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Pisces Man In Love: 18 Traits That Reveal His Real Feelings

Pisces Man In Love: 18 Traits That Reveal His Real Feelings

A Pisces man in love will show you what it looks like when a man loves secretly and deeply.

He should definitely be your ultimate goal because he will transform your life into the most beautiful love story.

This sign is ruled by the planet Neptune, and Pisces’ main traits are being sensitive, romantic, loyal, empathetic, warm, and generous.

These were their positive personality traits. However, Pisceans also have some flaws and not-so-perfect traits, as we all do actually.

They can be overly emotional in some situations which is a bit strange for guys, right? Also, their indecisiveness can really drive a woman crazy sometimes. Pisces men are known for their laziness and delaying things till the last minute which can also be very frustrating.

A Piscean is like a person with two faces but in a good way because he can be all moody and sensitive to some things at one moment and be totally fun and exciting at another.

That’s exactly why their symbol consists of two fish that are tied together in a way, but they actually swim in opposite directions.

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How Do You Know If A Pisces Man Is In Love With You?

When a man born under this water sign falls in love, he’s all in and he is always willing to go the extra mile for the woman he loves.

He’ll respect his better half and he’ll always have her back, no matter what. One of the most important personality traits of Pisceans is their loyalty and a Pisces guy will truly stay faithful to the woman he loves until his last breath.

He loves all people, and he easily forgives those who hurt him in the past, knowing that karma’s a bitch and that they will get what they deserve eventually.

The woman who engages in a love relationship with him will always feel special because a Pisces man in love is like a fish in water.

When A Pisces Man Is In Love – 18 Signs

And if you have ever been wondering what he is like and how a Piscean treats a woman he is in love with, read further because I am about to reveal some of the most common signs a Pisces man is in love with you.

He will never fall in love at first sight

Men born under this water sign almost never fall in love at first sight. NOTE: This doesn’t apply to men with Venus in Pisces because they’re known for their tendency to fall in love too easily and very often.

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First, he will try to get to know the woman he likes, and once they become friends, he will try something more.

The catch is that he is good and sensitive, and some women take advantage of that.

So once he learns his lesson the tough way, he will try to keep himself safe from getting his heart broken again.

He will be faithful

Once a Pisces man falls in love, he will respect his partner because he knows what it feels like to have a broken heart.

He will be loving and caring, and he will do that like it is the most normal thing in the world. The levels of his emotional maturity are pretty high.

Going the extra mile won’t be hard for him because he always wants to make a long-term relationship with a high-value woman.

If you are lucky enough to have a man like this in your life, you don’t have to worry that he will betray you.

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He is passionate

A Pisces man is passionate about love because he thinks that there are too many mediocre things in life, and he doesn’t want love to be one of them.

That’s why he always gives all of him into a relationship, and he never regrets doing so.

He is the kind of man who is passionate in bed as well, so you can expect some fireworks if you sleep with him.

A Pisces man wants his partner to feel nice and comfortable, and he will do anything to provide them with that.

He will protect you

When a Pisces man is in love with you, you can be sure that he will always stand by your side and protect you from all those bad things that can happen to you.

If someone tries to mock you or do you some harm, he will act like a beast protecting his loved ones.

When he loves, he believes in that person, and he will never let some third party break that relationship.

He is truly a keeper, and if you have someone like him in your life, you can consider yourself lucky.

He will fall in love with every partner in his life

A Pisces man in love is not like the rest of the zodiac signs. When he falls in love, he falls hard, and he can’t control his feelings or play some mind games with females.

Chances are high that he will fall in love with every woman he dates, and maybe some of them will take advantage of that.

He doesn’t know to act cleverly in love, but he immediately admits his feelings to his partner.

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He will be highly romantic

A Pisces man is someone who is always highly romantic when it comes to love relationships.

When he falls in love with a woman, he will prepare surprises for her, buy her gifts, and spoil her with loyalty.

