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Key Libra Traits: Uncovering Their Strengths And Weaknesses

Key Libra Traits: Uncovering Their Strengths And Weaknesses

Let me guess. You’ve met a guy/girl and found out their zodiac sign is Libra, and you’re now wondering if that will make your life easier or complicate it further…

Let me ease your mind. Libra traits are nothing to worry about and, lucky you, because I’m here to reveal the best-kept secrets of all Libras!

This star sign, Libra, is the seventh sign of the zodiac, ruled by the planet Venus, which is known as the planet of love, pleasure and romantic relationships.

Libra zodiac signs, like all other signs, have some positive and some negative traits. All cardinal signs are known as indicators and each one of them signifies the start of a season.

That’s how this sun sign is in the Fall Equinox (when the sun moves from Virgos to Libras). Libras are known as people of ideas, they are initiators.

The greatest traits of Librans are that they are very social and peaceful people. They have many friends and don’t like to be alone.

Having disagreements or arguing with other people is the worst for them, so they’ll always try to avoid conflict in all possible situations.

If you want to know more Libra traits and some of their best-kept secrets, keep reading below and find out everything you wanted to know about this astrological sign.

Libra season: September 23rd – October 22nd

Element: Air

Modality: Cardinal

Symbol: Scales of justice

Ruling planet: Venus (cardinal sign)

Libra eminent personalities: Zac Effron, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Reynolds, Halsey, Will Smith, Cardi B, John Mayer, Bella Hadid, Snoop Dogg, Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman, Dakota Johnson, Matt Damon, Bella Thorne, Bruce Springsteen, Hilary Duff, Bruno Mars, Usher, and Gwen Stefani.

Libra Personality

Some of the strongest Libra personality traits are a diplomatic nature, understanding, and a sense of justice. Their negative traits are indecisiveness, self-pity, and a manipulative nature.

Libra is a zodiac sign who has a contradicting personality. They are great mediators, and at the same time, they’re unable to make a simple decision due to their overthinking tendencies.

Here’s how their traits affect their behavior in love, marriage, bed, friendship, and at work.

Libra in love

Libras aren’t one of those possessive zodiac signs like Taurus, but they are the most romantic sign in the zodiac. They have the power to turn their romance into a fairytale.

They are attentive, affectionate, sweet, and caring. And, yes, they always seem to know the right words to say at the right moment.

They never take their partners for granted, but constantly look for new ways to show their affection. That’s what makes them great partners.

Libra in marriage

If you’re married to a Libra, then you’re probably in a healthy and committed relationship. Libras are known to be the best partners because of their romantic nature.

However, things aren’t always that simple. A Libra in marriage can be indecisive at times regarding both big and small things, which can drive their partner nuts.

Another thing that might challenge their marriage is the Libra’s tendency to be a people-pleaser. Taking care of their partner is one thing, but losing yourself when doing it is a completely different thing.

Libra in bed

Libras aren’t afraid of expressing themselves, and that is why they rock in the bedroom. They will tell you exactly what they want and how they want it in bed.

This can’t leave anyone indifferent for sure.

Libra in bed is sensitive, creative, and artistic. They are extremely romantic and seductive souls, which is a killer combination when it comes to lovemaking.

Libra in friendship

Libras are social butterflies, which means they are charming and they love to be around people. These extroverts make good friends because they are always open for adventures, and basically, they are up for anything.

As friends, Libras are open, honest, and loyal. Many friends rely on them for good advice and listening sessions.

Libra at work

Libra has a friendly nature, which makes them popular in every team at work. They are team players with a strong diplomatic nature and collaborative effort.

Their fair mind is greatly appreciated at work. There’s one thing that might cause them trouble, and that is their struggle to make decisions.

Indecisiveness is one of the biggest Libra negative traits, and it affects every aspect of their life.

Libra Characteristics

What are the good and bad traits of a Libra?

Libras are very well known for their diplomatic nature, and also their extreme indecisiveness. These two things are probably interconnected. If you want to learn more about their positive and negative traits, then below, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Libra Good Traits

1. Diplomacy

Diplomacy is one of the biggest Libra qualities. This air sign is a diplomatic soul, which means they always try to find a common ground with everyone.

They think twice (or thrice) before saying something because they are careful about expressing themselves and choosing the right words. They want to avoid and prevent misunderstandings at all costs.

That’s why they are often called peacemakers by others. It’s in their nature to offer the best solution for both parties.

In classical astrology, Saturn (the planet of duty and discipline) is thought to be exalted in a Libra, which explains why they feel this divine duty to be peacemakers.

Their trait of being great communicators makes them one of the strongest zodiacs in that field.

