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A New Year’s Advice For Each Personality Type

A New Year’s Advice For Each Personality Type

What is the thing you should change about your behavior and personality in 2024?

What advice will help you have a happier new year and do things better and differently this time?

Well, it all depends on the Myers-Briggs personality type you belong to.


Please, have some fun! Being a person who sticks to their principles is rare in today’s world but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend another year being stiff and not letting yourself loosen up a little bit.

Stop planning your every move, and for a change, go with the flow, and be as spontaneous as possible.

See where life will take you, and look forward to not knowing what to expect next.


Don’t spend the entire year trapped in your room.

You might be an introvert who cherishes their alone time, privacy, and personal space, but that doesn’t mean you should cut off everyone who wants to come near you before even giving them a chance.

Trust me when I tell you that there are some people worthy of your time and attention.

Yes, some will probably hurt you, but on the other hand, there are those who will try hard to put a smile back on your face.


Let 2024 be the year in which you’ll stop repressing your emotions.

Come on, we all know that you’re not that insensitive badass you try to pretend to be.

Instead, you have a lot of feelings, and it is time to understand that showing them won’t make you appear weak and won’t make people lose respect over you.

Instead, it will just make your life a hell of a lot easier, and everyone will start perceiving you as a much more genuine person.


Please, take off your mask of a heartless person, and start letting people in. Allow someone to break the walls around your heart, and put your guard down.

Don’t get me wrong—it is perfectly acceptable to be careful about the ones you open up to because not everyone deserves to get your heart on a silver platter.

However, don’t exaggerate since you don’t want to chase some valuable people away.


You’re someone who enjoys expressing your attitudes on every possible occasion.

And that is great for you: it shows that you are courageous enough to speak up, that you have an opinion of your own, and that you don’t just blindly follow the masses.

However, don’t forget to slow down this year, and start choosing your battles.

Stop losing your nerves over irrelevant things and people, and stop arguing over every little thing with everyone who crosses your path.


Let go of jealousy and your fears of loss which are eating you alive.

The ones who walk away from you were obviously never meant to stick around, and you can’t keep them by your side by trying to control their every move.

Instead, you’ll just do the opposite and scare them away. Whoever wants to be a part of your life will be there—with or without your possessiveness.


Stop being a people-pleaser because that is definitely not the way to make someone love you more.

Stand up for yourself, and remember that you don’t need to depend on what others might say.

Every now and then, show the world that you have an attitude and that you can’t be manipulated into changing your mind.


If you don’t cut out the overthinking , it will spiritually kill you eventually.

And what is better than the beginning of a New Year to leave all your toxic habits behind?

I know this is hard to accept, but you’re not going to change the outcome of things if you obsess about them all the time.

In fact, the only thing you will accomplish is giving yourself loads of unnecessary headaches.


For as long as you can remember, you’ve always relied on logic. You’ve always been a person who does what’s right and smart.

Well, why don’t you try making 2024 a bit different? Do an experiment, and just for once, go where your heart takes you and follow your emotions.


Stop romanticizing people and idealizing situations. Face reality, even when it’s harsh and painful.

It’s about time you started using your brains instead of only going after your soul’s desires.

Yes, in most case scenarios, this is the harder path, but you’re an adult and have to start doing what’s best for you.


Stop being so submissive to everyone around you, including your romantic partner, your friends, and family.

You’re strong enough to take the wheel of your own life and don’t need anyone else to show you the path.

Accepting advice from the ones whose opinion you cherish is always welcome, but don’t forget that you’re the one who makes the final call.

After all, this is your life, and you’re the only one responsible for it.


Let this year be the one in which you’ll stop expecting too much of people.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying that you ought to lower your standards and start settling for less than you deserve.

However, maybe you shouldn’t get your hopes up that much.

It is sad, but you simply need to stop looking at everything from your point of view: there are some evil people out there, and just because you would never do something bad, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t either.


Spending each day like it’s your last and enjoying every breath you take is exciting—until you mature, become an adult, and realize that sometimes, you have to stick with your plans and that often, life is a boring set of daily activities you need to get done.

Well, it appears that you still haven’t come to this conclusion. 2024 is the year in which you’ll have to take your head down from the clouds and start acting more responsibly.


Stop being so obsessed with social norms. Yes, you’re a part of this society, and no one wants to be an outcast, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do the impossible just to fit in.

Please, let go of your fear of rejection, start being your true self, and don’t ever change for the sake of others.

Those who are real will love you just the way you are, and the rest can go screw themselves.


Slow down a little, and start finding the beauty in peace.

Instead of spending another year preserving your status of social butterfly, focus on some self-introspection and on a few people who really deserve your presence.


In 2024, leave your comfort zone.

It doesn’t matter whether this is a romantic relationship which hasn’t been making you happy for a while, a job you want to quit or something else: the point is that you keep yourself stuck in one place just because you’re afraid of the unfamiliar.

Well, it is about time for that to change. Have enough bravery to step into the unknown, and see what the future brings you.