He can make any woman feel special, and he doesn’t care if he will have to go the extra mile for that.

He enjoys seeing a smile on the face of the woman he loves, and that’s why he is so easy to love.

Maybe you can’t understand that now, but once you meet a man like that, you will see what he is capable of.

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He will lose his head over a woman with the same interest as him

When he finds a woman who has the same outlook on life as himself, he will cherish her because it is really hard to find someone who will love all those things a Pisces man loves.

He is pretty special when it comes to life and things that surround him because spiritual things matter more to him than materialistic ones.

If he feels that you are compatible with him, he will do anything to keep you as a part of his life, and he will never hurt you. And I am telling you—a man like this is a true keeper.

He will put his loved one on a pedestal

A Pisces man wants his beloved woman to feel special and unique, and he will do anything to achieve that.

When you are with him, you will feel like you are at the top of the world because a man like that will provide you with all you need for a happy and good life.

He will make an effort to get to know you better, and he will be with you for better or worse.

Because of his big heart, many women take advantage of him, but in the end, he always forgives because he doesn’t want to hold onto grudges.

He forgives everyone, not because they deserve it but because he deserves peace.

He lets karma do all the dirty work. He just lives and lets others live their life however they want.

When he loves, he gives his all

A Pisces man in love is someone who won’t play any mind games with you, but he will have his heart on his sleeve all the time. When he loves he will give his all, and he won’t regret it.

He will enjoy every moment spent with his loved one, and he will always try to make some effort to make them satisfied.

He likes to prepare surprises for his partner because he knows that women like things like that.

For the right one, he is willing to do all that it takes to make her happy.

He doesn’t mind sacrificing himself and his time for the woman he loves because he knows that she would do the same for him.

When he is in love and if it is a real deal, he is willing to dedicate himself totally to his loved one.

He won’t even go out with his friends just to be with his partner as much as possible.

His spontaneity is what attracts women

A Pisces man is extremely spontaneous, and that is what attracts most girls.

He is playful and imaginative, and when you talk to him, you can always learn something new.

He will make every conversation interesting, and he will never give up on the idea to make you feel great when you are in his company.

When he talks, he can convince you of whatever he wants because he has strong oral skills. He always makes jokes in other people’s company, especially if he is nervous.

That is what calms him down and makes him feel better. In love relationships, he never asks for more than he gives, and he really knows what to do to make a woman feel special.

He is impulsive

A Pisces man in love is extremely impulsive, and he sometimes does things that he might regret later.

He sometimes falls in love quickly, but sometimes it takes ages for someone to sweep him off his feet.

You never know which mood he will be in, and it mostly depends on situations and the people in his company.

If he likes the people he is talking to, he will be open and communicative, but if he feels bad vibes, he will probably pull back.

The same happens in love relationships; if you want to know what are some clear signs of a Pisces man in love, just pay attention to the way he talks to you.

If he opens up to you and communicates, it is a proven sign a Pisces man is falling in love with you.

He is straightforward

A Pisces man is very straightforward, and you can always know what is on his mind.

In case you two fight, he won’t keep his mouth shut just to make you happy, but he will tell you all that lies in his heart.

But if you are an honest and faithful person, you will be the apple of his eye.

He is strict but fair enough, and he cherishes all the traditional values.

If he sees that you are special and that you make him happy, he will do everything he can to make you happy.

But if you two argue more than you talk normally, he definitely won’t waste his time on you.

So, it is up to you if you will accept him just the way he is or you will move forward.

No matter if the two of you don’t succeed as a couple, he won’t mind being your friend afterward.

He is emotional

When a Pisces man falls in love he can be very emotional and sensitive, but that is what every woman likes in a man, right?

He knows what to say to make you feel better, and he knows that every woman wants respect and love.

That is the first thing he will give to you without asking you to reciprocate in the same way.

He knows that good things don’t happen overnight, so if you are not sure about your feelings, he will wait for you—but not too much because he will never let any woman make a fool out of him.

