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28 Amazing And Effective Tips On How To Make A Girl Smile

28 Amazing And Effective Tips On How To Make A Girl Smile

Knowing how to put a smile on your girl’s face when she really needs it is the key to a good and long-lasting relationship. It is important that you know how to make each other laugh and most importantly, know when your partner really needs it the most.

You never really need a good reason to make your girl happy, that should be a daily occurrence, but when you feel like putting a smile on her beautiful face, here are some great ways to do it.

1. If you know she’s having a bad day, buy her something small and not too expensive, but that will mean a lot to her! You can never go wrong with flowers, a cute teddy bear or some chic earrings that you know she will love! It doesn’t have to be anything pricey, just from the heart.

2. Send her a cute text first thing in the morning! It will be the best way to start her day. She will feel so happy that she is your first thought in the morning. It’s these little things that mean the world to her.

3. If you notice that she seems a little off, like there is something on her mind, but she is not saying anything, ask her if she is okay. Pay attention to her mood and make sure that she is okay and that she sees that you care! Girls love it when you notice these things—it means that you really care about her.

4. Be vocal about your feelings. Tell her you miss her when she is away! Tell her you love her for no reason! Express your feelings, and make her feel loved. Don’t underestimate the importance of showing your affection for her.

5. Never comment on another girl’s appearance in front of her! It’s really not necessary, and it might make her feel a little insecure. It’s okay to think that someone looks hot, just don’t ever say it in front of your girl because it will only make her compare herself, and that will lead to nothing good.

6. Keep your ‘likes’ to yourself. Don’t comment on Instagram and other social media. I know it sounds a little weird, and not all girls are bothered by this.. but most girls don’t like it when they see you going on a ‘liking’ rampage on other girls’ Instagram accounts. Isn’t it enough to look at their photos? There is no need to like so many provocative pictures of girls that are not your girl.

7. Don’t shy away from talking about your future. Mention it here and there, and don’t let her be the only one to ever bring that up. When she sees you talking about your joint future without having to mention it herself, she will be on cloud nine.

8. Pay her compliments when she looks good! I mean, you should love her however the hell she chooses to look, but when she spends 2 hours getting ready to go with you toan event, make sure to tell her just how stunning and gorgeous you think she looks. She loves to look good for you, appreciate it

9. When you introduce her to your family and close friends, she will feel important and included in your life. When she finally gets introduced to those closest to you, she won’t be able to stop smiling. That is when she knows you’re really in this with her.

10. Be in interested in how her day went! Ask her about work, family, friends, and actually have a conversation about it. Don’t just ask, nod your head, and go about your business. Talk to her about things that are important to her.

11. Holding her hand in public is the cutest thing ever, so make sure to always do that, and give her a gentle kiss on the forehead. Those are the most caring kisses in my opinion. When she least expects it, give her a tender kiss while you’re walking on the streets, and make her jump for joy. She will feel so happy and fulfilled to have such a caring boyfriend.

12. When she does something for you, always say ‘please’’ and thank you’. Never take for granted what she does for you, no matter how big or small. Always be thankful. It’s so easy, yet sooo important.

13. Pick up the phone, and call her. Nowadays, everybody seems to be texting all the time, so when you call her and she actually hears your voice, she’ll appreciate it so much. Oh, and bonus points if you’re the first one to call after a fight.

14. Plan a cute and romantic date night for you two! Girls love planning, yes, but when you tell her you have a whole night planned just for the two of you, she will be over the moon!

15. Be mindful of important dates such as your anniversary, her birthday, Valentine’s Day, the date of her pet’s passing, and anything that is important and sentimental to her.

16. Post photos of her and of you two together on your social media. To you, is probably seems irrelevant—it’s just a photo—but to her it means that you care for her and are proud to show her off and call her yours!

17. Tag her in anything funny that makes you think of her! When you randomly tag her in funny memes and posts, you will be the reason she bursts into laughter for a few seconds each day, and that’s important, trust me.

18. Tell her when there is something bothering you. Let go of that macho crap where men don’t show emotions or God forbid cry, and talk to her when you’re not okay! She will LOVE being your shoulder to cry on, and she will surely make you feel better. She will love it so much that you are comfortable enough to confide in her, and it will only be between you two. So don’t feel uncomfortable; it will only make you connect and bond even more.

19. Always be honest with her. If you’re upset with her about something, tell her! She will be happier knowing that you can openly communicate your thoughts and feelings with her, rather than keeping them bottled up inside and quietly resenting her, and then one day, just blowing up at her. Honesty truly is the best policy.

20. Don’t cheat. As simple as that. I really don’t understand how people can put their loved ones through something like that. If you know you have a girl at home who loves you, cares for you and would do anything for you, don’t be a dick and take advantage of her kind heart and cheat when the opportunity arises! That is such a shitty thing do to, man. That also goes for hitting on girls at clubs and saying things that you would never say if your girl was there. Always try to keep in mind that she is faithful to you, and respect her enough not to make a fool out of her. Please, just treat her the way you want to be treated.

21. Act like a gentleman. Open the door for her, hold her chair and don’t be ashamed to hold her purse for a second if she asks you. Get over yourself, and just be there for her. It’s always the little things that turn out to be the most important.

22. Sometimes it’s totally okay to be cheesy and romantic! Tell her how special she is to you and how you’ve never felt this way before (only if it’s true though). Show her some cheesy affection. Send her a short romantic bedtime story.

23. Be her support system. Show her she can count on you always.

24. If what she does for a living or her new hobby isn’t something you’re familiar with, look it up. Next time she mentions it, show her how much you know about it, and she’ll be thrilled you actually took the time to look up something that is important to her. And you can finally talk to her about it without being confused half the time.

25. When you’re in bed, keep eye contact with her. She will love it, and it will only stimulate her more, knowing you have eyes only for her as you’re doing it. She’ll know you’re not imagining anyone else there; she’s all you need.

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26. Spend time together in nature. Go for a long walk or a hike. Let go of your cellphones, and just enjoy each other’s company, nature’s serenity and connect! You will feel renewed when you get home. And closer than ever.

27. If you’re out with your guys, and she’s home alone, sent her a cheeky text, just so she knows you’re thinking of her! You can also send any raunchy emoji you want. She’ll be swooning over it, and it only takes you 10 seconds.

28. Take the most random and unexpected photos of her! If you’re in the car, and she’s reapplying her lipstick in the rearview mirror and you think she looks so cute, take a photo of her! She will love it and love you for it! Girls love having their photos taken by their guy, especially when it’s unexpected. So go ahead, make her day, and put a genuine smile on her cute face!