Every single girl would love men to go crazy about her but that is quite hard to accomplish. But since there is a solution to every problem, there is one for this kind of an issue as well.

There are so many things that you can do to make men go crazy about you and you don’t even have to be the most beautiful woman in the room.

You just need to be witty and know what to say in crucial moments.

If you follow some rules, the man you like will soon be into you and he won’t even be aware of that.

You just need to keep him interested in you with the things you say and what is a better way to achieve that than by sending some flirty, seductive texts?

If you play this game wisely, I am sure that you will get any man you want. But be patient because good things don’t happen overnight.

Flirty texts and flirty questions are a great way to test the waters and see just how far you can take it with him. You’ll find out how freaky he is and exactly what floats his boat.

At the same time, you’ll make him want you even more by making him see what a flirty little devil you are and he won’t be able to resist your seductive ways.

Just make sure not to push it too hard and to not be overbearing. Send him a hot, flirty text for starters and based on his response, decide how to proceed.

Give yourself time (and him as well) for everything to work out in the best possible way. When you feel that it is the right moment to take your relationship to a whole new level, use some of these texts.

Tease him but make it simple

woman typing on her phone while lying in bedroom

The best reaction that you will get from a guy is when you tease him. It will make him feel special and he will be happy because you are showing some interest in him.

It is a known fact that guys always want attention—not just from the woman they like but from all women.

That is something that boosts their ego and makes them feel desirable.

So if you two just met, try to tease him but don’t let him know that you like him. If he finds out, he will be bored and feel that he doesn’t need to make any effort to keep you.

Men like the chase, that’s a known fact. So even when you know you’ve totally fallen for him, give him a little chance to pursue you and make him feel like he’s the man.

I know it sounds silly but it will work wonders for his ego and he’ll double the effort in seducing you! Give it a shot.


1. There is that cute guy I can’t stop thinking about… What should I do about him?

2. I know someone who might have a crush on you!

3. Do you have any fantasies?

4. You are so lucky because you are so cute. That’s why I keep you around.

5. Got to go on a girl’s night out. Drunk-text you later?

6. Boy, you sure know how to make a girl miss you!

 7. Do you believe in lust at first sight or should I walk past you one more time?

8. I have so many plans for tonight… and you’re included in all of them!

9. Do you want to hear a secret? If your answer is yes, come over so I can tell you in person. Or better yet… show you.

10. I’m happy to inform you that I’ve completely fallen for you. The only question is… what are you going to do about that?

Send him erotic texts

A beautiful smiling girl lying in bed in night dress and holding phone in her hand

You should know that texts like this are just for those who are already in a relationship.

If you start with these texts and you haven’t had a chance to get to know each other better yet, it may sound like you are ready for anything, including sex.

Erotic texts are only for those couples who know each other deeply and are sure that they will be taken exactly as intended.

This is not recommended for those who are not yet in an actual relationship or who are just getting to know each other.

You can always use these when you get to that level, just make sure you’re there before you risk it all by sending these provocative texts that might give him the wrong impression.

If you’re still figuring it all out, stick to those cute, flirty texts. Only after you’ve been together a little while and it feels as if you’re ready for something more risqué can you start firing on all cylinders.

So, be smart and know when to send him erotic or flirtatious texts. Here are some of the best ones you can use.


11. I am so excited about our date tonight. If you play your cards right, you’re going to love what I’ve got planned for later!

12. I am going to wear my ‘fuck me’ heels on our date tonight! Hope they do the trick!

woman in high heels stands over a man

13. Tonight, I will do all the work and you will scream and beg for more! Let’s reverse the roles for a change, I promise you’re going to love it.

14. You are not going to be able to move once I finish with you tonight!

15. Tonight, I want to slowly kiss my way from your lips downward… The only question is how far down will I go?

16. I hate that I’m sitting here at work right now, instead of doing all kinds of dirty things with you. If you only knew the filthy things in my head right now.

17. I just spent the last hour alone in bed, thinking about one particular guy… and guess what I was doing?

18. There’s this new position I heard about today and I can’t wait to try it out… When do you think you can come over?

19. I have a confession to make… How mad would it make you if I told you I may have kissed another girl while we were together? Promise it won’t happen again… unless you want me to.

20. What do you want me to do to you tonight and wearing what? I’m in the mood for granting some wishes… as long as you promise you’ve been naughty.

21. I thought about you this morning while I was in the shower…. Guess that’s why it took me so long to get out.

Validate him

smiling man typing on his phone at home

It’s not only girls who like compliments and being validated. Guys like it, too.

So, in the beginning, you can tell him that you think he does an amazing job and that watching him being all busy turns you on.

When he hears how good you think he is and what a good job he’s been doing keeping you pleased, it will only motivate him more.

Guys will never admit this but hearing compliments makes their day and it only gives them that boost they need to make you all sorts of happy.

I promise it will be totally worth it once you’re in the bedroom. Make him feel competent, manly and well-equipped and you’ll be one very lucky lady later on.

