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10 Pros And Cons Of Dating A Cop (And How To Win Them Over)

10 Pros And Cons Of Dating A Cop (And How To Win Them Over)

We have all turned our heads for a cop at least once. A police officer in a dark blue uniform, what’s not to like? A female officer in a tight blue uniform screams she’s dominant, what’s not to like? Let’s be fair and honest: we all want that “I’m dating a cop” period in our lives.

There’s something insanely sexy about cops in uniforms, and we just can’t help ourselves. We have evolved, but our hormones sometimes go crazy, and we follow our natural intuition and instinct.

Maybe we’ve watched too many crime shows with all those crazy pretty police officers, but maybe, we like the idea of someone strong, independent, and protective being there by our side. And what’s sexier than the police force used in bed or roleplay for a bit of good cop-bad cop?

But before we jump to conclusions about how dating a cop is nice, fun, and exciting, let’s discuss if it’s something worth trying.

10 Pros And Cons Of Dating A Cop

If you’re dating a cop, I’m sure you’ve received a lot of compliments for their bravery, their looks, and simply their uniform. From that point of view, dating a cop is pretty rewarding.

Who wouldn’t like to hear compliments about their life partner or someone they’re dating? But is dating a cop really like that?

At the end of the day, your personal life isn’t a cool parade, and a police wife and husband face many challenges.

Pros of dating a cop

Besides being crazy dominant in bed, your significant other is fearless. You feel like you could go anywhere and do anything with them. Some of the top pros of dating a cop are:

1. You feel safe

You saw it coming. How couldn’t you? Having a person in your house who knows how to control and use weapons, Mr. and Mrs. Smith alert! They’re someone who’s been trained in various martial arts. If there’s an intruder in your house, watch out, burglar!

2. Their reputation

Police officers are well-respected in their communities. Your neighbors, local TV reporters, public institutions, they all know them, and it’s so cool. When you’re dating a cop, you’ll feel great about having someone as nice and respected as them by your side.

3. They are natural leaders

When dating a cop, you’ll feel like you don’t have to worry about anything. They always handle everything, their organizational skills are great, and they never forget anything. They have a natural instinct to lead and are self-disciplined in every aspect of their lives.

4. Crazy fit

Just wait for it. It might sound trivial and silly, but due to their daily movements and tasks, they are very fit! We’re visual creatures and love people with good hearts, but we also like being with someone who’s fit and pretty.

5. Parking tickets

I know it seems funny and maybe not right, but would someone who’s dating a cop really pay their parking tickets? It’s just one of the basic perks you get when dating a cop. So, why not? Use it wisely, but not too much.

Cons of dating a cop

I wish everything was as perfect as what was written above, but unfortunately, it isn’t like that. Dating a cop means that, every now and then, you’ll have to adjust to their line of work. And that’s only the beginning.

1. You’ll rarely see them

A new case left on their desk means you won’t see them too much in the following days or weeks.

Law enforcement officers need to take care of things and to be able to do that, they will spend a lot of time at the police station, especially on night shifts.

You can stay in touch through social media, but if you’re not someone who can make this sacrifice, then dating a cop isn’t for you. Police officers tend to spend more time with their co-workers than their significant other, unfortunately.

2. They have enemies

Yes, you read that right. Now, your best dating option may no longer be dating a police officer because this doesn’t only exist on crime shows.

On their journeys administering justice, they will make some enemies, and it won’t be easy for you to sleep at night knowing that your darling isn’t safe.

3. Ring-ring, duty calls

They’ve finally got that long-awaited single day off. But when duty calls, they must answer!

It feels like you’re only online dating now, and good luck with being able to handle it. Dating cops isn’t easy, and you’ll have to find a way to deal with it.

4. Their schedules

Are they dating their cop partner or you? It sure feels that way. They will have tons of crazy long shifts. You will prepare dinners, and they’ll get cold, and for the first time, you’ll understand why there are so many single cops.


