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10 Traits Of A High Quality Man And How To Win Him Over

10 Traits Of A High Quality Man And How To Win Him Over

Let’s face it—in today’s dating world, finding a guy who has all the necessary qualities of a real man is like winning a lottery.

However, becoming this man is even harder because taking a walk in a high quality man’s shoes takes a lot of responsibility, hard work, effort, and energy.

So, what are the characteristics every desirable man should possess? What are the traits which make him stand out from the crowd?

10 Signs Of A High Quality Man

He knows what he wants

The first difference between a high value man and an immature boy is self-awareness.

A real man knows who he is, knows what he is capable of, and most importantly, knows who and what he wants in life.

This is a great guy who doesn’t live in the moment and doesn’t go with the flow.

He doesn’t expect his life to magically fall into place without him having to move a finger.

Instead, he is the kind of person who has a plan that he is always working on, even when you don’t see it.

He knows what he is looking for, and he’ll always be clear when it comes to his expectations from others and from himself.

He doesn’t waste time on people and things which might hold him back, and he won’t allow anyone to distract him from his path.

This is a man who has a vision of his future, and he won’t give up until he accomplishes it.

This goes for all aspects of his life, including his career, romantic relationships, and all the other little things .

For example, a high value man will not end up with a woman who doesn’t deserve him, with a woman who can’t give him everything he wants or with a woman who doesn’t meet his high standards .

It is not that he asks for the impossible, he just knows he has a lot to offer and isn’t ready to settle for less than he deserves.

He has emotional intelligence

A good man is not only smart, he is also emotionally intelligent . The best part is that he applies this emotional intelligence to himself and others, as well.

This man is not scared of getting in touch with his vulnerable side.

He doesn’t think that showing his feelings will make him any less of a tough guy. He doesn’t have a habit of suppressing his emotions and acting like they don’t exist.

A guy like this isn’t embarrassed to cry if he feels like crying nor is he ashamed to admit that he is heartbroken or hurt.

In fact, he is aware that these are not the signs of his emotional weakness but indicators of his mental strength.

He never ignores his issues nor does he push his problems under the carpet, expecting them to magically go away.

When you fight with a high value man, he won’t ignore you or give you the silent treatment.

Instead, he realizes the importance of healthy communication, and he will do everything in his power to talk things through and to make your arguments as productive as possible.

Most importantly, a man like this has incredibly high empathetic skills and the ability to understand everyone around him, especially his romantic partner.

He never judges others without walking a mile in their shoes and always does his best to find justification for someone else’s actions.

He is an incredible listener and ever better adviser.

When you’re around him, sometimes you feel as if he can read your mind and knows how you feel even before you become aware of it, which is all due to his extremely developed emotional intelligence.

Also, this great guy has incredible intuition, especially when it comes to girls.

He feels their vibe and feminine energy right on the first date , so women usually have a hard time tricking him and convincing him they’re something they’re not.

He is reliable

Another personality trait of the right man is the fact that he is trustworthy and reliable.

It doesn’t matter what your relationship with this guy is, whether he is your boyfriend, husband, family member, friend or a coworker, if you’re important to him and have a place in his life, he will never stand you upt or leave you hanging.

Instead, he is the kind of man you can always count on.

It doesn’t matter if you need someone to pick you up in the middle of nowhere, if you have an emotional emergency, if you need to borrow some money, if you just need someone to hear you out or give you some precious advice—this guy is the one you should call and the one who will always answer.

This is a great man who always has his loved one’s back, a man who sticks with the people he cares for through thick and thin, and a man who will never abandon you when you need him the most.

When he promises something, you can be positive that he’ll do everything in his power to make it happen and when he tells you that he is there for you, be certain that he really means it.

He is mature

A desirable man doesn’t need anyone raising him and showing him the way.

He is capable of taking good care of himself (and of others surrounding him, if necessary). He doesn’t need another parent or a life teacher.

