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Anger Doesn’t Kill Love, Not Caring Enough Does

Anger Doesn’t Kill Love, Not Caring Enough Does

Why do so many people bottle up and suppress their negative emotions when they are in a romantic relationship? Why are so many people afraid of getting in a fight with their partner?

I’m not talking about those apocalyptic fights after which it is almost impossible to save the relationship. I’m talking about having disagreements over little things.

Why are most couples afraid to confront and speak directly and honestly about things that are bothering them?

Even if those disagreements provoke some negative feelings, such as anger or frustration, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a sign you care for your partner and your relationship, too.

Anger is a completely natural and normal human emotion

We all have our differences, and it’s perfectly normal for you not to agree with all of your partner’s actions and decisions.

If they do something you aren’t okay with, you have every right to be angry about it.

The only important thing is how you deal with it. You should embrace fighting in your relationship but be careful, don’t allow your anger to control you and say something you’ll regret afterward.

There is something way worse than anger…

Indifference. That’s something that will damage the connection between you and your partner to the point you won’t be able to fix it and save your relationship.

It is the leading cause of many broken relationships. It happens when one or both partners simply cool off. They don’t have any kind of feelings towards their partner anymore, neither good nor bad.

Anger is a clear sign that shows you honestly care

If your partner’s actions upset you or make you angry sometimes, it’s a clear sign that you honestly care for them because you’d never allow a person who means nothing to you to upset you that way, right?

Indifference is a real relationship killer, not being upset over some of your partner’s actions.

The moment you stop worrying about your partner’s actions and stop getting upset about things that are bothering you is the moment you should start worrying about your relationship.

It’s better to feel anger than nothing at all

Have you ever thought about what the opposite of love is? For most people, it’s hate or anger. For me, it’s indifference. It’s when you feel nothing at all towards your partner.

Anger is a temporary emotion. You’ll calm down, deal with it and forget about it as if it never happened, while, on the other hand, indifference is a permanent emotion that will be stuck in your heart forever.

Once you become indifferent towards someone, you will never be able to change your emotions again. You won’t even want to try because you won’t care for that person at all.

Embrace your anger because it comes with a purpose

Don’t look at your anger as just an emotion because it’s much more important than that. Relationship anger comes with so many purposes.

It comes to teach you some important lessons. It comes to deepen the emotional connection between you and your partner.

Most importantly, embrace it because it’s there to show you how much your partner means to you and how big the love you feel for them truly is.

Anger is truly a gift sometimes

Even though many people consider anger a bad and negative emotion (some may even say it’s a curse), it can sometimes be a valuable gift.

It’ll shake things up in your relationship. It’ll keep the flame burning. It’ll remind you how special and strong your relationship is and how you can overcome all obstacles and challenges in life as long as you’re together.

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However, be careful; use anger as a tool, not as a weapon

Anger can be a very powerful tool that can help you save your relationship. However, if you allow it to control you, it can also be a much more powerful weapon to ruin your relationship completely.

It’s really up to you how you use it. Will you allow it to control you and weaken the bond between you and your partner or to learn a valuable lesson and strengthen the emotional connection with your partner?

Remember that anger always comes with love. You can’t have one without the other; it’s an all or nothing situation.