To date a police officer means you have to accept they might get PTSD. They carry a lot of disclaimers on their backs, and the biggest one is no longer being a regular citizen once you shoot someone at work.

The traumas they go through at work will affect their behavior, maybe for a little while, maybe forever.

Dating A Male Cop: 3 Things To Keep In Mind

Before you get into a romantic relationship with a police officer, think about these things:

1. Jealousy ON

If you’re a jealous person, dating a police officer will increase that. There’ll be a lot of women fighting for his attention all the time, or he might have a female co-worker, and uh-oh, that’s not good, right?

2. Time freeze, please

There you are, all packed, set, and ready to go on your romantic weekend in the mountains, but he can’t.

When it’s not a case, it’s paperwork, and when it’s not paperwork, it’s going somewhere, etc. You’ll just want to freeze time and have a relaxing day with him with no distractions.

3. You’ll be appreciated as well

Don’t despair. Dating a cop means that you’ll be appreciated in your community, family, and circle of friends for being able to handle that crazy tempo of living. So, let’s face facts: you are brave too.

You know that he’s not safe most of the time, and you know he has enemies, but you’ll be at home, supporting him and believing in him. That might make you a perfect police wife one day.

Dating A Female Cop: 3 Things To Keep In Mind

Your teenage dream came true, and there she is, a sexy lady who’s able to handle weapons and is also freaky in bed. Is it all just about that?

1. Do not consider cheating

This should be a big no-no for any relationship because you don’t enter relationships just to hurt someone. But trust me, if you think you’ve seen a woman scorned, oh boy, think twice if you’re dating a cop.

An average girl who’s been cheated on might post revenge photos on social media and destroy your reputation, but a female cop will give you a hard time. Do you really want to mess with a girl with a gun, lol?

2. She can’t what, lol?

She won’t agree with you or just accept things like you were used to in your past relationships. Remember, this is a woman who’s leading a team, a woman who gets up out of bed every day to fight crime.

She isn’t an easy one to handle.

And don’t even think about telling her she can’t do something. You’re her boyfriend, not her dad. Tough women who are cops do not deal with partners who behave that way.

3. Attention issues (or not)?

Unlike other women you’ve met on dating sites and dating websites who constantly need attention, your lovely female cop won’t seek as much attention as you expect.

She’ll be busy with work most of the time, and she just has a different relationship pattern that’s unlike other girls.

What Does A Male Cop Look For In A Partner?

A male cop will usually look for a partner who has an opposite personality to his own. That means since he’s strong, he’ll want someone gentle to take care of him. It would be too much to have two “bosses” in a relationship. He’ll enjoy the role of being protective.

A male cop wants a lady who’s able and prepared to handle tough situations with him and someone who truly understands what kind of a job he does. If she shows that she’s loyal and can stay loyal and patient, that is the lady for a male cop.

What Does A Female Cop Look For In A Partner?

Women normally like a tiny dose of jealousy. But a female cop – nope. A female cop doesn’t need someone who has jealousy issues because she’s surrounded by men all day long. She knows that, and she’s very aware of it.

She’s handling it very well, and if you make a big deal out of it, you’ll most likely end up single. Remember, she earned her spot there, which means they all respect her.

Female cops are tough, independent, strong women. Because of that, they will look for a macho, alpha man, and anything less than that might be boring to them.

But don’t think female cops don’t like romance. Ladies are ladies. We all like romance, candies, and flowers. Showing her your romantic side is also a good idea.

Wrapping It Up

Maybe you’ve read that book about dating cops you got from Amazon, but it’s nothing like that. Not every plot twist is a happy one in real life, nor do all the characters end up living happily ever after.

Dating a cop means you’ll have to prepare psychologically for the challenges your relationship might suffer. The lack of time you’ll spend together, less attention than you’re used to, your and your partner’s safety are only some of the things you’ll face.

Learning how to deal with those things and being able to openly discuss those problems with your partner is key to keeping the relationship going and growing even during the hard times.

As in any other relationship, communication, understanding, sacrifice, and lots of support are a necessity.