This guy is perfectly capable of making life decisions on his own and even if he asks someone for advice, he is the one who makes the final call about his own life .

He’s learned how to make a balance between his mind and his heart, so he rarely takes any impulsive decisions which he might regret later.

This is an independent, self-sufficient man who has what it takes to go through life on his own.

He knows how to determine his priorities and how to keep himself emotionally and financially stable.

When it comes to love, this man wants to find an equally mature woman who has the capacity to be his life partner.

A woman who won’t walk behind or in front of him, but a woman who will be able to follow his pace.

He is not looking for a woman he will follow around, someone to financially and emotionally support him.

He doesn’t need a girl to save him or to force him to get his shit together.

He doesn’t need a girl to solve his problems—he needs a woman who won’t become one.

He has high self-esteem

You know those stuck-upf guys who think they’re better than anyone?

Those who are convinced nobody could outwit them, who think they’re the smartest and most attractive men in the entire world?

You know those guys who think they could never be replaced and whose self-love is the only thing they care about?

The guys who are convinced that they’re never wrong and always crave the spotlight, even when they have nothing to offer?

Well, a high quality man is nowhere near that.

He isn’t a self-centered, cocky, ego maniac with obvious insecurities he is actually trying to hide from the real world .

However, what he does have is high self-esteem. He knows his self-worth , and he is not the guy you can convince that he is not enough.

This man is sure about himself and his abilities, but he is not ashamed to admit if he doesn’t know anything nor does he find it humiliating to ask for advice.

He believes in his inner strength and knows that he can achieve anything he sets his mind on, if he just has enough faith.

Nevertheless, the best part about this guy’s sense of self-worth is the fact that it doesn’t depend on anyone else besides himself.

He doesn’t wait for other people’s approval to think better about himself nor does he ever wonder what someone might say about his life.

He has good manners

Call him old-fashioned or even out-dated but one of the main personality traits every good man owns is good manners.

This guy is a gentleman and knows his way with the ladies, which is also a part of his charm.

He is not into modern dating practices and he’ll never pretend to be this unavailable man when he is head over heels for someone, so a girl he likes will never have to crack her mind open about interpreting his mixed signals.

She will never have to wait for his text or question his intentions because he is only calling her to meet him in the middle of the night or at his place.

Instead, this man is someone who respects his partner’s personal boundaries and feelings.

He isn’t interested in wasting his time or energy on playing different mind games or on calculating his next move.

When he takes a woman out on the first date , he will pay attention to all the little things : he will buy her flowers, pick up the check, and treat the staff kindly.

He will open the door for her and make sure she got home safe.

A good man will always be at his partner’s service and ready to give her a hand, even when she doesn’t ask for it.

It’s not that he doesn’t think of his woman as his equal, he just cherishes her feminine energy and wants to make sure she always feels loved and protected next to him.

The same goes when it comes to break ups . Even when this man is dumping a girl, he will do it with style, as a real gentleman

However, this guy’s good manners don’t only apply to his romantic partner.

No, this is a man with amazing social skills which make him desirable in all social situations and circles.

He is someone who will help an old lady cross the street, his neighbor go grocery shopping or stop along the road when he sees someone with a flat tire.

The desire to help everyone in need is simply in his blood and a part of his up bringing.  

His deeds match his words

Let’s face it—how many guys do you know who claim they have all (or at least most) of the qualities mentioned above?

Almost every man will characterize himself as a high quality guy , just to make himself more desirable.

However, the difference between this great man we’re talking about and every other guy who is just pretending to be him lies in the fact that a high quality man is a man of his words .

His promises aren’t empty, he never lies, and he never pretends to be someone he is not.

He is not one of those guys who will sweet-talk their way into a girl’s bed or heart.

He is not a people-pleaser, and he definitely won’t talk trash about you behind your back and then smile right in your face,pretending that he is your friend.

