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Why Are Tomboys Attractive? 10 Reasons Why Men Fall For Them

Why Are Tomboys Attractive? 10 Reasons Why Men Fall For Them

My best friend is a tomboy (not conventionally feminine), and I’ve always wondered how she manages to grab almost every man’s attention without even trying! That observation inspired me to think of the following questions:

Why are tomboys attractive?

Do tomboys know something we regular girls don’t?

Is tomboyish behavior the new HOT? 

Tomboys can wear feminine dresses and makeup, and still, they never appear like girly girls but more like girly tomboys. Their tomboyish personalities make them stand out from the crowd, and that secret ingredient makes them so appealing.

I bet every man has always dreamed of being with a woman who is both female and their best male friend. Tomboys are precisely that, and that’s why men are so attracted to them! Below you’ll find more reasons why men find tomboys attractive.

Why Are Tomboys Attractive?

There is more than one reason men find tomboys attractive. Their personality, appearance, and overall mindset are what make men interested in dating them:

1. Tomboys don’t seek other people’s approval

Regardless if they’re wearing a tomboyish T-shirt or a feminine dress, tomboys manage to rock every outfit! Wondering why? Because they feel good in their own skin and don’t seek other people’s approval.

A tomboy doesn’t bother wearing high heels just because she’s a short girl. A tomboy doesn’t care about other people judging their choice of outfit.

Short hair or long hair – tomboys don’t care!

And do you know what men think of women who aren’t bothered by other people’s opinions? They find them HOT.

2. No drama

Why are tomboys attractive? Because they don’t make a big deal when their nail breaks or when a guy doesn’t text them ten times a day. Every man knows that being with a tomboy girl means LESS or NO drama.

Guess what? Every man appreciates a woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously and doesn’t enjoy the role of being a drama queen.

I’m not saying that every feminine woman is synonymous with drama, but tomboy women are rarely dramatic. They mind their own business. They don’t gossip, and they don’t bother overthinking irrelevant things.

All these things make them attractive to men because life with such women is simple and enjoyable. Also, most of them fit the definition of a nerdy girl, and we all know that geeky girls make the best girlfriends.

3. They get ready quickly

False eyelashes, lip glosses, moisturizers, contouring, face powders… Tomboys don’t care about any of that, and the fact that they get ready quickly is one of their most significant advantages from a male’s perspective.

Indeed, they want to look pretty when getting ready for a date, but they don’t spend hours worrying about their outfit or applying tons of makeup. If a tomboy woman feels like not putting on makeup, she will do that.

If a tomboy woman doesn’t feel like dressing to impress, she’ll choose to wear the first thing she sees in her wardrobe. That’s the beauty of these women!

They get ready quickly because they aren’t bothered with impressing anyone else. The most important thing to them is that they feel comfortable being who they are in everything they do, including their appearance.

Guys are attracted to this mindset (and to the fact that they don’t have to wait hours for them to get ready when going on a date).

4. They aren’t obsessed with their bodies and strict diet plans

Have you ever seen a tomboy being picky about her food and refusing to eat large portions so that she doesn’t appear less feminine? What? Since when did eating with passion become something we should be ashamed of?

I’m sure every tomboy lady is nodding right now.

You see, tomboys aren’t obsessed with their bodies and don’t follow strict diet plans. Just because they aren’t obsessed doesn’t mean they don’t care about being healthy. Instead, they choose a more balanced approach to it.

They are confident in their choice of lifestyle. On a date, they won’t refuse to eat a burger just because it doesn’t look feminine. They won’t pretend that they aren’t hungry when they are. They do what they want and what they think is right at the time.

Men love that.

5. Tomboys tend to have more male friends

Given that male characteristics in tomboys are predominant, they usually have more male than female friends. Now, what does this mean? Why does that make them more attractive to men?

Men know that women with many male friends aren’t easily impressed when other straight men try to make a move on them.

I remember one tomboy from my high school days. She had so many guy friends that she called bros. I was surprised that her boyfriend didn’t worry about that at all. He wasn’t jealous and probably knew that when a girl calls you bro, she won’t fall for another guy that easily.

This statement is true because she didn’t fall for her boyfriend that quickly either. He was trying hard to grab her attention for weeks, which made him even more attracted to her. This happens to every tomboy out there who has plenty of male friends.

6. Cool and chill is their middle name

If you’ve ever hung out with a tomboy, then you know how cool they are. I’m lucky to have a tomboy as my best friend, and spending time with her is anything but boring.

She’s always ready to go on an adventure, tells the best jokes, and chills like a goddess. Simply staring at the ceiling is fun if you do it with her.

Therefore, tomboys are some of the funniest and most remarkable people to spend time with. Men know that, too, and that’s why they’re attracted to them.

They know that a tomboy will never laugh at their jokes if she doesn’t find them funny. Also, they know that tomboys come up with the wittiest comebacks ever. Spending time with them feels like spending time with their best friend, which is why guys are so attracted to their tomboyish traits.

7. They say what they mean

Hell, yes! They’ll tell you the truth if they think your T-shirt is lame and you ask them for their opinion. If they have feelings for you, they won’t hesitate to express them.

