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Cancer And Libra Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Cancer And Libra Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Unfortunately, most people don’t understand that differences in relationships don’t matter as long as both sides want the same thing. If both partners love each other and want to fight to keep their love alive, the truth is, nothing else matters.

On the other hand, if they aren’t willing to fight, they’re doomed to fail no matter how strong their feelings are. Cancer and Libra are one of those zodiac pairings that absolutely confirm this statement.

These two signs might feel attracted to each other, and they may even form a deep emotional connection, but the truth is that they’ll lack some fundamental things needed to make any kind of relationship work.

Before we skip to the Libra-Cancer compatibility, let’s first find out their most important personality traits. We’ll get an insight into their characters and nature, which will help us understand this zodiac match better.

Libra And Cancer Personality Traits

NEGATIVE TRAITSToo sensitiveIndecisive

Cancer And Libra Compatibility In General

A general rule is that air signs are compatible with fire signs while the earth signs match well with water signs. And yes, this means that Cancer and Libra aren’t compatible with one another.

Libras lead by their intellect, while Cancerians, on the other hand, let their emotions lead them through life. That’s their first and most important difference.

Libra is an air sign, and they’re ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet of love, relationships, and beauty. They never fall in love quickly, but once they do, it’ll probably be for a lifetime.

Cancer is a water sign governed by the Moon. They tend to catch feelings very fast, which is also why their emotions change so easily and quickly.

The water sign Cancer is also one of the most emotional and sensitive horoscope signs. Libra is known for being emotionally strong, and that’s why they struggle to understand Cancer’s sensible nature.

On the flip side, Cancer will easily become annoyed with Libra’s need to analyze and overthink everything. However, that’s also a part of Libra’s nature. They value harmony in everything and are perfectionists at heart, which really makes them prone to obsessing and overanalyzing things.

Also, people born under the Libra sun sign tend to be real people-pleasers. They try hard to leave a good impression, which may make them overdo it sometimes. This toxic trait of Libra’s will be harmful both for them and their relationships.

It’ll be really hard for these signs to maintain a strong connection because one has trust issues, and the other struggles with commitment issues. Romantic relationships are definitely a no-go for them, while they could most surely build very strong and successful friendships.

A free piece of advice for this demanding astrological pairing: try to find the balance between your very different natures and characters and respect and validate each other’s emotions more.

Libra And Cancer Love Compatibility

Cancer comes from the water element, and Libra is affected by the air element. That is why Cancerians are driven by their emotions while Libras always let their intellect and mind guide them through life.

Air signs, in general. have that ‘live and let live’ mentality, and their only aim is to enjoy their life to the fullest. Libras really have no boundaries and limitations, except when it comes to their love life.

They have very clear boundaries there, and those are: not to fall in love too fast and not to allow another person to control them in any way.

In contrast to them, Cancer has limitations in everything except in love. They go all in and see no boundaries once they fall for someone deeply. For them, it’s something like: if the other person won’t commit, they’ll surely quit.

However, both being cardinal signs, they might find much-needed balance to make their relationship work. But, of course, that’s only if the Venus-ruled air sign Libra is willing to commit.

Can a Cancer-Libra relationship work?

No matter what astrology or your dating horoscopes say, the truth is that every relationship can work if both sides want it badly enough.

The air sign Libra just needs to be more considerate and try to sympathize with the water sign Cancer’s sensible emotions.

On the other hand, Cancer needs to let them in and start communicating their emotional needs. The fact is that as much as their partner wants it, they simply aren’t able to read their mind and guess what they really want.

The truth is that both of these signs value relationships and an honest connection. If they fall genuinely in love with each other, they’ll definitely find a way to fight for their relationship and keep their love.

If you want to know more about their emotional connection and if they can beat the odds against them, you should check their moon sign compatibility.

Famous Cancer-Libra couples

I’m not sure I chose all the right examples, but I’m sure you’ll find something to learn from each of these Cancer-Libra celebrity couples.

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee, Elon Musk & Talulah Riley, DeAnna Madsen & Michael Madsen, Sam Mendes & Kate Winslett, Vanessa Marcil & Brian Austin Green, Dan Akroyd & Carrie Fisher…

Pros Of A Libra-Cancer Relationship

Common values

These signs share some core values that are really necessary for a lasting relationship.

For example, both tend to prioritize their friends and family over everything else in life. That can really help them stick together when difficult times come, and oh, those times will most definitely come.

Mutual support

They’ll generally support each other’s ideas, goals, and dreams, which can really positively affect their bond and motivate them to fight for their relationship.

Cons Of Libra-Cancer Relationship

Healthy communication deficiency

The Venusruled Libra is a great communicator, contrary to their shy and closed partner, Cancer.

The Crab tends to bottle up their emotions without being aware of it. They’ll come to the surface one day and awaken a huge conflict in their relationship that may deeply harm the connection they have with their partner.

Passive-aggressive conflict

The truth is that this is the worst aspect of their relationship. Both of them will try to avoid fighting, which will only result in many passive-aggressive conflicts. You know, both of them will say that everything is fine but will hold grudges for months.

I have a piece of free advice again for you: stop avoiding conflict and embrace it instead. Disagreements aren’t unhealthy; they can actually be productive and let you both know what each one of you is missing in your relationship.

