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How To Attract A Pisces Woman: 13 Tips That Won’t Backfire

How To Attract A Pisces Woman: 13 Tips That Won’t Backfire

Has a Pisces lady captured your attention, and you can’t stop thinking about her? Actually, all you can think about is how to attract a Pisces woman and make her fall in love with you, right?

Here is a fun fact about Pisces females and Pisceans in general: they are one of the signs of the zodiac that fall in love easily. However, don’t let that fool you.

It’s true that it’s not too difficult to win a Piscean girl over, but it’s not like she always falls in love at first sight. She’ll want to see you fight for her, and luckily for you, I’m here to help you with that… to help you win the fight and win the heart of your Pisces lady forever.

How To Attract A Pisces Woman: Top 13 Tips

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Winning over the heart of a Pisces girl may be challenging, but these amazing tips will make it so much easier. So, pay close attention to each and every one of them and follow them blindly.

1. A courageous attitude is a huge turn-on for a Piscean girl

The more you wait to approach her, the more you’ll lose her respect. She’ll think that you’re a coward, and men who lack self-confidence are what she hates the most.

She must see you as a man who knows what he wants, so approach her in a way that looks like you won’t accept no for an answer. Tell her how fascinated you are with her beauty and just invite her out straight away.

Confidence is a huge turn-on for Piscean women. If you leave such a great first impression, she will have no choice but to fall hard for you.

2. Be a gentleman

Libra, Gemini, and Taurus men are true gentlemen, and they, therefore, have a greater chance of attracting a Pisces woman.

It’s because women born under this water sign are so tender and sensitive, and they need a man with great manners, a man who’ll give them all the attention they honestly long for.

So, if you want to attract your Pisces lady, you need to show her you’re one of those guys. Be kind, attentive, understanding, and respectful, and you’ll see how much your Pisces woman will appreciate it.

3. Respect her boundaries

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Both Pisces men and Pisces women have clear boundaries regarding their personal space and certain other things they don’t tolerate from anyone.

I’m sure she’ll be clear about her boundaries from the very beginning, and she’ll ask just one thing from you… To accept and respect them. Of course, in return, she’ll also respect your personal boundaries.

These Neptune-ruled women are daydreamers and tend to retreat into their own world from time to time. Meaning, these women really enjoy their personal space and spending time alone.

If you want a Pisces girl in your life, you’ll need to accept this about her and her wishes for privacy.

4. Pay attention to her emotional needs

When it comes to the emotional needs of a Pisces woman, understanding always comes first. She’s sensitive and emotionally vulnerable, and you need to understand that one simple word can offend and hurt her deeply.

Another thing a woman born under this water sign requires from her significant other is respect. If you disrespect her in any way, don’t be surprised if she walks away from you immediately.

A woman like this needs to feel cherished to feel loved. You need to understand that little things and small acts of appreciation mean the world to a Pisces woman.

5. Validate her emotions

Don’t ever make her think that her emotions are wrong. If you feel that she’s overreacting about something, you should warn her about it, but do it gently.

If, at any moment, she starts feeling like her emotions don’t matter, if she loses that emotional security, she’ll leave you even if she’s madly in love with you.

She has a fragile heart and won’t risk putting it in danger. Whether they’re positive or negative, you should acknowledge her emotions and validate them in the right way.

6. Try to be understanding of her mood swings

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Women born under the Pisces zodiac sign are prone to frequent mood swings. It’s not something they’re proud of, but it’s beyond their control.

If you notice that she’s moody, just leave her alone for a while. However, make sure she knows you’re always there for her if she needs to talk or a shoulder to cry on.

7. Don’t be afraid to show her your vulnerable side

If you want a Pisces woman to open up to you, you’ll need to open up to her first. That’s how you’ll prove that you trust her and that she can trust you.

Besides, she’ll really appreciate that you are aware of your vulnerabilities and that you embrace them instead of suppressing them.

Talk about your emotional wounds and the time you needed to heal each of them. You can also admit how you feel about her, just don’t do it too soon. Trust me, there is nothing sexier to a Pisces woman than a man who isn’t afraid to wear his emotions on his sleeve.

8. Show interest in her interests

A Pisces woman is a dreamer (unlike Aries and Capricorn women). She has an artistic soul, and I’m sure it won’t be a problem to find a common interest with such a versatile woman.

