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12 Signs He’s Totally Over His Ex (Even If You Think He’s Not)

12 Signs He’s Totally Over His Ex (Even If You Think He’s Not)

Are you dating a guy who recently had a breakup on the terms of staying friends with his ex?

Do you often suspect and wonder whether he is truly over his ex or perhaps he’s using you to get over her (which is, by far, the worst possible case scenario)?

I feel you. Starting a new relationship knowing that your partner is still in touch with his ex and not being sure if he’s ever gotten over her is really frustrating. However, not all hope is lost!

There are actually some tell-tale signs to pay attention to where you can determine whether or not he’s totally over his ex-girlfriend.

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The only thing you need to do to solve the mystery is to keep reading the following signs that are sure indicators he’s totally over his ex (even if you think he’s not)!

He’s happy for his ex


One of the biggest indicators that he’s totally over his ex is if he’s genuinely happy for her.

Pay attention to his body language and reaction when he hears that something good happened to her or when he sees her being happy with another guy.

If he doesn’t start showing signs of jealousy all of a sudden or get lost in his thoughts, it means he’s happy for her and that he is totally over her!

He breaks all forms of communication with his ex

We all need a certain amount of time for ourselves after a breakup and severing all forms of communication with exes is the fastest way to successfully get over them.

If you notice that he rarely texts her (except when he really needs something) and that he’s deleted her from all social media, this is a huge sign that he’s ready to move on.

But, if he seems to be spending enormous amounts of time chasing her on every social media, liking her every photo, and texting her frequently, know that he is still attached to her and he will need more time to work on it in order to get over her.

He rarely talks about her

When we talk about someone (especially when we do it frequently), it means that person is constantly on our minds.

So, if he seldom talks about her, it means he’s definitely not thinking about her!

He’s redirected his thoughts from his breakup and past relationship, and that is why he never mentions her because she’s no longer a part of his life. She’s become the past and he’s moved on.

He throws away memorabilia of her

When we break up with someone, just then we realize how many things and memories have accumulated during all that time.

If you see that he still has a collection of memorabilia of his ex and he’s not intending on getting rid of them, then he’s probably not ready to let go yet.

But, if he throws away all the memories that he had with her, it means he has solemnly and wholeheartedly decided to discard his past and start a new chapter.

He labels himself as a single man

When you just met him, try to remember what he said to you about his love life.

Did he declare himself as a single man or was he stuttering and desperately trying to find the words to describe the hoping-to-get-back-together-with-my-ex situation he’s in?

If he labels himself as a single man on every social media and in person, you can be sure that he’s totally over her!

He’s ready to start another relationship (with you)

If he shows determination that he’s ready to start a new relationship without making you doubt his decisions, then you can be sure he’s no longer attached to his ex.

When a guy is not ready to start another relationship, he will constantly make you confused with his being indecisive about everything, so pay attention to that.

He radiates positive energy


Only when you’re one hundred percent over your past decisions and relationships, can you be truly happy, which is seen in the type of energy you’re exuding when being around other people.

So, if he’s as happy as a clam when spending time with you and he seems relaxed about everything, it is a good sign that he’s over her.

He never accidentally calls you by her name

Another sign that he’s not on his mind is if he never accidentally calls you by her name.

He’s not doing it because he’s not focused on his past; he’s living in the present and thus focuses on the things happening now.

He never accidentally calls you by her name because he’s pretty much deleted it from his mind.

He talks about his past without getting emotional


Another important sign when it comes to being sure that he’s gotten over his ex is if he talks about his past without getting emotional or distant.

This means that he’s comfortable about talking about his past because nothing bothers him about it.

He’s accepted things as they are and he’s ready to start living a new life without his ex on his mind.

He’s not rushing into anything


When we’re desperate to get over someone, we sometimes subconsciously rush into another relationship – not because we’re genuinely interested in them, but only for the sake of forgetting our ex.

If he’s taking things slowly with you, it means he wants to get to know you better and he’s not forcing himself to jump into a new relationship only to forget the previous one.

He’s an open book with you

If you ask him about his past, he tells you everything as it is.

He doesn’t tell you that he would rather not talk about it or that he needs some time to think about it.

He tells you exactly as things were and he doesn’t try to hide anything. He’s like an open book with you and you can feel it in your guts, too.

He isn’t hesitant 

When a guy is still unable to let go of his ex, he will also be unable to talk about his future because he still secretly hopes that she will be in it.

But, if he talks to you about the future with ease and he’s excited about his future plans and goals, it means he’s totally over her and past events.

His past is not preventing him from having a great time with you in the present and looking forward to spending his future days with you.

It means he’s determined to make a commitment with you and stick to his decision, no matter what.