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Are Pisces Men Jealous? Hacking Into Their Minds

Are Pisces Men Jealous? Hacking Into Their Minds

When you are (or were) involved with someone belonging to this horoscope sign, one of the first questions you ask is “Are Pisces men jealous?” Come on, be honest, this is what every woman in this world wants to know.

Even though possessiveness is not a positive trait, let’s admit that we all see healthy jealousy as an obvious sign that a guy is into us. Not only that: you see it as a sign that he is afraid of losing you.

Well, that’s exactly why I’m bringing you the answer to the question, Are Pisces men jealous? Not only that: here is also a tutorial on how to make him jealous as well as a detailed description of his acts when jeally.

How Do Pisces Men Act When Jealous?

What is a Pisces man like in a relationship? What is this guy looking for in a woman?

Finally, how can you know if a Pisces man is jealous? Well, most guys behave in a similar manner when they get scared of being replaced. Well, almost everyone, except those belonging to this zodiac sign.

It’s quite difficult to figure out what’s going on in a Pisces guy’s head. He hides his jealousy admirably, and that’s why you have to be an expert in getting to the bottom of this man’s thoughts.

Well, luckily, that’s why I’m here: to reveal to you all of his deepest and darkest secrets.

The art of seeing what’s invisible to others

The answer to the question, “Are Pisces men jealous?” is actually quite simple when you know someone belonging to this zodiac sign. But, I mean really know the bottom of his personality.

The trick with Piscean women and men is that they’re extremely perceptive. They notice things some other sign wouldn’t even see.

But, when they’re jeally, their art of seeing what’s invisible to others becomes even stronger. When everything is normal, they notice things subconsciously and involuntarily. That’s the irony: Pisceans don’t pay attention to paying attention.

Nevertheless, everything changes when he starts suspecting that something is off. That’s when this guy voluntarily turns his abilities on.

First, you’ll notice this man literally observing you. It’s like he’s trying to read your mind and see everything hidden there.

What is he trying to accomplish?

He’s doing his best to analyze all of your behavioral changes, and in order to do that, he follows every step you make. Never underestimate a Pisces’ ability to notice something.

This man has amazing peripheral vision. Therefore, he might be sitting next to you pretending to watch TV while he is actually using his peripheral sight to read your text messages on the phone.

You might assume that he is reading a book, but he is actually seeing everything on the side of his central vision. Don’t be tricked into thinking that you can do whatever you want while he’s sleeping.

Trust me: even then, his brain is working around the clock. If he wants to find out something, he’ll discover it sooner or later.

The worst part is that you’ll never be aware that he is observing you all along. In this phase, he won’t say anything nor will he make any remarks regarding your behavior.

In the meantime, he’s actually collecting all the data. He needs to be sure whether he has a reason for reasonable doubt or he is imagining everything.

His indecisiveness is caused by one thing only: fear

A water sign Pisces is ruled by Neptune. But, let’s not forget that this is the last sign of the zodiac. Having that in mind, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that they have at least one personality trait from each sign.

Even though Libras are known as the most indecisive zodiac sign of them all, Pisceans are not far behind them. This is,without a doubt, the trait they got from Libras.

Many people don’t see a Pisces like this, but trust me when I tell you that a Pisces has an incredibly hard time making decisions, even when we’re talking about the silliest thing ever.

They’re sometimes difficult to understand because Pisceans hide this side of theirs. They often handle these struggles on their own, without allowing others to notice their inner battles.

A Pisces guy becomes extremely indecisive when he gets scared of losing you to another guy. He doesn’t know what the smartest thing is to do.

Should he follow his heart? Should he listen to what his reason is telling him? Should he give in to his insecurities? Should he put pride in front of his feelings?

Should he act on the things he realized? Or, is it better to remain silent and act like there is nothing wrong with his relationship in order to have enough time to collect additional information?

Is his jealousy even reasonable? Is he imagining things and seeing things that are not there?

Or, are you making him a fool all along? Is it better for him to end up as possessively jealous or as a clown you can play with the way you want?

Is it better for you to see his self-confidence issues or to think of him as stupid?

Why is he like this?

The bottom line is that he has no idea what to do next. This man becomes a prisoner of his own mind.

At the same time, he knows he has to react as soon as possible. It’s not like he can leave things be like this for eternity.