Get to know her better and find out what she likes to do in her free time. That way, you may find a hobby you’ll both be interested in, which may give you the chance to bond on a deeper level.

9. Make her laugh

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A good sense of humor is also a major turn-on for a Pisces woman. She’ll always fall for a man who never fails to make her laugh, even during the hard times.

Maybe this can be helpful to you: Pisces females are into sarcastic humor. So, go flex your sarcastic muscles and make your Piscean girl fall in love with you.

10. Become friends with her loved ones

It’s not like she asks for loved ones’ approval to start dating someone, but their opinion really matters to her. She probably wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure of her loved ones not supporting her relationship.

So, if you get the chance to meet her friends, try to make a good impression. Show them that your intentions with her are honest, and I’m sure they’ll gladly let you into their circle.

11. Surprise her with a thoughtful gift

I can’t say that receiving gifts is a Pisces woman’s love language, but buying her thoughtful gifts can really increase your chances of winning her over.

It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive; it just needs to be from the heart. She’ll appreciate the effort and intention more than the actual gift.

12. Be imaginative and adventurous

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When you look at a Pisces woman’s birth chart, you’ll see that being a creative dreamer is one of her most significant personality traits.

And she is truly one of the most fearless, energetic, adventurous, and vibrant women in the horoscope. A Pisces woman is full of life, so she needs a man who’ll be able to follow her very active life.

You’ll need to plan ahead but also keep that dose of spontaneity. You’ll also always need to be on the hunt for new adventures because that’s the only way to keep a woman like this interested.

13. Be clear about your intentions

As I said, a Pisces woman needs a man who knows what he wants. The first time she gives you a clear sign she‘s into you too, you should express your feelings to her.

And by this, I don’t mean that you should tell her ‘I love you’ immediately. You should simply admit how much you care about her already and that you would like to spend more time getting to know her.

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How Do You Keep A Pisces Woman Interested?

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First and foremost, you need to be creative, imaginative, and passionate. You need to light up that spark and make sure that it never dims.

Be creative when it comes to planning your dates. Surprise her with a sweet and romantic gateway for just the two of you from time to time. Find fun and interesting hobbies that could help you stay connected.

Also, be affectionate with her. Spend quality time together, cuddle, tell her how much she means to you, and don’t ever stop flirting with her like you’re still trying to win her over.

Don’t ever let your relationship fall into a rut of boredom and routine because that will definitely make your Pisces lady lose interest in you. Always try to find and figure out new ways to refresh your relationship.

What Does A Pisces Woman Like In A Man?

A Pisces woman wants a man who’ll understand and, above anything else, respect her needs and boundaries. An independent, high-value man who understands the importance of having personal space in a relationship.

She likes guys with a good sense of humor and an adventurous spirit. She’s a very passionate and adventurous woman herself, and she needs a man who will be able to keep up with her.

A Pisces woman doesn’t demand a fairy tale type of love because even though she’s a declared dreamer, she likes to keep her expectations realistic when it comes to her love life.

She just needs a mature, caring, and loving man with whom she’ll be able to build a healthy, long-term relationship.

How Do You Know If A Pisces Girl Has A Crush On You?

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Women born under this sign star are very emotional, and it’s pretty easy to figure out how they feel about a certain person. She may seem shy in the beginning, but once a Pisces woman falls for a man, she tries to show it in a pretty obvious way.

She doesn’t like to play games, and she is definitely not one of those women who pretend they like to be chased. She probably won’t even let you wonder about her feelings; if there is something there, she’ll tell you directly.

Even if she tries to hide it at the beginning, her body language will expose her true feelings.

Just try to make eye contact with her. If she maintains it and her face turns red all of a sudden, it’s a clear sign she’s into you.

Pisces Woman Horoscope Compatibility

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, and Scorpio men have the best chances of winning over a Pisces woman’s heart. They have most of the qualities a Piscean woman looks for in a romantic partner, and that’s why they’re her most compatible matches.

Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Gemini men, on the other hand, are the worst matches for Pisces females.

On A Final Note

Now that you know how to attract a Pisces woman, you’re ready to make the first move and finally approach your Piscean lady. If you follow my tips carefully, you’ll get her to fall in love with you.

If she’s really the right one for you, your soulmate, you’re a lucky man because women born under this star sign are indeed very special.