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You Can’t Be Born A Strong Woman, You Can Only Become One

You Can’t Be Born A Strong Woman, You Can Only Become One

Yes, you can only become a strong woman.

Life gets rough. It gets devastating for some and even worse for others. That’s when true, strong warriors are forged and their true abilities are shown.

Through challenges and hardship, women build themselves to become bulletproof. As written above—no one is born this way.

Every single woman you see and admire for her strength, she has been through hell and back to become the woman she is today.

They say all things come at a cost! Well, this is more than true and every strong woman knows it, every one of them paid the price.

Strong women rise from the ashes of their lives and they spread their wings at the perfect moment. That’s what makes them different.

The moment when they’re supposed to fly, they do it. While others stay chained to the ground, suffocating in their own sorrow and self-pity, they seize the moment and just fly away to the unknown.

That’s not an easy move to make but it’s the one that distinguishes the steel ones from the soft ones. It’s a move that gives birth to the strong woman we all want to become.

This is what defines a strong woman. This is who we all tend to become.

1. They don’t hide from their feelings

They embrace whatever goes around in their head and their heart. Whether it’s complete chaos or perfect order, they find a way to handle it. There is no room for panicking or feeling sorry for themselves.

There is only room for finding solutions to problems.

Every strong woman knows that bottling up feelings leads to ending up in an even worse state than you’ve already been in.

It’s easier and so much wiser to confront what’s boiling inside as soon as possible.

2. They never doubt themselves

They are never lost. It’s impossible for a woman like that to be stuck in one place without any idea of what to do next. A strong woman always has a backup plan and she always knows what to do next.

The formula for their success is confidence. They simply believe they can achieve everything and they trust their own judgment.

Nothing can bring them down or make them doubt the decisions they have already made. We should all think like that, shouldn’t we?

3. They are honest, sometimes blunt

Strong women don’t find lying even an option they can use. They will always tell you the truth, no matter what.

Even if the truth is not exactly what you want to hear, they will serve it to you because in the end, you deserve to know so you can take it constructively and improve yourself.

A strong woman will never hurt you on purpose or lie to you just to make you feel bad.

A strong woman wants to help you improve yourself and join her club as soon as possible.

4. They know how much they are worth

They know how much they are ready to achieve. They know what they are capable of and what they’re not.

But maybe the most important factor of the awareness of their own worth is the fact they will never compare themselves with someone else.

Strong women have purely themselves to judge and assess and no one else.

They are not intimidated by anyone’s success because they are focused on their own instead.

5. They know how to forgive

A strong woman won’t waste her energy on holding grudges and being mad at someone.

She simply doesn’t have the time to deal with childish things. She’s mature enough to be the bigger person and forgive even when it’s not her fault.

Don’t let her forgiving nature fool you. It doesn’t mean you can have your way with a woman like this. You cannot lie to her and you cannot take advantage of her.

She knows how to forgive but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to punish and protect herself. If you cross her, you won’t get another chance to do it again.

6. They don’t want attention, they want respect

Attention is for the immature. Strong women demand respect and equality. A strong woman will never beg for something she wants.

She will achieve it on her own. If she fails, she will deal with it on her own but she will definitely never beg for it.

They never explain themselves, nor do they demand respect. If a person doesn’t respect her, she will see there is no place for her in that person’s life and she will simply just walk away.

7. They always keep a reminder of the moment that made them strong

Or moments… it doesn’t matter; the point is, they never forget the struggles and the pain which forged them to become the warrior they are now.

If it weren’t for the pain and the losses, they would have never become what they are.

They are grateful for every single thing that happened in their life. A strong woman will never forget where she came from or who she is.

8. Admire every strong woman until you become one

There is no point in being jealous of these women. You can only admire them and, most importantly, you can learn from them.

The way they act, the way they fight for themselves is stunning.

They make it look so easy, to achieve that determination and attitude, but it’s far from easy.

Respect them because they’ve come a long way to become what they are. Someday, I hope you will, too.