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If You Push Her Away, Don’t Wonder Where She Went

Her heart is huge and her love for you is tremendous. You keep pushing her further and further away. You think she’ll be there when you decide you need her. She won’t.

No matter how many times she decides to choose you, you not choosing her will chase her away. She won’t stand for that.

She doesn’t have a place in her heart for people who decide to care for her only when it’s convenient for them.

She won’t be able to put up with you having time for her when you feel like it and then choosing to ignore her when she’s not the best option for you.

She simply won’t stand sharing all of herself with you and you running from her like she’s the one doing something wrong.

You might think that she will come back to you no matter how hard you push her away.

You might believe that she’ll be right there where you left her when you suddenly feel like being with her again. Trust me, she won’t.

You’ll wonder what happened. You’ll think, at first, that she changed and did something so that the two of you drifted apart.

That’s not true and you know it. Day by day, you did things that not even her could ignore. She left you to protect herself.

She didn’t change. She simply decided she no longer wanted to deal with you.

She tried holding onto you with everything she had. She gave you the benefit of the doubt and kept thinking that once she brought your walls down everything would be perfect.

Day by day, you proved to her just how wrong she was to try at all. She was loyal to you and you made her so fed up with everything that she chose to leave.

Did you ever stop to think how the things you do affect her?

Not knowing where she stood in your life made her more numb each day.

It was a slow emotional death: the longer she held on to you the more indifferent she felt.

Some day, out of the blue, you’ll send her a message. That day she’ll finally have the strength to ignore it. You pushing her away has made her so much stronger.

You didn’t call her – she understood. You didn’t text her – she understood. You made no place for her in your life – she understood.

Now she’s moved on and wants nothing to do with you and you need to understand that.

If you’re still with her and starting to become aware of how little time you have left, know this:

No matter how much she loves you and no matter how much courage and strength it might take her to walk away from you, she will still do it.

Just because her heart is big and she has forgiven you in the past doesn’t mean she’ll be there forever no matter how you act towards her.

If you continue to push her a bit further each day, one day she’ll be gone.

Don’t accept her running to you whenever you need her and then ensure you are nowhere to be found if she needs you.

Don’t let her spend sleepless nights taking care of you and nurturing you when you’re feeling low and then disappear when she’s the one who needs healing.

Don’t talk to her when you feel like it and then ignore her when something more fun happens in your life, with the expectation that she’ll reappear whenever you want her to.

If you pushed her away once and she came back, you should know to appreciate this. It’s rare for anyone to do that, no matter the amount of love they feel for you.

Grab her and never, ever let her go. Show your appreciation and care. She might just be the only one who’ll come back for you.

She’s a keeper. Make sure you’re the one to keep her.