Different interests

Libra wants to travel the world and discover new places and cultures, while Cancer just wants to earn enough money and settle down for a peaceful family life. Sooner or later, those very different interests and aims for the future will make them grow apart.

9 Tips For A Better Cancer-Libra Relationship

First, let’s get one thing perfectly clear. You can form and maintain a healthy relationship even though your compatibility ranking is very low. Those rankings can be low, but there is no such word as ‘impossible’ in astrology.

If you and your partner are born under these two signs and think you’re each other’s soulmates, this is how you can maintain a strong bond and make your love last a lifetime.

1. Communicate your needs.

2. Cultivate patience.

3. Learn the art of compromise.

4. Find balance in your sex life.

5. Fight better and stronger, but most importantly, fight together.

6. Be radically transparent with one another.

7. Embrace your differences and learn from them.

8. Tip for Cancer: Your partner is struggling with commitment issues, so try to take things slow.

9. Tip for Libra: Your partner is highly sensitive, so be more considerate of their feelings.

Cancer Man-Libra Woman Horoscope Compatibility

To be honest, the odds are against this match. It’ll be a real miracle if they succeed in building and maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship.

A Cancer man looks for a woman who is ready to be the homemaker. He is a traditional, familyoriented guy who just wants to settle down and live a quiet and nice family life. His partner, the Libra woman, has completely different dreams and ideas for the future.

The thing with this match is that Libra women see the whole approach to close relationships Cancer men have as a bit strange. Actually, it all may seem way too unrealistic to them.

Libras think that someone can’t truly commit to their partner until they spend a great amount of time together (and by this, I mean years of dating) and get to know each other deeply.

The Cancer man longs for attention and true love. They fall in love easily and expect their partners to commit to them as soon as they start dating. Some people (Libras, for example) may see those expectations as a bit too fast and way too unrealistic.

They’ll disagree on almost everything, and it’ll truly be very difficult for this horoscope match to move from conflict to harmony. Surprisingly, both of them can be quite stubborn when it comes to their love life.

Libra Man-Cancer Woman Relationship Compatibility

This is definitely a more successful Libra-Cancer combo than the previous one. Women born under the Cancer sign have the ability to read other people and connect with them on a very strong level, which allows them to sense their deepest feelings.

A Cancer woman will see that there is more to a Libra man than he allows others to see about him. She’ll understand that her partner wants to commit but is afraid of such a serious step. And that’s why she’ll let him take the lead and agree to take things slow.

Both of them value their close friends and family the most in life, and that is definitely something that could unite them. However, neither one of them deals well with conflict, which may lead to a lack of healthy communication, which may tear them apart.

All in all, with just a bit of effort from both sides and, of course, mutual respect and appreciation, this astrological match could build a very stable and long-lasting relationship.

Cancer And Libra Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

If you take a look at their dating horoscopes, you’ll see that these two astrological signs are poles apart when it comes to their sex life. Their sexual energy and drive, the way they form intimate connections with people… Everything is absolutely different.

Unfortunately, it leads us to the conclusion that this zodiac pair has very low sexual compatibility.

They might feel strong sexual chemistry in the beginning, but it’ll vanish once they understand how truly different they are.

Intimate lovemaking vs. casual sex

You see, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and they’re the water sign. That means they pay a great amount of attention to emotions. They won’t go to bed with someone they don’t have any feelings for.

On the other hand, Libras don’t need to feel that emotional connection to enjoy sex. They let their passions lead them. They only want to get full satisfaction, and they’ll try hard to provide the same for their partners.

Another thing that will be difficult to balance is their different sexual styles. People born under the Libra sun sign like it rough, and nothing is off the limits in the bedroom. They like to experiment with new positions, different sex games, and even doing it in some different and way too strange places.

Contrary to them, people with a Cancer sign are more gentle in bed. They prefer sex positions that allow them to maintain eye contact with their partner the whole time and can get turned on with some simple neck kissing or a sensual massage.

Cancer And Libra In Friendship

The Libra-Cancer compatibility in friendship is actually very good. It’s probably because both of these cardinal signs value and appreciate friendship more than anything else. Their friends are at the top of their list of life values, together with their family.

Libra wants a friend who will always be there to listen and offer a helping hand in times of need. The super warm and nurturing Cancer needs exactly the same.

Well, Libras are actually known as the social butterflies of the zodiac. They like to meet new people, and they make new friends super easily.

However, people with a Cancer sun sign are a bit shy, and they definitely struggle with trust issues. So, it’ll take some time until Libra manages to get Cancer’s absolute trust.

The good news is that Libras are extremely good at communication, so I think that won’t be a problem for them to make their Cancer friend open up to them.

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is that the overall compatibility of Cancer and Libra isn’t so low, and it’s definitely not a reason why this horoscope pairing can’t maintain any kind of partnership.

The only reason for it is their unwillingness to put effort into making things between them work.

Yes, they’re different, but they could discover the true beauty of those differences only if they stick around long enough. But, no, the first time a sticky situation happens, they just quit everything and turn their backs on love.

They may fall in love with each other, but they’ll never be invested enough to make a healthy, long-lasting partnership. Love alone isn’t enough… It’s never enough… But love and hard work are able to work wonders together, trust me.