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14 Things To Do When You Are Unhappy In Your Relationship

14 Things To Do When You Are Unhappy In Your Relationship

We all want to find a partner we will be happy with, but sometimes that is not possible. Because, let’s face it – relationships are hard and when people make problems in them, they become even harder.

Maybe at the beginning of your relationship you were tolerant of some things, but as time passed by, you realized that you don’t want to put up with any of that shit and that you only want some respect and love.

And when you don’t get it, you start feeling miserable, anxious, depressed. You start changing yourself into a person you never thought you would become and nothing is outstanding as it was before.

You find yourself thinking about things you have never thought about before and you don’t feel good in your own skin.

You end up questioning if you are good enough for your partner, if you are worthy and if he will replace you with someone new.

You are so irritated with every single thing that happens and you are anxious that you will lose him.

All these examples are signs of an unhappy relationship, so if you found most of them apply to you, you should be worried. But since there is a solution to every problem, there are some potential things that can help you overcome all the bad things that happen to you.

Here is a list of the things you can try if you think your relationship has come to an expiration date. Try some of them and save what can be saved.

Get to know your partner’s needs better

The fact is that a relationship won’t function if you don’t know your partner’s needs. If you don’t know what he likes or dislikes, you won’t be able to satisfy his needs.

Also, you need to know that a relationship is not a one-way street and that your partner has to do the same for you.

If he wants to keep you, he needs to know what you want from your life and if the two of you have the same outlook on life.

If you think the same and if you like the same things, chances are that your situation can be improved. You just need some time and patience to overcome your problems. Maybe your relationship is not so unhappy after all.

Try doing a new hobby together

When you have problems in your relationship, you are focused only on problems and you don’t know what to do to make you feel better.

If you forgot what it feels like to achieve that happiness together, try doing some new things together. You can enroll in a class of foreign languages or start going to the gym together.

That will help you make a deeper bond because you will spend more time with each other and you will be surrounded by people who are also doing something good for themselves.

After you start a new hobby together, you will see that you don’t mind all those things that bothered you before and that you feel more satisfied with your life. And even if you think that it can’t help you to improve your unhappy relationship, it really can!

Make some effort

Every relationship has ups and downs, but it is very important to constantly make some effort for the two of you to function. If you just go with the flow, nothing will be better.

I know that people sometimes relax too much in long-term relationships, but you shouldn’t let that happen to you. If you want to be happy with your man, you need to refresh your relationship from time to time just to avoid being stuck in a routine.

If you do something nice and new for your relationship, you will at least know that you gave 100% and that it is not up to you if your relationship falls apart.

Always have your heart on your sleeve

If you think that you are in an unhappy relationship, maybe the problem is that you don’t talk to your partner enough.

Maybe you don’t tell him all that bothers you and you make the worst scenarios in your head which are too far from the truth.

If you just say to your man what you don’t like and what you would like to change, maybe your relationship would be better.

Maybe you wouldn’t have so many problems because you would know that the other side is totally into you and that they only have eyes for you.

Regular talk can help you more than you think, so consider doing it every time you feel something is not right with your man.

Respect your partner’s opinion

If you don’t respect your partner’s opinion, you won’t get anywhere. I am not saying that you should nod your head to everything he says, but you should give him the right to have his own opinion.

You don’t need to have the same outlook on life about everything, but you should have some things in common. Otherwise, you won’t be able to function in the long-run.

If he respects you and your opinion, be good in return and respect what he has to say. Maybe the two of you can give each other reasons why you think like that and you can start a new topic that can be very interesting.

Tell your partner that you are proud of them

It doesn’t have to be such a big deal to say something like this. It can be just working hard to get more money for the two of you or even help you with the project you have a deadline for.

It is important that your partner knows that you don’t take them for granted and that you still think that they are awesome. That will make your relationship stronger, and it will take it to a whole new level.

When people feel secure with their loved one, there won’t be so many problems and they will be more relaxed. Remember, a relaxed partner means less fighting.

Have regular sex

Sex is an essential part of every love relationship. You can be all loving and caring to your partner, but if there is no physical connection, all is in vain.

I am not saying that you should do that just to satisfy your partner but because you want it too.

If you love him, you will want to sleep with him because you will feel a deeper emotional and physical connection in that way.

But if sex is the only thing that makes your relationship good, I would think twice if my place is with that man. Yes, with sex you can add some spice to your love life, but that is not the most important thing.

Include your partner in your life more

Maybe problems happen in your relationship because your partner doesn’t know a lot about your private life. You can live with someone but still be a stranger to him, so don’t let something like this happen to you.

Always try to include your partner in your life. Ask him to hang out with you and your friends or to get to know your coworkers better.

That will help him know about you and how you function with other people, and maybe he will also do the same for you.

Mutual respect and being okay with the person sleeping next to you is all that you need to avoid an unhappy relationship.

Make some compromises

According to a relationship expert, many relationships survive just because both partners make some compromises.

When you think about it better, you can’t always get all that you want in a relationship, so if making some compromises is what you have to do, just bring it on.

Those will be some small things that you won’t even notice and it will mean a lot for your relationship. Talk to your partner about stuff that he doesn’t like and those that bother you and find a system that will function.

When you do something like this, you will know that you made some effort for your relationship to work and you will feel more satisfied with yourself as a person.

Be the best version of yourself

You should always try to be the best version of yourself no matter if that means taking care of your looks, working hard at work or enrolling in some classes to learn new things.

If you are good to yourself, you will be good to your partner as well. He won’t be ready to leave a high-value woman like you so easily, and he will always go the extra mile to make things work.

If you constantly try to be better and better, maybe he will do the same and both of you will be satisfied with your private lives. And in the case that you can’t handle your lousy relationship anymore and if you are unhappy in it, at least you will know that you gave your best to save what can be saved.

Change yourself only if you want to

Many women change themselves even if they are not ready for the change, but they do it because of their partners. And when their man hurts them, they are mad at themselves for pleasing him instead of themselves.

Then the real problems begin and nothing can be like before. That’s why you shouldn’t change just because your partner wants it. If he can’t accept you the way you are, then you should let him go.

He needs to understand that you are not his puppet whom he will be able to control in the way that suits him the best. He needs to understand that you are a woman who has her own opinions and that you will not settle for less than you deserve.

Talk to your partner even if you don’t feel like doing so

Sometimes in long-term relationships, partners get bored because they don’t talk to each other enough. So, talk to your man about everything.

Tell him about your work, make plans with your friends and make plans for the future. Let him see that you are making some effort and that you want the two of you to work.

If he is the real deal, he will see what you are doing for your relationship and he will feel special. In the end, that is what we all want to feel in a love relationship, so if he gives you all that you need to be happy, show him that you respect and value him, and that you don’t want to lose him.

Have some time for yourself, but make it for your partner as well

If you always go out with your friends and never ask your man to join you, he will think that you enjoy being with them more than with him.

And trust me, that is something no man will accept. He wants to feel special, loved and taken care of.

But if you show him that you want him to be a part of your life and that you enjoy spending time with him, he will fall in love with you even more.

Remind your man why you fell in love with him in the first place and show him that even after such a long time spent together, you still have strong feelings for him.

Trust me, no man will be immune to this.

Solve problems as fast as they appear

The worst thing that can happen in relationships is that partners often keep their mouths shut about things that make them anxious and sad.

That is something that you shouldn’t do. Talk to your man about things that bother you as soon as those things happen.

You won’t be stressed out so much and you will have a better connection with your man.

Also, he will know what you don’t like, he won’t do it again, and you will finally find the peace you crave so much. Who says that unhappy relationships can’t turn into happy ones again?