2. Sense of justice

If there’s one thing that Libras truly hate, it’s conflict. They don’t like getting into a conflict with someone, and they also don’t like when other people argue around them.

Librans are pretty idealistic and they always choose to see only the best in other people but they’re also clever and don’t allow others to use them because of that.

They can’t stand injustice, and they solely rely on fair judgments. Their strongest “mind tool” is logic, which makes them great mediators.

3. Understanding

Librans are individuals who always try to understand others and learn their perspectives. Also, they often try hard to please everyone around them because they can’t allow themselves to be bad for someone.

Their people-pleasing tendencies stem from their indecisive nature. They often don’t understand what they need, so they accept other people’s desires as their own, even if they don’t agree with them.

4. Intuition

The air signs of the zodiac have a strong intuition. They have the power to predict the outcome of different situations.

Their analytical skills help them understand their intuition, and as a result, they achieve better results. However, if their indecisiveness interferes with their intuition, they might have a problem.

5. Social butterfly

Libra sun signs are fun, easy-going, and social. A Libra loves being around people, and they are great conversationalists. No wonder why the Libra is the second most popular zodiac sign.

They make plans with their friends all the time because they really hate solitude. They’ll always try out some new and unusual hobbies, such as tarot reading or soap carving.

In their free time, they like to try new hobbies. They don’t have particular ones that they like or do often, though, because of their indecisiveness.

Libras love art, design, and architecture and those are topics your Libra will always be happy to talk about. So, if you’re into art or similar beautiful things, you won’t need much time to get along with Librans.

6. Imagination

Librans like to explore new and interesting facts and they like to do things that are out of their comfort zone, which makes them very active partners. Their imagination is limitless.

Even though they’re always up for some new experiences, Librans love doing ordinary, simple things like reading good books.

Reading relaxes them, even if it’s just reading newspapers or daily horoscopes. It also helps boost their imagination.

7. Sense of humor

The Scales are probably one of the most charming zodiac signs because they understand jokes, and they are also good at telling jokes.

They are full of witty stories and witty comebacks, and they can entertain people with minimum effort. This is one of the reasons why a happy relationship with this zodiac sign is guaranteed.

Libra Bad Traits

1. Indecisiveness

When it comes to Libra negative traits, the thing that will bother their partner the most is their indecisiveness and how they always avoid conflict.

Their partner won’t be able to discuss some of their relationship issues with them and that’ll definitely be bad for their relationship.

They have a hard time making decisions due to their indecisiveness. They look over every point of view, which enables them to find their own opinion. They are in constant doubt because of their desire to please everyone around them.

2. Self-pity

When they’re going through hard times, these zodiac signs tend to believe that the universe and everyone else is against them.

Instead of focusing on finding a solution to a certain problem, they enter the self-pity mode. They spend a great amount of time contemplating why something happened to them, what they did wrong for that to happen to them, and similar.

They have a hard time waking up from the illusion they create every time something bad happens to them.

3. Manipulation

Libras can be extremely manipulative people, which makes them one of the most toxic zodiac signs. They attract others with their charm, learn their weaknesses, and then use this knowledge to manipulate them.

They are also good at convincing others to do everything they want. They do this without trying hard.

4. Unreliability

They are not the most loyal zodiac signs, and they also lack reliability. They can forget about important things or be late for important events.

Their unreliability is connected with their indecisiveness. Given that they have difficulties making decisions and expressing their own opinion, they might change their minds frequently.

For example, one day, they might be interested in a romantic relationship with you, and then the next day, they might overthink things and decide to pull away. Well, you can never be too certain with the scales.

5. Laziness

Libras are always on the lookout for easier tasks. They aren’t really hard workers like Taurus, and they would rather enjoy reading a book in the cozy armchair.

Because of that, they often have difficulties balancing their responsibilities. If they let their laziness prevail, their daily life can become really challenging.

Libra Traits; Male

As we already know, this is a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love. So, if you’re looking for an emotional and romantic man, a Libra man is a perfect match for you.

He is soft, kind, romantic, and very gentle. In one word, he’s a true gentleman. Yes, we’re talking about the traits of a Libra man. He has a fantastic taste in fashion, which will be helpful for you sometimes, too.

He’s the kind of guy who’ll always be planning some romantic surprises and who’ll be giving you reasons to fall in love with him every single day.

There is a side to him that might frustrate you a bit and that’s his indecisiveness.

He’ll want to take your relationship step by step and won’t take the next step until he’s completely sure that it’s time and that you’re the right person for him.

A Libra man is an eternal optimist, which is why people like to be around him so much.

