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Aries And Pisces Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Aries And Pisces Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Do Aries and Pisces get along? Aries-Pisces compatibility isn’t strong because these two signs aren’t compatible in an emotional or sexual sense.

Even though their communication is flawless, they will still have problems establishing trust and opening up to one another. Still, if both signs are willing to make an effort and balance their differences, they can be a good match.

Extra hard work is required from both Aries and Pisces when it comes to boosting their compatibility.

With all that being said, below, you’ll find all you need to know about their personality traits, along with Aries and Pisces’ zodiac compatibility in love, bed, and friendship!

Are Aries And Pisces Compatible?

The Aries zodiac sign (along with Sagittarius and Leo) is a fire sign ruled by Mars (passion), whereas Pisces (along with Cancer and Scorpio) is a water sign ruled by a combination of Jupiter and Neptune.

Aries is a cardinal sign, which means he’s the main initiator of new ideas, while Pisces is a mutable sign that prefers to follow and adapt.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and they are a passionate soul who enjoys having all the glory. Also, Aries is extremely stubborn, determined, impulsive (at times), and impatient. Predictability is their biggest enemy because this zodiac sign can get bored easily.

Even though everyone perceives them as confident and courageous, on the inside, they are sensitive souls who care about other people’s opinions and validation.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and they are a creative and imaginative soul. They spend lots of time daydreaming, and because of that they often have problems separating fantasy from reality. These zodiac signs live in their own world where nothing is impossible (at least in their imagination).

They are dreamers and believers. They are also compassionate and empathetic, and they care deeply about their loved ones.

PiscesAries compatibility is not really high because of their differences that collide. Aries is stubborn and spontaneous, while Pisces is overly sensitive. Working on their differences is the key to establishing a happy union.

Aries And Pisces Compatibility In Love

Aries and Pisces soulmates are a rare occurrence because these two signs have different values and interests. Therefore, an Aries and Pisces relationship is bound to be complicated.

These two signs are totally different regarding their personality and mindset, which is the main cause of constant arguments between them.

Aries is not the type of person who holds grudges, but they can be too direct when expressing their feelings (especially those of anger).

Pisces also don’t hold grudges, but they are extremely sensitive souls, which is why their love match is stronger with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) than with fire signs like Aries.

The same thing applies to the Aries sun sign, which is more compatible with air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra) than water signs like Pisceans.

Pisces-Aries relationship is filled with lots of ups and downs, which can be overcome only through compromise and putting lots of effort into communication.

Aries Man – Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

Aries’ man and Pisces’ woman love compatibility is low. Pisces women are dedicated to commitment, but they need some time to connect with their potential partner and open themselves.

On the contrary to them, Aries isn’t really good at expressing their feelings, which is why Pisces women will literally never get the green light.

If a Pisces woman decides to communicate her emotions to an Aries partner, he will begin to see the Pisces woman as overly emotional.

This difference in their approach and thinking is the main reason why they seldom ever start a relationship. They usually get stuck at the flirting stage.

Pisces Man – Aries Woman Love Compatibility

Pisces men in love are prone to lying only to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. Well, the biggest problem is that the Aries’ woman can’t stand liars.

Aries women are direct by nature, and they always prefer the truth over lying even if it’s painful. This is the main reason why these two signs don’t go well together.

Establishing trust in such a union is mission impossible (unless a Pisces man makes a compromise and starts telling the truth).

Another difference between these two souls is that a Pisces man is emotional, while an Aries woman can be impulsive at times and ignorant of a Pisces’ feelings.

She will always require some space in a relationship, and if a Pisces man is not willing to accept that, it could be a problem.

10 Aries And Pisces Relationship Tips

Aries and Pisces’ relationship can be really complicated, and that’s why both partners need to pay attention to the following things:

1. Talk openly and honestly with each other.

2. Don’t hold grudges.

3. Be understanding of each other’s differences.

4. Compromise.

5. Take responsibility for your actions.

6. Listen to your intuition.

7. Express your feelings.

8. Listen to each other.

9. Be patient.

10. Don’t overthink.

Aries And Pisces In Bed

Aries and Pisces are some of those couples who have the most fun in bed. They both enjoy sex a lot. Pisces enjoys it mostly because of the shared intimacy, whereas Aries likes it just because it feels damn good.

These two signs bring two different elements to the bedroom, which is why they are highly compatible between the sheets. Pisces brings romance, while Aries brings passion and fiery aspects. Also, both signs use sex to express their emotional states.

Additionally, if you’re wondering how to turn on an Aries man in bed, be willing to experiment a lot. Don’t just wait for Aries to initiate everything or introduce new things in the bedroom.

Both partners should be equally willing to spice things up and work on improving their sex life. This is something that every astrologer and relationship expert will tell you.

Aries And Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Contrary to Aries-Pisces love compatibility (which is pretty low), their friendship has greater potential.

There is no Aries vs. Pisces battle here because both signs could talk for hours and have a good time. Pisces is the type of person who is always willing to listen to other people’s perspectives, while Aries enjoys being the center of attention.

Aries also enjoys going on adventures, and Pisces is ready to follow and just go with the flow. That is why they make awesome friends! These two signs are often best friends for life as long as they’re balancing their differences.


The Aries-Pisces relationship is complicated because Aries and Pisces have lots of differences that don’t match. Pisces is too sensitive, while Aries can be too direct, which is the main cause of arguments in their union.

However, just because they have lots of differences doesn’t mean they can’t work on them in order to boost their compatibility level. Strong will and patience are required by both partners because this is the only way to improve their relationship.

In astrology, every person has their sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, and Venus sign.

So, apart from following their horoscope, pay attention to the above ‘astrological features’ as well, especially moon sign compatibility, which can tell you a lot about the inner worlds and desires of these two zodiac signs.

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