What lies at the core of these insecurities? Well, it’s actually very simple: fear.

Pisceans are not as courageous as they want to appear to others. Instead, they spend most of the time thinning their decisions through, worried that they’ll make the wrong move.

They’re terrified of regretting their choice later on. They hate risks, and usually are not brave enough to take any.

The first step in good reporting is good snooping

Don’t ask me: “Are Pisces men jealous?” The better question is: “How good of detectives are they?” In that case, the answer is: excellent.

Truth be told, Pisceans have no shame when jealousy takes them over.

They forget about moral values by which it’s not acceptable to go through other people’s things, to follow them around, or to invade their privacy in any way.

Theoretically, Pisceans are very well aware that their behavior is not acceptable. They’re not nosy by nature, and they usually respect other people’s personal space and privacy.

But, when jealousy takes them over, everything changes. They can’t control themselves, and they’re ready to do everything in their power to get to the bottom of things and find out if their doubts are reasonable.

Their first target will always be your phone, but other devices and gadgets are not safe or protected either. A Pisces male will read through your text messages and go through your call logs in an attempt to find something suspicious.

In fact, he might go as far as making a fake social media account to hit on you. You know the drill: he’ll follow you, and he will like your photos and status updates before he finally contacts you.

When he gets in touch with you, he’ll examine your fidelity. Are you ready to chat with this stranger or will you refuse him hitting on you because you’re loyal to your BF?

Nevertheless, your Pisces boyfriend won’t stop there.

He’ll snoop around your clothes (looking for signs of other men’s perfume), through your notes and schedule (looking for “empty” space you might use for an affair), through your playlist (looking for sad songs about unfortunate love)… T

he list goes on and on.

Why is he doing this?

The reason why is actually quite simple. Due to his indecisive nature, a Pisces guy has a hard time deciding his next move.

Despite what his intuition might be telling him, he still needs firm proof. He needs valid evidence that will help him resolve this dilemma. He is in search of clues that will show him the way.

Besides, he would never confront you unless he’s sure that you’re doing something behind his back, not because he appreciates you and doesn’t want to charge you for the crimes you haven’t committed.

Instead, he wants to be sure because accusing you wrongly would drive all of his insecurities out on the surface.

There you are, who hasn’t done anything. And then, there is him, obsessed with whether you’ll be unfaithful or not. Well, only a man who doubts his worth would have these doubts without any firm basis.

His mood swings don’t ask for permission before they change

One of the first symptoms of jealousy in a Pisces male is mood swings that he can’t seem to control. Not only that: it’s also something that will affect you the most as his partner.

This guy is frustrated by everything that has been going on around him. On one hand, he is humiliated if you’re unfaithful.

Different scenarios go through his head, and each one is darker than the one before. According to him, you’re not the only one ridiculing him because of this affair.

Everyone around him, including his best friends and family members, knows about it. Everyone, except him, of course.

And, the worst part is that everyone is laughing at him behind his back. People are looking him straight in the face without telling him a single word about your infidelity because they prefer making fun of him.

Whenever he closes his eyes, he sees you having an amazing time with your lover.

You’re telling your lover all the things he has been dying to hear from you, you’re taking him to all the places you visited with him, and you’re making plans about leaving him.

In the meantime, your lover is also laughing at him. Everyone compares the two of them, and there is always the same conclusion: this other man is way better than your Pisces boyfriend.

Oh, you can’t even imagine what kind of hell this guy is going through. At the same time, he continues with his detective work.

Let’s be real: who wouldn’t be frustrated in this kind of setting? Who wouldn’t feel miserable having to wake up next to the person he doesn’t trust?

Well, it’s not like he can’t leave, right? Well, that’s the catch – he is not sure about anything, and he is not willing to break things apart just because he has some doubts.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not trying to justify him. After all, you haven’t done anything, and now you’re putting up with someone’s mood swings and anger directed at you.

But, I’m just asking you to do your best to understand him. Have in mind that this is something he can’t control as much as he would like to.

They drown in their own storm

These mood swings are in most cases followed by this man’s emotional breakdown. Don’t worry: he won’t literally go crazy or anything like that.

Nevertheless, he will change. He will drown in his own storm and fall into despair.