He can make everyone laugh and your family and friends will definitely love him. Well, that’s why we love famous Libra men like Zac Effron, Will Smith, and others.

He’s known as one of the best lovers of the zodiac but he’s also a great friend, always having some pretty cool and helpful advice for everyone.

Libra Traits; Female

There is one well-known fact about Libra women and that is the fact that she just loves to be in love.

She believes in true love and even if she hasn’t met the one yet, she’s sure that her soulmate is out there somewhere, just waiting to meet her.

There are many positive female Libra traits but the most important ones are her laughter, beauty and confidence.

She smiles in a way that would make any man fall in love with her. She’s ruled by Venus so normally she is known for her great beauty.

Her high confidence helps her to set up relationships with other people and to be more successful in her business life.

She has an adventurous spirit so the best advice for anyone who is into a Libra woman is that you should let her be a little bit free and wild.

And don’t worry, she knows boundaries, so she’ll never allow that wild spirit to hurt you or damage your relationship.

The thing that might bother you is that she has way more male friends than female.

And remember that a Libra woman doesn’t forgive easily and she is a very vindictive person; if you do something wrong to her, she’ll try to get even no matter what.

Libra Moon Traits

The difference between your Sun sign and your Moon sign is that the first one describes your personality traits and some qualities that you’ll probably develop, while the other one describes your emotional side, the things you’re already born with.

As you can see from Libra’s symbol, the scales, this sign strives for harmony and balance in life. They’ll do anything to keep the peace around them.

Librans are good friends and great romantic partners. They like to hang out and be in a relationship.

They deeply care for their loved ones and all people feel comfortable around them.

Being ruled by the planet Venus, Librans are known as charming, gentle and always-there-to-help-everyone kind of people.

That’s also a reason they’re pretty emotional too. All of that helps them greatly to start and maintain a relationship. Their communication skills are also very good, which also helps them in their love life.

Libra Rising Traits

The Ascendant or the rising sign is how we behave when meeting other people. It generally relates to our natural defenses and how we deal with some common, everyday issues.

Librans have a gentle and charming smile that makes them attractive to others, even if they don’t have good looks.

Most Librans pay great attention to their physical appearance. They want other people to like them, so they try to look good even on their bad days.

Even though they strive for harmony, they can be pretty persuasive in order to get what they want.

They have the image of a nice person and they’ll do anything to keep it that way. Most astrologers agree that those are some of their worst Libra traits.

Also, they can be very competitive when in a romantic relationship and blame their significant other for the issues.

However, because they’re peacemakers, they’ll probably ease up at some point and accept their mistakes.

Libra Compatibility

LIBRA AND ARIES – Medium compatibility

LIBRA AND TAURUS – Medium compatibility

LIBRA AND GEMINI  – High compatibility

LIBRA AND CANCER – Low compatibility

LIBRA AND LEO – High compatibility

LIBRA AND VIRGO – Low/medium compatibility

LIBRA AND LIBRA – Medium/high compatibility

LIBRA AND SCORPIO – Low/medium compatibility

LIBRA AND SAGITTARIUS – High compatibility

LIBRA AND CAPRICORN – Medium/high compatibility

LIBRA AND AQUARIUS – High compatibility

LIBRA AND PISCES – Medium compatibility


What are Libra’s weaknesses?

The biggest of a Libra’s weaknesses are indecisiveness, manipulation, and self-pitiness. They have trouble making decisions in a relationship, at work, and basically in every aspect of their life.

Their great analytical skills and charming nature make them great manipulators.

However, when something bad happens to them, they can’t help themselves but enter the zone of self-pitiness instead of focusing on finding a solution to the problem.

What is a Libra’s main trait?

Libra’s main trait is diplomacy. They are peacemakers and great communicators, and they are careful about expressing themselves.

They despise conflicts, and they always try to avoid misunderstandings. This can be both a good and a bad trait. Refusing to face problems in their relationship only to avoid arguments is never a good thing.

What are the 10 traits of a Libra?

Here are 10 main personality traits of a Libra:

• Romantic

• Warm-hearted

• Imaginative

• Diplomatic

• Understanding

• Intuitive

• Indecisive

• Perfectionist

• Manipulative

• Great communicator

The Bottom Line

Libras are mediators, social butterflies, romantic souls, and at times, indecisive and manipulative. Their contradicting nature is what makes them truly unique and special.

I really hope you enjoyed this Libra horoscope article and that you found some new Libra traits and interesting facts about this astrological sign.

If you’re wondering whether you’re compatible with a Libra, I suggest checking your birth chart. If you belong to the Taurus zodiac sign, then this Libra-Taurus astrological compatibility might interest you!