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93 Coffee Pick Up Lines That Are Bound To Impress

93 Coffee Pick Up Lines That Are Bound To Impress

Two weeks ago I was in a coffee shop. It was just another regular day until I saw HIM.

I swear to God, I don’t remember the last time I fell for someone in such a short time span (I’m talking milliseconds).

Suddenly, I started imagining thousands of different scenarios and conversation starters in the hopes I would manifest them.

As we were standing in line, I thought to myself: “Please, universe, just this one time. I swear I won’t ask you for anything in a while.”

Right when I lost all hope, he approached me and confidently uttered these words: “Can I get your number? Because I like you a latte.”

The blushing force ? was really strong with me (and I’m not even exaggerating). I felt like a newborn child. I was screaming from the inside from happiness while desperately trying to remain cool.

I’ll just say that tomorrow, we’re going on a third date.

Well, all of this made me think how practical coffee pick-up lines truly are! As a matter of fact, you don’t need to be a guy to use them, and you don’t need to only use them in coffee shops. You can use them anywhere and anytime.

With that said, here is the list of cheesy, witty, and funny coffee pick-up lines that are bound to impress that guy or girl you like (or anyone else)!

Best Coffee Pick Up Lines

1. “I find it difficult deciding what to take with my coffee. Sugar or you.”

2. “I’m soy into you.”

3. “If you were coffee grounds, you’d be espresso ’cause you’re so fine.”

4. “Girl, I can be the rum or whisky, the twist you want in your drink.”

5. “I bet you get asked out on a latte of dates.”

6. “I’ll never get tired of you, just like I never get tired of making my favorite drink.”

7. “Been thinking about you a latte.”

8. “You’ve turned me down before, but I’m asking for an extra shot.”

9. “My brain is addled by too much coffee. I cannot come up with any pickup lines.”

10. “Excuse me, but my chai gave me an awful tongue burn. I think I need mouth-to-mouth.”

11. “You mocha me crazy!”

12. “Excuse me, miss, things are about to get real steamy in here.”

13. “You are just the way I like my coffee. Tall, dark, and strong.”

14. “I’ve noticed you. Do you know how I feel when there is no coffee? Depresso!”

15. “I like my ladies like I like my coffee – a hot shock to the lap.”

16. “I like my coffee like I like my men: hot, tall, or with a confusing Italian name.”

17. “Dear, you have the ability to keep me alive more than the best coffee could.”

18. “They say coffee and cigarettes are good together, but I know a better combination: you and I.”

19. “You roast my heart!”

20. “I like you a latte, mocha it a date?”

21. “Giving me your number sounds like a fair trade.”

22. “Are you from Starbucks? Because I like you a latte.”

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23. “Hello there, how do you brew?”

24. “Can I buy you a Starbucks Trenta, or were you looking for something bigger?”

25. “Wanna go on a doppio date?”

26. “I want to be the crema on top of your espresso, which makes it a bit more exciting.”

27. “I really wish I could be your coffee mug so that I could kiss your lips all the time.”

28. “Hey, they call me coffee cause I grind so fine.”

29. “If you were my favorite drink, I’d give you the cup of excellence because you’re the best.”

30. “I had to clean my filter twice after I saw how beautiful you are because I couldn’t believe my arabicas.”

31. “Damn, you keep me up all night. Your effect is way better than caffeine.”

32. “I will make a lot of latte art if that would make you happy.”

33. “You’re like the scent of coffee – you get me out of bed in the morning.”

34. “Can I get your number? Because I like you a latte.”

35. “You’re like this year’s Darjeeling. Had me at first flush.”

36. “I like the way you espresso yourself.”

37. “Want some non-dairy creamer?”

38. “Affogato? Affogato where I am when I’m with you.”

39. “Do you want to see how I brew?”

40. “Is that a steam wand in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?”

41. “I can feel something brewing between the two of us.”