Let’s not forget that this is a Pisces we’re talking about. This zodiac sign is ruled by emotions. As much as their mind and their feelings fight against each other, their heart always takes the win sooner or later.

This man takes everything too seriously. He’s capable of making a big deal out of literally nothing.

He is deeply emotional, even though he puts a lot of effort into trying to hide this side of his. But, you have to be aware that a Pisces is extremely vulnerable and sensitive.

Self-doubts, self-pity, and insecurities get the best of them, and all of that, combined with a soft heart, can often lead to a catastrophic combination with devastating consequences.

Pisceans are prone to depression. Often, they have a hard time processing their seemingly bottomless emotions.

This zodiac doesn’t feel sadness as other people do. Their every emotion is intensified and stronger than those of other horoscope signs.


Also, let’s not forget about a Pisces’ pessimism. Despite being one of the most emotional and sensitive signs, they’re also the biggest pessimists of the entire zodiac.

What does this mean in your situation? Well, when Pisces guys get jealous and even take into consideration the possibility of you being unfaithful and eventually leaving them, they see it as the end of the world.

For them, there doesn’t exist a positive outcome in this situation. They’re convinced that everything around them is falling apart, which almost always results in their internal shattering.

After all, a Pisces is always synchronized with the world around him, and it’s inevitable that he ignores the issues in his life.

He is an overthinker who needs some time alone to process his emotions. At this point, he doesn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But, the problem is that despite all of his doubts, he still won’t share anything with you. Instead, he’ll do exactly the opposite: he’ll distance himself.

Nevertheless, he won’t physically move away from you. In fact, this is the time when he’ll be on the lookout more than ever, still looking for clues.

He will drive away from you emotionally. He will build thick walls around his heart that you can’t jump over as much as you try.

His confidence is silent, but his insecurities are loud

The number one problem of most Pisces’ personality is their insecurities. Even though this is true for both Pisces males and females, men get it even worse.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the truth is that men, in general, are expected to always be tough. Toxic masculinity imposes a belief that guys are insensitive and frequently even heartless. They have to be strong.

But, a Pisces male is everything but that. Being fragile as he is, this guy has serious self-esteem issues that he struggles with throughout his entire life.

This happens even when everything is going great with him. So, you can just imagine how he must feel when he doubts someone he loves so deeply.

At this point, his self-esteem is at its lowest. When he thinks that you’re being unfaithful, deep down, he doesn’t blame you for your betrayal only.

Instead, he questions your entire relationship and everything he has done wrong until now. Basically, he questions himself and his worth, and that can never go right.

A Pisces is convinced that he is not good enough; otherwise, you wouldn’t have had the need to replace him with another man.

He thinks that he’s lacking boyfriend qualities, and that some other guy is obviously better than him.

When this guy is jealous, he is convinced that you’re missing something in your romance; otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking for it elsewhere.

These thoughts are commonly utterly wrong, but they keep on killing him spiritually even more day by day. Basically, this man puts all the blame on himself, and sees your infidelity as confirmation that he isn’t meant to be loved.

Just doubting you makes him disappointed in all females out there. He thinks that no woman could ever care for him the way he deserves.

Let’s not forget about his pessimism here. Besides being sure that he has lost you, he also thinks that this scenario will happen every time he falls in love in the future.

As usual, he hides in his imaginary world since he can’t take what is going on in reality. But, his imagination doesn’t represent a sanctuary for a Pisces – instead, it drags him into an endless circle of negativity and self-pity.

How Do You Make A Pisces Man Jealous?

It’s not that you just ask yourself: “Are Pisces men jealous?” You actually want to make a Pisces man jealous.

Don’t be ashamed of this – it’s actually a common way of testing someone’s love Pisces are not immune to either. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying it’s a healthy or acceptable way of handling things – I’m just saying it’s not unusual.

Maybe we’re talking about your boyfriend who doesn’t give you enough attention, so you want to shake him up a little bit and make him worried about losing you.

Or, you’re trying to make your ex jealous so he starts to miss you, realizes, and regrets what he already lost? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here is the way to turn your wishes into reality.

Indifference and emotional damage make the worst damage

One thing is for sure – a Pisces lives out of love. They literally need it as you need air to breathe. These people can’t stand being ignored.

Besides, being such great empaths, it’s no surprise that they feel someone moving away from them the moment it begins to happen.