He is not one of those guys who will be telling their romantic partner how much they love her while they go around and use every opportunity to have to cheat on her.

They won’t be promising her the world, just to end up giving her nothing.

The truth is that this man might sound harsh or even inconsiderate at times, simply because he doesn’t hesitate spilling the truth right in everyone’ faces, no matter how painful it might be.

Nevertheless, this is actually one of his most appealing qualities—the fact that he is always honest.

He takes responsibility

Another important personality trait high quality men possess is the ability to admit when they’re wrong.

This guy knows how to stand behind his actions, has no trouble owning up his mistakes, and never runs away from responsibility.

He is not someone who blames everyone around him for his failures.

He is aware of the fact that every healthy relationship , including a romantic one, is a two way street and that it is not possible for the other person to always be the only one guilty when things go downhill.

He knows he’s only a human being who is allowed to make mistakes and doesn’t act as this perfect man who can’t be wrong.

He doesn’t behave like he is above everyone else and doesn’t feel intimidated when someone, especially his romantic partner, points out on his mistakes.

This man is the kind of person who knows when it’s time to apologize, and he doesn’t find it humiliating to say he’s sorry.

However, he will also call you out on your actions when you do him wrong. 

He has leadership skills

A desirable man has the vibe of an alpha male . He is a born leader, and people look up to him, whether he’d like it or not.

However, he is not bossy nor does he demand that others obey him blindly. Everyone simply sees him as a father figure and as a role model.

His friends and other people in his surroundings know he is the one who can help them go through hard times .

Also, he isn’t one of those unavailable men and people often turn to him for dating advice or for help with some other problems and see him as the leader of the pack.

This is because of his incredible social skills , his bravery, and his inner strength. He can’t be easily scared.

He has a strong moral compass , doesn’t chicken out at the first hint of inconvenience, and is ready to do whatever it takes for the people he loves.

Therefore, he’s in the spotlight everywhere he goes around the girls, in his social circles, and even on the job.

Other men often admire him and look for ways to become just like him, without knowing how much hard work and self-improvement it took for him to become the human being he is today.

It is not that he is a skillful manipulator.

People just believe everything he has to say and trust him to always make the right move, even when they initially disagreed with him.

The same goes with the girls around him: he is so persuasive that they get knocked off their feet the second they meet him.

He is consistent

The thing about this guy is that you always know where you stand with him.

As it was already stated, he knows what he wants and is always completely honest, so it is natural for him to have a consistent personality as well.

It is not that he isn’t prone to changes. In fact, he is constantly working on self-improvement .

However, he will modify some things about his personality when he decides it is time to do so.

His moral compass will never be affected by others, and he will never change the essence of who he is.

When you’re in a healthy relationship with a high quality guy , you don’t have to worry about a break-up in which he ghosts you.

You don’t have to be concerned about whether he’ll change overnight as soon as he gets what he wants, and you don’t have to worry about him disappearing and reappearing in your life.

If he is committed and if he promised you some things, be certain that he isn’t going anywhere because he is a man of his words , and his inconsistent behavior would mean he has to betray all of his principles.

How To Attract A High Quality Man?

Winning a high quality guy over is actually a piece of cake. You just have to become a high quality woman and he is all yours.

Easier said than done, right?

Well, let me tell you some secret dating advice : the right man like him has high standards .

He’s spent years building his personality, and he isn’t ready to settle down for a woman who doesn’t know what she wants from her own life , doesn’t have a moral compass , and couldn’t keep up with him in the real world .

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to act all tough to get his attention.

Instead, show him that you are the high quality woman he can see as his equal without losing your feminine energy .

Also, this kind of man has a lot of self-love and self-respect, so he definitely wouldn’t waste time on someone whose emotions he isn’t certain or on a woman who doesn’t appreciate him enough.

He is not into playing games , so if you consider him to be a guy you can pull some of the typical modern dating tricks on, think again because you certainly won’t succeed.