He is always willing to go the extra mile in a relationship, but if you don’t treat him well, he will simply let go of everything.

He knows that some women can take advantage of him, so he will be extra careful when he develops a love relationship with someone.

He can read women well

This guy is extremely smart and intelligent, and there is no way that a woman can twist him around her little finger—unless he lets her do that.

If you are trying to lead him on, he will figure it out, and he will break up with you.

He has a sense for others, and he can read them well by just paying attention to their body language. If you are upset or sad, your Pisces man will notice it.

If he loves you, he will do all in his power to make you feel better. But if he is not sure about his feelings, he will rather break up with you because ‘almost’ relationships are not his cup of tea.

A Pisces man wants it all or nothing at all, and he never accepts being half loved.

No matter if the two of you don’t get along very well in a relationship, he will still offer you to be your friend because this guy can’t hate people. That is one of the good things about him.

He will spoil you

If you want to know whether a Pisces man is falling in love with you, just pay attention to the way he treats you.

Is he kind and supportive? Does he do everything to make you happy? If the answer is positive, you can bet that this guy is catching some feelings for you and that it will last.

If a Pisces man wants to spoil you, it means that he really likes you and that he would be thrilled to spend the rest of his life with you.

You don’t get to meet men like him on every corner, so if you want someone who will be your best friend and lover at the same time, you shouldn’t let this man go.

He will make you feel like you never felt before, and he will do everything in his power for you to be happy at all times.

He will be jealous of the men around you

When a Pisces man is in love, he won’t let any other man come near you because Piscean males are pretty jealous.

The catch is that he trusts you, but he doesn’t trust the guys around you, so he will act a little bit overprotective at some times.

But that doesn’t mean he is a bad person, it just means that he doesn’t want others to make a fool out of him.

So, don’t get surprised if he interrupts you in the middle of the conversation with another man.

That just makes him look cute if he is not crossing the boundaries, of course.

But if he becomes abusive toward you because you have male friends, then you shouldn’t have to do anything with him.

Your self-respect should be in the first place, and if you lose that, you have lost it all. So, have fun, but don’t forget to think about your future as well.

It will never be boring when he is there

When a Pisces man falls in love, he won’t just stop chasing you because you are already his.

He will continue doing it because he knows that it is so important for every woman to be chased along after her man has won her over.

He will always make sure that you feel great in his company because it is important for him for you to be in a good mood.

A man like this is someone who likes to tell jokes, so expect lots of funny stories that will make your stomach hurt from laughing.

He knows that laughter is the best medicine when you are sad, so he will go the extra mile to cheer you up on your bad days as well.

He will show you what real love is about

In a romantic relationship with a Pisces man, you will feel the kind of love you have never felt before.

He will show you that a real man is someone who accepts his partner just the way she is, without trying to change her.

He will do his best to be the best partner, so you could be proud of him. If you two have kids, he will gladly take some responsibilities, so you can get some rest.

He will be your support, your late-night call, and the shoulder you can cry on when life gets tough.

He will make sure to never do something that would make you cry, but instead, he will do all in his power to make you the happiest woman alive. If that is not a keeper, I don’t know who is!

A Pisces Man’s Love Compatibility

When it comes to their love compatibility, Piscean guys are most compatible with Scorpio, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and, of course, Pisces women.

However, Taurus women are generally considered as the best match for Pisces males. They are simply soulmates.

On the flip side, women born under Gemini and Sagittarius horoscope signs are considered as the least compatible with Pisces males.

No need for panicking if you’re born under one of these sun signs because zodiac (in)compatibility doesn’t always have to mean a thing. Even if your stars don’t quite align, with a bit of effort, you can still build and maintain a healthy and loving relationship together.

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What Does A Pisces Man Need In A Relationship?

Men born under this water sign aren’t actually that demanding when they’re in a romantic relationship. They simply want normal stuff and things that are actually needed for maintaining a healthy relationship.