Therefore, the best way to make this guy jealous is to emotionally neglect him. Sounds harsh, I know, but if you want results, it’s something you have to do.

You see, when he loves you, he showers you with attention. When he’s interested in you, he’ll give you all the care and affection in the world.

Knowing that about himself, he expects everyone to follow his example. He looks at the world from his perspective, and therefore, expects you to behave in the same manner. That is, if you have the same feelings for him.

But, what if you don’t? What if you have stopped loving him, but didn’t tell him just yet? Well, in that case, you’ll drive away from him, won’t you? Well, that’s exactly what you ought to do if you want to make him doubt you.

Nevertheless, the trick is not to be too obvious about it. Don’t let him realize that you’re doing everything on purpose unless you want your plan to fail.

Once again, let’s remember how perceptive these men are. Therefore, if you don’t play your cards right, he’ll most definitely see right through your intentions and you won’t get any reaction whatsoever.

Instead of avoiding a Pisces for real, continue spending time with him – just act as distant as possible. Don’t be so sensitive regarding his needs, and stop treating him like a priority.

Before you know it, he’ll realize that something is off. But, he probably won’t confront you about it.

That’s why it’s your job to follow his behavior closely. Is he digging your story or do you need to try harder?

He is only insecure about losing you when he realizes someone else might treat you better

As you already know, these men have a great problem with low self-esteem. That’s why your Pisces boyfriend or husband will feel threatened by every man who comes near you.

This doesn’t have to necessarily happen because he is jealous or because he doesn’t trust you. He is simply so unsure about his qualities that he thinks every guy on the planet is better than him, and therefore, can give you more than he can.

Well, it’s time to use this trait of his to your advantage and make him even more insecure.

I know it’s cruel to play with someone’s self-confidence and implant self doubts to an already insecure person, but hey, desperate times seek desperate measures.

Therefore, your first move is to start mentioning a certain guy in front of your Pisces. At the end of the day, you can even make him up.

Of course, you won’t tell your BF that you fell in love or that you’re having an affair with this imaginary man. You’ll just keep on mentioning him as your friend, a new coworker, or someone you’ve accidentally met.

The point is that your BF will see that you’re, in a way, admiring this new guy in your life and that you get all flirty when you talk about him.

You should compliment him at all times, and use every opportunity to praise his looks, character, sense of humor, and achievements.

Your goal is to inspire your Pisces to start comparing himself with this guy. All of a sudden, he’ll start noticing more and more of his flaws while he’ll be hearing about this guy’s qualities.

There you have him right where you want him: insanely jealous. Before you know it, he will begin to wonder why you would replace him with such an awesome man.

And, that results in what? Well, isn’t it obvious? In him putting a lot more effort into your relationship. After all, he has someone to compete with now.

Give him a taste of his own medicine

Everyone who has ever been in a relationship with a Pisces woman or man will tell you the same thing: the worst part about being involved with them is their habit of shutting off from the real world.

As much as this man loves you, there will be times when you’ll feel like he is drifting away from you.

No, he isn’t going to another woman – he is pulling into himself. Despite being aware of this Pisces personality trait, you can’t help but feel rejected and excluded.

Well, now it’s time to give this man a taste of his own medicine. Withdraw into your own mind without giving him permission to enter.

I assure you that he’ll assume that you can’t get another man out of your thoughts. Let’s not forget that this guy is a pessimist and an overthinker. Therefore, he always suspects the worst.

According to him, you’re already head over heels for someone. Not only that: you’re also trying to come up with the best way to get rid of him and end your relationship.

Are Pisces Men Clingy?

According to astrologers, there is not much dilemma about this question because the answer is hell yes!

After all, wouldn’t it be surprising if this guy wasn’t clingy, having the characteristics of his zodiac sign on your mind? His zodiac sign simply doesn’t let him be different.

This man needs your constant validation. He needs you to keep giving him confirmation that you love him and that he’s the only man in the world for you.

Pisces Man Compatibility:

Compatible with: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn

Incompatible with: Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo

To Wrap Up:

Now that you’ve gotten the answer to the question, Are Pisces men jealous?, you’re ready to go into action. But, before that, figure out if it’s worth it.

Don’t forget that you might not only break this man’s heart by making him jealous, but it is also likely that you’ll get your relationship to the point of no return.