for one reason only: they know how important you are to their friend.

14. He is stalking your social media

All of a sudden, this guy is the first one to check your Instagram and Snapchat stories. He even replies to most of them – he sends a fire or a heart emoji, or he makes a funny comment.

He comments on all of your posts or slides into your DMs for no particular reason.

Not only that: your best friends tell you that they’ve caught him snooping around their social media as well. Don’t worry, he is not planning on making a move on them – he is just trying to see what you’ve been up to.

If a guy is stalking your social media after your first kiss, it is one of the signs the kiss meant something to him. This is especially true if you two weren’t familiar with each other’s lives before the kiss took place.

The first thing he wants to find out is your relationship status. He wants to know whether there is someone special in your life and if it’s safe to make a move on you.

If he knows you’re single, he is investigating what men could be a threat to him. Basically, men do the same things we do – they’re just usually better at hiding it.

15. He gets all jealous

You two are not in an official relationship just yet. He is not your boyfriend, so technically, he has no right to get all jealous and possessive.

But hey, it’s not like he can order himself not to feel a certain way. Whether he wants to admit it or not, he’d die if he saw you with another guy. As far as he is concerned, you two have sealed the deal.

You see that he is trying hard to hide his jealousy, but it’s actually quite obvious that he wants you to himself. 

He can’t stand the idea of seeing you talk to another man, he asks a lot of questions about your whereabouts, and he suddenly starts to hate all of your male friends.

16. The kiss was slow and long

If a guy cares for you, he won’t go for a passionate kiss right away. Instead, the kiss will be slow and long.

You know exactly what I’m talking about – it will look exactly like in those cheesy romantic comedies. This type of kiss is deep and meaningful, similar to his feelings for you.

He won’t kiss you the moment he approaches your lips. Instead, you’ll be able to feel his breath beneath your nose. His hands will explore your entire face and hair, and he’ll look you deeply into your eyes.

After that, he’ll proceed to glance over your lips. Only then will he put his lips on yours and proceed to French kiss you.

17. He didn’t say a word afterward

What if the guy wasn’t verbal after the kiss happened? He’s usually very talkative and never silent. 

But now, things are different. He kissed you and just continued staring at you afterward.

Well, congratulations, it looks like you’ve left this man speechless. He is nervous, he is fidgeting, and his heart is racing like crazy. He is blushing, his knees are shaking, and his palms are sweating.

If someone looked at him, they would think he has just kissed a girl for the first time in his life. Well, that’s exactly how he feels.

Don’t worry, this is not a bad sign. If he’s left tongue-tied, it can only mean one thing: he’s too stunned to speak.

18. He doesn’t rush you

Don’t get me wrong – this guy is dying to touch your entire body. He would probably rip your clothes off at that exact moment.

But he wants you to know that he’s not here for one thing only. He’s making sure you don’t feel pressured into doing anything you’re not comfortable with. It’s okay if you want to take things slow – he’s ready to wait an eternity to have you.

After all, let’s not forget that this is just the first time you two are kissing – you have plenty of time to go a step further.

19. He smiled in the middle of the kiss

This is probably one of the biggest signs the kiss meant something to him – he smiled in the middle of the smooch. He didn’t plan on doing it, but it was stronger than him.

He was obviously so happy that he was finally kissing the object of his affection that he simply had to smile. Everything can be seen in his facial expressions!

20. He talks about the future

A man who takes your kiss seriously will start talking about the future soon afterward. No, I’m not saying that he should ask you to marry him right away – that would be kind of creepy.

But even if he doesn’t ask you to be his girlfriend, he’ll include you in his future plans. Of course, I’m talking about the short-term future here.

Let’s say New Year’s Eve is approaching. Well, he won’t just ignore your existence and proceed with his plans as if you didn’t exist. Instead, he’ll at least ask you if you want to join him.

Or he’ll suggest you two go to a movie the next day. What is there to wait for?

Can A Kiss Tell You How He Feels?

Yes, a kiss can tell you a lot about a man’s emotions – you just have to be observant and pay attention to his body language signs afterward.

For example, if a guy kisses you aggressively, it’s a sign that he’s attracted to you. There is powerful chemistry between you two – nobody can argue against that. Nevertheless, if he is never gentle during a kiss, there is probably no emotion there.

On the other hand, if he is shivering while his heart is racing, he has feelings for you. If he goes in for a slow kiss, he has deeper emotions for you besides only physical attraction.

How Do You Know If He Thinks You’re A Good Kisser?

If a guy thinks that you’re a good kisser, he won’t pull away while you two are kissing. On the contrary, this man can’t get enough of your lips, and he’ll act like he doesn’t want the kiss to ever stop. He’ll do it again and again and again!

Also, he’ll keep finding excuses to kiss you, even after your first kiss. If you get to the bedroom, there will be a lot of French kissing involved. Yes, this man is obviously dying to touch you, but nothing compares to the feeling he gets when your lips intertwine.

In many cases, a guy will tell you that he thinks you’re an amazing kisser. He wants to compliment you and for you to know how much he enjoys kissing you.

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To Wrap Up:

Are all these signs the kiss meant something to him enough to say that this man is in love with you? Well, let’s just say that you’re off to a good start.He is definitely falling for you hard, and it’s your job to keep his emotions as warm as possible. This man gave you an important sign – trust me when I tell you that it’s safe to show him that you care for him too.