42. “I have no idea how you can look so great pre-coffee.”

43. “If you want dark roast or other technique, just name it. I’ll gladly do it for you.”

44. “We should get some coffee because I’m liking you a latte.”

45. “I do not have caffeine in my system, but you managed to make my heart jump.”

46. “My coffee isn’t hot enough! Could you hold it for a while?”

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More Coffee Pick Up Lines

47. “Your beauty jumpstarted my heart like only a cup of ristretto could in the past.”

48. “I like my drink iced, but I don’t mind drinking it hot if you’re the one who prepares it.”

49. “Do you believe in love at first sip, or should I take another?”

50. “Words are not enough to espresso how much I love you.”

51. “Drown me with your love just like a vanilla pod drowned in coffee in your favorite drink.”

52. “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so caramel me maybe?”

53. “Nope, I am ordering decaf because my heart is already palpitating because you are here.”

54. “Aside from the aroma of coffee, your scent is my next favorite.”

55. “Can you bean mine?”

56. “If you need to take it slow, I can cold-brew.”

57. “Barista: ‘Can I have a name for that order?’”

58. “Do you want me to grind that for you?”

59. “You are way fresher than green coffee beans.”

60. “Excuse me, sir, is your name Earl Grey? Because you look like a hot-tea!”

61. “Can you deal with me? I am hotter than your coffee.”

62. “Baby, chai-know you’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout me.”

63. “Honey, are you a coffee? ‘Cause you wake up my senses.” “Hey, wait, give me another shot!”

64. “Hey there, did someone request a little extra whip?”

65. “I think I have low sugar levels. Since you are so sweet, can you come to my rescue?”

66. “Bored with your drink? I know how to spice that up. Come with me?”

67. “Can I be the whipped cream to your favorite drink?”

68. “Careful of that Earl Grey, it’s super hot! Oh wait, you don’t need to worry. it’s not as hot as you.”

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69. “This coffee is steaming up my glasses, or is that just you?”

70. “My coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, so I can’t think of anything charming to say.”

71. “This must be decaf cause you’re just dreamy!”

72. “Take that coffee away – it is about to get real steamy in here.”

73. “Do you get a hint of almond in this Keemun? No? That’s odd because I’m nuts about you.”

74. “I don’t mind making mochaccino for you every day if I get to converse with you like this.”

75. “Hey, was your daddy a barista because you are ALMOST what I ordered.”

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76. “Do you prefer French press or Bialetti for your morning coffee?”

77. “I’ve got a love story for you: Long black meets flat white.”

78. “I like my coffee black too. You and I should discuss this common interest over these.”

79. “I am addicted to two things only: first coffee and next is you.”

80. “Hold the sugar, please. You’re sweet enough for me.”

81. “Girl, you’re making me a high-maintenance Starbucks customer because you’re extra hot, and I like it.”

82. “Afforgeto my name when I am with you.”

83. “Coffee gives me brighter vision. I can see my future, and guess who is there…? cups of coffee and you.”

84. “I want to go out with you a latte.”

85. “Baby, you captured my heart just by knowing how I like my coffee.”

86. “If I make you espresso, will you promise not to tamp-er with my heart?”

87. “If you are going to sit here, I should be allowed to espresso myself.”

88. “Hey girl, are you a chai because I’d like to get dirty.”

89. “Black coffee. A purist. I give my stamp of approval.”

90. “I really envy the coffee cup that’s lucky enough to kiss your lips every morning.”

91. “Can I get all of you instead of some sugar?”

92. “I bet you get asked out on a latte of dates.”

93. “Cappuccino never gets old, just like my love for you.”

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Coffee Pick Up Lines Are The New Hot

Regardless of whether you use them in a coffee shop or on Tinder, one thing is for sure: You’ll impress the other person with your humorous attempt and wit.

Intelligence is hot, right?

So, use these pick-up lines to your advantage and have a good laugh because humor is what connects people. ?