Tomboys say what they mean, which is one of the qualities every man praises in a woman. Being in a relationship with a tomboy means less drama and less overthinking. Why? Because they are honest to the core.

These women certainly aren’t afraid of giving and receiving feedback, making it easy for others to enjoy their company.

8. Tomboy girls are versatile

Why are tomboys attractive? One of the reasons guys find tomboys attractive is that they are so versatile, like a cake with so many layers that need to be discovered.

They have so many different hobbies and interests that sometimes it takes a lot of work to follow them. Their dressing style is anything but conventionally feminine or boring.

Tomboy girls combine traits from two worlds and radiate both feminine energy and masculine energy. Because of that, they are interested in a wide array of things.

You cannot put them into any category because they belong to billions of subcategories, making them unique and appealing.

Men have always been intrigued by women who are hard to decipher, and tomboys offer just that. Every day, you can learn so many things about them.

Unlike the majority of feminine girls, tomboys don’t follow trends. They have their fashion sense and don’t care about the latest trends. They are wired to look for unique pieces of clothing and combine outfits in the most exciting ways.

Their kind of personality is both quirky and serious. It contains elements of femininity and masculinity, and they express this through everything they do. That’s what makes them so attractive and appealing to guys.

Only a few guys are impressed by a woman who blindly follows the latest trends. They might respect them, but these ladies won’t grab their attention and utmost admiration.

Guys can’t help but notice how extraordinary tomboys are in every sense of their meaning. This inspires guys to make a move on them and learn about what makes them so unique.

10. Tomboyish women get a man’s point of view in any situation

They say that men and women are from different planets, but tomboys are here to contradict that statement. Tomboys work as mediators between genders. Many are into playing video games, watching football, drinking beer, and doing other things that are stereotypically prescribed to men.

Tomboyish women are familiar with male activities and understand men’s point of view in any situation, which makes them so attractive to men.

Men like women who understand them because that means there will be no drama, and they will not sacrifice their freedom. Now, just because tomboys understand men better than girly girls, this doesn’t make them solely masculine.

A study about tomboys published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior confirms the previous statement: On nearly all measures, tomboys were substantially and significantly more masculine than their sisters, but they were generally less masculine than their brothers.


What causes a girl to be a tomboy?

The background of being a tomboy is linked to hormonal influences, society, genetics, family, and subconsciousness. If a girl was raised in a family where a man was considered more powerful and dominant than a woman, this could be why she chooses to become a tomboy.
The same applies to society. Suppose the media or other sources influenced a girl to believe that being a tomboy is more attractive and beneficial than being a conventional female. In that case, that might motivate her to become one.
Apart from that, hormonal influences also play a significant role here. If a girl has more male hormones (testosterone), this can impact the way she looks, behaves, and thinks. Sometimes, a girl chooses to be a tomboy for no apparent reason, and it just feels natural to her because conventional femininity is not her cup of tea.

What are the benefits of being a tomboy?

There are plenty of perks to being a tomboy, and the most important one is understanding a man’s point of view, which can be helpful when it comes to dating and relationships. Here are some benefits of being a tomboy:
• Guy friends are always there to watch your back (especially if you’re dealing with a crazy ex).
Living a drama-free life.
• You understand a man’s point of view for any situation (dating, outfits, hobbies, etc.).
By challenging gender stereotypes, you become more confident.
• Doing male-dominated things (watching sports or playing video games) can be fun.
You’re free to discuss sensitive topics and make inappropriate jokes without fearing judgment.
• Your boyfriend is also bound to be your best friend.

Do men like tomboy style?

Some men do, and some men don’t. It would be unreasonable to state that all men are attracted to the tomboy style. Those men attracted to the tomboy style prefer women who are more laidback, open, and direct and don’t care about what others will think of them.
Some men find the tomboy style extremely cute, especially if women wear oversized T-shirts or cool prints that aren’t considered conventionally feminine.
After all, the tomboy style can be versatile. Not every tomboy wears baggy pants and oversized sweaters – some also wear dresses. Generally, if a man is attracted to a tomboy’s personality, they will also be attracted to their style.
Tomboy style and personality shouldn’t be considered two separate units. Tomboy characteristics are present in every aspect of their lives, from dressing to how they talk or walk.

What is a tomboy attracted to?

Tomboys are attracted to people who praise their unique personalities and mindset and respect their feminine and masculine traits. They appreciate people who are open-minded (just like them) and aren’t afraid of getting out of their comfort zone.
Tomboys like individuals who inspire them and have their fashion sense or unconventional way of thinking and behaving. They are attracted to people who say what they mean and don’t create drama.
Every tomboy greatly appreciates a person who doesn’t try to change them or question their preferences. They look for someone who makes them feel accepted, respected, and comfortable being who they are.

Tomboys Enjoy Being Themselves

Why are tomboys attractive? Because they enjoy being who they are. They enjoy expressing themselves in unique ways. They don’t seek other people’s approval, and they are versatile.

Tomboys aren’t afraid to challenge gender stereotypes. They don’t blindly follow society’s rules, but they’re here to prove to the world that a combination of feminine and masculine can be HOT.

These and lots of other things are what make them so attractive. Their unconventional appearance and personalities make them true gems in a world of copycats.