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Cancer And Cancer Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Cancer And Cancer Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Even though Cancer and Cancer compatibility has a very great ranking, they’re definitely one of those roller coaster couples.

They’re highly emotional people, and their relationship will be full of emotional ups and downs. A relationship full of passion and drama, indeed.

However, the important thing is that this double Cancer love match knows how to find the needed balance to make things work between them.

This couple probably has the strongest emotional bond because of their ability to understand each other intuitively.

They’ll be each other’s biggest support, which will help them ride out the toughest days of their journey.

Are Cancer And Cancer Compatible?

The overall compatibility of this horoscope match is definitely a pretty good one.

Despite that both partners belong to the water signs (and we all know how sensitive and emotional they are), they definitely can build a strong and healthy relationship.

However, the fact is that the two Cancerians are most compatible as friends. That bond they’re able to build as friends is one of those unbreakable bonds that last forever.

Most astrologers agree that Cancer is the most challenging sign of the zodiac to get to know and bond with. And that’s probably why only Cancerians can understand each other so well.

General Cancer personality traits

Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon, and that kind of zodiac placement gives them a special power.

People born under this sign are sensitive and emotional, but they also have the ability to sense other people’s feelings.

However, it has both its advantages and disadvantages. They’re able to sympathize with people and understand them; however, it also means that everything hits them way deeper than other people.

They’re also a cardinal sign (together with Aries, Libra, and Capricorn) and that makes them highly impulsive but also emotionally intelligent.

Contrary to Geminis and Sagittariuses, Cancerians aren’t really social butterflies who enjoy spending time partying and hanging out with their friends.

They’re one of those homebody zodiac signs who enjoy their solitude more than anything else.

They also don’t respond well to change. Cancers are, in general, huge lovers of routine, and they like familiar comforts.

The most important trait of Cancerians is that they’re loyal. And I really mean to the bone kind of loyal. They would never cheat or betray their loved one because, to them, it means hurting themselves too.

Being protective and caring with people they truly love is another noteworthy trait of this zodiac sign (this especially refers to people born with Venus in Cancer). I assume it goes with their gentle and warm personality.

The Tarot card of Cancer is The Chariot, and it represents their emotional strength. It symbolizes the way Cancer is able to handle all of their emotions, both the positive and negative ones.

Who is Cancer most compatible with?

Besides having such great zodiac compatibility with another Cancer, this horoscope sign is also highly compatible with the other two water signs, Scorpio and Pisces.

These signs have the same element, which makes them share the same interests and values in life. Cancerians also get along with the earth signs Taurus and Virgo because of their elemental compatibility.

They’re least compatible with the fire signs Leo and Aries and the air sign Aquarius. They can get along, but it’ll be a super tough job to make their relationship last.

Cancer Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility

This water sign match has a pretty high horoscope compatibility ranking. Two people born under this zodiac sign will be on the same page, share similar interests and common values.

Emotional security is always at the top of their priority list, and that’s why the Cancer-Cancer match makes such a great and powerful duo.

It’s also a devoted duo of two people who will commit to each other easily and be willing to accept and work through their differences (if they are any).

However, they’ll have to give each other enough space because of their sensitive natures. Otherwise, they might lose their identity and become too possessive or clingy.

It’s important for both of them to get to know each other first, and that’s why they’ll want to become friends before they indulge in a love relationship.

However, it won’t take them long to understand that they’re true soulmates and fall in love deeply with one another.

Take a look at your moon sign compatibility if you want to know how compatible you and your partner are on a deeper emotional level.

The best aspect of a Cancer-Cancer relationship

​​​​The way two Cancerians understand each other can’t be seen in any other horoscope couple. And that is undoubtedly the best part of this love match.

They both tend to behave in a passive-aggressive way and have very frequent episodes of mood swings. That’s why understanding is essential to make their relationship work in the long haul.

Also, another good side of this zodiac match is that both of them will demand loyalty above anything else, and neither one of them struggles with commitment.

Can Cancer and Cancer get married?

The double Cancer love match is a union of two tender, sensitive, emotional, loyal, caring, and committed people. That definitely makes them perfect marriage material.

They’re generally shy and have a hard time connecting with other people because of their vulnerable and overly sensitive natures.

They’re afraid of getting hurt, which doesn’t allow them to let new people into their lives.

However, two Cancerians will feel comfortable with each other. It won’t take them long to completely open up to one another and form a strong emotional bond that will last a lifetime.

9 Tips For A Stronger Cancer-Cancer Relationship

The double Cancer love compatibility is definitely a positive one. However, the relationship advice listed below can bring your relationship to an even deeper level. So, keep scrolling to improve your relationship and make it work in the long run.

1. Don’t just talk; try to listen to each other more.

2. Control your mood swings, or it’ll take full control over your relationship.

3. Think clearly before you act.

4. Learn to negotiate conflict.

5. Try to get in touch spiritually.

6. Put each other first ALWAYS.

7. Have clear boundaries set from the beginning.

8. Stop the emotional invalidation.

9. Always try to validate each other.

Cancer And Cancer Compatibility In Sex

Having a strong intimate connection is truly important for a good sex life. And the fact is Cancerians are masters at forming deep intimate bonds with other human beings.

It’s really no wonder these two signs go so perfectly in bed. And yes, the sexual compatibility of the double Cancer love match is also a positive one.

Also, another thing that works in favor of their sexual compatibility is that both partners are ruled by the Moon.

And in astrology, the Moon is the planet that rules over our emotions and how we form intimate and emotional connections with other people.

Cancer is also the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, and sex means more than just a purely physical act for these peeps.

Being intimate with someone means both being physically and emotionally naked with that person and bonding with them on a deeper level.

They’ll be creative in bed and willing to experiment with different sex positions, all to satisfy each other’s every need.

However, we’ll know them as homebodies, and they’ll most probably be absolutely happy with the basics behind closed bedroom doors.

Cancer And Cancer Compatibility In Friendship

Two people born under the Cancer sun sign can be a real-life example of a soulmate friendship. It’s incredible how these peeps support and empower each other.

It’ll be a friendship between two loyal, compassionate, empathetic, and deeply devoted people. And the friendship between Cancers definitely has the potential to last a lifetime.

Both being water signs, they’re all about expressing their emotional needs and feelings. They’ll understand each other on a very deep level and form a unique bond that will be impossible to break.

Cancerians are in general known for caring and being protective of their loved ones.

Those who have someone in their life with this zodiac sign are truly lucky because they can be sure that they have someone who’ll be on their side forever.

To Sum Up

There is no doubt that Cancer and Cancer compatibility is one of the most solid in the entire zodiac.

The most likely reason for it is the very strong emotional connection two Cancerians are able to form.

And even though they have the potential to build a healthy long-term relationship, it doesn’t mean that their journey will be all smooth sailing.

There will be many peaks and valleys along the way, and they’ll definitely need to work hard to get to their final destination.

However, that final destination is true, endless, eternal love. And no matter how long it takes… to wait… to fight… True love is and will always be worth it.