That will boost his ego and he will feel all important. Here are some of the texts you can send to intrigue him and get him interested.


22. I miss feeling your hands all over me, you kissing me, ripping off my clothes and having your way with me! Can you come back already?

couple kissing against the wall

23. Everything about you is perfect, especially one particular thing! Can you guess what I’m referring to?

24. OMG! You were so awesome last night! Cannot wait for round two… just give me a few hours to recover, God knows I need it after your sensational performance last night.

25. I want to hear you breathing in my ear after I make you cum!

26. I am so horny when thinking about seeing you later! I don’t think I’ll make it through the day, just teleport here already!

27. You blew my mind last night so tonight, I’ve decided I’ll let you choose whatever it is that you want from me and I’ll do it. God knows you deserve every dirty thing that is on your mind.

28. I’m wet just thinking about seeing you tonight… Oh the things you do to me. No man has ever made me this horny before.

29. Tonight, I want you to do to me exactly what you did last night. For some reason, I’m still replaying it in my mind over and over again.

30. The thing you did last night, I just want to know the name of the girl who taught you that? I want to personally thank her for the most intense orgasm I have ever had.

31. Tell me, how does it feel being the sexiest man who’s ever been inside me?

Make him feel wanted

young blonde girl typing in bedroom

Like I said before, guys like it when you make them feel like they are wanted.

If you want to make him feel good, there are things you can do to boost his ego.

You can tell him that he is good-looking and that all the women in the room are staring at him.

The trick is not to make him feel overly confident but just enough to make him see that you’re really into him but there’s still so much he can do to make you more eager for him.

You want your guy to feel hot, competent and like a total catch but not so much so that he goes off searching for more chicks. But don’t worry. I have just the texts you need to achieve your goal that will make him feel good about himself and even hotter for you.

That doesn’t mean that he will dump you to get a more beautiful woman but it will make him feel good in his own skin and keep him glued to you. Here are some steamy, flirty texts you can try.


32. I just saw that hot waitress was checking you out! I’m guessing somebody’s a little jealous of the catch that I’m with. Too bad you’re all mine!

33. You are quite popular among women, they all like to spend time with you! I just feel bad for them for not knowing just how amazing your company is. You’re like my hot little secret!

34. You are a true beast in the bedroom! I used to think I had good sex but with you, it’s on a whole other level… Man oh man, I guess I no longer need the gym.

couple making love at home

35. I had a dirty dream last night and guess who the protagonist was? If you can’t guess, come over and give some more material to dream about later.

36. Let me take care of you. There is no need to do it by yourself! I think you’ll be very pleased with my service… Let me say thank you for being such a hot piece of ass the best way I know how.

37. It’s not that I choose to be this thirsty for you all the time, it’s just that you’re so freaking sexy that you leave me no choice!

38. Promise me one thingif we ever get into a fight, we’ll resolve it like adults… naked in the bedroom. Spanking optional.

39. You’re the only guy I ever want to see naked again. Hope you’re happy with yourself… I know I am!

40. In my mind right now, we’re not at work but in the bedroom, doing all kinds of questionable things to each other and neither one of us is able to breathe properly.

41. When you kiss my neck, I’m not responsible for anything I might do to you when you’re done.

Be fun and interesting

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Your goal is to make your man satisfied and you won’t be able to do that if you say everything that all the other women have already said.

You should be innovative and fun but at the same time seductive and flirtatious.

You want him to see how special and different you are and what better way to do that than by sending him some really flirty texts that will make him go wild for you. And the best part? He probably hasn’t heard them before.

Go get your phone and write these down. You’re going to need these sooner rather than later. Here are some texts you can use to make him feel like a real man.


42. Nothing sounds better than hearing you say my name when you ———- … Well, I am just going to let you fill in the blanks. If it’s too hard, I’d be more than happy to help.

43. It’s freezing cold in here and I covered myself with a bunch of blankets. Taking off all my clothes was probably a wrong move. I guess you could come here and help me with that?

44. I will invite you over on one condition: You shouldn’t keep your hands to yourself. In fact, I will tell you right where you should put them!

45. Do you have any plans for dinner tonight? I thought about getting reservations for my bedroom but just wanted to check if you were available?

happy couple sitting on sofa at home

46. I could really use some help putting this sunscreen on right now. But I will need someone to help me take off my bikini later! Hope it’s not too much of a hassle.

47. Which emoji would you say reminds you of me the most? For me, it’s the cheeky one with its tongue out. You are free to guess why!

48. I just thought you might want to know I just got out of the shower… You know, in case you might want to come over before I put all those unnecessary clothes on.

49. I can’t wait to be by your side again! Or on top of you or under you… whichever one you please.

50. Name one body part right now! Want to know why? Because that’s the first place I’ll kiss when I see you tonight. And if you’re lucky, I just might keep going south from there.

51. My thoughts are extremely R-rated today… Want to know what they’re about? Well, you can but the offer is valid only if you show up ASAP! You do not want to miss this.

Flirty Texts To Send Him: 51 Seductive Ways To Make Him Yours