One of those things is, of course, true love. A Pisces guy will never stay in a relationship where he gets the vibe that the other side is faking her feelings for him. The only type of love he knows and accepts is true love and he’ll never settle for anything less than that.

Being loyal is a MUST if you want to keep your Piscean guy forever. Yet, I think it’s a must for all normal people who want to build a serious and committed relationship.

If your Pisces man is in love with you, he’ll be 100% in that relationship and he’ll expect you to do the same. He will need to feel that you’re committed to him as much as he’s to you.

Emotional validation is something every Piscean guy needs in a relationship. Their partner needs to recognize, accept, embrace and nurture their emotions.

If you want to build a stable, long-lasting relationship with a Pisces guy, you’ll have to connect with them on a deep emotional level first. They’ll never commit to someone they don’t feel a strong and profound connection with.

To simply put it, Piscean males see it in this way; if there is no passion, there is no love either. They don’t allow those firecrackers to leave their relationship because they know that love would follow them too.

Unnecessary drama is one thing Pisces guys always try to avoid in their relationship. For them, simplicity and stability are the top two qualities of a healthy relationship.

The thing every person should have in a healthy relationship is personal space. The sensitivity of Piscean males really demands it and they will simply need some alone time to clarify their thoughts and their overwhelming emotions.

He’s aware of all of his traits, the good and the bad ones. He knows that he’s far from perfect but he wants to be accepted just the way he is. A Piscean will never allow anyone to change and transform him into someone he is not.

The truth is that even if your Pisces guy has fallen head over heels for you, it’s still not enough to keep him for good.

You’ll still have to prove yourself, your feelings and work on strengthening your bond to make him understand that you’re worthy of his pure, sensitive and kind heart.

What Does A Pisces Man Like In A Woman?

Things Pisces males look for in their romantic partner are actually pretty simple. They want an honest, emotionally stable, creative woman who knows what she wants in life and how to get there.

What they hate the most is when a woman is faking to be someone she is not and when she plays mind games with him. Those two are a big NO for Pisces guys.

Without any doubt, Pisces are known as the most creative zodiac sign. That’s why they will always fall for a woman who is innovative and creative herself.

However, trustworthiness is the number one quality Pisces males look for in a woman. Being lied to is something they don’t forgive easily.

Pisces men are aware of their emotional instability. That’s why they need a woman who will be able to try to understand their changes in mood and who’ll try to deal with them in an inspiring way.

As I already said, men born under this water sign hate playing games and making unnecessary drama. Thereby, an emotionally mature woman who knows how to solve conflicts in a healthy way will easily capture this guy’s heart.

They look for someone who’ll hold a cool head during intense situations because they are unable to hold their composure at times like this.

So, now you know how to make a Pisces man fall in love with you. Stay true to yourself, avoid drama, be honest no matter what and you’ll easily make your Pisces guy fall head over heels for you.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, a full guide on a Pisces man in love. I hope it helped you realize whether your Piscean guy shares the same romantic feelings for you as you do for him.

And I have to say that I completely understand why you fell for a man born under the sign of Pisces. They really do deserve the perfect boyfriend material title.

Anna Kovach, a famous astrologer, explained it the best: “It’s not difficult to be attracted to a Pisces man—his sensitive soul, his dreamy sensibilities, his creative streak, and his compassionate heart are all the stuff fairytale romances are made of.”

Men born under this zodiac sign have a unique style of loving; a deeply sensitive, understanding and compassionate one.

When a Pisces man is in love, it seems like he immediately gets the power to read his partner’s mind because he does just about everything to make even her deepest dreams come true.

His main goal becomes making the woman he loves happy every single day. I’m telling you, a Pisces male is truly a visualization of how a perfect boyfriend should look and behave like.

If you’ve managed to capture a Pisces guy’s heart, you should really consider yourself one lucky gal. You hit the jackpot and got yourself a true keeper. A man who’ll do nothing but respect, appreciate and most importantly, love you for the rest of your days.